I’m always there for u ……. by dhar (episode 7)

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I’m very very sorry for the late update but I am not able to type as I’m out of station
Let’s Not waste ur tym anymore and directly go to the episode
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Tej saw him standing at the door, he had longing to see a glint of respect in in his eyes and here he was standing on the door with his eyes showering love for him. Tej wanted to speak but his vocal cords won’t support him.
Om knew what his father wanted to say.
Om : why did you do this , u seperated a son from his father, u snacthed my superman from me. How could you do this.
Tej had not expected om to say something like this.Tej Singh oberoi started to apologize to om
Tej : I’m sorry, I’m very very sorry, he couldn’t speak any more his voice broke as he was overcome with emotions
Om : u know what when u started to insult my mom i tried to choke the love which i had for u but i couldn’t do it i didn’t have that much strength to hate my superman .
Tej didn’t believe that his son had tried to choke his feelings for him, the mere thought of it made him shiver. The thin layer of emotions which had formed in his eyes started to form a tsunami and flowed out breaking all the boundaries.

Om wanted to give him a tight hug assuring him that his son is with him, but he wanted to speak further.
Om: my mind and heart were fighting a hard fight , I know that you did this to protect us, but being an artist i always listened to my heart but that tym i followed my mind, i started to hate u , but somewhere in the corner of my heart i still hoped that my superman will come back to take care of me and i was right.
His voice cracked and tears started to flow. Tej also had his eyes showering love for him. Om went towards tej and wiped his tears tenderly. Tej held oms hand , he remembered that day when he met his son for the first time, the smile which an infant gave him made his life , he understood the meaning of fatherhood. He was happy . Joy which he couldn’t express in words, he got up hugged him, om bursted into tears , he started sobbing loudly. Tej took him in his embrace and pacified him . He took care of him like he was a 5 yr old kid .
Tej : om don’t cry , i don’t like u crying , I’m here om , ur superman is here , he will always protect u , he will never leave you alone, plzz stop crying

Om’s sobbing started to slow down but they didn’t stop.
Tej : on i said stop crying , no one dares to disobey tej Singh oberoi , he joked.
This statement made him laugh. He started to break the hug but tej wouldn’t leave him as he got a hug from his first born after ages. After sometime they broke their hug . They chatted for sometime and om got up to leave the room though they didn’t want to but time had made his final verdict. He turned and quickly gave him a small tight hug. Om started to shout at the middle of the night.
Om : a very good night papa , see u tomorrow.
Everyone heard the announcement , it was like a assurance for the members that the father son duo was back. As for tej , he couldn’t handle so much of happiness in a day , he sat down and remembered the moment when his son proudly called him dad. He closed his eyes and sleep.started to take over his senses.

Scene 2
Rudy’s room
For the first time, the great Rudy’s room was silent. Everyone knew that om was hurt by tej’s behaviour but no one bothered to see his pain . Rudy was happy , happy tears were flowing from his eyes. His sumo entered the room, she was shocked to see a mature rudra sitting in front of her. Not the one who used to cry to seek attention. She went to him and held his shoulder. Rudy hugged her and started to sob , he spoke to her between the sobs , she let him cry as she knew that he was happy.
Saumya: rudra , stop crying i know that you always wanted ur father, shivaay bhaiya was there for you but still u needed him and now he’s here so u can’t handle the joy . U can always come to me when u need to share something after all. I’m ur bff no. Rudy IM ALWAYS THERE FOR U , please don’t cry . See i know that u can never change u will always be a crybaby . Hey dumbbell oberoi stop crying.

She started to provoke him to fight with her , calling him names, duffer oberoi, dumbbell oberoi, protein shake oberoi , cry baby oberoi and what not . She succeeded in her mission he started to hit her with​a pillow. And a pillow fight followed. Making his room not less than a hen s home with feathers all around. He understood her motto.
Rudy : sumo , thanku for cheering me up,. Now don’t u start to feel that I’m praising u, yeh tumhari galat family hogi .
Saumya: dumb oberoi voh fami hogi hai family nhi .
Rudy : fami hoti hai , sach meh par mujhe toh laga ki family hoti hai , tabhi Mai sochu ki family galat kaise ho Sakti hai ?
They both burst out laughing. It was a memorable night for all the family members. They had a smile of contentment on their faces.

I will stop here , actually i have come to my nanis place in Kerala . So here I’m devoting a my tym to them ,n i get very less tym free , so i couldn’t type , i hope u all will understand, I’m feeling very guilty for my behaviour, I’m really sorry for the late update ,. I’ll try to make the update ASAP. Plzz do comment.

With love
Dhar ?

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  1. Ahaana

    Superb episode dhar… and njoy ur vacations…. but try posting soon …

    1. Dhar

      Sure ahaana , thanx dear for ur comment

  2. Thedreamsoul

    Awesome one dear , you have wrote it so well . you know i loved the father-son bond and liked how sumo cheered up our Rudy boy ! update soon dhar and btw your nani’s house is in kerala ? i am frm kerala 🙂

    1. Dhar

      Thank you, thedreamsoul . Yes , where do you hail from? Actually i hail from chalakudy

      1. Thedreamsoul

        I am from kannur 🙂

  3. Gayathri.visu

    Very emotional part Dhar… perfectly described Tej-Om bonding, rudy’s feelings n Sumo’s caring nature…! I loved it…
    Don’t feel guilty dear… Enjoy ur vocation.

    1. Dhar

      Thank you, gayathri.visu for ur lovely comment

  4. Niriha

    Awesome waiting 4 next update soon

    1. Dhar

      Thanx niriha?

  5. Alekhika20

    Superb updt

    1. Dhar

      Thank u for your comment

  6. Nikita_jai29

    It is awesome dear…

  7. Excellent update Dhar…… Luv d father-son bonding… & feel guilt dear…… Post ASAP……

  8. Love it dhar dear, specially om -tej bonding post next part ASAP

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