I’m Fine ~ A chronicle on healthy mind – Chapter 3

Chapter 3

Right or liking

Yami packed the diary and camera and checked herself at the mirror. She looked at Tara who was smiling at her.

“Hey girl, why are you smiling at me? ” yami asked her.

“Actually I was thinking about how rude I was to you. I never thought you could be such a good friend. Yesterday I really felt peaceful after of all that I poured out. I really owe you. Thanks! ” tara smiled at her.

“Hare, its alright. You dont need to try much. Listen you owe me right then I will choose what will I do! ” yami told her.

“Yaar I knew this. Now I should click people and you will click sculptures right? ” tara starred at her.

Yami smiled and told, “I know how nice you are with people so we will do vice versa. Actually my friend is visiting me today so Enjoy. “

Tara stared at her barely. Yami gave a look and whispered, “don’t worry we wont leave you have peace alone without us! “

Tara hugged her and they both went near the temple. Tara went inside the temple. Yami stood before the temple and looked at the people.

Tara clicked enough pictures and came out after few minutes. She was shocked to see yami and another man playing with mud. Yami looked at her and dragged her. She then introduced Tara to him and splashed mud on her face. Tara wiped her eyes and looked at them. They laughed at her and told that its the first day of holi.

Tara washed her face and told, “you guys are so mean. Look how dirty it is. “

“Tara in this day its not being dirty its called being decorated. And by the way I’m Sameer, yami consider me as her friend but I don’t ” he smiled.

“You wish ” said yami and went near pond.

“I’m not so close to her so I dont know about you” said Tara.

“Its okay. I know. Actually we are close so she told me. “

“Well sam see you soon bye we are moving to college today. ” said yami and  hugged him.

“But yaar today there will be special programme of ours by 7 so aren’t you seeing that? ” he asked.

“No we are leaving by 7:30 so I think its time” yami told.

“But you guys have just met so its okay you can enjoy” said Tara.

“Thanks for your permission, though I dont need it but its okay. Who will upload pictures with thumbnail and we have so much work to do” told yami.

“But yaar please na o really want to spent time here its so refreshing” requested Tara.

“Tell me the truth. You really want to stay or you dont want to go back? ” asked sam winking at yami.

“Umm its tough to say actually “teased Tara.

“Okay then I will look after the work. You enjoy with him and come back soon. Dont worry he is not monster. ” said yami and bidded bye.

Sam looked at tara and tara asked him, ” how do you I dont want to go? “

“because yami told me you are not on good mood and I dont think you will be happy to go back Where it all started right? “

“Sam , can I call you like that? Asked tara. He nodded.

“Yes yaar. You are perfect. I dont want to go back to college” she said.

“not college. Friends. ” he corrected.

She nodded.

“Listen Tara, yami told me everything. And I dont think what you are doing is right. As a friend let me tell you something. When Ram, lord Ram came back to Ayodhya I dont think he would be thinking how to see the faces of those who sent him to forest, how cruel are they and all. He only thought about how he should perform his duties to the citizens and also to his family. And that is what made him loved by his people and us. ” said sameer.

“But sam Im not telling they are cruel infact I was the one who was cruel to them. And I behaved so badly and also they are not innocents okay. ” tara mumbled.

“So what after all they are your friends right? Tara every time when you are about to do something one should always choose what is right and not what they like or what is easy to do. It is very important to do what is right because we have only few person who have that sort of courage. So be one and do only things that are right though it break you down never let ‘right ‘ break down. “

“Sameer thanks yaar and also sorry if I had spoke something wrong. I know I should just go and tell them sorry first. Right? ” she asked.

“See saying sorry is not even that tough when you understand why you are saying it! ” smiled sameer.

“Okay so bye. See you soon I hope. ” Tara smiled.

“Aren’t you watching the program? ” he asked.

“No sorry I should go and help yami and I didn’t even pack. I have lot of work. Actually im thinking of saying sorry in quite different manner, so I should go. Bye ” she walked off. Sameer waved.

“Hey but what is that program about? ” she shouted after walking away from him.

“Its about welcoming Rama to Ayodhya. ” he said.

“Are you playing Ram? ” she asked.

“No. I wrote it. ” he told.

“Then dont worry its already a hit ” laughed Tara.

At room,

“You came so early? ” asked yami.

“Ya has everything finished? ” asked Tara.

“Done. Just go and pack your stuff. We will move. By the way how was the program? ” asked Yami.

“Its was impressive. The writing though. I dont know how many will like it but it is perfectly the right drama” Tara clapped.

“It should be right. That is what all it needs to be na? ” asked yami.

Tara nodded and packed her bags.

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