I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 79- Wedding Day

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Scene shifts to grooms room

Both mothers are setting turban on their sons head.

“Shivom are as usual looking handsome hulk in designer white and black Sherwani with off gold turban perfectly fitted on their head. “

Dadi” put black mark behind shivom ears and bless them. After blessing her grandsons. Dadi instruct jhanvi and pinky to follow her.

“Jhanvi orders Rudra” takes these broach and hang them on Shivaay and Omkara turban and yours as well.

“Rudra step forward and hangs broach in between their turban” mere munon aaj ki raat ke baad is Rudy boy ko bhool na jaana…. He hugs shivom and cries fakely

Om” Nautanki karna baad kar!!” ( stop doing drama)

“Rudra breaks the hug and pat his forehead like ladies”
Haye main looti gayi !! ( i’m gone )

“Shivom shockingly” Gayi !!

Rudra ” Gaya !! Barbaad ho gaya mere do bazoo mere jism say cut k kisi aur k bazoo may jaye k liya itnaye baikaar h….( om cuts)

Om ” Shut up !! Rudy it’s we are bekarar not baikaar”

Shivaay ” exactly !! And you are baikaar not we”

“Rudra cries” are you seeing na uppar waley , i’m crying with ansooz and my big Bzzz are saying Shut up instead of saying chup kar Rudy… Rudra hides his face in wall.

They are so bekara to spend there suhaag raat with my bhabhi’s that they are calling the baikaar as after this raat both will get baikaar. He turns his face towards Shivom and grins naughtly ??

“Shivom gazes eachother with shock” Rudra !! Both pulls Rudra and start beating him playfully.

“Rudra keep on singing”

I’ll be call bachelor for years and shivom will be call bachon k baap in coming year.

“Shivom shout” Shut up !!

“Rudra pull shivom on bed hugs them tightly”

But i’ll still remain Rudy boy to my bros as we are Obros.

“Shivom hug him tightly”

Shivaay” you will always be our baby boy for years too”

Om” and we will keep on saying shut up Rudy”

Shivaay ” Because !!”

“Trio sings”

Rishton ka yeh….

Scene shifts to hall

“Aarohi standing near staircase keep on gazing Anika room” one step taking up and with the next one place it back on ground.

What should i do shall i go to Anu’s room or not?

No !! If i came infront of her she will again question me and i can’t put her life in risk.
But what about this jewellery ? See put her one gaze on boxes and then Anika’s room.

But today is her last day with me and how can i resist myself for not meeting my Anu? I always want to see my princesses in bridal avtar and today when the day had arrived my foot are not ready to leave ground and with every second my beats are getting more nervous.

“Devi ji who’s contionusly gazing Aarohi for last ten minute finally break her silence and call Aarohi from behind ”

Aarohi beta !! Don’t waste more time and go.

Aur aaj jee bhar kar apni Anu ko dekh lo. Aaj ud kamarye may Anika nahe balka Anu apni maa ka intazar kar rahe hai.

( And gazes your Anu. As today not Anika but Anu is waiting for her Mother)

“Aarohi turns and gazes Devi ji with tears”

Devi ji ” nods”

“Aarohi with heavy foot marches to Anika’s room “

Song plays

Mai ni mai
Dukhrai main sunaye

Nayyun rehna wakh ho ke………
Le challai mainnu koi roke…

“Anika and Gauri childhood memories flashing in Aarohi’s brain “

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

A tomb of beauty is sitting on bed. None is able to describe her beauty in words as whatever word will be used to compliment her will be affront to her.

Red and gold bridal outfit perfectly hugging her it seem that elegance of dress got enriches more by hers.

Her face is pecked with minimal makeup and her full lips are coated red. And hairs are messy bun that are hidding under a beautiful net duppatta.

But in between that Anika’s brownish orbs are fixed on clock.

Pata nahe kisi khushi hai yeha ek taraf apney pyaar ko humesha k liya apni saanso may basaney ki khushi hai aur doosari taraf apney he wajood say judaa honey ka dhadakano ko aaj yeh afsos bhi hai.

( i don’t no what type of happiness is it. On one side happiness of forever settling my breaths in me and on other side heartbeats are repenting for getting away from it’s )

Per aaj yeh afsoo kesa? kiya kabhi dil nay todnaye say phel yeh socha hai ? K is ki todnaye per, rooh tak kamp uthi hai aur phir isi ki kampakahat saanso ko may itna tufaan utha deti hai k sunaye walo ki zindagi ko veran kar jati hai.

( But now why this repentance? Whether before getting break heart ever thought that after it gets broken ,soul shivers out and with it’s shudders rises storms in breaths and then these stormy breaths , barren lifes of listeners )

Lakin ab ki baar yeh veran sab ki zindagiyon ko khushiyon ka mandir banaye ga.

( But now this time on these barren only temple of happiness will be constructed)

“Aarohi knocks hesitantly “

“Anika lost in clock sound didn’t react to door knock”

“Aarohi after not getting any response from in gently opens the door approaches to Anika her eyes gets more watery seeing her daughter in bridal dress.. She switch her gazes to direction in which Anika is looking.

“Aarohi compose herself next to her ” just two hours are left na?

“Anika in soft yet heavy tone” Two hours , twenty minutes and twelve seconds…. “she turns her face to Aarohi and smiles faintly” are left.

Mai ni mai
Dukhrai main sunaye
Nayyun rehna wakh ho ke………
Le challai mainnu koi roke…

“Aarohi requesting ” can i get these last minutes with my Anu!! She holds Anika hand.

“Anika eyes fixed on clock ” then who i i’m ?

“Aarohi turns Anika face towards her” you are some imposter that is not freeing my Anu !!

“Anika reports” what if today i free your Anu ? What you will do then?

“Aarohi cup Anika face “

to hum usay khud say kabhi dur na jaye detaye. ( then i would never let her go far from me)

“Aarohi realise what she said she quickly takes her hands back and cries”

“A thin layer of tears escaped from Anika’s eyes she quickly wipes it”

Why you came back in my life? And just tell me truth otherwise…

Aarohi rise her voice” i won’t tell you and one more thing only i’ll do your kanya dhan. And i’m not pleading you to let me do it because ASR never pleads. She gets what’s hers.


( what is mine is mine and this is my principle)

“Anika eyes gets widen and she gulp her saliva” Princess !!

“Aarohi orders Anika ” just take your anger out on me. And stop calling me Princess otherwise i’ll slap you again

“Anika comes out of bed ” gusa apnao say hote hai ghairo say nahe !! And what else you do just slap me.

( every get angry with loved ones not with outsiders)

“Aarohi graps Anika arm” hum tumhare liya ghair hai?”

( i’m outsider for you)

“Anika smiles” apne bhi to nahe hai.

( you are not even my own too)

If i would be than…….( Anika zip her mouth)

Aarohi ” haan ab Pinky bbabhi ji jo tumhari apni ho gayi hai to hum to ghairye he huwaye na”

( yup now pinky ji is yours and i’m became outsider for you)

“Anika narrow her eyes” from where mummy ji came? Are you getting jealous

Aur wesay bhi jab naye rishtaye bantay hai , purnaye aksar chut jatey hai.

( and when new relation are knotted , old ones are broken)

“Aarohi jerk Anika hand” see this your “attitude” towards others and me.

First Jhanvi bhabhi ji and now ” mummy ji” are all relations are getting more important for you then me.

“Anika argues ” And what’s your ” attitude ” towards Doll and me?

Subha utho to doll, raat ko so to doll. Jab dekho to sirf doll.

( everytime , everywhere just Doll)

Aarohi” And what you are doing with doll?”

I know on that day you intentional added itching powder in pool and made Doll swing in it and you not even leave my innocent ” Princess”

Anika” Aaah aaa!! Princess innocent my foot”… Sab say badi tucchi to woh he hai. Aur sirf pool may nahe mainey un ki bed per bhi powder dal tha. Aur sirf itna he nahe mainey un dono ko bed say esa kick bhi kiya tha.

( she’s the biggest evil. And not in pool but i sprinkle itching powder on bed too. And not this i kicked them bed from too)

“Aarohi cup her mouth” Ho !! You called my princess. She tries to remember

Anika ” Tucchi”

Aarohi ” Anu !! Watch your language”

Anika” kya watch your language? Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki saasu ji”

Aarohi” now where Shivaay comes from”

“Anika makes faces” because he too say the same ” Anika watch your language” Hmmm !! You know esa maza chakhay maine bagad bille ko k ab to woh sirf ” khirkitod Anika dictionary watch kartey hai. Watch kay ab to woh sirf meri he dictionary follow kartey hai.”

( you know i taught that BB a good lesson that now he only speaks Anika the great dictionary. Not just watch he follows me)

Aarohi ” who’s this bagad billa?”

Anika ” Shivaay = BB. “

Aur sirf itna he nahe mainey to ap ki bhi name rekha hai ” Red”

( and you know not only his but i kept your name to Red)

“Aarohi gawk ” Huh? Apni Maa ka koi naam rekhta hai? ( have someone kept her mother name?)

Anika ” Acha to apni beti ka bhi koi naam nahe rekhta…( Aarohi cuts)

Aarohi ” Aloo!!” ( Potato)

Anika cries” see you are again calling me..Aloo” ( potato)?

“Aarohi wipe her tears” because you always asked for Aloo and you became like Aloo ” Motu”

“Anika checking her out” from where i’m motu ? I start doing Zumba too. See and infact your Doll is Motu… Bhans Singh Rajput.

Bhavya” Ha !! Dad see Anika di is calling me motu and Bhans”

Dev” Shh!! Just listen and enjoy there cute fight”

Shivaay” Dev uncle !! Murat nikhal ja raha hai”
( uncle wedding time is passing)

“Dev nudge him” getting much excited for marriage na? After marriage all excitement ” tel naley chali jati hai”

Shivaay” koi nahe main abhi Saudi Arabia ke sheikh ko contact kar ke tel import kar leta hoon. Phir country may tel bhi aa jaye ga aur gari may be. Aur phir shaadi ki excitement Ferrari ki speed say chaley ge.”

( not a big deal i’ll do contract with SA prince and will import oil like this country will get oil and in car too. And after that excitement of marriage will ride like Ferrari speed)

Dev” shut up !! BB otherwise i’m gonna kick you to Saudi Arabia and then do.

“habibi haya haya”

“Shivaay and omru ” giggles

Om sings ” habibi haya haya !! Shivaay ki chop ho rahe haa.

Rudra pouts” Shivaay bhaiya !! I need new sports car

Om” Shut up !! Rudy are peek inside”

“Jhanvi adressing ” i think you all should not peek them like this. Let them be alone and panditji is also calling Shivaay and Omkara.

Shivaay” nods”

Anika “Jab say i hai har waqt bus gusa aur gusa he to karti hai mujh per. Agar doll koi galti kari hai to usay pyaar karti hai aur mujh say koi galti ho to angry bird ban jati hai.

( from the day you came back , from that day scolding me. If doll does any mistakes you don’t say anything to her and my single mistake and you became angry bird)

“Aarohi holds Anika ears” sorry !! My jealousu baby

“Anika makes angry face” i’m not jealousu. OK !! I’m khirkitod Anika.

“Aarohi hugs Anika tightly ” sorry Anu sorry for everything.. she pecks Anika forehead

Anika pov” what you are hidding from me? ” i better have to find before it’s gets too late.

After few minutes

“Aarohi makes Anika sit infront of dresses” Are you done with your complaining section. Then come and sit i’ve to make you wear this jewellery.

“Anika keep on gazing Aarohi who’s busy in making Anika wear jewellery”

Karrh da wichora maiton sahya nayun jana
Khawrai main ja ke.. fehr kadon aana
Karrh da wichora maiton sahya nayun jana
Khawrai main ja ke.. fehr kadon aana

“Aarohi pecks Anika face ”

“Anika cup Aarohi hands” her childhood flashes infront of her

Lagda si tainnu mere warga na koi
Ik pal tere kolon.. wakh na main hoyee
Lagda si tainnu mere warga na koi
Ik pal tere kolon.. wakh na main hoyee

Aarohi ” Anu you know i was…..
( pinky voice cuts)

Pinky ” bhabhi ji !! Panditji is calling bride” OMM my daughter is looking so pretty. She marches to Anika and place black mark behind her ear.

Shallu and Chanda” And we came here to take this bride with us . Saying this both marches near Anika. And takes Anika along with them.

“Anika turns and gazes Aarohi with tears”

Mai ni mai keewain loki paraaye
Tere kolon ajj kho ke
Le challai mainnu koi roke

Aarohi smiles tears keep on rolling

Mai ni mai
Dukhrai main sunaye
Nayyun rehna wakh ho ke………
Le challai mainnu koi roke…

Scene shifts to Mandap

Bhavya, Chanda and Shallu brings Aniri to Mandap

Everyone eyeing Aniri both are looking stunning.

“Shivom mouth gets widen” wow !!

“Dev addressing to Aarohi” My princesses are exactly looking like you my queen!!

“Aarohi slightly nods” she tries to speak but words are not supporting her.

Soon Anika and Gauri sit next to Shivom and wedding ritual starts!!

Shivom” passes huge smile to Aniri”

Aniri” smiles back”

Shivaay ” Anika you are looking to hot”

Anika” blushes”

Rudra ” Ahem !!”

Shivaay” give deadly gazes to Rudra”

Dadi ” Aarohi puttar !! Don’t worry your daughters will get all the happiness and have faith on us today history of will change.

Aarohi narrow her eyes ” what you mean maa ji?”

Jhanvi ” Means !! That your daughters will…..( pinky cuts)

Pinky ” OMM!! What you are doing here bharjai ji? Come with me. Saying this she drag jhanvi with her.

“Priest instructing couples to exchange garlanding”
“All four couples stand up and gazes eachother. “

“Shivom puts garland first “

“Aniri tries to put garland but shivom steps back and smirks

“Anika frown Shivaay” bye i’m going she both to step back when Shivaay hurriedly puts garland around his neck.

Everyone burst into laughters

Rudra” Shivaay bhaiya so desperate!!

“Shivaay orders Om” Om quickly put this garland. You know na how tadibaaz these Rajputaniya are. Shivaay glance Anika with smile

Om” teri wali say to kam he hai meri tadibaaz”

After some times priest calls Devohi for Kanyadaan

Aniri turns their faces and gazes Devohi

Song plays

Baabul ke angna mein naazo pali
Us angna se ek din chali
Betiyaa to hoti hai paraayi paraayi
Bidaai bidaai reet yeh kaisi hai

Shivaay” Anika please let Maa do your Kanyadaan. I’ve never asked anything for you please for me for Anu give this right to Maa.”

Anika” frown Shivaay”


Dev” i’ll tell you everything about Aarohi but on one condition and you have no choice “

Anika” i’m ready to pay any cost but tell me where she was till now? And who’s this Vanhi”

Dev” first let Aarohi do your Kanyadaan and then you will get answer to all your questions.”

Anika” but !!”

Dev” i told you Anu no choice and just think is truth important or that knot which Aarohi will tighten. You want to know the truth na i’ll but after you get married with Shivaay”

Anika” done !! Baba”

Dev ” smiles and peck Anika head”

Flashback ends

“Devohi smiles and start doing Kanyadaan of Aniri”

“After doing Kanyadaan couples start taking oaths and rounds”

“Om holds Gauri hand” smiles

“Rudra graps Bhavya hands” start repeating the oaths behind Shivom

Bhavya ” blushes heavily”

“After taking oaths and rounds priest orders Shivom to nuptial thread around Aniri neck and fill vermillion in their hairline”

Shivom nods positively and gazes their respective partners their old moments are shown

Shivom nuptial thread around Aniri neck and fill vermillion in their hairline in response Aniri close their eyes

“Rudra screams” akhir shaadi ho he gayi. Kyun Shivika and Rikara..

“Dev hugs Aarohi tightly ” meet Shivika and Rikara

Shivika and Rikara step forward and took blessing from elders…

“Om whispers in Gauri ear” ready to officially became Mrs OSO

Gauri ” gets crimson red hearing this.”

Song plays


Shivaay” tightly holds Anika’s hand”


( i got married today with one who made me lover)

“He huskly whispers in Anika ear”

Anika meri saasein rukh rahe hai ??

( Anika i’m getting breathless)

Anika ” eyes gets popped to hear those words again . ?

O jaana plays

“Shivaay seductly gazes Anika” rub his lips and neck ??

Anika” gazes Shivaay with shock” ??

Screen freezes on Shivika


Precape Shivika fights

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