I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 66 – shivika moment

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Hello everyone how’s your weekends is going till monday is far but i’m all here to cheer you all with another update. Read and enjoy it.

Ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes


Scene shifts to Shivaay’s room

“Shivaay tossing on bed” you can’t caught me

“Anika trying to chase him” Shivaay!! Stop tossing on bed

Shivaay” kyun koi boblem hai”

“Anika eyes gets moist she about to leave when Shivaay takes her in his embrace”

“Shivaay brushing her hairs” Jaan you know na i can’t see you in tears… your eyes gets watery but my heart cries. I know i’m the reason behind these tears but now no more tears…. Shivaay breaks the hug peck her eyes i don’t want tears in these orbs.

“Anika gets nervous with Shivaay touch”

Shivaay kneel down hold his ears sorry Anika for every deed of mine that deepen your wounds… this word sorry is so small infront of my sins but Anika i want to repent please please Anika forgive me

Bus main tum say aur door nahe rah sakta aur aaj main tab tak nahe uthu ga jab tak tum mujh maaf na kar do aur mujhe sudarnay ka ek muka na do. Per Anika mujhe bigadra bhi tumhe nay hai na. Toh please apney billuji ko maaf kar do??

( now it’s enough i can’t say away from you any more and today i won’t get up till you don’t forgive me and don’t give me one chance of change but i’m not behind all this it’s you who has spoiled me)

“Anika narrow her eyes” leave your ears and get up

Shivaay” No! I won’t leave them till you don’t give chance to me”

“Anika kneel down removes hands from his ears”

“Shivaay mesmerize her innocence”

Song plays

Hoo Hooo Oooo..
Hoo Hoo Hooo…
Hooo Hooo…

Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi,
Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yaakeen,
Utar Aayi Jheel Mein Jaise Chand Utarta Hai Kabhi,

Haule Haule Dheere Se,
Gunguni Dhoop Ki Tarah Se Taranum Mein Tum,
Choo Ke Mujhe Guzari Hu Yu,
Dekhu Tumhe Ya Mein Sunu,
Tum Ho Sukoon, Tum Ho Junoon,
Kyu Pehle Naa Aayi Tum?
Kaise Mujhe Tu Mil Gayi, Hoo Hoo..
Kismat Pe Aaye Naa Yaakeen, Hoo Hoo..

Anika hugs him” Shivaay!! Ap ki koi galti nahe thi aur na ap nay koi paap kiya hai. Paap to sirf hum say huwa hai please Shivaay khud ko kisi baat k liya dhoshi na maney.” ( you are not at fault nor you commit any sin. If some one commit sin then it’s me so stop being ashamed)

“Shivaay smiles tighten his grip”… No!! Anika you are so good that’s why you always say this… Shivaay ap ki koi galti nahe hai…. he peck Anika head….. per main janta hoon k meri wajah say he tumhari yeh halat hai….(Anika cuts)

( Anika you always says i’m not at fault but i know that i’m responsible for your condition)

Mein To Yeh Sochta Tha Ki Aaj Kal,
Upar Wale Ko Fursat Nahi,

“Anika rubbing his back” stop blaming yourself Shivaay….. it’s my fate.

“Shivaay breaks the hug cup Anika face” No! It’s not your fate remember you said to me that person writes his/her fate by it’s own hands then why today you talking like this?

“Anika cries hugs him” she is back Shivaay she is back and yes i told you person writes his/her fate by it’s own hands but…..

Humari kismat ki kalam un hathon may hai( pen of my destiny is in her hands)

“Shivaay leanes Anika on his chest” Jaan!! To phir un hathon ko tham kar to dekho jo hath tumhari kismat likh saktey hai woh tumhein kesi khai may ghirnaye dey sakhti hai ( then hold those hands for once for and then see she won’t let you fall in abyss)

“Anika with grief” Shivaay!! Woh phir to humein chhod kar nahe jaye ge na?( she won’t again leave me na?)

“Shivaay peck her forehead” Nahe Anika ab woh tumhein kabhi chhod kar nahe jaye ge aur agar woh jaana bhi chahey gayi na to hum dono unhe jaye nahe dey gay….. ( No! Anika now she won’t leave you and if she wants to go na we both let her go)

“Anika lift her head smiles with tears” paka na ( honestly)

“Shivaay smiles” pinky wala paka promise…. he extend his little finger..

“Anika smiles ” pinky promise…. she again leanses on him…. Thank you Shivaay.

“Shivaay hugs her tightly” your happiness is yours Shivaay responsibility and Shivaay never step back from his responsibities.

“Anika in low tone” Shivaay please loosen your grip it’s getting too tight.

“Shivaay crushes Anika in bones” After so many days you are lying in my embrance and you want me to waste this daimond chance…. no never

Phir Bhi Tumhe Bana Ke Woh,
Meri Nazar Mein Chadh Gaya,
Rutbe Mein Woh Aur Badh Gaya..

Scene shifts to backyard

“Dev smiles” baba’s Anu…. i’m so happy to hear Anu’s baba from her mouth…. after such a long time i heard this.

“Aarohi call him out”…… Dev!! Don’t you have to go office??

“Dev pulls Aarohi in his lap” smiles

Aarohi” Dev!! Have same shame leave me”

“Dev cuddling Aarohi” Before marriage you use to say have some shame…. then after marriage you said have some shame and now after so many years you still pro the same……. “Dev have some shame”

You tell me if i did shame then how….. Anu would have came to our world…. Dev gently rubs Aarohi belly, then Princess and then doll… hmm??

“Aarohi shies” stop it !!! Dev…. i’m seeing you…. day by day with age you are turning more naughty then before.

“Dev nuzzling Aarohi” you mean romantic..

“Aarohi playfully hits him” leave me and you didn’t hear i said you are aging.

“Dev shockingly ” what??? You said i’m aging now i’m not going to spare for this….. he about to kiss her when…..

Aarohi ” Anu….”

“Dev quickly free Aarohi” stood up Anu…..

“Aarohi laughs” Dev look at yourself….. koi Anu nahe hai… i was just??

Dev” you lied to me??”

Aarohi” yup”

Dev” now you are gone….. he runs after Aarohi”

“Aarohi running ahead” you can’t catch me Dev…. remember i always you to win from you… Now stop let me check Anu.

Dev “wait i’m also coming”

After few hours

“Anika alone lost in thoughts sitting in lobby sipping green tea when someone chuckles bring her out of thoughts…”

“Baby girl of six years running around Anika playing with her teddy”

“Anika despondently eyeing her”

“Girl with smile addressing to Anika” ka huwa….. ( what happened)

Anika” nods nothing”

“Girl questioning Anika” then why you are sad?? She comes sit next to Anika

Anika ” no i’m n…..(girl cuts)

“Girl playfully pat her forehead” O kho kitni bhudhu hoon main ap ko mera teddy chahiye na. Mera teddy pyaar hai na? ( how dumb i i’m you need my teddy… my teddy is so cute?)……

“Anika smiles on her antics” haan bohat pyaar hai ap k jesay. Kis nay la kar diya ap ko?( yup it’s so cute like you. Who bought it for you?)

“Girl smiles ” papa aur dekho chochee bhi lay kar de yeh dress bhi, aur aaj woh mujhe gola bhi delaye gay. ( papa and look this chocolate)

“Anika gets upset”

“Girl half cup Anika face”kyu khapa ho.. ap k papa nay ap ko teddy nahe lay kar di?….( why you are upset your papa didn’t bought teddy for you?)

Anika” nods negatively”

“Servant runs and takes girl in arms” sorry ma’am i told her not to play her but she runs away from me. Sorry ma’am if she troubled you…

Anika” its ok”

“Girl to her papa” thanda gola ( icecream)

Servant” haan!! Gauriya papa abhi ley kar de gay…( yes doll papa get it for you)

“Girl waves to Anika” ta ta ?

“Anika despondently waving to girl” baba…. She runs inside.

Scene shifts to hall

“Anika questioning devi g” dadi g where’s baba?

“Devi g makes Anika sit” what happened Anika beta are you fine na?

“Anika looking around” baba kaha hai( where’s baba)

Aarohi ” Anu!! Kya ho gaya? Aur Anu k baba office hai”( what happened? And baba is in office)

“Anika irked” throws cushions

“Aarohi angrily” Anu!! Again getting angry

“Anika blow her cheeks” runs from there.

Aarohi” Anu!! Listen to me.”

Devi g” what happened to her Aarohi? She never asked for Dev like this before.”

Aarohi” Haan!! Maa g something is troubling her. Let me ask her. ”

@ evening

“Jhanvi addressing to Aarohi” bhabhi ji i’m really happy to hear that Anika health is improving

Aarohi” ji bhabhi ji there’s much improvement in Anu’s health.”

Pinky aunty” that’s whys we from the very first flights came to RM”

Rudra” choti maa you mean chopper”

“Pinky aunty” Oye!! Zayaad correctings karney ki koi zaroorat nahe hai.. mainey to rasmi kaha hai…( there’s no need for correction ok i said like that)

Rudra” rasmali??”

“Om hits Rudra” Duffer not Rasmali it’s Rasmi… from ritual comes ritually .

Rudra” O!! I see”

“Om dragging Rudra” come with me let me show you more

“Aarohi smiles on Rudra antics”

“Dadi questioning Aarohi” puttar where’s Anika? It’s long time she didn’t talk to us

“Aarohi with grief cup dadi’s hands in between hers” Maa g my Anu is really nice she can never hurt anyone but due to me and her healthy she has troubled you all alot. Not even troubled but she misbehave alot too. But please don’t take her serious she herself don’t know what she does.

I’m sorry for my Anu side but please don’t keep any grudge from my Anu in your hearts.

“Dadi side hugs Aarohi” Puttar!! Woh koi pagal he ho ga to teri Anu k liya apney dil may koi khot rekha ga. ( that will be some mad person who any gurdge for your Anu)

And you don’t need to feel sorry for anything we know who is Anika a girl who even in her dream can never thinks to hurt anyone…… Kyun pinky ji’s.

Pinky aunty ” You are right mummy ji’s and if someone will keep any gurdge for your Anu then she will her deeds will clean it all.
Bohat he pyaar bachi haan achaye achao ko aaeena dekha chuki hai”

Jhanvi ” bhabhi ji where’s Anika?”

Aarohi” she’s in her room”

Jhanvi” can we meet her”

Aarohi” come for sure you can”

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

“Aarohi smiles” lol!! She’s sleeping

“Dadi sit next to Anika caresses her ” puttar!! Is ko to bohat tez bukhar hai… Dadi addressding to Aarohi worriedly

“Aarohi shockingly” what?? She comes and sit next to Anika. Her body is burning let me call the doctor.

Jhanvi” bhabi ji you be with her let us call the doctor”

After few minutes

“Aarohi ranting on Anika” why you didn’t told me that you are having fever? And what this? You didn’t finished your juice? Answer me……

“Anika hides in Chanda” humein nahe peena.

“Aarohi rising her voice” kyun nahe peena? and look at me.

Gayu” Maa! Please stop getting angry”

Chanda” Aunty g!! Please she’s getting scared”

“Aarohi pull Anika towards her” Anu finish you juice and take your medicines i’m coming till then have them. Got it.

After an hour

Aarohi” Dev!! Where were you? I’m calling since long”

Dev ” calm down and there was network issue. ”

Aarohi” Anu is asking for you since morning”

“Dev to Shivaay” pinch me

Shivaay” pinches him”

“Dev jumps” Aahhhh it’s true it’s not a dream.

“Aarohi furiously” stop it Dev….. i’m serious and you are enjoying

Shivaay” Maa !! What happened?”

Aarohi” Anu is having fever”

Devshiv” what?”

Devi g” Haan! Beta pata nahe Anika ko kya huwa hai subha say pouch rahe hai… k baba ka hai”

“Dev runs to Anika”

Scene shifts to Anika’s room

Shivaay” what happened to her so sudden she was fine before we step out?”

“Dev ruffling Anika hairs” Aarohi!! Didn’t you asked her what’s troubling her?

Aarohi” i tried to ask her but she said nothing happened just want to discuss about some clients.”

Gauri” Doll!! You have to go police station right…..”

Bhavya” Yes!!! Di thanks for reminding me i’ll take your leave.”

Gauri” Doll! Wait i’ve also some work so drop me on my way too”

Bhavya” sure!! Come we are getting late”

“Aarohi addressing to both” Gayu where you both are going at this time?

“Dev questioning Gayu” beta what happened? Why you both are sounding so annoyed.

Devi g” Yes! Beta what happened? Is everything alright? At breakfast time also ACP didn’t finished her egg shake it’s so weird.”

Aarohi ” i’m sorry Gayu”

Gauri” Maa!! Why you are saying sorry ? What you did? And who told you that we are annoy with you? Childern are not supposed to get annoy with their elders.

Bhavya” Yes!!! Maa Gauri di is right we are not annoy with you”

“Aarohi conveying with guilt” but you have all rights to get annoy with me. What i did with you both and Anu for this if all gods from heaven comes down and ask you to forgive me till then i myself won’t be able to forgive myself.

“Devi g pacifying Aarohi” don’t talk like this Aarohi….. just forget the past yours and Rajputs fate was was written like this and non can change it.

“Dev cheering Gayu” Maa! Is absolutely right.

“Gauri satisfactorily” Yeah!! Dad both are mother’s na hoe can mother be wrong…. it’s only kids that are always taken for granted and when wrong turn to worst na then elders have every good wapon with them ” fate” to put all burden of your mishaps on so called fate.

“Devohi and Devi g” gets speecless bend their heads.

“Bhavya grasp Gauri hand” Gauri di lets go

“Aarohi marching behind them” just listen to me….

“Bhavya addressing to Aarohi” kash ap nay Anika di ki bhi awaz suni hoti…. Maa( i wished you would have listen Anika di voice too mother)

“Gauri wiping Aarohi tears” to joh apni kismat khud likhaye walo may say thi aaj woh khud ko ek abhishaap na kehati.( the one who use to say that she will write her fate herself today she would have not called her a curse)…….

Maa kismat nay humary halat badalay thay per Anika di nay to khud ko he badal liya tha…. ( Mother fate changed our terms of living but someone changed herself)

Maa ap aur Shivaay bhaiya dono Anika di say bohat pyaar kartey ho per…..( mother and brother you both love Anika di alot but)

Ap dono nay di ko apni zindagiyon may kesay shamil kiya? ( who you both make hers yours)

Shivaay bhaiya na bhi Anika di ki kamzoori ka faida utha kar unaye apna banaya tha aur ap nay bhi un k dar ka faida uthaya. ( He make Anika di his by taking advantage of her weakness and mother you by taking advantage of her fear)

“Aarohi and Shivaay gets ashamed of their acts”

Gauri” maa mujhe aur Doll ko jab bhi dard hota hai na yeh hum may sa kisi ko dard huwa hai na to hum apna dard dekha detaye hai per Anika di nay humesha apna dard chupaya he hai aur jab un ka dard jo un ko ap say mila hai na woh usnaye gaa deti hai.” ( Me and doll when gets hurt or everyone among us when gets hurt we share our pains with eachother but Anika di always hides her pains but the pain she got from you na mother she sings her pain)

“Aarohi cries”

“Bhavya weeping” please don’t cry Maa if Anika di saw you crying she will get more hurt. Me and Gauri di don’t want this but Maa……( Gauri cuts)

Gauri”Phelay Anika di ki ankho may ap k liya sirf pyaar tha but ab un ki ankhon may ap k liya dar bhi hota hai… Anika di ap say darnaye lagi hai

(And you know what before there was only love in Anika di eyes for you but know di start getting frighten of you)

Aarohi” Princess”

Shivaay” Gayu

“Gauri wipes her tears” bye Maa we are already late….

“Aarohi keep on gazing Gayu”

Precape to be cont………..

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  1. Thnq so much for giving english translation… loved it… waiting fr next one… its true we cant use once weakness to get them

    1. Nati

      Thank u sukeer for ur comment…. keep reading and keep commenting….. sure soon i’ll update the next…..

      Well i’ve did english translation for the pervious of for you hope you read it and emotions got will pictured.. Right?

  2. Amazing Gayu’s are correct
    like the shivika part waiting for the next

  3. Amazing like the shivika part
    Gayu’s are correct waiting for the next

  4. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

  5. Fairy205

    Every good di….. from shivika moment to small cute conv btw girl and Anika…..
    Anika looking for her baba hahaha?? dev asked shivaay to pinch him. And finally the end part Gayu are right…. Aarohi did really bad with Anu

  6. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome….Loved shivika scene,Girl with anu scene and dev asking shivaay to pinch him wala scene…and Gayu bohoth sahi keh rahe hai…Will be waiting for the next..

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