Imlie 10th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Imlie Sings A Song

Imlie 10th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Imlie and Aryan watch terrorist Aatank’s interview where he demands 100 crores and removal of government administration from Pagdandiya/PGD or else to face dire consequences. Aryan says let us go as mom has organized a channel launch party. She says he can go as she has work. He says he is her boss and she should obey him. She asks why should she obey him. He holds her tightly and says maa is waiting for them, so lets go. She sits aside. He holds her hand and walks while she silently follows him looking at him and wiping her tears. Chal Ghar Chalen Mere Hamdam.. song plays in the background. In PGD, Aditya packs his camera and tells his colleagues they will meet in guest house. Chand praises Aditya’s bravery and asks if he is returning to city. Aditya says not yet. Chand invites him for party. Aditya denies, but agrees on Chand’s emotional blackmail. Imlie blabbers while Aryan takes her along. He asks her to stop it. She requests a freedom to change Bhaskar Times with her free thinking. He agrees. She rejoices. He hopes she keeps herself happy always and stay away from Aditya.

Tripathis attend Narmada’s party. Narmada welcomes them. They ask about Imlie. Imlie walks in and excitedly meets each family member except Malini. Malini asks why she looks shocked seeing her. Imlie says one gets obviously afraid seeing a danger. Rupali taunts she is right as Malini was excited to come here. Nishant comments more bigger danger is coming. Anu walks in greeting everyone. Aparna asks Narmada if she invited Anu also. Narmada denies. Pankaj asks what is she doing here. Anu says she and her daughters are Bhaskar Times clients, hence its their duty to cheer them up. She then taunts Imlie that she is a gold digger who jumped from Tripathis to this lavish mansion so soon. Aryan walks in and says Imlie is just a tenant here who pays rent, Aryan doesn’t keep anyone’s favor, he warns her that this is his mother’s house and he doesn’t want any issues here. Imlie thinks if akkad bagga is supporting her or praising himself.

Malini tells Aryan that she needs some entertainment as she is feeling bored without Aditya. Imlie comments if she remembers a person who ignores her. Her supports smirk hearing that. Malini walks aside thinking she will speak to Aditya and prove Imlie wrong. Aditya attends Chand’s party and seeing him offering alcohol says alcohol doesn’t suit him, so he is living. Chand says he cannot go like that and forcefeeds him alcohol. Imlie walks to Malini and taunts that her husband is not picking her call. Malini replies her back. Imlie goes aside to call Meethi and find out PGD’s situation. Aryan hosts event and announces a song by Imlie. Imlie nervously asks Rupali to sing as her song can make even akkad bagga dance. Nishant asks what is akkad bagga. Aparna, Sundar, Arpita and others request her to sing.

Imlie tells Aryan that she doesn’t know to sing. He reminds her singing in office twice and in kitchen and says he is sure she must have sung before. Their nok jhok starts. He hands over mic to her and asks her to sing whatever is in her mind. Imlie remembers Aditya announcing his decision of marrying Malini and sings Tujhse Naraz Nahi Zindagi Hairan Hoon Main.. song shedding tears.

Precap: Aryan confronts Imlie that she falls down repeatedly as she carries a whole world’s burden on her shoulders. Imlie’s dear ones are not a burden. He says Aditya is one among her dear ones.

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  1. I completely agree with Aryan imlie do anything you want girl other than just going back to Aditya Tripathi

  2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    While i understand that Aryan is trying to do good for Imlie… he seems to be a little too forceful for comfort 😐 …and I strongly believe that Imlie will eventually rebel against this treatment… afterall, she is Satyakam’s daughter since birth… and he is a father and mentor to her as well 💞
    Can someone tell me why Malini is still troubling Imlie ?? omg… why didn’t she follow her so-called husband to Pagdandiya instead of stalking her sister ?? 🙄
    And this Anu 😬 …she even invited herself to Aryan’s home 🤦
    I really wish for Imlie to get over that rotten ex of hers and start her life afresh…
    As for Aryan…even tho he won’t admit it…we are now seeing the throes of a jealous boss 🙄 …as he realizes that Imlie continues to bond with her estranged ex 🤦

    1. @Yolande, that’s Aryan… a he’s a phenomena of a male 🔥🔥🔥🔥 though Aryan should probably sing too “ Tu Pyaar Hai Kisi Aur Ka Tujhe Chahata Koi Aur Hai”

    2. @Yolande agreed to the point about aryan. As for Malini, she too is emotionally messed up by aditya and she too did wrong things but she is not that desperate to follow aditya to that cursed village PGD. As for her going to aryan’s home I dont see anything wrong with that as she is not the only one who went there. The whole T family was there. As far as anu’s arrival is concerned, she just showed up uninvited as always just like how she shows up at T house.

  3. Aryan why you keep wasting your time with this village doormat. She was designed for the doormat life. I thought their party was in a few days time. Aryan should have just got security to remove Anu, would be exciting to watch, they could have taken a picture of her being dragged away by security and posted it in Bhaskar Times. I really need some kind of bad thing to happen to Anu… can someone push her down some stairs, run her over, give her electric shock therapy with a car battery and jumper cables? Can I do it? I, not being a doctor, would like to perform a lobotomy on Anu. Malini does not love Aditya, she’s convinced herself she does, she’s projecting her pain on Imlie, she keeps saying she wants to see her own pain in Imlie, cause she is not happy, Anu is not helping the situation, hence why she needs that lobotomy!!!! But yes I am a happy viewer today… I got lots of scenes of that 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Aryan. Please Gul, once you unite the pedo with his doormat have a show about Aryan I will watch that show!!! I will forsake all other shows for that show 👀

    1. @Jade agree. They just destroyed Malini character by making her a villian . Imlie deserve aditya. I feel Malini is better off without aditya

    2. Malini dun deserves anyone in fact! She dun loves Adi but used him to torture Imlie!! Imlie will be much better to focus on her career now n move on! She deserves much much better future without Adi, Malini n Tripathis 😁😁

    3. @Safna true. Dev,mithi,anu,aditya and imlie are the villains actually. And imlie is the one who deserves aditya. Because of them and the writers Malini’s character became the way she is. As for imlie, she and aditya both deserve each other and Malini is much better off without that aditya and imlie. Wish she realizes that.

  4. I agree with Jade Aryan shuld gets his security to chase uninvited Anu out!! Wat a lame excuses she gave?

  5. Getting seriously bored of seeing Aryan chasing after Imlie who clearly has eyes only for Aditya..and this Malini is super irritating

  6. Hayee Raammmmm…Fahmiii baby issbaar tumhare naseeb mein ladki nahi hai…Aur pata nahi kyon jo charm Veer mein tha woh yeh ASR mein dikhta nahi… I can watch ATBA all my life but literally can’t even watch a full episode of this sh!tty show… if this is women empowerment or inspiration… WTF m we r even doing at IIT IIM 🤣🤣🤣

  7. So Anu can go anywhere and everywhere without invitation. She still doesn’t want to leave imlie alone even after she got what she wanted that is for malini to marry Adi. So why is she still taunting imlie, let her be now since she is out of their lives.

    1. @Razor… Anu is taking out her decades worth of revenge on Imlie instead of Dev who duped both women. Mithi was a naïve child when Dev misled and took advantage of her but Anu acts as if she seduced Dev, Dev is another pedo like his SIL. I see the new Aditya has a younger face (wonder if they are trying to stop the pedo comments about the character). Anu is like a rabid dog they are going to have to take her out back and shoot her at this stage, I have hope for malini but not Anu, she’s too far gone in her hatred. Imlie too was brought up with those backward village views but she likes the doormat life

  8. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

    So I read that there is a replacement for Gashmeer 🙄
    Who is relatively a good sight for sore eyes 😉
    Younger… charming as well… 😊
    …but exactly how would this relate to Imlie ?? 🤔
    Furthermore… if Aditya would not be dying anytime soon👀 as we all had hoped for from the bottom of our hearts 🙄
    …then where will our dashing Aryan now fit in ?? 🤔😕

    1. @Yolande, Aryan will always be 🔥🔥🔥🔥 Aryan is a woman’s choice Aditya is for girls 👀 I think they want the actor to look more relatable to Imlie but the problem is Malini is going to look like his mom and not his wife… I thought we would be done with that whole Tripathi family especially Rupi and Nishant 😒but I am here for that snack Aryan 🔥🔥🔥🔥 and will remain here for as long as he is on the show. The character of Aditya will still be a pedo even if he has a younger face!!!

    2. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Oh dear @Jade 😁 I would really like to see what you would do if you met Fahmaan in person 😆

    3. Didn’t they say a few days ago that Raghav Tiwari will replace Gashmeer?
      Now it is suddenly Manasvi Vashist?
      The other was a little younger in age, but somehow looked more like Gashmeer …
      This one looks younger than he actually is, although in terms of age it would match better with both, Malini and Imlie. So…

      Or is there a third option?

      Is there any official statement?

  9. I just saw the episode. Good Lord! 🤦‍♀️ Couldn’t they find a more suitable voice for Imlie? I might be wrong because I skipped a lot of episodes, but have you ever heard Imlie sing in such a high voice? I don’t know😶, kind of odd, I would say … Dancing … yes, I can understand that, you can practice it, … but the voice doesn’t come to you overnight …

    1. Yolande a.k.a. Naina

      Same thought with the vocals 🤦

  10. I agree with Yolanda.
    Imlie’s should get over Aditya

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