Illusive Hearts & Destiny’s Play {Reyansh & Pranati, Gauri & Omkara SS-Part 2}

Reyansh was in library thinking about how to express his feelings towards Pranati. His eyes went on a fairy tale which was in the shelf. Reyansh took it and started reading it.

The story was about a princess  who meets and loves palace’s  singer and makes him as his love. Reading that one Reyansh imagined himself and Pranati at those roles.

Princess Dayana ; Meet Lucca my soulmate, soon we will tie the knot.

Many people were giving applause for them . As all of them left Lucca was confused.

Lucca : I am an ordinary singer and you are a princess. How can we both get marry ?

Dayana : Love doesn’t looks any criteria who is rich and poor. It comes from heart, your music caught up me with you Lucca. Oh No, so much of sweat in your face, let me wipe it.

Dayana started wiping Lucca’s face with her shawl .

Lucca : Dayana I never expected that my music can bring a princess to my life.

Dayana : Lucca , not just the music I like your pure heart as it’s filled with full of love and care for me.

Lucca ; I am so fortunate that you was able to see my heart , Dayana I fall in love with you that moment itself when you rushed to hear my music. That time you were bare footed also, but you didn’t stopped running from the palace. Those princess whose feet are like the soft tender flowers were caught by thornes at the way, but you didn’t cared anything. That day I realized how much you was passionate about my music and me.

Dayana : I just want to live as your Dayana only, not as a princess.

Lucca ; Dayana!!

Dayana : I really mean it. Lucca please don’t leave me

Dayana gently placed her palm on his cheek

Lucca looked her passionately with his eyes, Dayana also looked Lucca and smiled

They started romancing with each other . Suddenly everything got vanished, Reyansh came back from his imagination and find that the last few pages of the book were torned.

Reyansh : But what exactly happened to Princess Dayana and Lucca ? I thought at least through this book I will get any idea. But damn it is missing, what happened later ? Did they became one ? Did they married ? Did it was a happy end ?

Librarian : Kyaa baat hein beta ?

Reyansh : Actually I need a favour. This book’s last pages are not available. I want the whole book. How can I get it ?

Librarian : Beta this book is very much old. This was the last piece .

Reyansh : But where can I get the whole story ?

Librarian : Beta this is difficult to find. Tell me any another book

Reyansh : But sir, I want this particular book only.

Librarian : Take it with you, waise bhi kaun padta hein aajkal aise books ? Sabke sab toh mobile kee duniya mein jeete hein .

Reyansh : Thanks a lot

Reyansh feels very much happier, as he goes from there, suddenly his eyes felt on Pranati. Reyansh was surprised to see her.

Pranati : Reyansh, tum iss library mein ?

Reyansh : I used to come here when I gets free time.

Pranati : I see, I also visits this library when I gets free time. What’s that in your hand ?

Reyansh ; It’s nothing, just an old fairy tale

Pranati : Is it ? Let me see


Reyansh : Pranati let’s sit some where. Then you can read it .

Pranati : Yeah toh phir library ke peeche garden mein bench hein. Wahan jaate hein.

Reyansh ; As your wish.

Pranati : Reyansh you was longing to say something naa while dropping me at the hospital today .

Reyansh : Actually thing is. Mmmh….About this book only.

Pranati : Are you sure  ? Just you wants to give me this book and you wants to say that much only to me ? Really ?

Reyansh : Pranati, Yaar Just read it , please

Pranati : Okay I am reading. I feels you as much strange today.

Reyansh; Not at all. You just read the book.

Pranati nodded her head and starts reading book.

Reyansh thought : I was thinking of taking her to somewhere and tell what I feels for her. But thing is I was just hanged up in thoughts and at this library only. But seems destiny also shows some sort of magic , that’s why Pranati came here at the right time when I was here. I have that much time till she finishes reading. I should think about on a serious note that how should I express my feelings. Come on Reyansh You can do it, Bhai also told the same. I hope she won’t deny it, but if it’s a big No, then ? Oh No!!! I can’t imagine that moment. What should I do ? God why I am not getting any ideas ?

Pranati : Why last pages are missing in this book ?

Reyansh was surprised

Reyansh : You read it whole

Pranati :Yeah, what happened to Dayana and Lucca then ?

Reyansh : Even I was also thinking that. The book is very much old and now it’s not available anywhere also. So nobody knows what was their love story

Prantai : Reyansh, kya lagta hein tumhein Lucca would have married her , hey naa ?

Reyansh ; May be

Pranati : They were just telling their feelings to each other and see their romance is incomplete. I would love to read that one, but it’s not in the book.

Reyansh : You really like romance , Pranati

Pranati : What ?

Reyansh ; I mean Lucca and Dayana’s romance

Pranati ; Romance is good when we read it in fairy tales, in fictions or watching in any movies. But in reality it’s not so easy. Reyansh.

Reyansh : Why you think so ?

Pranati : You know what Reyansh, in my high school days I also liked hearing and reading these type of fairy tales, but in reality life is not like that. Who can knows it better than me ?

Reyansh : Tum tumhare Paapa ke baare mein ?

Pranati ; Please Reyansh , I am trying to forget those things, but some  inner wounds which he given to my Maa and me can never be healed. I don’t understand why Maa trusted him ?

Reyansh ;You didn’t tried to sort out issues between them ?

Pranati : It’s too late. And moreover he has send divorce notice to my Maa. My Maa hasn’t signed it yet , still she is believing that a change can happen because of her ridiculous trust in her love, Maa loves Paapa blindly .

Reyansh : Why Paapa wants to give divorce to Maa ?

Pranati : Reyansh can we say something else, I really don’t want to talk about all those things. Please

Reyansh : Okay , I am sorry

Pranati ; No need of saying sorry, You are concerned for me as a true friend and I can understand that.

Reyansh :You consider me as your true friend , really ?

Pranati holds Reyansh’s hand and smiles

Pranati : Why Reyansh ? You was the one helped me at my difficulties and you are so good from heart. I really like you as my heart’s companion.

Reyansh : Thank you Pranati , you just made my day by saying this.

Pranati : Why your eyes went teary ?

Reyansh : Nothing, I never expected this from you that you give me a true friend’s space in your heart. I thought just like others you also consider me as friend very casually only.

Pranati : You are not just a casual friend, you are beyond of that and I don’t know how to explain that. But I hope you can understand it.

Reyansh : I can see your concern for me at your eyes, That’s enough.

Reyansh pats her shoulder.

Pranati felt a sort of cuddly touch when his hand was patting her shoulder. She looked his eyes and wiped his tears. They both look each other keenly and hold each other’s hands

Mast Nazro Se,
Mast Nazron Se Jiska Pada Vaasta
Wo Haseeno Ke Jalwon Pe Maara Gaya

Husn Walo Ne Jisko Bhi Dil De Diya
Husn Walo Ne Jisko Bhi Dil De Diya
Usko Deewana Majnu Pukara Gaya

Mast Nazron Se Jiska Pada Vaasta
Wo Haseeno Ke Jalwon Pe Maara Gaya plays…


Gauri : No tasks have been done properly , what you guys are doing here ?

Secretary : Mam we will arrange everything soon.

Gauri : Listen meeting with the Head has to be arranged by evening. Before that I want all reports , Got it ?

Secretary ; Yes Mam.

Gauri : You may leave please.

Meanwhile attendor comes and informs that a visitor has arrived to see her

Gauri : For seeing me , Ask him to come inside.

As all ot them Gauri started looking through files and she was very much stressed. Meanwhile Omkara gently opened the door and looks her by standing near the door.

Gauri looked at him and she felt much happy.

Gauri : Omkara it’s you ? Oh My God!! I can’t believe that you came at my company. That attendar didn’t told that it’s you who has arrived.

Omkara : He doesn’t knows me, what’s his mistake ?

Gauri :Omkara , come and sit here.

As Omkara Gauri quickly gives him a cup of coffee

Omkara : Gauri but yeh toh tumhari coffee thi naa ?

Gauri : Omkara you are my guest, special guest. Have it Omkara.

Omkara : By the way, it’s been two weeks why you didn’t came at the art gallery ? Are you bored with my paintings ? Or with me ?

Gauri : No, Omkara. How can I get bored ? Actually work pressure is irritating me and I am getting mad . I didn’t get enough time to go anywhere. Office- Chaachi;s home , Chaachi’s home -office now this has become my routine .

Omkara :Hostel ? You are in your Chaachi’s home ? Where is your Mom dad ?

Gauri : They are in India only, Omkara. You really surprised me by coming here .

Omkara : Gauri why you are taking these much stress ?

Gauri : Omkara, I am just stucked with this work. I feels to run away from here sometimes,but it’s my job and I have to do it naa.

Omkara : Mein kuch karoon for making you feeling relaxed ?

Gauri ; What can you do ? Omkara

Omkara : Wait a minute , let me do some help. Though our professions are different we can help each other.

Gauri : Woh kaise ?

Omkara : See your cabin. Files are misplaced, some papers are in floor and some are at table. I will keep things in order.

Gauri : Yeh sab toh staff karenge.

Omkara : Sh!! You just do your work. I will do it. Okay

Gauri nods her head. Om started arranging papers and files properly. Within some minutes the cabin was looking so good.

Gauri : Where is the last month’s auditing papers ?

Omkara :Here it is Madam

Gauri : Omkara

Omkara smiles, Gauri checks the papers. Om gives her water in middle. Gauri was feeling much cool with Omkara. She looked Omkara waving his long hair

Omkara : Oye Pretty Girl, why are you staring me like these ?

Gauri : Omkara I was just looking

Omkara : What ?

Gauri : Nothing

Gauri felt very much embarrased for this deed. She kept her eye sight down

Omkara : I will wait outside for you. When your meetings and work gets finished please come with me.

Gauri : Why ?

Omkara : Mmh, It’s a surprise .

Gauri ; But what ?

Omkara : Surprise koh surprise rahne do, bolne mein kya maza hein , So finish works and come soon. And don’t get tensed, Bye

Both of them smiles .


After some time Gauri’s office work were over, she rushed in hurry to see Omkara

Omkara : Chale , Gauri.

Gauri nodded her head. She started thinking what could it be ?

Both of them reaches a hill station. Om pointed his finger towards something by standing near her. Gauri sees it and gets surprised

  1. Ishana_stories

    Super cute episodd!!!!! Loved Reyaansh conversations with himself in his mind. Pranati-Reyaansh conversation was good an emotional. Happy to know that Reyaansh is important to Pranati. Rikara scene in the office was so cute! Loved the way Om helped Gauri. Im curious to know what his surprise is..

  2. Ishana_stories

    Super cute episodd!!!!! Loved Reyaansh conversations with himself in his mind and his imagination of his fairy tale. Pranati-Reyaansh conversation was good an emotional. Happy to know that Reyaansh is important to Pranati. Rikara scene in the office was so cute! Loved the way Om helped Gauri. Im curious to know what his surprise is..

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot for loving this episode

  3. Jasminerahul

    I loved reyansh reading the fairy tale n imagining himself n pranati as the leads.dayana saying that in love rich or poor doesn’t matter was lovely.lucca saying that dayana came running towards him hearing his music n didn’t mind her barefoot getting injured was touchy.sad that the last few pages are missing.but since its a fairy tale I think it had a happy ending.but I am curious to know the ending of the story.sad to know that pranati lost her faith in fairy tale love after what her dad did to her mom.i am eager to know what really happened due to which her dad wants to divorce her who was rude to gauri before came for her when she didn’t visit his gallery for days.guess he missed helping gauri by arranging the papers n giving her water was cute.gauri staring at om waving his hair was sweet.what did om show gauri?perfect pics.i loved the pic where aneri was dressed in a gown like a fairy tale princess.on which occasion did kunal aneri click that pic?any idea?some pics are from I got reminded of ruhaan pari.hope in future you will write on ruhaan pari also.

    1. Revu

      Thanks a lot, I am busy with vishu and yugadhi celebration, so my next update will be on Monday only.

  4. Jasminerahul

    I liked prayansh holding hands n looking at each was romantic. Pranati said he is a special friend.only friend or is she hiding her love?

    1. Revu

      That pic was taken at an award ceremony

    2. Jasminerahul

      Which award function?is it new or old?both look so different.

    3. Revu

      Colours television awards it’s an old pic only

  5. Jasminerahul

    Can you plz reply about the kunal aneri pic?

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