I’m fine. ~ a chronicle of having a healthy mind – Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Raas leela

“Room is all good na? ” asked Tara.

“Room is all fine but not you.” Answered Yami.

“What do you mean? “

“Not me. You are mean. How can you just face off before your friends like that. You know how sad they would have felt?”

“please go to sleep and let me also. “

“Han, as if you are literally going to sleep” Yami whispered.

“Wait. Do you guys have any WhatsApp group for me? ” Tara looked irritated.

“Wish we had with a name ‘alien could be found by its face’ ” sighed yami.

“Funny” Tara closed the door on her face.

Its past 11 pm and Tara sat by the window and looked outside the dark empty street. Though it wasn’t clear in the mist, far away from her sight a temple was thoroughly decorated by lights and flowers and looked so colorful.  And also the music.

First time Tara is not irritated by music but wanted it to sound loud and clear. She felt amidst of all the chaos and disturbance in her heart this sound is piercing inside with a peace but no matter how good and peaceful the thing is but if your mind is not concentrated to it then nothing works.

Tara’s mind is searching for various reasons tangible and intangible ones to settle in to feel sad. Her eyes was desperate enough yo cry and it didn’t wait for any reason. She felt as if ever part of her wants to do Nothing and soon her eyes closed and she felt asleep.

Very soon like a breeze from the corners of the window, came a voice to her ears to which she woke up as if she never slept. She looked up and saw Yami.

“Yami you?  What happened? ” she asked wiping her eyes.

“Will you answer that question for me Tara? ” yami hissed.

Tara got up and looked at her barely, “why are you disturbing me now? ” she asked tiredly.

Yami held her hands and dragged her to terrace and showed her the temple.

“If you want to hear the music loud, you should go for it! ” she said.

“Ha nice but how do you know that? “Tara asked.

“Tara, sometimes I look at you and I can see everything. But the thing is that I cant interpret it. So I want you also to put some effort so that I can help you! ” she explained.

“Wow yami are you consultant? Anyway thanks a lot but you wont understand this. This is a sort of sadness to which even I dont know the reason. ” Tara smiled.

“Tara I know no personal conversation but can I talk about someone else’s personal thing? “

“Yes please ” Tara listened.

“So you know lord krishna right and he is famous for his raas leela although he did so many things like bagawadgita, kaliya narg, kansvadh and Mahabharata. Have you ever felt why raas leela is so mysterious and so intense? ” asked Yami.

“No why? ” asked Tara.

“Because raasleela is clear definition for love, happiness and you” smiled yami.

“Me? ” Tara looked confused.

“Yes you know when darkness emerges, the fragrance of dhatura fills the atmosphere and the yamuna flows with a soothing sound and beside her under the moonlight, krishn plays his flute having Radha resting her head in his shoulder. 

On this beautiful event Radha asked krishn to explain what she is seeing before her. She saw many krishn with many gopikas. One gopika is dancing with him, one is chilling in yamuna with him, one is chatting with him and one is been adored by him. So krishn smiled at radha and told that he is doing what the gopikas loved. Radha looked confused making exactly this face” she told pointing towards Tara. Tara didn’t react much as she is already thinking.

“So krishn told her, ‘radha when you love doing something and you are happy when doing that,  then you will do it with Krishn. So every gopika does what she love with Krishn, exactly like my radha loves listening to my flute. And after all raasleela is all about doing what you love ‘. so when krishn told this Radha clearly understood the real meaning of raasleela. All the years she knew raasleela is all about love and happiness but after this she came to know doing what you love without any thoughts about anyone or anything is raasleela” smiled yami.

“So you mean i should do what I love? ” asked Tara.

“Tara, gopikas not just danced or sung they also did many things which is personal and also absurd. Thats is why it is very personal, mysterious and also not for everyone. It can only be felt by people who can understand happiness. “

“Yami can you please decode? ” Tara requested.

” Tara no matter how absurd, idiotic or judgmental it is, but if you love doing it and it is not going to hurt anyone then you are having all right to do it. If not anyone then do it with krishn then name it Tara’s raasleela! One cannot be happy if they are doing nothing. Start doing something you love and put some courage to do it and see you will have a kind of happiness to which neither you will be carried away not you will feel sad. Tara’s raasleela! ” she laughed.

“What is your raasleela? ” tara asked.

“my raasleela is all about jumping. I jump With krishn but for people I’m jumping alone. Its okay I love doing my raasleela its cool most importantly it makes me happy. ” she looked at Tara.

“Jumping? Is that even a hobby?  anyway who am I to judge when krishn accepts it? I love talking. Can I do my raasleela? ” she asked with a subtle voice.

“Yes carry on lady! ” yami patted her and walked but Tara stopped her and said, “I want to talk with You. Will this gopika listen or raasleela is only for krishn? ” she smiled. Yami laughed and told, ” go on. Im listening.. “.

Yami could clearly see a sublime change in Tara’s attitude and afterall everything one need is some push, push to do things, to talk, to understand and to feel Happy.

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