Omkara pointed out his finger towards a statue of Mata laxmi.

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Omkara : That’s made by this silly artist specially for this pretty girl Gauri.

Gauri : You made it Omkara ?

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Omkara nodded his head with a smile

Gauri rushed near the statue and looked it with her bright eyes.

Gauri : It looks so lively.

Omkara ; It’s a statue of wax, that’s why you are feeling it.

Gauri : Oh My God!! You  made Goddess Laxmi Mata’s statue at the basis of my face. I can’t believe this . This is really an honour for me something really big than I expected and I don’t know how to explain what I am feeling now. Thank you Omkara

With teary eyes Gauri quickly hugged Omkara

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Omkara smiled and pat her shoulder .

Omkara ; Gauri, this is nothing just a way to make you happy ,that’s all.

Gauri : You are like a gem of million,Omkara. In my life none od has surprised me like these way , I am grateful to you.

Omkara : Gauri , you deserves this , that’s why I made it.

Gauri : I always was a trouble to disturb your concentration naa ?

Omkara : No Gauri. Initially I felt so. But later when you was visiting my gallery I felt everything as very much lifeless, I felt much lonely. Earlier I was a habitat of that one, but now I am not able to realte myself with lonliness, it was killing me. And that’s why I straightly came your office to meet you.

Gauri released herself from Omkara

Gauri : Why? You feel me as these much important ?

Omkara holds Gauri’s hands and smiled

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Omkara :You are really very special to me Gauri. I reazlied it when you was not with me. But now I can’t bear that lonliness any more. You have to come my gallery and always ask for painting,it’s your right.

Gauri : Think well, Omkara. You have decided to hold a troubling girl’s hand

Omkara : I would like to hold it as her troubles are very much cute just like her. So I am not going to leave your hand.

Gauri ; Are you sure, Omkara ? You won’t leave my hand ?

Omkara : Never, It’s my promise.

They both looked each other’s eyes keenly

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Midiva ninna hrudayathalli

Kodale Naa Haajari..
Dinavu Nanna Kanasinalli
Baruveya Khaatari..
Sariyaagi Kannalli Beelutha..
Naviraagi Enannu Helutha..
Nannanu Apahariside Neenu….

Oh.. Midiva Ninna Hrudayadalli

Kodale Naa Haajari.. 

{At your beating heart

Just give me an attendance

I will give that if you agrees

To come at my dreams daily

Capture me at your eyes

Little a bit nervous I am are you hearing me 

You have stolen me completely 

Oh….At your beating heart

Just give me an attendance } plays

Gauri : Omkara , it’s too late. I need to go

Omkara : I told you just now I won’t leave your hand ,I really mean it.

Gauri : Mmh…Omkara ,I need to go back , Chaachi will be waiting for me.

Omkara smiles and slowly took his hand back. Gauri took a deep breath.

Omkara : I will drop you.

Gauri :It’s okay. I will go myself.

Omkara : Gauri what happened ?

Gauri :Nothing Omkara. Shall I leave ?

Omkara : Gauri please do remember my promise .

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Gauri simply smiled and looked Omkara, she was msesmerized with this act of Omkara that even though she wished to took her eye sight away from him , she wasn’t able to do that .She stared his waving long hair and deeper eyes



Gauri’s heart was beating faster and she felt something entirely new with Omkara. Though she didn’t tell anything Omkara’s captive eyes were looking her eyes only.

Omkara : You said you need to leave, then why you are still here ?

Gauri : Omkara..woh..

Omkara : We came together so we go back also together , Okay ?

Gauri :Okay.

Omkara started driving car. Gauri was looking at his eyes through hide and seek throughout when he was driving.

As they reached Chaachi’s home Omkara stopped the car.

Omkara : We have reached the place

Gauri :Oh Yeah, Come Omkara  let’s have a coffee

Omkara : I have some work , So I need to go already you have given your coffee to me.

Gauri : By the way Omkara you made me to feel very much special today. Thank you.

Omkara kept the wax statue safely .

Omkara ; Gauri keep it safely. And don’t forget my promise too.

Gauri : Why are you reminding me again that ?

Omkara : Nothing ,just like that

Gauri : I felt you as very much new today .

Omkara : Why ?

Gauri : I don’t know why but your way of talking was very much different .

Omkara ; Some why’s have no answers , better you try to find out.

Gauri : What ?

Omkara : Bye , Will see later.

Omkara smiles and takes his car. Gauri was feeling something sparking when he said it. She took the statue carefully and knocked the door

Chaachi opened the door

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Chaachi : Hello Hi , Bye , bye- bye. I was applying ice cubes to maintain my beauty. You suddenly knocked the door.

Gauri : Chaachi who told you this ?

Chaachi :Myself Manorama Chaachi who knows each and every tips of Beauty, by the way why Mata lakshmi is looking like you ?

Gauri ; It’s a wax statue made by renowned artist Omkara.

Chaachi : Oh your Mr. Long hair

Gauri : Exactly, he gifted me this.

Chaachi ; This looks so good.

Both of them keeps the statue inside

Gauri : Chaachi today was a hectic day, but finally I am free.

Chaachi : Why he made your face for this statue ?

Gauri : I asked him it but he said I am special .

Chaachi : Oh so you have become special !!

Gauri ; What do you mean ?

Chaachi :  You didn’t get it ?

Gauri : No

Chaachi started singing and dancing – Ho gaya hein tujhko toh pyaar sajna, laakh kar le tu inkaar sajna, hein yeh pyaar sajna

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Gauri : Chaachi, stop it please. Nothing like that, okay

Gauri went inside her room.

Gauri : I should change my dress and take a sleep, so that these thoughts will not come to me .

Gauri starts sleeping. She sees a dream,At dream she felt Omkara was caressing her scattered hair when she was falling asleep.

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She also sees Omkara sleeping besides her and caring her

Gauri and Omkara fall asleep holding hands | Omkara, Bollywood couples,  Cute couple pictures

Suddenly she waked up and felt Omkara was holding her hand with a smile

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Gauri : You came here , Omkara ?

Omkara : I hope you remember my promise .

Gauri screamed No… She looked every where and find that it was her dream only.

Gauri thought ; My heart is giving so much of illusion today. This guy has started entering in my dreams also, God what’s this ?

She turned her face to the statue

Now this godess statue is also reminding me about him. I have to find a solution for this.

AT Reyansh’s Home

Reyansh was thinking about  his moment with Pranati and also about the fairy tale of Lucca and Dayana. Meanwhile his dadi entered there.

Dadi : Beta what’s that in your hand ?

Reyansh : Nothing dadi, just a book. A fairy tale of Lucca and Dayana

Dadi ; Wow, Beta dikha do

Reyansh : It’s very old tale and it’s climax is not also here.

Dadi : Reyansh , Lucca ko kaun nahi jaanta beta ?

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Reyansh : Dadi you knows the whole story ?

Dadi : This was popular among my friends during my school days.

Reyansh ; Dadi please tell me the story , I will tell you where I have stopped.

Reyansh explains what he read till now

Reyansh : Dadi I want to know the rest of the story. Please dadi.

Dadi : Okay , so listen.

The moment when Lucca said he fall in love Dayana when she came bare foot to hear music both of them were completely lost in love. Lucca hold her hand , Dayana find Lucca’s hand was wounded . Reyansh started imagining again about the Lucca And Dayana story

Dayana : Why your hand is wounded, Lucca ?

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Lucca : Nothing Dayana , it’s a scar

Dayana : Don’t lie to me, who did this ?

Lucca : Your brother Prince Charles . He doesn’t likes me Dayana. He warned me to stay away from you. But I didn’t listened , he tied my hands with handcuffs and pierced nails into my palms

Dayana : Lucca don’t worry. I will teach him a lesson.

Lucca ; Please leave it

Dayana : Not possible, he is not supposed to hurt you. I will ask him .

Lucca : Dayana , listen to me . Forget it and please don’t spoil our special moments by talking about him.

Dayana ; For you I am leaving him now. But not forever Lucca.

Lucca suddenly removed her crown and opened the tied hair and made it as loose

Dayana :Lucca what are you doing ?

Lucca : See the full moon at the night, I don’t want to remember any bitterness, all I need to enjoy ourselves in the world at this beautiful night.

Dayana : Lucca

Slowly Lucca encircled his arms on Dayana’s waist

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They both looked each other’s eyes romantically.

Lucca : When you are holding my hand, I don’t feel any sort of pain and those wounds can’t do any harm to me Dayana

Dayana take Lucca’s hand from herself and stared him

Pavitra Bhagya: Reyansh and Pranati's love drama to turn Reyansh lover boy

Dayana : I won’t forgive Charles, whatever you say.

Lucca : Dayana I told you just now that

Dayana : Fine. Lucca I will forget it.

Lucca : That’s my girl.

Lucca hold her in his arms

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Dayana : Promise me Lucca, whatever happened you will never leave me

Lucca : I promise you Dayana I will never go away from you.

Dayana : Lucca it’s not very easy for us to travel together. We have to face the worst

Lucca :We will face it because we are one body and one soul,Dayana

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Dayana : Lucca tomorrow is the biggest day , officially my Dad King  Atlas will declare the heir of this throne . He wants me to handle as I am elder .

Lucca : He is right and it’s your right Dayana

Dayana ; Charles doesn’t bears it, he wants the kingdom. For that he will kill me also.

Lucca : Dayana !!

Dayana : Charles already said that before public and the entire kingdom he will insult me for loving and choosing you as my love. I declared already to the public that I am going to marry you without any hesitation, they didn’t said anything against my decision. But I feels tomorrow the same public will degrade me , I think so

Lucca : This nation’s people are loyal towards your Dad King Atlas. They are not so cheap to degrade their King’s daughter who is their princess . And even if it happens also I will always be with you. And your right of becoming the heir of this kingdom can’t be stopped at any cost. Public needs a good administrator like your dad,not a cunning and cheap person like Charles.

Dayana ;Time will tell us what’s written in our fate, Lucca ?

Next day at the Palace ground

Lucca was shocked to see Dayana’s hand tied in hand cuffs

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Lucca : Dayana

Charles : Your Majesty, tie handcuffs in this person’s hands also. They both have looted the treasure of our kingdom.

Lucca : What ?

Charles came to tie Lucca’s hand, but Lucca stopped him by holding his hand

Pavitra Bhagya Season 1 Episode 34 - Watch Full Episode Online on JioCinema

Lucca : Charles, what you are doing is wrong. Open the handcuffs of Princess Dayana . You should appologize for blaming her like these.

Charles : Princess !!! She has lost that power when she choose you , Lucca. You both are these much disloyal to King that you both looted the treasure of palace.

Lucca : Stop it Charles, stop this non-sense. Dayana, why you are not saying anything ?

Charles :How can she say anything ? She is shocked because of King Atlas’s suicide.

Lucca : What ? That means who is the king ?

Charles : He is Micheal only, Atlas’s younger brother- my dad.

Lucca gets shocked.

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