I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 59- Vanhi shoots

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Here’s come the next update read and enjoy. Feel free to share your ideas and views are always welcome.

Ignore spelling , typo and grammatical mistakes


Vanhi” Oh! ASR what’s to lock deal. DSR look my wish got completed i want your Anu to be here and see she’s infront of me and asking what i need”

Ok fine i tell you what i need.

Anika” tell me your price”

Vanhi laugh” think again ASR it can be too costly”

All nodding no

Anika” just bid it”

Vanhi smile” Aarohi or Shivaay

Anika” trembles back”

All faces gets black and white

Aarohi and Shivaay gazing Anika with red eyes

Vanhi” what happened to ASR deal is cheap na i now but you can increase it’s cost. Hurry up where you get lost”

Shivaay” struggling to speak”

“Vanhi untie Shivaay mouth and smiles” say it what’s your last wish

“Shivaay shouts” Anika you don’t have to think much choose Maa. Anikaaaaaa are you listening

“Vanhi moves to Aarohi ” untie her mouth your wish

“Aarohi standing like stone just silently gazing Anika”

Vanhi” dekho Anika….. Aarohi to phatar ki ho gayi.

Gayu , Dev and Omru crying

Shivaay” keep on shouting….. Anikaa choose Maa

Vanhi” jiji kuch to kaho kya ho gaya.

Aarohi in heart” Anu! Shivaay.

Dev” Vanhi leave her”

Vanhi” Anika only 5 mins”

All” calling Anika”

“Vanhi shouts” Anika speak out otherwise i’m going to kill them all only 1 min left

“Anika in heart”






Anika gazes Shivaay

Song plays


Ik mera yaara
Ik ohdi yaari
Yehi ardaas hai meri
Wohi mera sach hai
Wohi meri zidd bhi
Dil vich saans hai meri

Shivaay” shouting Anikaaaa don’t listen to her

Anika” stealing gazes Aarohi

Roothe nu manauna aunda nahi ve
Kadi vi na roothna tu mujhse
Aapan bas sikheya yaari nibhana
Jab se judi hai jaan tujhse o yaara mere

Vanhi” 2 mins

Anika” gazes all with empty eyes except Aarohi and nods no”

Khair mangda main teri
Rabba se yaara
Khair mangda main teri

All shouts calling Anika with her respective name

Gayu” Anika di

Omru” bhabhi

Dev” Anu”

Shivaay” Anika”

Aarohi” keep on gazing Anika”

Anika close her eyes…. Aarohi and Shivaay comes infront of her eyes. Anika holds their hands and pov




“Vanhi shouts” starts count down”

Anika” gently open her eyes whole red”

“Vanhi shouts” choose Anikaaaa”

Anika smiles and shouts” You can never win over……words died in Anika mouth

Aarohi” eyes gets widen”

Vanhi roar” Oneeeeeeeeee

“Aarohi scream at the top of her voice” ANUUUUUUUUUU…….. NAHEEEEEE

All gets shocked seeing Aarohi

“Aarohi and Shivaay starts running to Anika”

Anika smiles seeing them” collapse with ground”

“Vanhi shouts and open fire on Aarohi and Shivaay”

Gayu , Omru and Dev gets shocked to see them

Both Shivaay and Aarohi falls near Anika.

“Vanhi laughs” THE END”

Anika holds Aarohi and Shivaay hand.

Bhoole se bhi koi bhul hui ho toh
Yaara ve use bhula ke tu
Ik waari gale lag jaane dena

Ik waari gale lag jaane de yaara mujhe
Mehar manda main teri… yaara ve…

Aarohi sniffing” Anu nahe Anu

Shivaay sniffing” Anika open your eyes

Khair mangda main teri
Rabba se yaara
Khair mangda main teri

Dev free himself ” shoots on Vanhi legs”

All run to trio

Scene shifts to RM

Dadi” bohat bura tufana hai. She’s praying from Maata rani for Rajput’s”

“Pinky aunty to Devi g” Maa g have faith on Maata Rani…. this time nothing will have to Aarohi g… my Shivaay is gone to bring Anika’s Maa back…. And he will bring her back at any cost

“Devi g crying” barso phely bhi esa he tufana aya tha jis nay sab kuch wafan kar diya tha. Aur aaj phir in hawao may wohi shor hai

“Jhanvi talking to Chanda” beta please call om and ask him about Aarohi bhabhi g…. it’s late now why they didn’t came

Chanda nods she’s about to call when landline rings.

All gazes eachother with fear

Chanda runs to it quickly take the call and listening the trumbling voice on otherside….. fone gets slips from her hand

All gets shocked to look Chanda eyes gets mosit

Scene shifts to Hospital

Shivaay, Anika and Aarohi are in OT

Shivaay and Aarohi on first floor

Anika” on second floor”

Families are divided into three some are on first and some on second but with alternative time they are switching places…..

All are crying for trio but all are more worried for Anika.

Devi g” Dev! Answer me what’s all this? Tell me Dev…. you promised me that nothing will happen to Aarohi. And Shivaay and Anika too. Howwwwww?

Pinky aunty” crying vigrously…… why maata rani why always Anika… Again she’s on death bed and both her source of living too….. whyyyy?

Jhanvi” pinky stop crying”

“Chanda consoling Gayu”

First OT

Doctors are treating Aarohi… She got shot at back to left

“Aarohi face is shown” she’s muttering Anu… in unconscious state too she’s having flashback of Anika and her sufferings.

Dr” takes the bullet out from Aarohi body”

Second OT

Here Shivaay condition is same too. He got shot on his nape.

Shivaay” muttering Anika nothing will have to you nor to Maa.

Doctors gazes eachother

Nurse” passes tool to dr.

Doctor” sign the other doctor”

After one hour

Lights of second OT gets off

Dadi, Shakti , Tej and om runs to doctors

“Om questioning Dr about Shivaay”

Dr” congratuation Mr Oberoi…. patient is out of danger now you should be thankyou that bullet just touched and passes by nape. Otherwise it could be really complicated but still we are shifting him to ICU

All thanks doctors and gods

Shakti” om beta run and tell everyone that Shivaay is out of danger.

Scene shifts to 2nd floor

Operation theatre

Anika sniffing heavily

Dr to Jeet” patient very really critical”

Jeet” we can’t lose hope”

2nd Dr” but her nerves is breaking down”

3rd Dr” it’s her third operation. We need more blood

Outside OT

Dev pov ” crying baba ki Anu you have to fight please i know you love Maa alot but beta baba to needs you. I can’t express more but for me you are my support look baba is getting old na and i want my Anu to hold me not that wooden stick.

I know you are Shivaay’s but baba also wants to keep you always infront of my eyes. Please beta don’t go this time away from me.

I couldn’t get much time to play with you but know i want to become toy for you. I again want to become Anu’s baba once again.

Bhavya calling Dev” Dada!

“Dev comes out of his thoughts hugs Bhavya” close his eyes

After four hours

Anika is in ICU. Doctors are contionusly examining her as her condition is worst.

Jeet to Dev” Dev operation was too major. Her condition is still very very critical. Just pray that she gets conscious if she don’t then….. Jeet put’s hand on Dev shoulder Anika nerves system can break down.

Dev” nothing will happen to her i know you know why Jeet her life lines are with her. And if she’s going to show TADI to us again na then both who are lying down there are more TADIBAAZ then her.

Pinky aunty” haan aur ab to meri Anika ki duniya hai us k sath.

Nurse rushes out dr patient is critical.

All gets shocked with this statment

Jeet” runs inside”

Anika” is having flashback on Shivaay and Aarohi getting shot”

Scenes are shifting stimously

Aarohi and Shivaay eyes gets widen. Hearing Anika voice both throws the oxygen mask away trying to come out of the room..

Doctors and nurses trying to control them.

“Aarohi angrily gazes doctor” i’m fine doctor leave my way if you don’t want that from Doctor Kabir you turn to Darban Kabir then leave Anu’s Maa way and if you don’t than you will get unknown to this world and none will remember your name even too.

Doctor” gets scared and he quickly leaves Aarohi hand.

“Shivaay graps doctor collar” Shivaay is going to her Anika and in this world no power has born to stop my way to meet my Anika. And if you want to born six times more then leave my way. Otherwise this birth will be your last.

Screen freezes on Aarohi and Shivaay orbs

Precape Anika in Aarohi clutches. Mission Anu on.


Thanks for your love and supports i’m blessed to have friends like you. Far yet close.


Thanks for your likes and comments keep giving me more.


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    Aur ek request hai update thora lamba hone chaiye…
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    Please update….

  2. As always amazing episode
    Update soon can’t wait for long
    I like the lines written in red colour Amazing

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