I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 58- suprise

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Ignore all spelling typo and grammatical mistakes.


“Vanhi stand up open her arms scream” Hum Vanhi ek aag hai aur Rajputs ka kaal hai.”

And with this Anika Singh Rajput ka chaper closed

Shivaay” gazing her angrily”

“Goons laughing” Boss last episode is left.

Vanhi” Oh! Haan…… aaj hum itnaye khush hai k humain to yaad he nahe raha…. but it’s never too late..

Jiji see it…. she plays the clip…Hugs Aarohi tightly

Aarohi trying to free herself but Anika voice shocked her


Jiji tum say bad kismat Maa is duniya may koi nahe hai tumhare kaan bhees saalo say Anika ko dekhnaye aur us ki muh say Maa usnay k liya tarastey rahey us nay ek baar bhi tumhain nazar utha kar nahe dekha….. Dekha to kab jab woh hosh main he nahe thi…. Maa to kaha per usay to kuch yaad he nahe raha…….

“Vanhi laughing ask goons to laugh” Khud say nafart ho gayi Devohi k Ansh ko khud say


“Aarohi breaks down scream” Anuuuuuuu

Devshiv and Gayu tearly gazing Aarohi

Goons laughing ” Anu ka to Ram Ram ho gaya”

“Vanhi burns the screen” What i told you DSR…. i’ll be so near to you yet you won’t be able to recognize me.

Khoon ka badal khoon

All crying seeing Anika memories burning

Aarohi” itna bura to koi apney dushman k sath bhi nahe karta Vanhi itna tum nay humare sath kiya. Agar itni he nafart thi to bhees saal phely he kyun nahe maar dala humain?

Vanhi shouts” because i want to kill you infront of Anikaaaaaaaa. I just waited for this day for years…. Aarohi!!…… this script was written years ago but it got released today but your Anu flopped it she died before you….

Aarohi Singh Rajput janti ho kyun…. kyun ke yeha sab jantye hai k Anika k liya tum us ka rooh ho….. aur jab hum Anika ke samnaye us ki rooh nikalti to yeh jo Rajput’s aur ab to Oberoi’s bhi( Vanhi gazing Shivaay evilly) Anu ko ek lash banta dekhtaye to in ka wajood meeth janta.

Prince Aarohi has losted today you have losted from Vanhi…. hahahaha….. in true meaning Aarohi Singh Rajput losted your own blood start hating herself this much that she finally killed herself.

Scene shifts to RM

“Devi g crying” i’ll never forgive Vanhi. She destroyed my Devohi world.

Dadi” she was wolf under sheep clothing and we couldn’t recognise her.

“Pinky caressing Anika picture” Anika kyun chhod kar chali gayi apni maa ko. Ab bharjaji kesay jeenay ge.

“Chanda praying from gods for Aarohi safety”

“Jhanvi pacifing Devi g” Maa g nothing will happen to bhabhi g”

Devi g” beta i know nothing will happen to Aarohi. Shivaay has promised but my Aarohi will only be breathing. When her Anu….. devi g crying Anika beta come back for your Maaaaaaa

Scene shifts to theater

Gayu” crying Anni don’t do this.. please kill us but not Maa

Devshiv and Omru trying to free themselves but in Vanhi

Vanhi” jiji your Anu was titled Rajputain Talwar so see i’m giving you peaceful death with this…. Rajputain sword”

Dev” Vanhi!!! Noooo kill me but not Aarohi you have problem with me na. Please i’m pleading you for my Anu sake leave her Maa

Aarohi” No! Dev your hands are of Rajputs and Rajput can die but can never bend”

Vanhi smiles” stab sword in Aarohi”

All close their eyes

“Someone holds sword in the mid”

“Vanhi smiles dies to see fire”


Na hawaon mein itna janoon hai

Na samandar ki laharon mein itna dam

Na badalon may itni gharj

Na zameen may itni tapish

K woh humare hote huwe humare he wajood ko hum say juda kar sake.

All gets shocked to hear the voice

“Aarohi in breaking tone” A….n..u

Shivaay” Anikaaaaaaa…… he start beating goons

All gets their protein back and start beating goons

Vanhi tumbling ” Anika you are alive”

“Aarohi with tears gazing Anika”

“Anika snatch sword from Vanhi with her side gaze, gazing Aarohi tears ” grab her neck…… Anika nahe tumhari Maut hai hum

Gayu crying” Anika di

Dev” Anu ”

Omru crying” bhabhi ap……..

“Shivaay runs to Anika throws sword away from her” Anikaaa how you came here? Whyyyy? I told you not………he holds her hand and gazes Anika deep eyes


Shivaay” rubbing his lips on Anika’s lips”

Anika” Argh!! Clings his shirt tightly blood ozing from Anika nose

“Shivaay shouts Anikaaaaaa”

Anika” Shivaayyyyyy

Shivaay ” Anika what happend?

Anika” faints”


“Shivaay crying” doctorrrrrrrrrrrr

Dr” what happened?”

Shivaay” i don’t no please check see blood ozing from her nose”

Dr” bring her in let me check but you wait”

“Shivaay shouts” No! I’m not leaving her allone he’s my wife

“Dr put hand on Shivaay shoulder” i understand your emotions but be strong… let me check your wife”

Nurse” dr toxic is found and her hand is also fretched

After hour

Jeet” Hello ! Dr i’m Jeet Anika’s dr ”

Dr” doing some convertation with jeet

Jeet” Shivaay we have to operate her right now you complete the formalities and rest i’ll handle

Anika” is taken for operation”

“Shivaay gazes Anika and hold her hand”

O jaana plays

Dr” leave her and pray

“Shivaay wispers in Anika ear” Maaaa

“Anika sniffs and mutters Maa”

Nurses drag stetcher

After few hours

OT lights gets off

“Shivaay with fear” Doctor

Dr” don’t worry she’s fine but who’s Mashiv”

Jeet smiling” Shivaay and Ma is Maa”

Dr” she was continously calling you both and i guess what ever you whispered in her ear it’s give strenght to her to fight with death. But you have to be very clear full little mistake and it can risk her life again ”

Jeet” Shivaay Anika won’t get conscious for hours tell then you came with me i need to talk

Flashback ends

All gazing Shivaay with shocked

“Omru free themselve start beating goons”

Bhavya” ACP modes gets on”

“Gauri beating goon too”

“Vanhi leave me Anu”

“Anika tightly slap Vanhi” yeh name sirf humare yeh lay sakhti hai…. ( Anika points towards Aarohi)

“Aarohi keep on gazing Anika with wet eyes”

“Gayu crying” Anika di don’t spare her….. is nay Maa ko maara hai

“Anika close her eyes listening those words…… she starts having her childhood moments with Aarohi

“Goon shoots in the air” leave boss otherwise i’m going to kill him

Shivaay” Ommmmmmm”

Gauri” Omkara ggggggg

Dev and Ruvaya gets shocked they quickly leave other goons

Shivaay” if anything happen to open i’ll dig your grave here right own”

“Vanhi pushes Anika aside”

Goon” throw gun towrds Vanhi”

“Vanhi smiles my pet” hold them all except but tie their mouths

“Anika get angry” leave them i said leave”

“Shivaay with tied mouth trying to speak” please Anika don’t shout

Vanhi” lovebirds lied to me and too Aarohi jiji also very bad. Look at Princess Aarohi face Anika all got cold.

And jiji look how stubborn your dear Anu is still not meet your eyes nor gazing you”

Anika” if anything happen to them na i’ll…..( Vanhi cuts her)

Vanhi laugh” you will kill me right… Anu i’m bored…… She slap Anikaaa tightly clutches her left hand blood oozes from her hand more frequently

All crying seeing Anika blood dripping on floor

Aarohi” gazing Anika blood”

“Vanhi cup her mouth” Ha! Jiji look at your Anu you have melted this stone but look no drop of water in her eyes.

Shivaay in low tone” Anika”

O jaanaa plays

“Vanhi walk near Aarohi” what you will do jiji your eyes are telling that you will kill me… . Hahaah look my pets they all are repeating the same dialogue….. i’ll kill you, i’ll kill you…….

What a unity? Clap from them…

Vanhi sings

yeh bandhan to pyar ka bandhan hai..…..

Anika shouts” what you need?

Vanhi” Oh! ASR what’s to lock deal. DSR look my wish got completed i want your Anu to be here and see she’s infront of me and asking what i need”

Ok fine i tell you what i need.

Anika” tell me your price”

Vanhi laugh” think again ASR it can be too costly”

All nodding no

Anika” just bid it”

Vanhi smile” Aarohi or Shivaay

Anika” trembles back”

All faces gets black and white

Aarohi and Shivaay gazing Anika with red eyes

Vanhi” what happened to ASR deal is cheap na i now but you can increase it’s cost. Hurry up where you get lost”

Screen freezes on Anika face

Screen splits between Aarohi , Anika and Shivaay


Precape Anika kis ko chunen gayi Aarohi yeha Shivaay???

Tomatoes are welcome???? but not slippers.


Thanks for your comments, like and support keep giving me more and more…….

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  1. Omg……i knew that anika cant die…..pls update soon

  2. dear sister..
    Waiting today for your next part

  3. I knew it… Anika can’t die… What is anika decision… I am biting my nails…. Update soon dear

  4. ItsmePrabha

    Anu is back..And decision???..Nail biting..
    Super eagerly waiting for the next..

  5. Yeah it is a surprise Nor is back
    So excited for next part update sooooon

  6. Banita

    Waiting…. Waiting…. Waiting…. Nxt epi jaldi aaja..,
    Dii ek dum darwajatod epi tha… Loved it…

  7. Shanaya_rajput

    pata tha annika ka marna shivaay ka natak hoga…
    annika ka decision kya hoga….
    post asap….

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