I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 89 – Shivaay wants to know about Anjali

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Shivaay ” Khaana, khaana”

Khaana” ji sir!!”

Shivaay” take this photo and find about this girl, who she is, from where she came and all. I need each and every detail of her with in six hours. Go and remember i need results, nor any explanations nor excuses.

Khaana while checking the photo ” sir she’s Anjali , Rajput’s ……( Shivaay cuts)

Shivaay” khaana jitna kaha gaya hai utana he karo” ( do as much told you to do). And that we know who she’s but what she’s we don’t know that. “Did you get that?”

Khaana” nods positively”

Shivaay” Anjali !!”

Rudra ” Anju”

“Om cup Rudra shoulder” Not Anju but Anu ”

Shivaay” And we have to cut that J that came in between ANU”

Rudra” But bhaiya what if that J for Jadogarni (sorceress) is real daughter of….( om cuts)

Om” No , Rudra she can’t be”

Shivaay ” Maa for last twenty years was in Vanhi clutches and if maa was expecting then do you think that Vanhi would have shown mercy on them. Lady who ruin Anika and Rajput heaven do you think she would have thought about child who was not yet born”

Om” But Shivaay , Maa”

Shivaay” Maa is hidding something from us and it’s real big that Maa don’t want to come out of womb”

Rudra” per womb se to bacha atta hai na , Maa nay sach kehai aur chupaya hai shayad dil may”

( but from womb child comes out, mother has hidden truth somewhere else might be in heart)

Scene shifts to lobby

Aarohi ” hum per bharosa rakho please” ( have faith in me )

Anika pov


( that’s what is not getting broken otherwise all the rest is Is scattered)

“Aarohi place her hand on Anika shoulder” Anu were you get lost?

Anika ” Anu didn’t get lost any where but Anika owned herself.

Acha leave all this and tell me now can i get my phones, macbook and ipad back as now there’s no need to hide what you were trying to hide from me.

Aarohi” Anu you..(Anjali interrupts)

“Anjali calls Aarohi from behind” Maa you are here and i was looking for you all around. She leanses her head on Aarohi shoulder” this house is so big that it took minutes to switch from one place to other” look i got tired now. Now come with me and doing oiling oiling see my hairs .

“Aarohi simply hmm”

“Anjali smile and marches Anika” You too come with us Anika di. You know Maa do every good head massage it not only give relief to tired head but also keep temper cool.

“Anika glances Aarohi” No, she’s your mum na and only you have very and every right on her.

Anjali ” As you wish !! Maa come your Anju baby needs her Maa”

Scene shifts to Rikara room

Shivom” Shut up Rudra”

Rudra” guys please i’m serious kabhi to mujhe bhi serious liya karo… fine i’m going from here”

Shivaay” Rudra !! Stop”

“Rudra in attitude” what??

Shivaay” what you said?”

Rudra” what?”

Shivaay” No, before that?”

Om” Shivaay!!”

Shivaay” Om wait!!”

Rudra ” have i said anything wrong ?”

Om” Haan !! Shivaay kya huwa? Rudra ney sirf yeha kaha k sach womb may nahe dil may chupaya ho ga.

Shivaay” Exactly !!”

Om” Shivaay !! What happened did you get any clue? Why Maa…?

Shivaay ” Yes, Om now sky is getting clear and sorry Rudra i scold you.”

Rudra” it’s Ok !! But tell us what you got?”

Shivaay” Omru !! You guys remember that night when Dadi ji showed us that room that is filled with Maa pictures , memories and musically instruments ”

Omru” nods positively”

Shivaay” what Dadi said and i’ve heard it from Anika too” When she use to be in her unconsciousness state ” that Maa is my heartbeat and i’m Maa heart”

Om” it means something is related to Anika bhabhi”

Rudra” O bete ki !! Tab he to Maa , Anika bhabhi ko sach nahe bata rahe” ( that’s why mother is not telling truth to Anika bhabhi)

Shivaay” Maa ka kal farmhouse na jaana, woh Anika ko ignore karna, us ki seat Anjali ko dena aur phir Anjali is too trying to behave like Anika not Anika but Anu” ( mother didn’t went to farmhouse, her ignorance towards Anika , giving Anika place to Anjali )

Om” Maa can ignore everyone even Gauri and Bhavya but in her dreams she can’t ignore her Anu”

Shivaay” Rudra !! ”

Rudra” Yes, Obro”

Shivaay” From Romeo get ready to became Rudyboy”

Omru” What??”

Rudra” Shivaay bhaiya !! That doll will do my murder if she found me near Anjali”

Om” Shivaay!! Bhavya is already distrube bec….( Shivaay cuts)

Shivaay” trust me what ever i’m doing is only for Aniriya . They trio have bereaved from mother and mother love and now when they got their mother back i won’t let anyone to snatch their mother and her love from them. Maa is only Aniriya Maa.

Om” i completely agree with you Shivaay!! Anika bhabhi is always possessive for Maa we can understand that but now Bhavya too”

Rudra grins” She use to say me Rudra behave like mature guys but know she herself is behaving like kid…. hahaah

“Shivom frown him” Shut up Duffer Singh Oberoi.

“Rudra pouts sadly” now what i’ve done?

Shivaay” come along with us and let me let you what you have done”

@ Rajput Ind

Anika enters the office everyone greets her . She greets them back staright marches to her cabin.

Employees keep on gazing her with shock as for the first time Anika pass smile to her employee and greeted them well.

E 1 ” am i dreaming or what?”

E 2″ even i’m dreaming the same ASR greeted us. And she even didn’t ranted on anyone”

Employees keep on gossiping about Anika when voice shut their mouth.

Dev ” what’s going on ?”

All employees gulp their saliva and straighten their backs and apologise.

Dev” You guys better be and now get back to work and don’t forget what i told you all.”

All nods positively and quickly settle themselves to their respective sations and get back to their work.

@ Anika cabin

Anika enters her cabin when an unexpected voice shocked her but at the same time brought smile on her face too.

Chanda ” Good afternoon ASR”

Anika” Chanda you”

Chanda turns her face ” Yes, me she runs to Anika and crush her in bones. Welcome back ASR or ASO.”

“Anika reciprocates the hug ” how are you chanda?

“Chanda breaks the hug and step back” standing infront of you all time bardiya and” what about you?”

Anika ” me too standing infront of you all time khidkitod”

Both burst into laughters

Chanda again hugs her” i missed so much”

Anika breaks the hug and playfully hits her on shoulder” that’s why you were gone without informing me

“Chanda hold her ears” sorry yaar actually….( Anika cuts)

Anika ” stop giving me excuses i know you and your excuses ”

Chanda ” Ok fine leave me let me who’s your married life going ( she winks Anika)

Anika narrow her eyes” what you me?”

“Chanda teasingly ” Reception ki raat kesi guzari thi? ( how was your reception night) she smirks

“Anika completely gets red and tries to search for words to shut Chanda mouth as she knows her friend well”

Chanda” kya huwa Anika raat ki baat yaad aa gaye?

Anika ” shut up Chanda !! she tries to avoid eye contact with Chanda and keep on smiling in herself remembering her First Night

Chanda suppress her smiling seeing Anika who’s getting more red with her teasing session.

“Acha Anika ek akhir sawal ” ( ok last question Anika)

Anika” bol ab kya pouchna hai?” ( now what you want to ask)

Chanda smirking ” kis nay kisi ko sone nahe diya tha” ( who didn’t let other to sleep)?

“Anika mouth gets widen with shock” she look around for something to break Chanda mouth.

Chanda” chuckles ”

“Anika take out her slipper and throws it on Chanda face that perfectly get fixed on her face

Chanda shouts ” Anikaaaaa??”

Anika” chuckles…. ”

Chanda pov ” koi hasi k peeche dard chupana to koi tujhse seekha Anika” ( someone should from you how to hide pain behind smile)

Dev knocks and enter inside the cabin ” if both friends met eachother well can we talk about about work too ( he smiles )

Anika” Yes, ba……( voice cuts from behind)

Voice ” No, Dada not today”

Trio turns and find Gauri standing near door with bright smiling face

Dev” princess you?”

Gauri ” yes me… she step forward and greets Chanda”

Anika” when you came ? And where’s Doll? Didn’t she came along with you?

Gauri” i don’t know why she didn’t came but you both are coming with me

Dev” wait where you are taking them?

“Gauri peck Dev cheek” to enjoy now leave us they both will join you tomorrow but today they are joining me. Right di’s?

Dev peck Gauri head” they both will join you but after an hour”

Gauri pouts” Dada !!”

“Dev caresses Gauri face” Princess!! Today your Anika di has to sign very important deal. I know ( he gazes Anika and continue his conversation with Gauri) for your Anika di non deal is more important then her sisters happiness but princess work is also important na.

Gauri smiles” Ok dada i got you. Now go and crack the deal i’m waiting ”

Anika peck Gauri forehead” you too come alone with us.

Gauri” No, i’m good here i’ll be bore in between business talks you guys go and come soon. And all the very best….

Trio” thanks Gauri and step out”

Gauri takes her fone out and text someone.

Scene shift to RM

@ Bhavya room

Bhavya” what are you doing in my room?”

Anjali” Bhavya di it was your room but know it’s mine”

Bhavya” what?”

Anjali” Yes!!”

Bhavya” who said it yours it mine and get lost from her right nowwwww”

Anjali” ap ne humein dantha ? Ab Maa ap ko nahe chhod gayi” Maa, Maa

Aarohi” Anju what happened? ”

“Anjali fill her eyes with tears” Maa!! Bhavya di is scolding me.

Aarohi” now what happened between you too?”

Bhavya” it’s my room and she… ( Anjali cuts)

Anjali” Maa you , yourself gave me this room na”

Aarohi ” Me!!”

Anjali” Yes, you maa have you forgotten ”

Aarohi ” Oh!! Yes, yes i gave this room to Anju.. Doll”

Bhavya” but it mine na”

Aarohi” Doll! There are couple of spare rooms you can have them. Please stop quarreling like kids with Anju”

Bhavya” Whatever you are saying to me you can say the same to your Anju baby na” ?

Aarohi” Doll!! Now don’t argue with me and what’s your problem she’s your little sister and…. ( Bhavya cuts)

“Bhavya walk off from there before Aarohi could complete”

“Aarohi gawk Anjali”

Anjali ” smirks ”

@ food street

Anika” Chutki !! Why you bring me here?”

Gauri” To enjoy street food”

Anika pov” Anika it’s good , you want to prove Anju mum na that she don’t effect you nor you care for her than do this you are just khidkitod Anika who love to eat”

Gauri” Anika di!!”

Anika smiles” Chutki !! Lets starts from pani puri

Gauri” Anika di you can’t win from me. I’ve broken all the records in eating pani puri”

Anika laughs” you are challenging me ( Anika stress on me) khidkitod Anika.. ”

“Gauri pull her selves up” if you are khidkitod Anika than i’m also dabang Gauri…

Anika to vendor ” chalo kaka lagao plates and begins the challenge ”

Vendor ” nods”

“Anri begins the challenge”

Anika” kaka one plate more”

“Gauri shockingly” i’m on one and it’s your third plate Anika di

Anika smirks ” beta yeh toh bas shuruaat hai”

( child it’s just a start)

Gauri” too trying to match Anika speed”

“Anika look around and pov” why i’m feeling that someone is keeping an eye on us.

“Man hides behind car” i’ve to give this toxic to her( Man peeks Anika) but before that i’ve to give small cut on her body but how to do that her sisters are too with her.

Anri keep on eating

Gauri” eating pani puri in her dabangg style…. Anika di eat like me”

Anika what a big deal is it see this” yeh hawa may uchala ,yeh chakkar khaya aur phir yeh muh may dabaya…..”

( tossed in the air, took a round and then munch )

Gauri claps” wow di you are the best”

Anika blows” thankyou”

@ Devohi room

Aarohi ” what should i do? My daughters are getting far from me. Anu was far from me before and now Doll too getting far from me.

If Anu came to know about Doll then she will get more far from me. She can bear anything but Anu can’t bear tears in her sisters eyes. And what she said that she’s not able to forgive me just because of me her , sisters childhood got spoiled and again this…..

Scene shifts to unknown place

Hahaahh Aarohi jiji that’s what i exactly want from you.

Anika har dard khud per sae sakti hai lakin apni behon ka dard nahe. Aur woh bhi jab baat us ki Bolu ( Bhavya) ki ho to na ji na. Jab Anika ko pata chale gaya ke tum us ki doll ke sath kya, kya kar rahe ho to woh kya kar guzarye gayi is ka tumhai andaz bhi na ho. Aur yeh he toh Vanhi chahati hai k tumhara khoon apne he hatho se apna he khoon kar de ,woh din dur nahe bus kareeb hai woh waqt jab Anika khud ko khatam kar lay gayi.

( Anika can bear any pain on her but not her sisters. And when it come to Bolu (Bhavya) no Anika can’t bear. When Anika will came to know that what you are doing with her doll then you don’t know what Anika can do you can’t even image. And that’s what Vanhi wants that your blood with her on hands killed herself days are not far when Anika will end herself)

After few hours

@ Shivika room

“Shivaay helping Anika in packing ” Anika !! Soon your meeting will get over call me ok

Anika ” ok !! Baba i will and why you are saying this now? When i come along with me you refused aur ab ap ko meri chinta ho rahe hai”

“Shivaay takes clothes from Anika and place them aside and in a shot makes Anika sit in his lap”

Anika” Shiv……

“Shivaay give long kiss on her neck”

“Anika gets red with proximity ”

Shivaay nuzzling Anika hairs and in huskily tone” pati hoon mein tumhara aur jab itni pyaari patni ho to pati ko to chitna hoti hai na.

“Anika breathing in and out” then who told you to send your wife alone.

“Shivaay running his nose over her burning skin” you are not alone i’m always with you. These breath that are getting restless in you are me…. he leave hickey near her neck

Anika” moans Shivaay…….

“Shivaay suck the spot to smooth her pain ”

Anika” moans his name more deeply”

Shivaay gazes Anika ” look at me Anika”

“Anika slowly open her eyes that are filled with shyness”

Shivaay holds her chin and makes Anika lift her gaze up don’t moan more Anika your moans turn me on and then you know what can happen…..

“Anika blushes more heavily and hugs Shivaay tightly” cheapde ( cheap)

Shivaay reciprocates the hug and pov” Anika when you will get back, Maa sirf Anu ki Maa ho ge aur kisi ki nahe…. he peck her head ” i love you jaan” ( mother will be only Anu’s mum not of anyone else)

Anika in response peck his ear and in deep huskily voice ” i love you too Shivaay”

Shivaay breaks the hug and keep on gazing Anika with love and care

“Anika cup his face and brushes her nose with his” stop worrying for me Caring Singh Oberoi.

Shivaay kiss her tip of nose ” Ok Jaanu!! Now come lets go.

Scene shifts to Hall

“Bhavya hugs Anika tightly and cries”

“Anika reciprocates the hug” Doll !! What happened? She question worriedly

Bhavya” Nothing”

Anika breaks the hug and wipes her tears” toh phir mera Bolu ro kyun raha hai ? Kisi nay kuch kaha hai? ( then why my Bolu is crying? Have anybody said a
anything to you?)

Bhavya eyeing Gauri ” No, nobody said anything. You are going na so i’ll be all alone that’s why?

“Anika smiles” All are here na see chutki is also here and i’m going for a day , soon i’ll be back by tomorrow evening.

Gauri” Anika di !! You go i’ll handle your Bolu. She pulls Bhavya in hug”

Dev” Anu beta now i think you should leave though you are going by private jet but still airport is on long distance”

Shivaay” Anika come lets go”. After dropping you i too have to reach somewhere and “why you are looking here and there ? Have you forgotten something ”

Anika pov” not something but everything ” All are here except her( Aarohi) . She didn’t have time to glance me for once. She turns a little with a hope hearing Aarohi voice a small smile appear on her lips but all her hopes dies seeing Aarohi and Anjali laughing and enjoying with eachother holding bowl of popcorns and cold drinks.

Anjali ” Maa, today we’ll watch horror movie. Ok !!”

Aarohi ” No, horror movie Anju. Then whole night you keep on saying…..( Anjali cuts)

Anjali” Maa !! Anju ko khud mein chupa lo Anju baby ko dar lag raha hai. ( mother hide Anju baby in you she’s getting scared )

All gazes Aarohi and then Anika all felt bad of Anika.

“Anika turns her face towards door and starts approaching out not before throwing liquid out from corner of eye. ”

Next Day

Dev addressing to Pinky” What you want to tell me?

Pinky” bhai sahab actually Aarohi bharjai ji she has given us swear not to tell you anything about it but yesterday whatever happened i couldn’t control myself seeing both mother and daughter heart was bleeding but still both were quite and now at breakfast table too. So i thought if i kept quite more than Anu will get far not from her Maa but from herself as well.”

Dev” whatever you want to say please say it clearly i’m not getting you. And swear , what swear Aarohi gave you?

Pinky” Vanhi!!”

Dev ” Vanhi !! What?”

Pinky” Vanhi came to RM”

“Dev shockingly ” what and when she came and what she said?

Pinky” Yes, bhai sahab Vanhi came to RM on Aniri wedding day”

Dev” recollecting the incident….. that’s why Aarohi was so tense and from that onward Aarohi behave too got changed”… he gazes Pinky with questioning eyes..” tell me what Vanhi said to Aarohi that she…”

Pinky” that i don’t know because Vanhi took bharjai ji to room and we don’t know what Vanhi said to her that when they came out bharjai ji was really worried and Anika was too not at home on her wedding day. And Vanhi said…..

Sceen freezes on Dev face

Precape no percape


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