I’m sorry swara plz forgive me – TS (part -1)

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Hello guys Im here with TS
I hope U all like this ts And support me Like before

Let’s start the chappy
Screen starts with a boy running behind a girl
Girl: no no sanku I don’t want drink milk (that is our hero)
Sanskar: arey shona but it is healthy for u u want to become strong write then plz drink this
Girl: no no I’m already strong I don’t want that
See saying this she showed her ? see I’m string so I don’t want that
Sanskar: acha u r strong than me

Shona: yes I’m strong than u
Sanskar: okie then let us play a game we will know who are strong
Shona: okie
Sankar: then we will do arm wrestling then will we see who will win
Shona: okie
Both played the game And Sanskar Won in the game without any word Shona drank milk in one go

Shona: see I will sure defeat u one day
Sanskar smiles and says okie madam And kisses her forehead
Sanskar: now sit here I will do my office work then we will play together
Swara: okie
Sanskar smiles
Swara: sanku where is my chocolate u said u will give big dairy milk silky (she strectes her hand showing big to him)
Sanskar: (took a silk from his pocket and gave to swara)
Swara immediately snatched the silk And claps her hands happily
Yeah yeah silky silky and started eating chocolate

In mean even sumi came and took care if swara
Sanskar: maa I will come after my office work till that time take care of her
No need to worry I have given medicine to her she won’t trouble u more
Sumi: smiles and says okie
U r there then I don’t need to worry about my daughter
Sanskar smiles
Character sketch
Sanskar maheswari: handsome and dashing man he 25 yrs old loves Swara very much for her Even he left His family
His world starts with her and ends with her

Swara Sanskar maheswari: mentalally unstable she was in this state bcoz of Sanskar (reason will reveal later) she love to be with Sanskar even her world starts with Sanskar and ends with him

Ragini gadodia: Elder sister of swara She love her very much She can do anything for her sister And wife of laksh

Laksh maheswari: elder brother Of Sanskar Both brothers don’t share good bond with the family Love his brother and even he can do anything for him And loves his wife ragini

Dp and ap: Parents of laksh and Sanskar
More than their children society is important for them

Shekar and sumi: parents of swara and ragini
Both care about their daughters more than society

Few more characters will be introduced in story
After few hours
He came back near swara where she was sleeping hugged her teddy sumi was caressing her hair but she has tears seeing swara like this
Sanskar noticed sumi tears and feels guilty for his work
Sanskar: (teary eyes) maa
Sumi: (wiped her tears) arey Sanskar u came In
Sanskar: (Came near sumi) I’m sorry maa bcoz of me swara was suffering I’m sry maa I didn’t did intentionally but my…
Sumi:( can’t complete Sanskar words) Sanskar I know ur did wrong but Sanskar I also know this u r regretting for ur doings
I know u will make my daughter normal has before ur love will get her back to normal Sanskar beta

Sanskar: (wipes his tears) thank man for trusting me
Sumi: smiles acha okie now wake her or else she will kill u
Sanskar smiles and sumi leave the place
Sanskar Sat beside swara and remove her teddy caress her hair
Sanskar: Shona get up shona
Swara: (opens her eyes lazily but again closed her eyes and slept on Sanskar lap) 5min sanku

Sanskar smiles seeing this
Sanskar: Shona get up soon I’m hungry plz shona (pout)
Swara: (opens her eyes) Okie but I want one chocolate for this okie and ha Even one more doll I want
Sanskar: ji madam 1st get Up ur Minoin aur ur di might be waiting for u at the dinning table
Swara smiles and got up from the bed listening jiju name
She ranned out hurriedly Sanskar followed her Bcoz it was her routine for him
Swara: (shouting) Mini miniiiii (minion)??
Minion: smiles arey doll slowly y r u running
Swara: (smiles widely) Vo u told na u will chocolate today ????
Sanskar: shona for chocolate u will do anything na
Swara: (angry) It my wish
Minion: Sanky y r u teasing her
He took ? from his pocket about to give to swara but ragini stopped
Ragini: laksh (her minion is laksh guys) stop giving ? to her she was eating more ? nowadays it won’t be good for her health
Swara: di plz only one ? ntg will happen to me
Ragini: no means no
Swara was about to say something but laksh signal her something she kept quiet and started eating lunch from Laksh hands
Sanskar: arey swara u used to eat daily with me na then y sudden change today
Swara: bcoz u and di are very bad u r not letting me to eat ? so from now Mini will feed Me
Sanskar: Ur mini ki bacchi

Swara: ha tho any problem
Sanskar just nodded his head in no And ragini with disbelief look
Ragini: laksh because of ur pampering she becoming rotten rich kid ??
Swara: oh don’t dare to say a word against my mini
Ragini: if I scold him then wt will u do
Swara: (thinks) I will bite Sanky Then all looked at in shock
Sanky who was eating food splits out
Sanky: (shocking expression) wt I did if bhabi is scolding u then y will u bite me??
Swara: bcoz I can’t beat di na so I will beat u then di will feel bad then she won’t scold me (innocently) ?
Laksh chuckles listening her

Sanskar ? and ragini looked at in disbelief
Shemish were smiling seeing their children happy
Soon all completed their Lunch
Day passed it was night

Swasan room
Sanskar was making swara to sleep he was telling stories to her like prince and princess stories
Soon she slept hugging him but sleep was far away from Sanskar
He was thing about his past deeds and feeling ashamed of himself

Precap: swasan past…..

Finally completed with 1 part
Hope u guys like and plz don’t forget to comment
Keep smiling always ?

? ? ……

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