I’m only yours RAGSAN part 2 episode 11

Sanskar immediately went out from the room and cursed himself for Ragini’s state..
U idiot sanskar can’t u able to see her pure love, always u r saying u won’t hurt her but u r doing that only.. ….he says to himself and hurriedly calls Tanya but her mobile is switched off. ..so he called her land line. ..

Sathya (PA of Tanya) :hello sir
San:u told she will cum today from Germany but still she didn’t and her mobile also switch off,, angrily Wat the hell it is
Sathya : sir actually her meetings are delayed, that’s y, she will definitely come on tmrw evng and I’ll convey it to her
San:huff k (in mind here I’m dying but she is enjoying there, sanskar enough, u thought to clear Tanya’s misunderstanding, but if u wait for her, then I don’t know might be Ragini will go away from u, no no it shouldn’t be happen, k cool I will talk to her now itself)
He entered into their room..

San:goes towards the sofa and called her, Ragini ragini
Rag doesn’t respond, he goes towards her and saw her that she already slept.. He carried her in his arms and make her lie on the bed and slept beside her by hugging her (as usual) …

Ragini opens her eyes and confused to see her on bed and his hands on her waist, she looked at him confusingly. ..

San:smiles …thank god, u r awaken.. .i waited since night to tell you something
importantly …but u r enjoying ur sleep
Rag:San.. Skar
San:before she complete his name,sanskar kissed on her lips. ……(Ragini doesn’t respond for the kiss, as she was shocked by his sudden act)
San breaks the kiss and hugs her tightly. ….
San:(in hugging position) will u give me a another chance for making a another new love story with u.. .
Rag:tears started to flow from her eyes.. .she hugged him back. …
Both breaks the hug after few minutes..
San :cupped her face, I’m sorry for not understanding you and ur love, I won’t repeat it, he holds his ears.. .
Rag:smiles with teary eyes and nodded as no.. She hugged him again.. .
San:i want to say u another thing also
Rag:breaks the hug, (gives a confusing look)
San:i love you Ragini, ,I love you truly madly, sry for realizing lately
Rag:cries after a long time she is hearing the magical words from her sanskar
San :ragini plz don’t by saying he wiped her tears.. ..
Rag:holds his hand I’m praying to god that it won’t be a dream. ..u r real only na sanskar she again cries. ..
San ::feels bad for her, immediately pull her towards him, Ragini’s is now lying over sanskar, ,,both had deep eye lock…

San in teasing voice, do u want me to prove its only real..
Rag blushes and tries to get up from him and from the bed.. .
San:sees her face is changing into red because of blushing, he smiles widely by his effect on her, ,,and tightens his
Rag:sanskar plz I have to go
San:nods as no
San:kissed on cheek
Rag:widens her eyes
San kissed on her another cheek, when he about to kiss on her lips, Ragini pushed him and goes to the rest room
San shouts:what is this dear.. He pouted
Rag:smiles and closed the door

Both were blushing by Thinking of the recent incident ….

after few minutes..

Rag is getting ready in front of the mirror, when she abt to put sindoor,, sanskar snatches from her
San:vo I’ll put it
Rag:eyes become moist
San puts the sindoor on her hairline and kissed on her forehead (he was feeling very happy inside but he doesn’t know the reason)
Rag:hugs him
San:smiles and hugs her and kissed on her head. …..both smiles widely with moist eyes. ..

Thank you very much for your comments frds, ,now a days comments are less so I thought u people didn’t like it, that’s y I asked whether I’ll end it or not

But I’m happy that you people like my ff.. …how was the today’s episode

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