I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 92

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Anika ” Shivaay just go from here and leave me alone for sometime”

Shivaay” Anika , don’t take Maa words serious she just said everything in anger but ….( Anika cuts)

Anika ” fine i got it , you don’t need to became advocate as there’s already one advocate present in this house. You just be want you are and go”

Shivaay pin Anika to wall” tumhare honth kuch aur bol rahy hai aur tumhari ankh kuch aur Anika. “

( you eyes and lips both are saying something different)

Anika ” ab ap ko mujhse kya chahiye Shivaay? Jo kuch ap ko mujhse chahiye tha woh mein ap ko dey juki hoon”.

( what you need from me? whatever you want from me i’ve given you. )

Ab meray pass ap ko dene ke liya kuch bhi nahe hain. “Toh phir kyun mere peechey pare hai?”

( Now I have nothing to give you. Then why are you behind me?)

Shivaay eyes gets deep blue” kya kaha tumnaye?”

Anika pushes him” wohi joh ap ko samjh rahy hai , wohi kaha mein.

( same what you are thinking, that what i said)

Shivaay twist Anika’s hand and kept it back” Now Anika telling me honestly where were you?” (He pull Anika close and question her )

Anika struggling to get free from his hold but Shivaay keep on tightening his grip with every struggle she made….. Shivaay i said leave me…( Anika orders)

Shivaay ” this can’t happen , Shivaay didn’t hold you to free you” And don’t force me more to became Stone Singh Oberoi and answer me damn it ” why you did all this, why???? ”

Anika shouts” i’m not any student nor you are any teacher that when you question , it must to answer back.” i said leave me right noww “

Shivaay ” what if i don’t and don’t you dare to hide your pain behind these roars…. as now i’m not going to come in your words” He makes her more close to him

Anika compose herself and rebuke ” Shivaay i’m tell you just leave me and go to sleep”

Shivaay” Sleep my foot damn it!” When i couldn’t sleep in twelve days your are expecting me that seeing you in pain i should lie there on luxurious bed and enjoy my peacefull night, “when my love is in piece but not given me chance to collect those pieces”

Anika please i beg you please tell me what storm has took in your heart…..

Scene shifts to basement

Someone is alternatively striking the ball racquet and hitting the ball onto the playable surfaces of the four walls of the court.

Poor racquet and ball are taking there last breaths but someone is not showing mercy on both and suddenly plain white walls start getting red patches on it

@ Shivika room

Anika pushes Shivaay on bed and smashed her lips on his.

Once i said leave me then why you are not listening me….. Anika hardly and furiously takes his lips in hers…

Shivaay too couldn’t resist more and kiss her back with same anger. I won’t leave you , “what you will do?”

Both smooch eachother madly as there will be no tomorrow and whole life depends on it” why not it will be ?” both missed eachother presences in life for last twelve days they were aparted from eachother and know when both are infront of each other how can they miss this chance of throwing and showing out their emotions which they were hiding for days…….

Shivaay place his hands on her waist and pulls her more close him, showing his love,care and
anger for leaving without informing him… he keep on chewing her lip, tears keep on rolling down

Where Anika pull him more in her she was dangerously biting his lower lip taking out her pain, anger, fear , frustration and that emotion is killing her which she’s hidding from all.

Shivaay pov” what happened to her? She never fallen this much weak , …..before Shivaay could complete his thoughts his thoughts hissed in pain

Words and flashes are making her more frustrated she dangerously bites his lip that his lip get parted..

Shivaay” breaks the kiss and cup her face , Anika why you….

Anika eyes are tightly closed she bends down hides her face in his crook of neck and keep on nuzzling it , tears keep on rolling down making Shivaay’s shirt wet, ” i love you Shivaay, i love you….

Anika tore his shirt and with pain gazes his heart and caresses it gently…

“Bohat dard ho raha ho ga na ap ko? ” jab….. ( words dies in Anika’s mouth)

“Shivaay hugs her tightly, what happened jaan?”

Anika madly kisses his chest and keep on sobbing and mummering something…

Shivaay hugs her tightly and gently brushes her hairs.. Anika !!

He turns their position and makes Anika lie underneath him. He tried to speak but it was late as she fall into slumber just in few minutes

Shivaay caresses her face and wipes tears away from cheeks and gently peck her eyes and forehead

Just tell me once Anika why do did so? Why?

And Maa too how can she says those words to her? Her anger is justifiable but still it shouldn’t be happened.

Scene shifts to Devi ji room

I can’t believe Aarohi said such painful words to her Anu. I know she’s mother, when kids do something wrong parents taught their kids about right and wrong and bring them on right path but they never parted them away from themselves.

Dev i’m too angry with Anika but Aarohi should have control her anger.

Dev” i completely agree with you Maa !!”

Aarohi anger is justifiable but the way she showed and pour that was completely “A Disaster”

Scene shifts to Bhavya room

Bhavya resting her head in Gauri’s lap” Gauri di”

Gauri ruffling Bhavya hairs” Yes Doll!!”

“Bhavya pull her head up ” rest it on pillow… it’s Bhavya , Gauri di call me Bhavya not doll

Gauri place her head on Bhavya’s head and cries” even i don’t want to be called princess anymore”

Bhavya turns her face and hugs Gauri tightly ” i’ll never talk to Maa anymore Gauri di…. ”

Gauri hugs her more tightly” No, Bhavya we can’t then what will Anika di think that just because her we are not talking to maa.

Bhavya jaanti ho na Anika di ko yeh bilkul pasand nahe hai ke unki waja se rishtaye toot kar beekhar jaye.

( Bhavya you know Anika di don’t like just because of her relations gets broken)

Bhavya” per woh khud to toot gayi hai na. Aur ab to Maa bhi……

@ basement

Yes it’s Princess Aarohi roughly playing squash beating her anger on walls….. the thuds of hammers and words that should never be spoken made there route and rooted two lifes that used to beat and pump together as heart and heartbeat but today again destiny betrayal them or it was an evil eye that has eaten them.

She keep on increases the pace of beating the wall more harder and faster….now drops of blood are kissing the floor but she ignored them as more then external injury , internal injury are breath taking…..

Hum Rajkumari Aarohi Dev Singh Rajput , Anika se apne dil ka apni rooh ka aur apne sparsh ka rishta yeh todtey hai…..

( I Princess ADSR breaks every relation with Anika of heart, soul and my touch)

Anika eyes gets widen that are all red…. her wrist watch beeps and she smirks evilly

Precape Maha episode and end


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