I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 60- A new begining

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Here’s the next update read and enjoy.

Ignore all spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes.


“Aarohi angrily gazes doctor” i’m fine doctor leave my way if you don’t want that from Doctor Kabir you turn to Driver Kabir then leave Anu’s Maa way and if you don’t than you will get unknown to this world and none will remember your name too.

Doctor” gets scared and he quickly leaves Aarohi hand.

“Shivaay graps doctor collar” Shivaay is going to her Anika and in this world no power has born to stop my way to meet my Anika. And if you want to born six times more then leave my way. Otherwise this birth will be your last.

Scenes are switching simultaneously

“Aarohi running out of her room as her wound is fresh so blue starts turning red( as u know hospital uniform is blue)

” Same condition is of Shivaay too”

Dadi crying” billu!

“Shivaay choking” dadi your billu is fine but yours billu….. Anika needs her baghar billa

Om” Shivaay! Listen…..

“Aarohi with moist eyes argh in pain” Anu kaha hai…. wo…..h

“Chanda holds Aarohi” Aunty g

Jhanvi” bhabi is what’s this?

Dr” please make them understand it can be dangerous for her. See stitches are fresh and are opening”

“Aarohi holds her heart chokes” Chanda beta, bhabi g An…. Anu kaha hai.

“Gauri running towards Shivaay” Shivaay bhaiyaaaa

“Rudra crying running down stairs shouting” Aarohi aunty jiiiiii

Shivaay” let me where’s my Anika.”

“Rudra shouts from behind” Aarohi aunty jiiiii…… .. Anika bhabhi……

Gauri” Shivaay bhaiya.. ..Anika di

“Aarohi, jhanvi and Chanda gets shocked to hear Rudra breaking voice”

“Rudra runs to Aarohi with shaking voice” bha….

“Aarohi cup Rudra face” kya beta? Anu kaha hai

“Rudra pointing towards stairs” bha…bhiii cc..rittticalll hai

Aarohi” eyes gets widen”

Shivaay” Anikaaaaaaa”

Both faces are shown…… i’m coming Anu….. Anika

Aarohi and Shivaay start running

All running after them and trying to stop.them…..

Aarohi sniffing reaches stairs

Shivaay too reaches stairs

Both gazes eachother with red eyes and their wounds.

Aarohi choking” nothing will happen to Anu”

“Shivaay extend his hand towards Aarohi” Haan! Maa

“Aarohi gives hand in Shivaay hand” nor we’ll let her happen anything

Both with watery eyes start running upstairs…. calling Anika with her respective name……..

“Anika having flashback of Vanhi” Aarohi or Vanhi

Song plays

Rishta dilo ka tode na tute

Saanso ki dori banke na chute

“Anika face is shown” she’s sniffing badly with every step Aarohi and Shivaay are taking”

Aarohi and Shivaay having flashback of Anika

Dr” Oh! Shit doctor blood is ozing from her wonuds”

Jeet” she has to get concious in an hour otherwise……

Dr” checking the mointor…. dr jeet she’s seeking

“Dev crying hugging devi g and bhavya” having flashback of Anika

Jaoge kaise tum mujh ko chhod k

Both Shivaay and Aarohi comes near ICU and shouts Anu….. Anikaaa

Janmo ka naata pal bhar mey tod k

Anika” having flashback Aarohi”

Janmo ka naata pal bhar mey tod k

People around them starts gazing them with shock

“Dev breaks the hug runs to them” Aa….. he couldn’t complete it

Aarohi and Shivaay runs towards Anika……

All running after them.

Aarohi and Shivaay opens the ICU door and gazes Anika with tears.

Doctor” what you are doning here and you both to are operated please go out…. he instruct nurses to take them to there rooms

Jeet” sign to let them come”

Both comes near Anika and holds Anika hands

“Anika mutters” MaShiv and tightly holds their hand.

“Aarohi and Shivaay crying caressing her face both peck her head”

Apno se aise koi dur jaata h Apno se aise koi dur jaata h

“Doctors and nurses” eyes to gets watery

Anika” slowly open her eyes gape both bodies with wide eyes( Anika is gazing their bodies as both are semi bend on her)

Dekh k tujhko dil ko mere chain aata h
Dekh k tujhko dil ko mere chain aata h

After Ten Days

“Miss Monica” i don’t care about your loss you should seek before that who’s salt you eat…..

“Monica in tumbling voice” I,i….am……

Voice” you want to say that i’m going righttttt”

Monica” bends her head down and without uttering a word walk out”

“A solid hand hit the phone button” began the interview session i’m coming.

All candidates are waiting for boss arrival

Candidates talking to eachother ( i’m using C for candidates)

1st C” praying from god”

2nd C” Hey! Why you are chanting like this it’s just a interview… but it seems you are scared then death is near”

3rd C” it’s seems you don’t know where you came for interview and who’s the boss….. Miss….?

2nd C” just chill everyone…. it might be yours first interview not mine and i’m not afraid of anyone even from boss.. i’m Akanshah Deer.

“Rest of the C’s smiles” we will see

Girl”wearning semi western dress with cock heel taking long steps coming out of her cabin. With couple of people walking behind her keep a distance of three feet from her.

Staffs” hearing the foot step immediately compose themself and gulp”

Akanshah” noticing all saliva getting dry… mutters who’s boss that everyone is so scared off”

Girl” passes by employees”

All emloyees stand up from their respective seats…. greet her morning

Girl” nods and walks out…. but stop for second…… Mr John you are fired and she starts walking”

John” b……ut”

Employee” John ma’am don’t like blue and pruple color and you…

John” what???

Girl” comes near interview block”

C’s” stood up and greet her”

Girl” holding the door lock talking to (Miss Akanshah but addressing her just you)….. who even allowed you to walk in and rest her Miss..

Akanshah” but what i’ve done”

Girl” walk inside the room”

All candidates start laughing on her”

“Akanshah open her hands” What??

1st C” What nahe…….

“Akanshah Ranting” but what i’ve done?

“Rudra coughs and shows his watch to her”

Akanshah” Oh! Wow MK watch i just love it and…. you are….. ( Rudra cuts are)

Rudra” You are late Miss….. whatever…. Rudra walk from there with tashan

Akanshah” gape all the C’s”

3nd C” Miss attitude time of interview is 6:00pm but you arrive her at 5:55pm”

1st C” and i’m thanking god that i came before the highlighted time mention in newspapers it was 5: 30pm”

Empolyee” And ma’am hate late commers and more then that what time is fixed you should be there at that time…. otherwise…. employee smiles……. ASR shows main door to…….. she pats on Akanshah shoulder.Because errors are fired from her surroundings.

Akanshah” gulps…. how did she’s knows that i came at what time ?

1st Candiate” passes glass of water to her”

Akanshah” but who’s she????

C’s” ASR”

“Akanshah hold her head getting dizzy” She’s ASR..

C’s” Yes!! Miss Anika Singh Rajput

Anika cold face is shown.

Scene shifts to RM

All inside the Mansion is same as ussually nothing is changed expect number of people has doubled. Now not only Rajput’s but Oberoi’s too became the part of this mansion.

Pinky aunty” bharja ji….. please rest for while your stitches are still not open”

“Aarohi smiles ” i’m fine bhabhi ji… and just an hour is left for them to get back… saying this Aarohi again gets buzy with preparing dinner.

“Pinky aunty comes out of the kitchen with wet eyes”

“Devi g nods negatively” today is the fifth day… Aarohi prepare food for Anika . Daily Aarohi waits that today Anika will come back home and ask her for Aloo puri but Anika became more cold. Before everyone wake up she leave for office and still…. specially Aarohi don’t get to bed she don’t get back to home.

Jhanvi” i can’t see bhabhi g like this…. look at her face how with love she’s cooking Aloo puri for Anika but Anika don’t even gazes it nor she eats at home”

Dadi” today i’m gonna talk to Anika.

Gauri” Dadi g! It’s of no use….”

“Aarohi from kitchen asking Gauri” princess what you will have?

@ 8:00 dinning area

As usual Rajput’s are to left of Dev and Oberoi’s to Right. Where dadi’s of families are sharing same space.

Both senior heads are sitting opposite to Dev with their respective families.

Dev” Aarohi! Come sit

“Shivaay gazes empty chair and then Aarohi” Maa! Please sit and have your dinner.

“Aarohi staring entrance” let Anu come beta.

All feeling bad for Aarohi as they all no Anika won’t come

Om” sign Shivaay”

“Shivaay comes out his seat, holds Aarohi from shoulders and makes her seat” he holds spoon and start feeding Aarohi…… Maa agar ap nay khana nahe khaya to woh kya kehatey hai Mom ki language may.

“Pinky aunty smiles” pharjaji! Ap ki Anu to apney Shivaay ki OMM’s he kar dey ge.

All laughs in union with moist eyes.

Rudra ” O! It daily happens like this… Maa waits for Anika bhabi and then Shivaay bhaiya have to make Maa eats”

Om” but still Maa eyes are searches and waits for bhabhi”

Bhavya” Gauri di when Anika di will come close to Maa?

“Gauri feeding bhavya” only Anika di knowns when she will forgive Maa.

Aarohi” Dev! Did Anu have her lunch?”

Dev” yes! She had it now you finished your dinner you have to take medicines.

Scene shifts to hotel pearl

Chanda” Anika ghar chaley?”

Anika” what’s the time ?”

Chanda” it’s getting 11:00

Anika” you go i’ve to reach earily somewhere so from here it will get easy for me”

Chanda pov” again new fresh lie…. out from factory directly served to ASR without any don numbery…..

Anika” i’m going for shower you too leave or room is already booked you can rest”

“Chanda smirks” Anika tera Aashiq aa raha hai yeh main out or yeh woh in

“Shivaay bang in….” Hi!! Jaan e man

“Anika pats on her head” No again

Chanda” waves bye to them”

“Shivaay locks the door and turns” so are you doing your dinner or i’ve to take my shirt out

“Anika eyes gets widen and she shouts” Shivaay stay in your limit and don’t you dare to talk like this to me. And you are not my hus……..

Shivaay” forgotten deal was done between us”

Anika” Shivaay stop it….

“Shivaay coming close to Anika” i’m your husband darling….. shivaay starts unbottoning his shirt dinner or this.

Anika ” you can’t do this Shivaay i can file complain against it”

“Shivaay pull her close and twist her arm” Anika….. SSO ko tadi huh?

Anika” leave me Shivaay”

“Shivaay in his husky voice whispers” only last two bottons are left…… just think what if someone comes to know about what you did with yourself.

“Anika left in thoughts” No! If she cames to know…..

Shivaay” nuzzeling nose on Anika bare neck”

O jaana plays

“Anika breathing heavily” leave me i’m ready to have dinner.

“Shivaay smiles” i love you”

“Anika angrily gazes him” button your shirt.

Shivaay” tum he kar do na”

“Anika shouts enough” i hate you and i’m just bearing you for that deal.

“Shivaay pull her close” Anika you hate me right?

Anika” haan”

Shivaay eyes getting grey” fine Anika then whatever i’ll do you won’t have problem with that.

Anika” yup ASR hai hum”

Shivaay pov” Anika i’ve given you pain now it’s my turn to bear that pain…. i know you can never hate me nor maa but you have start hating yourself and that’s not acceptable by Anika’s ,Shivaay…….

Aaj Shivaay Singh Oberoi woh dard sahey ga jo tum nay saha tha.

Anika” looking in Shivaay grey orbs”

Screen freezes on Shivika.


Precape what Shivaay is upto?


Thanks for your likes, comments and support keep sending me more.

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  1. dear sister…
    wonderful update again….
    Hope that in next part shivika will unite…cause I don’t think annika can bear shivay’s pain….bohot ho gaya un dono ki separation aab aap un dono ko ek kaar dije….Please…
    and I am so happy ki aap ne meri request Rakhi…update kya….
    paar mai apki aaj ki update ki intezer mai hun kuki mai dekhna chati hun annika kaise shivay ko khudko dard dene se bchata hai….
    eagerly waiting for your next part today…
    Please don’t break my heart…

    1. Nati

      Thank you so much sharmin for your comment and shivika will unite in khirkitod style have some patients?.

  2. Amazing chappy
    Unite shivika soon waiting for that for long time update soon
    Take care di

  3. dear sister…
    Please aap daily update kijiye…
    Waiting today…

  4. Amazing chappy
    Unite shivika soon waiting for a long time update soon

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is nice and amazing

  6. ItsmePrabha

    Awesome..Phir Anu is back in ASR avatar…Billu kitne cheapda hai..Par ab Billu kya karen wala hai..Will be eagerly waiting for the next..

  7. Wow…..?? nice??????

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