Illusive Hearts & Destiny’s Play {Reyansh & Pranati, Gauri & Omkara SS-Prologue}

AN : I thank Jasmine Rahul for suggesting me to write on movie Mayamayooram{Illusive Peacok} and I have adapted that movie for this short story with some changes . This one is dedicated to her. 


Reyansh Singh Oberoi who is a college professor { Younger Twin brother of Omkara Singh Oberoi }

Pranati Gupta who is a family friend of Oberois and she is a Nurse who use to take care of Reyansh’s dadi.

Omkara Singh Oberoi { A passionate artist and a poet }

Gauri Sharma { A business entrepenur but also an adamant fan of Omkara’s paintings}


Gauri and Omkara are living in United States as part of their profession whereas Reyansh & Pranati are living in Mumbai with their families only.

Baljeet Singh Oberoi { Grandmother of Reyansh & Omkara}

For her status, blood, lineage , money , reputation are everything. She doesn’t likes Pranati eventhough Pranati takes care of her very much.

Shobna Gupta { Pranati’s Mom}

Tej Singh Oberoi & Jhanvi Singh Oberoi {Parents of Om & Reyansh – Tej is a reouted Business icon who owns Oberoi Industries. Jhanvi is the Accountant of Oberoi Industries}

Let’s move to the story.

At an exhibhition of Om’s Paintings

A girl started taking photos of some paintings .

Omkara : Excuse me , Photography is not allowed here

Girl : I really want to buy some of them, Mr. Artist.

Omkara : These are not for sale , it’s a programme to show case some thing unique . So I can’t give you any painting.

Girl : Mmhh…I will offer whatever money you require , what you say ?

Omkara : Madam, I already told you this is not for sale, it’s value can’t be measured in any bundles of currency notes.

Girl : I am sorry if I hurt you , but I just can’t keep my eye away from your paintings. So please give me any of them. Please

Omkara : No I can’t give you my painting.

Girl ; This is my card. Please keep it and please give me a painting of yours in future .

Omkara keeps the card.

Girl : I think you didn’t liked my presence , So better I can leave

Omkara : Gauri

Girl : Wow you know my name ? How ?

Omkara : Now only you gave your visiting card.

Gauri : Oh Yeah!! How dumb I am

Om smiles

Gauri : Mr. Artist , please keep smiling like these. It looks good at your face.

Omkara : Thank you and you can call me Omkara rather than addressing as Mr. Artist

Gauri whispered herself : Artist ko artist nahi bulawungi toh kya Minister bolun ?

Omkara : Attitude thodi kam karegi toh bahut acchi lagegi

Gauri : Are you an Indian ?

Omkara : Of course

Gauri looks Om. Meanwhile her phone rings.

Gauri : Okay bye, I need to leave

Omkara : Bye

Gauri walks away, Om looks her

  1. Jasminerahul

    Thank you so much for this was a surprise for me.unknowingly you gave me one more happiness.i was longing to read a prayansh this ss doubled my happiness.i was expecting mishaan to be mohanlal revathi n rikara to be mohanlal shobana.bcz rikara are traditional n mishasn are modern.but you surprised me by casting rikara as mohanlal revathi.pranati suits shobana’s character.sad that dadi doesn’t like her even though she looks after her.rikara meeting was nice.gauri whispering whether an artist should be addressed as minister was funny.gauri admiring om’s smile was sweet.i wonder whether om came to know gauri’s name from the visiting card or he knew her earlier.surprising that rikara stay abroad.
    Please post part1 soon.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot, Lot of traditional ways Rikara has been read every where. Even I too also wrote earlier like that. I felt to show them in different way but not losing the intense love and that’s what I tried here.I like Ahneri and Kunal too so the second lead is they. Dadi is my favourite from Bidaai.I haven’t watched Pavitra bhagya very much, but watched few thought to write on this way. And I will certainly write for Saksham and Gopika based on Pranayavarnangal as that will suit them when I gets time.

  2. Jasminerahul

    Loved the pics.

  3. Jasminerahul

    Thanks a lot for agreeing to write on pranayavarnangal.may I know which couple you will cast as suresh n divya?

    1. Revu

      I will be casting Arjun and Maya from Beyhadh as Divya and Suresh

    2. Jasminerahul

      Wow.arya too in your ff.

  4. Ishana_stories

    Wow!!!! So excited about this one!!! Rikara scene waa really cute when Gauri was whispering to herself and Omkara heard it😂. Eager to read pranati and reyaansh part too!!

    1. Revu

      I will be updating next part by tomorrow , please keep waiting. Thanks a lot

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