I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 67- baba bought teddy for me

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A very big thanks to Banita, Nikita_ jai 29, Shalu, ItsmeParbha, Sukeen , Fairy205 and Sharmin only…….????

It’s all for you my dears…….

Ignore spelling , typo and grammaticall mistakes


@ midnight

“Anika getting uneasy”…. she slowly open her eyes finds Gauri sleeping next to her… a cute smile appears on her face…. she slowly removes Gauri hand from hers slowly comes out of bed…. she looks for water but finds it empty.But Anika gets more restless seeing Aarohi next to her. She with baby foot stepping out of room so Gauri don’t gets distrubed..

She step down walk to Gauri’s room but finds it empty…. Anika streches her hairs….. kehai woh phir to nahe….

Anika runs to Bhavya room she rub her eyes gets shocked to find Bhavya cuddling in Aarohi.???

“Yeh to kuch zayad he ho raha hai….. kesa chipeek rahe hai un k sath…. aur in ko dekho zara humein to kabhi apney pass nahe sulaya aur is Bolu ko kesay… choraye ga nahe hum is doll ko kuch zayad he doll ban rahe hai… na hum nay is k baad bajeyi to humara naam Anika nahe.. ( it’s getting above the sea level. Look at her how she sticking with her(Aarohi)… and she also she never slept with me. I won’t leave this Bolu.. she is becoming very dolly if i didn’t show her then my name is not Anika)

Anika comes to kitcken about to take water bottle from fridge when some voice scared her

“Dev calls her” Anu what happened?

“Anika turns reports back” i was feeling thristy so came to have water.

“Dev makes Anika sits on counter ” you are having fever and drinking chilled water… wait let me get normal water for you.

“Anika rubbing her eyes like kids” hmm

“Dev smiles and gets water for Anika and helps her in drinking”

“Anika while drinking gazes Dev”

“Dev brushes Anika face” bhook to nahe lagi na humare bachey ko.

“Anika shake her head negatively”

“Dev placing glass back” then come let me drop you to your room

Anika ” baba”

“Dev turns his face” ji baba ki Anu

Song plays

Rishta Tera Rishta Mera, Ek Dor Hai Jo Koyee Todega Kya
Masum Sa Chehra Tera, Mane Na Mane Koyee Dil Hai Mera
Rishta Tera Rishta Mera

“Anika with puppy face” humein bhi….

Dev” kuch chaheiy? Baba ki Anu ko…( do you need something? Baba’s Anu)

“Anika with huge smile like kids nods” Yes!!

“Dev caressing her face” tell your baba and he will get it for you.

Anika” humein na teddy chahiye”( i want teddy)

“Dev smiles” bus sirf teddy bear??( just teddy bear)

“Anika shakes negatively”

“Dev kisses her hands” aur kya kya chahiye ( what else you need)

“Anika counting on fingers” aur chochee , icecream , woh pinky color wali guriya k baal bhi aur sab.( i want chocolate, icecream and candy floss)

“Dev adoring Anika childish acts”….. he having flashback of her childhood.

“Anika shakes him” baba

“Dev comes out of his thoughts” Anu k baba… Anu ko sab ley kar dey gay… (Anu’s baba will get everything for his Anu)

“Anika jawdrops” abhi to sab shops waley so rahe ho gay?? ( all shops are close at this time)

“Dev curve her lips to smiley?” who’s daugher you are??

Tere Ek Muskaan Ke Liye, Kuch Bhee Kar Jaau Mai

“Anika smiles” baba DSR

Dev” then all shops are open for him… so come let me get everything for my daughter

Jee Toh Chahata Hai Khud Hi Tera Khilona Ban Jaau Mai
Tham Ke Hath Mere Sang,

“Anika open her arms” goadi ( take me in your arms)

“Dev wrapes Anika arms round his neck and hugs her tightly”

Chalta Hai Tu Jab Kabhi
Aisa Lagta Hai Sath Chal Rahee Hai Meri Zindagi

Aisa Lagta Hai Sath Chal Rahee Hai Meri Zindagi

“Anika crisscross her legs around his back with huge smile leanes her head on his shoulder”

“Dev having flashback”


“Vanhi laughing evilly” in orphanage every child use to gets chocolate on every occsions expect your Anu…

When she use to extend her hand i use to put coal on her hand…

In holi every child played with colors but Anu played with dust

She loves fire crackers but she never fire them…. from distance not from distance too i let her watch them those crackers…..

Rajput’s k noor ki zindagi benoor kar de thi.

Flashack ends

“Dev wipes his tears” hum ap ko duniya ki sari khushiya lay kar de gay…( i’ll give u all the happiness of this world)

After an hour

“Anika eyes gets brighten ” wow!! Anu k baba whole mall is open but there’s no shopkeeper.

“Dev with tears gazes Shivaay”

“Shivaay smile with tears”

Dev” you just go and take what you need”

“Anika eyes chatches on giant teddy and jumps” Anu k baba, billuji see kitna big teddy hai…. Anika from hand size it.( such a big teddy baba and billuji see this)

Dev” humare bachey ko yeh wala teddy chahiye? ( my kid need this teddy?)

Shivaay” keep on smiling seeing Anika so happy”

Anika ” nods yes!! But then jawdrops”

Dev” what happened?”

Anika” this shop is close?”

“Dev makes Anika far from glass and throws chair on it”

Shivaay” gets shocked to see Dev”

“Gatekeeper runs hearing the thugs” Sir what you did?

Dev” baat humari beti ki khushi ki hai aur yeh kitmat us khushi ki nahe….. ( it’s matter of my daughter happiness and there’s no price for it too)

“Dev smilingly ” gives teddy to Anika… come lets go”☺☺

“Anika hugs teddy”??

GK” Sirrr…..”

“Shivaay to GK” aur Shivaay Singh Oberoi ki patni ki (Also SSO wife)

Dev ” Shivaay!!”

Shivaay ” Aya uncle”( coming uncle)

Scene shifts to lawn

Dev wrapping Anika in arms and Anika hugging her teddy where Shivaay walking behind them hold huge number of bags with him.

“Dev walking ahead” Shivaay agar ek bhi bag gira na to tumhari kahir nahe.( if one bag slipped from you then you are gone)

Shivaay” don’t worry uncle but you too be careful if Anika falls then….

“Dev stops” then what? You will do?

“Shivaay runs and stand infront of Dev” not me but…. Maa

“Dev glups” Aarohi…

“Shivaay adjusting bags” come lets go in your throat is drying i’m sure you are thristy or it’s…..????

“Dev whispers” Shut up Shivaay”

Inside the RM

“Dev smilingly walking”

Shivaay” uncle i’m tried now…holding these bags”

Dev” how innocent…. you are tried?”?

Shivaay” yes”

Dev” Aww!! Come take Anu in your arms and give these bags to me”

“Shivaay happily” forward bags to him hold them and give Anika to me?

“Dev hits on Shivaay with his shoulder ” ab nahe thakey…. Anika mujhe de do… chup kar k bags Anu k room lay kar chalo…..
Agar angry bird aa gaya to hum tumhari shadi Anu sa nahe kisi bhas say karwa de gay per us ko uthna…..some voice cuts him
( now you are not tired? Give Anika to me…. quietly bring these bags to Anu’s room. And if angry bird woke up then i won’t let you marry Anu)

Aarohi” first save your marriage”

Dev” Aa…r( Aarohi cuts)”

“Aarohi marches to Dev ” Aarohi!! Right…

Shivaay pov” ab aye ga maza jab Maa ap ko danthaye ge?( now it’s gonna be fun when mother will scold him)

Aarohi” rise her hand”

“Dev whirl back close his eyes tightly” Aarohi don’t slap me please your hands are so hard…. it’s still hurts me.

“Aarohi slowly little turns teddy bear face and finds Anika resting on Dev shoulder with huge smile and whole face smeared with chocolate…… Aarohi eyes gets watery…… she about to speak when voice distract her

“Rudra with excitment shouts” Aww!!! Such a cute teddy….

Gayu” it’s a giant teddy”

Aarohi” Sshhh!!! Anu is sleeping”

“Rudra runs and chases teddy from Anika”

“Bhavya to Dev” Dad why are hinding your face and Shivaay bhaiya you too just look here

“Dev and Shivaay turns their face giving silly smiles…

Aarohi” look at yourself you both… guys eaten chocolate or took bath in it….”

“And Dev you”…. don’t you know Anu is having fever and you took her out without informing me?… This much dareness ?

“Dev whispers” At least don’t scold me infront of kids?

Shivaay” koi to keha raha tha k hum kesi say nahe dartaye???
(.someone was saying he’s not scared of anyone)…….

“All chuckle” except Maa???

Dev” ??”

“Anika slowly open her eyes” baba teddy

Dev” Rudra give Anu teddy back”

“Anika jump down” humara teddy

Gayu” too playing with it…. ”

Rudra ” Arrey tu kitna chona hai bilkul meri jesa”( how cute you are just like me)

“Anika shouts” tu bilkul chona nahe hai. Aur yeh humara teddy hai.( you are not cute at all and it’s my teddy)

Rudra” now it’s mine…. saying this Rudra runs holding teddy.”

“Gayu runs after Rudra” No it’s ours

Anika” Nahe yeh humara hai….”

Aarohi” go and snatch it from them”

“Anika smiles and runs after them” Rudra teddy humein wapis dey….

Shivaay” Rudra give it to me…” she sreamed my face now in return i’ll take her teddy

“Anika calling Rudra from different names” Duffer singh Oberoi, Crybaby, Dumbell Sing Oberoi

Devohi” smiling seeing them”

“Rudra passes teddy to Shivaay”

Anika” Shivaay my teddy”

“Shivaay hugs teddy” shows tongue to Anika??

Anika “…bagda billaye and throws cushion on him

“Shivaay bends and its hit Om”

“Om falls on Rudra”Aahhh

Rudra” Aahh! My back…. he start crying like kid… uuwaahh uuwah?

Om” shut up Rudy”

“Bhavya snatch teddy from Shivaay” runs in whole hall…. now non can catch me as i’m the fastest runner…..

“Anika to Dev” tell her to give it back to me…. warna hum bohat maaru gay is ko ( otherwise i’ll beat her)

“Dev smiles” permission granted”

Too Hasta Rahe Zindagi Bhar, Tujhe Lag Jaye Meri Umar
Too Hasta Rahe Zindagi Bhar, Tujhe Lag Jaye Meri Umar
Rishta Tera Rishta Mera, Ek Dor Hai Jo Koyee Todega Kya

Dan Dan music plays

“Anika pull her selves” Bhavya Singh Rajput……. i’m coming… she runs after her and jumps on bhavya…. janti nahe ho agar tum fastest ho to hum The fastest hai… now give my teddy to me and….. Anika ties Bhavya hands and feet…..chup kar k ab yaha he so jao..( don’t you know me if you are fastest them i’m the fastest)

Dev” Aarohi two are gone”

Aarohi” three are left”

Gauri”Ahh!! Anika di woh kya hai?….. she points ceiling( what’s that)

Anika” gazes ceiling”

“Gauri pulls teddy from Anika” budhu banaya…( i fooled u)

“Shivaay laughs” not bhudu Gauri… Pappu banaya

“Anika pulls rug and Shivaay gets roll on it” billu ko giraya bara maza aya.

Dev” throws bags on Shivaay”?

Shivaay” mamaaa?????”

Aarohi” Dev??……. go and sit with Shivaay

Dev” ??”

Aarohi calls Anika” Anu just two more

“Om statues Gauri” takes teddy from Gauri.. and runs

“Anika pulls ponny from bhavya hairs and grasps bottle cap”

All gazes Om and Anika

Om” Anika bhabhi if you are the fastest to i’m the sm……….

“Anika hits Om” teddy bear flies in the air and Om falls on Gauri

“Gauri scream” Aahhhh…. maar dala

“Om sings” Allah!!!

Rudra” teddy bear gaya

All gazes teddy bear ???

Shivaay” Anikaaa……. phail gaya raitaaaaaa

Aarohi” raitaa!!!!What?

Anika” runs my teddy bear”

Aarohi” also runs to catch it”

“Anika strikes with Aarohi and both slips on ground Anika close her eyes….. she falls in Aarohi’s lap and teddy bear falls in Anika’s lap..

All gets happy ??

Anika” my teddy??”

“Aarohi wraps Anika in arms” my teddy???

“Bhavya shouts” Hurrah!!!!.A teddy on teddy”??

Dev , Gauri.and Shivomru ” claps?????

Anika” open her eyes gazes Aarohi”

“Aarohi pulls Anika cheek” humara teddy zayad chona hai…( my teddy is more cute)

Shivaay” per mujh say zayad nahe??”( not more the me)

Dev” maar khao gay humsay…… Choti height waley”( i will slap you. Small height guy)

Shivaay” ??”

Om” Shivaay ki chop”

All brust into laughters?????

Next day

Devi g” raat ko bhookamp aya tha?( was there ? Look at this whole hall is up side down…

Dadi” but where’s Aarohi and Dev ? Both wake up earily but it’s getting 7.

“Pinky aunty” you are right mummy’s ji…… there’s no sign of kids also

Jhanvi” lets check”

All four ladies looking around for Devohi and kids

Pinky aunty ” OMM look at Rikara sleeping peacefully in eachother embrace behind couch…… oye prem aur preeti sharmil duniya k besharm Om uth..

“Om pushes Gauri ” runs from there

Gauri” choti maa subha ho gayi?”

“Pinky aunty” nahe abhi to sooraj ji tera kaal coat ley kar so rahy hai…..

“Gauri hugs Pinky” haan mera coat kehai dino say nahe mil raha tha.. thank you abhi may sooraj ji say per chori ki dara lagti hoon”

“Dadi pulls Rudra ears” Ruvya with pillar support sleeping close to eachother….

Rudra” Aahhhhhhh”

“Bhavya slap underneath Rudra ear” Shut up Rudra

“Devi g pull Bhavya ear” shut up nahe get up it’s morning

“Bhavya gets attention” yes sir….. she salutes Devi g and runs

Dadi” Oye!! Khoteya yeh teri kartooth hai na?

Rudra” na ji na mera koi tooth nahe hai….. ab to meri wisdom tooth bhi nahe nikaley……. seee?

Dadi” abhi teraye doodh k danth nikhalti hoon….?

Aarohi ” geets them and walks in”

“Devi g addressing to Aarohi” where were you beta? And what’s all this?

“Aarohi smiles and reports” kids were playing… and i was in backyard instructing gardener.

Dadi” puttar!! Where’s Shivaay and Anika… how she’s feeling now?

Aarohi” Anika is sleeping much better then yesterday and Shivaay is sleeping on Dev”

Pinky aunty” what you mean?”

“Aarohi smiles ” come let me show you”

After few hours

“Anika in mind” she didn’t came to me it’s getting noon and she not even for once came to me. And question me.

Anu why you didn’t came for breakfast ? You said no for lunch too? Why? She’s ignoring me??

She was feeding Gayu by her own hands and not for once asked from me.

Subha say humein unay nahe dekha michmichi ho rahi hai kya karu?( i’ve not seen her since morning what should i do?)

Yeh sab us doll ki wajah say ho raha hai…..jaan he nahe chhod rahe. Agar humare pass fone hota to hum is ACP ki transfer sath samandar par wara detey. Aur phir…… Anika toss on bed….. ( it’s all because of that doll she is not for second leaving her. If i had my fone then i would have tranfer her to overseas.)

“Someone throws letter near pool”

“Anika scream” kon hai waha….. she runs and grasp the letter…… her eyes and mouth gets widen with shock…..Ek aur letter( another letter)??

OMM yeh kon hai tuccha saala

Screen freezes on Anika shock face


Precape Aarohi aagaye aagaye Anika peechhe peechhe…….



Warning☠☠ this ff is for only Banita, Nikita_ jai 29, Shalu, ItsmeParbha, Sukeen , Fairy205 and Sharmin only……..

For rest plz don’t read and waste your time and please it’s a request don’t even like our fiction too we don’t need those likes too. Thankyou

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    Who are these four people who like it…..zara samnaye toh ao????

  2. U mean sukeen or sukeer? If it is sukeer then i will be soooooo happy n thnk u soooooo much… i luv this update… i hope shivay n arohu will understand how to deal with anika without hurting her… thnks fr the english translations bt in last lines u forgot to give english translations ? பpls dont make us wait fr tooo long… post it as soon as possible… i will be waiting… tc

    1. Oppssss spelling mistake and it’s for u dear sukeer

      1. Thnq u sooo much

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear…. I also want that giant teddy…

    1. Nati

      Thank u niku ???……… me too want giant teddy

  4. Amazing chappy
    While reading a smile appeared on my face It’s a lovely chapter excited for the next update soon

    1. Nati

      Thank u Shalu i’m happy that my act brought smile on ur face??

  5. Hi your story is nice and you are writing it beautifully and i request you to please write this story on wattpad also

    1. Nati

      Thank dear

      Dear what’s ur user name on wattpad?? I’m there with user name ishqbaaz_1

  6. ItsmePrabha

    Loved it like anything … Mujhe bhi chahiye.. ?????… Sab chahiye… I am loving dev aarohi and shivaay’s bonding.. Will be waiting for the next.. Till then take care dear..

  7. Banita

    Awweeee…!!!! This this for u becz u mentioned my name….
    Lodddsssss of love diii….
    Teddy…!!! I also want one… A biggggg one… Meri height jitna…
    Lovely nd cutee chappy dii… Loved it..

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