I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 88- Anjali enter RM

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Anika runs towards Aarohi but her feet stumbles when Aarohi takes someone else in her embrace ..

“Voice from behind Anika ” Maa!!”

Anika gets dumbstruck to listen that a thin layer of tear escaped from her eye

Song play

Tera shehar jjo peechhe chhoot raha
Kuchh andar andar toot raha
Hairaan hain mere do naina
Yeh Jharna khaan se phoot raha

Anika pov

I was standing near entrances with love gazes her. She was too gazing me same like me ,she too was waiting for me same as i waited for her. Why she will not wait ? Every mother wait for this moment , when his/her child call her Maa.

For last twenty years my lips got sealed they talked alot but never they said “Maa” how can i say it when she was not around me but nor i could call anyone else Maa. Chanda my friend had lovely mother, who always consider me her daughter and she many time told me to call her Maa too like Chanda does but my lips trembles not only lips but my soul wrenched and i ended up calling her aunty ji.

The day she came back i couldn’t digest it that she was standing infront of me after twenty years i saw her though i closed my eyes but still my heart betrayal me and it got lost in her but as my heart was betraying me , my tadi too overpower it and i didn’t call her Maa for last eighteen days. Though Shivaay made me call her Maa on my bidaai day but it was meaningless. Why not it will be?

“Winning by cheating called the biggest lost”

I told her that though she think she won by hearing Maa from my mouth but it’s your biggest lost ever but truth was that after calling her Maa i was losing myself for her.

I planned suprise to suprise her my giving her more perious gift to her which she deserve ,which she’s desiring for that her Anu will scream….


But see before i could suprise her she suprise me….

Mein jin k liya raahon main palke bichaye baithe thi

Woh to kisi aur ke liya raahein sajaye baithe thi…..

Jab jab chaha tune rajj ke rulaya
Jab jab chaha tune khul ke hansaaya
Jab jab chaha tune khud mein milaya
Ik tu hi tu hi… tu hi tu hi tu hi

“Girl pushes Anika aside and hugs Aarohi rightly” Maaaaa!!!

“Aarohi hugs tightly” Anju my baby

Anjali” i missed you so Maa”

“Aarohi twist Anjali ear” then where were you? I was waiting for you and is this the time to come?

Anjali holds Aarohi ears” sorry maa i went to mall to buy gift for my Maa ”

Aarohi peck her forehead” you our the biggest gift for me and i don’t need this materialist things. You knew it?

“Anjali peck her cheeks” yes, i know how perious i’m for you that’s why you kept away from my family.

“Anjali runs to Dev and hugs him tightly” baba

“Dev gazes Aarohi with questioning eyes ”

Anjali ” baba hug me na, why you are not hugging me…. she holds Dev arms and wrap them around her waist… that’s called hug she peck Dev cheek i missed you so much.

She runs to Devi ji and crush her in bones… the most beautiful lady in the world my dadi… she peck her cheeks.. wow dadi ji at this age you are so young.” Ha !! What the reason behind this beauty?”

Devi ji ” gets deaf ear her eyes are only gazing Anika”

Anika became statue only Anjali words are ringing in her ears rest she became lifeless.

Anjali greet Gayu but both didn’t even passed smile to her. She runs to omru….”who you both are? Maa never talk about you”?

“Rudra in stern tone” that’s non of your business

Anjali” how rude”

Om” stop getting friendly with us and who you are?”

“Anjali cup her mouth” Hw!! You don’t know me? She marches to Aarohi and grabs her hand ” Maa you didn’t told them about your Anju? Look how they all are eyeing me” Am i looking like Alien ?

“Aarohi nods negatively”

Dev” who she….( Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi” she’s your daughter Dev, Anjali Singh Rajput”

All in union ” what? Anjali?

Anjali smiles” Yup!! Anjali but only for you all it’s Anjali except Maa. She hugs Aarohi tightly for Maa it’s Anju ok and no one is going to call me Anju except Maa. Because Anju don’t like it.. she pouts ” right Maa”

Aarohi” nods positively”

Anjali marches to Gayu and stand in between them and one more this she throws her arms on Gayu

” Maa sirf Anju ki Maa hai aur kisi ki bhi nahe.”

All faces gets black and white

Anika with heavy heart gazes Aarohi for the last time and silently start approaching to her room

Mendha tto hai rabba kho gaya
Mendha tto hai rabba kho gaya
Mendha tto hai ho hoye..sab kho gaya
Teri mohabbata ne lut put saayaan
Teriya mohabbata ne sacheya satayaan
Khali haath moli na tu khali hath aaya

Shivaay” Anika lis……( Devi ji cuts)

Devi ji ” Shivaay beta let her be alone for something”

“Aarohi lower her gazes and wipe her tears”

Anjali ” Maa i’m hungry come and feed me”

“Anika stumbles near stairs”

Anjal ” abhi to phela he kadam liya hai aur ladkhada gayi , zara sambhal kar chaliya

( just taken first step and you falter please walk carefully)

Scene shifts to Shivika room

Anika gazing sky through window. Words of Vanhi, Aarohi and Anjali echoes

Kaanch pe chalna aanch mein jalna
Jitne bhi dard hai maaye seh na sake ye jindadi
Zehar ko peenke sooli pe jee ke
Nikle dum kabhi tto in dardo se chhote jindadi
Yun waqt kate meri jaan kate

Someone is more important for Aarohi then you………. Anju i was waiting for you……. Maa sirf Anju ki Maa hai aur kisi ki nahe…..

Kitni pagal thi mein yeh jaante huwa bhi ke woh meri nahe thi unhe apna kehne chali thi. Ek pal ke liya bhi nahe socha jo chale jate hai woh laut kar kab wapis atte hai. Aati hai to sirf barso purani chot yaad ati hai. Aur phir jitni purani chot us ki tees bhi uthi he jaan lewa……

( how mad i was i knew it she was not mine but still i was gone to claim her mine. Not for second i thought that who are gone for once they never return. Thing that only gets back is just pain. Older the injury deeper it’s pain get us near to death)

Kaanch pe chalna aanch mein jalna
Jitne bhi dard hai maaye seh na sake ye jindadi
Teriya judaiyaan agge dukh saare chhote
Teriya judaiyaan agge sukh saare khote
Pal pal hote mere kaleje tothe

Shayad mere naseeb may woh kabhi thi he nahe, yeha unho ney mujhe kabhi apne naseeb may manga he nahe tha aur main dewano ki tarah unko he apne naseeb ka lekhak samajh beithi thi. Lakin woh to kisi aur ko he apne samajh beith thi.

( might be she was never in my dentiny, or she never asked for me to be in her destiny and me like crazy people thought her to be writer of my fortune. But she considered someone else hers)

But know what can i do?

Jab naye rishte janam lete hai to purany murda he ho jate hai.

(When new relationships are born, then the old ones become hemorrhoids.)

Scene shifts to Devohi room

Shivaay crying” Maa!! Today not Anika but Anu was waiting for her Maa. ”

Woh he Anu jo Maa ki Anu thi. Kal thak ap Anu ke liya Aloo puri banati thi lakin aaj us ney apne hatho se apni Maa k liya Aloo puri banayi thi. Farmhouse nahi laga raha tha balke paradise lag raha tha ek, ek corner ko apne hatho se sajaya tha ap ki Anu nay

“Aarohi in cold tone” you guys should have told me before

Gauri” what should we told you Maa?”

Ap to Maa hai na aur Maa to phele say sab kuch pata hota hai. Unko to kuch batane ki zaroorat he nahe hoti kyun ke Shankarji nay unko yeh shakti de hoti hai ke unko apne bachao ki khushi aur dhuk ka phele se he andaaza ho jata hai na to phir ap yeh kesa keha sakti hai ” ke ap ko kuch nahe pata tha”

Shivaay ” kesa pata nahi chala tha ap ko Maa kesa aur ap to Anu ki Maa hai na to phir kyun nahe suni apne apni Anu ki awaz Maa. Kyun? Maa , Anika to ap ko suprise denaye wali thi aur ap nay unko he suprise kar diya”.

Dev” today Anu was going to give her Maa the biggest happiness. Yes , Maa Anu called you because she wants to scream……


“Aarohi controlling her tears” it’s getting late go and sleep and let me too go Anju is waiting for me. She’s sleeping and if she didn’t find me next to her than she will cry…..( Gauri cuts)

“Gauri grasp Aarohi hand” your Anju is waiting for you but Anu waited for you.

Ap ki Anju to so rahe hai per Anu to kabhi soyi he nahe thi. Ap Anju ke sath nahe ho gayi to woh ro de ge per Anu ka kya jis nay rona he chhod diya tha.

Dev” Aarohi i’m not denying nor i’m pointing you but i still don’t believe that Anjali is my daughter”

If she’s our daughter than why you didn’t told me before? Answer me damm it i want tolerate your salience. Our Anu was waiting for her Maa and this…. just because that girl was coming you did went to farmhouse were Anu was waiting. Why ?

Scene shifts to Rikara room

Om” Shivaay!! Please go Anika bhabhi needs you”

“Shivaay hugs him tightly” how happy she was Om? I’ve never seen her this much happy ever before. You know she was running and jumping like crazy on Pune streets from one mall to other from one jewellery shop to other looking for the bestest for her Maa.

“Om consoling him” stop crying Shivaay… he breaks the hug and holds him from Shivaay ” i know everything Shivaay whatever happened it was wrost it shouldn’t be but still it happened and now only you the great wall SSO can smooth Anika bhabhi pain.

Gauri” Yes, Shivaay bhaiya my Anika di needs her Shivaay. I know not i we all here know though she said she’s fine but we know how she’s broken”

Shivaay wipes his tears” that even SSO can’t apply oinment on her buries”

Koi se woh dava hai is duniya may jisi se main us ke is dard ko bhaar sakta hoon agar thi to woh Anika ki duniya unki Maa thi per aaj toh Anika ki duniya he……

Shivaay bends on knees and cries loudly complaining gods for snatching happiness from Anika

Scene shifts to Shivika room

Dil ki gaagar se saat saagar se
Chhalke tto kyo ye,
Paancho dariya bhi hairaan ho gaye

A dry patch of tear resting on sleeping cheek. That was just skipped from eye hours ago. Mind and eyes are i shut but breaths are running , soul is dead but heartbeat are still ringing.

Saaj tan man ke sone se khanke
Saath mere tha ab tto yeh vaila ho gaye

Shivaay compose himself next to Anika and lies close to her. He gently place his arm under her head and make it rest on his chest and wraps the most warm blanket around her the blanket of his embrace. He gentle peck her forehead.

“Anika wraps her arm around his waist snuggling in ”

“Shivaay ruffling her hairs” my kumbkara is sleeping without me not fair.

Anika pov ” your kumbkaran got completely awake today na that’s why. She peck Shivaay chest…. Now stop throwing bucket of questions on me and come let sleep

Shivaay pov “showing that you don’t care , whatever happened just hours ago it didn’t have effect on you but i know how much it’s effecting you and today even i don’t have cure for your wound.”

I know you are not sleeping how you will sleep when you heart is bleeding

Shivaay completely lies Anika on him and keep on ruffling her hairs and caresses her back.

Anika close her eyes more tightly Aarohi and Anjali face flashes infront of her. She hide herself more in him and pov

“Kuch to tod gaya hai mujhe may kahin

Kisi nay kya jor kar toda hai kahin

Main woh chehra dekh he na payi kahin

Tere gham ko mitawaan, kaise tujhko bhulawa
Kaise lagiya nibhawa
Kaise bhichde ko paawan kaise

Next Day

“Aarohi addressing to Maids” before giving any eatables to Anu bring her food or liquids to me. I’ll check them first then it will be served to her.

Did you all get that ?

Maids” nods positively ”

Aarohi” i need no mistake and if i found anything wrong you all will be in trouble so better do as directed”. She switch her gaze to Gopi ” gopi you come along with me and didn’t to talk to you”

“Gopi gulp her saliva and marches behind Aarohi chanting mantars”

Scene shifts to Shivika room

Shivaay” Anika !! Yesterday you…..( Anika cuts)

“Anika place finger her on Shivaay lips” mein Anika hoon khirkitod Anika aur mein apne ap se aur SSO se bohat kuch sikha hai. Ek baar jab Om ko Ishana ka sach pata chala tha to woh kitna dukhi tha. To yaad hai ap ney use kya kaha tha?

Shivaay” nods negatively”

“Anika smiles widely and cup Shivaay cheek”


“Anika stands beside Shivaay put arm in arm and step forward ”


“Shivaay smiles and wraps his arm around her waist ”


“Anika peck Shivaay cheek ”


Scene shifts to Hall

“Bhavya arguing with Anjali” you can’t sit here it’s Anika di and my place go and sit somewhere else.

Anjali” No!! It’s Anju seat and Bhavya di , don’t you know Maa is mine only Anju’s Maa”

Bhavya” shut up!! Maa is not your, she’s Anika di Maa and only she will sit here and you know even dad won’t allow you to sit next to him , because he always wants di next to him so just….( Anjali cuts)

Anjali cries ” Maa”

Bhavya shouts” stop crying”

Soon all gather near breakfast table except shivika

Aarohi” Anju why you are crying my baby”

“Anjali complaining Aarohi” Bhavya di is scolding me.

Aarohi” why you are scolding my baby?”

Bhavya irritatingly” because she’s breaking the rules. She’s saying you are going to sit with Dad and she will sit next to you”

Aarohi” Anju you can’t do this”

Anjali pouts ” Maa sirf Anju ki Maa hai( mom is only Anju’s mom)

Aarohi ” ok baba come”

Dev” Aarohi!!”

Anjali shows tongue to Bhavya and pull Aarohi along with her.

@ breakfast table

As usually Rajput’s and Oberoi’s head are sitting on head chairs to left of Dev are sitting Rajput’s and to his right are sitting Oberoi’s but today newly member joined them that changed everything not everything but Anika’s place. Now Anjali is sitting at Anika place and Anika is sitting opposite to Aarohi

“Aarohi stealingly gazing Anika who’s saliently having her breakfast”

“Anjali keep on kissing Aarohi with every bite she stuff in her mouth”

All are getting irrtated with this but all are quite just because of Anika who’s having her breakfast burning all the emotions one by one in her.

Dil ki gaagar se saat saagar se
Chhalke tto kyo ye,
Paancho dariya bhi hairaan ho gaye

“Bhavya eyeing the whole table”

Gauri” what happened doll?”

Bhavya “where’s my egg shake? Maa”

Anjali “coughs”

Aarohi” Anju baby !! She rubs her back and helps her in drinking water

Bhavya pushes the plate aside and runs from there with anger

Gauri” Doll!! Listen

Anika” let her go chutki!!”

Dev” Anu!!”

Anika” Yes, Baba”

Dev” i want you to re-join the office”

“Aarohi shockingly gazes Dev and Anika”

Anjali” baba me……( Dev cuts)

“Dev hits the table” It’s Dad for you stop calling me baba and baba again and again. I told you just yersterday na?

“Shivomru gazes eachother ”

“Anika eyes gets widen she keep on gazing Dev”

Anjali ” Maa”

Aarohi” Dev!!”

“Dev graps Anika arms and takes her along with him”

Anika” actually baba i too need to talk to you about this.”

After few hours

Scene shifts to Bhavya room

“Gauri scolding Bhavya” Doll!! Stop behaving like kids you are mature enough now come have your breakfast stop doing more tantrums. It’s getting noon now

“Bhavya with heavy throat” Yeah! I know i’m not any kid any more for you now someone else came to be kid na. She hides her face in pillow and cries. You too like Maa go from here and feed and pamper” new born baby Anjali. ”

“Gauri pulls Bhavya out of pillow” Stop crying and don’t make me angry now. From last thirty minutes i’m telling you have your breakfast and you… she wipes bhavya tears and forcely stuffing morsel in Bhavya mouth.

Bhavya” coughs”

Gauri worriedly” Doll!! She hurriedly place the tray aside and make Bhavya drink water”. Didn’t i told you don’t cry more but you didn’t listened me now see… she place the glass aside too and pull her close ” stop crying right now Bhavya if you got attack than non will be wrost then me to do did you understood”

Bhavya sobbing ” then i’ll die and you too.will be free from me to go to that Anju baby. It’s good i die….

Gauri shouts” Doll!!!!!

“Aarohi tightly slap Bhavya ” what you said?

Gauri” Maa!”

“Bhavya cup her cheek and with puppy face gazes Aarohi” you slapped me. Haan kyun nahe maare gayi Anju baby jo aa gayi hai. ( yes why you will not slap me now Anju baby came na)

Aarohi angrily ” Stop it Bhavya!!”

Bhavya cries” i hate you. I’ll never talk to you nor to Gauri di… she wipes her tears and runs from there”

Scene shifts to lobby

Aarohi in low tone” Anu”

Anika” ji ”

Teriya mohabbata ne haq bhi diye hain

“Aarohi cup Anika hand in between hers” i’m sorry Anu yesterday you called me but i couldn’t come actually Anju was coming she’s your younger sister and she’s just nineteen years old and she needs me that’s why i…..( Anika cuts)

“Anika takes her hands back and gets two feet back from Aarohi” i can understand you so there’s no need for any explanation. Tell me why you came here?

Aarohi” To question you when you called me at farmhouse? You can tell me know i’m listening.”

“Anika faintly smile” ab kehane aur sunaye ke liya kuch bhi nahe bacha joh kuch bhi bacha tha woh kal ek aandhee ayi thi aur sab udana kar lay gayi.

( now nothing is left to talk on and to heard on what ever was left over yersterday a storm came and take away everything what was left behind)

Teriya mohabbata ne dukh bhi diyye hain

Aarohi” hum sab theek kar de gay” ( i’ll smooth everything)

Tere liye lakh bar mar ke jiye hain

“Anika smiles and nods in disbelief”



( have heard after storm building are repaired not desires )

Mendha tto hai rabba kho gaya

Screen freezes on Anika and Aarohi

Precape Anika nay lag de farmhouse ki boli (Anika to auction farmhouse )


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