I’m fine. ~ a chronicle of having a healthy mind – Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I’m not fine!

Time striked 11 am. She looked at the clock and peeped outside the window. The daylight pierced her eyes and she gave a bare sight to the wall. Her eyes reddened and tears dwelled. She dumped her face in her palms.

“Tara? Tara.. ” Rumi shook her. She wiped her eyes and looked at Rumi. She sighed towards main door where their class mam called Tara. She walked towards her and Rumi looked at her hopelessly.

“Listen what happened to you now? Come on don’t be a ss!!” Cringed her friend Sunita.

“And what is ss?” Asked Rumi.

“Spoil sport, learn some lingo yaar”

“Tara is troubled and we are doing nothing, doesn’t it bother you? “

“All one should do is to give some time and space for people, they themselves would get better. Not troubling them when they are troubled is not going to trouble me now. Okay! ” smiled Sunita.

“That tongue twister was deep and does it works? “

“If I were Tara and you being you by now you might have had a chance to write something on your grave. Trust me” she replied pointly.

Rumi sighed, ” but I have an idea lets go to priya.. ” she moved away.

“Third person troubling is also called troubling yaar” Sunita followed her aloof. 

“Tara, you know that you should give me the photos by monday right? ” asked Ms. Naina.

“Yes mam ill go by this evening! “

“You will stay in our hostel and you can also take one with you for company. Ill ask Rumi…  “

Tara interrupted, “mam I’ll take the yami.  She is very interested in traveling it seems, so it will be nice to have her”

“ok then I’ll ask yami to meet you. ” she went.

Tara turned to leave but she heard priya shouting her name from behind.

“Hey Tara, looking like a zombie, what happened? “Priya laughed.

“Didn’t Rumi asked you to start the convo like a normal person? You should probably ask like ‘how are you?’ ” sighed Tara.

“Smart, but I don’t need Rumi to figure your mood. I used to be your encyclopedia. ” smiled priya.

“Used to… Right! “

“Well that is because you are.. Okay leave it. What happened? “

“Listen priya I don’t want to waste any time. Im going to our college’s new establishment, its nothing but the same timely mood swing.” Tara replied disinterested.

“Look, let me not waste your time. I’m  telling you straight, crying in night instead of sleeping and waking up like a duty and most importantly walking like a dead is not mood swing and dont try to play it cool! ” priya shouted.

“So what should I do? “

“You should have some help”

“What they will do?  Listen to everything and advice me the same things you told me previously and above all that they will also charge for that! Why should I give money to stranger if I have you who would do that for free? ” Tara’s voice trembled.

“The major difference is that they will make you talk which I cannot. If I could,  then you wouldn’t be like this for the second time. Tara, I saw how you broke down before two years and I can’t let you go through that again..” Priya requested.

“You cannot fix everything in this world. Yes I’m not fine, breathing is like a punishment for me, what should I do?  Stop breathing? Priya just leave me alone yaar I will be alright. ” she then looked at Rumi standing behind her.

“And also remember, you cannot help me because you cannot understand anything. So just don’t make it worst and most importantly stop acting like as if you care. That’s clearly not helping. ” Tara shouted.

“But what did I not understand? ” asked priya.

“Its not for you ” Rumi whispered. Tara left.

Priya looked behind and saw Rumi
Sunita went behind Tara and priya consoled Rumi, “give her some time Rumi. She will be alright”. They followed Sunita.

Yami stopped Tara, “Hey Tara right?  we are going to stay for a day right, Im really excited. Thanks for choosing me. “Yami giggled.

“Yes and im also looking forward to it. And this is Sunita, Rumi and that is priya! ” Tara introduced to yami and smiled.

Rumi and Sunita looked at each other seeing her sudden transformation.

“Your friends? ” asked Yami.

Tara’s face turned pale and replied, ” listen you should do me a favour. We are leaving now and today and Tomorrow are the only days we have to be together so even though I try please stop me from being personal. Actually I’m not good with people and I dont want our holi pictures to turn a bad memory ” Tara said straight and left.

Yami looked at others, Sunita smiled and patted her shoulder and said, ” Its going to be a great adventure. enjoy. ” Yami walked off and Rumi wiped her eyes.

Little did they knew that the trip will turn out to be something unexpected.

  1. Shekhar

    It’s just can excellent! The style, the pattern with which you write is just out standing! Considering readers intelligent enough to get you, when you start to write without crashing down fancy wording over their head, is unique ability to have. I went through many FF , but i found very rare outstanding. Most writers used to pour in all fancy words, stuff only to make it attractive keeping depth aside. It is knowledge in style which make any report, journal worthy to go through, and not its physical appearance. Pre character sketching suck the charm of story, unnecessary clarifications over any dialogue, acts, description figuring out character create the impression, READERS ARE DUMB!, and there by author nothing left on the imagination of reader, and readers never get connected with characters mentally, and get distracted from the subject matter. The writing which does not connect reader mentally is just a crap, and this can only be possible when writer left something on reader’s wild imagination. More the clarification leads readers to believe himself dumb! Readers get mentally involved only when writer believe him /her enough intelligent to guess what writer did not clarify! It is not the subject matter, neither fancy stuff nor the heavy words which make any writing interesting enough to go through, but it is style with which author is sewing & weaving the theme of story! And this style make any theme having great height.

    Anyway, keep it up!

    1. Ammu-Vk

      Thank u so much for your kind views. This means a lot for any writer.

  2. Shekhar

    You don’t know, but, you deserve it! I never tossed praise for nothing . Like you, one MORUSYA, member of this TU is just fantastic. The capability you both have to touch the mental turmoil of different character is unique which make you CLASSIC from others. I do not criticize the BELOW STANDARD writing, but can praise GOOD ONE, and that is my moral right! Ha ha ha……… Any way, USUALLY, when BRIGHTs are less than to DULLs, BRIGHTs are liable to attentive, isn’t it?

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