I’ll snatch you from sky too episode 57- Shivaay exposed Vanhi

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“Dev kneel down cries” Aarohiii where are you? I’ve already lost my Anu now i can’t keep myself more compose i’m broken

“Gayu runs hug him tightly” dad

“Dev tightly hug Gayu” your dad is not so strong…. my Anu, my pride has already fallen and know my strenght again….

“Gauri breaks the hug wiping his tears” Dad stop crying nothing will happen to Maa.

“Bhavya resting on Dev shoulder” Dada!! What Anika di told Shivaay bhaiya?

Dev crying” baba no tears….. Ok

“Devi g keely down ” then baba why are you crying?

Dev” Maa!!

“Omru step forward makes Dev stand”

Om” Dev uncle…… Anika bhabi k baba hai aur jab baba ki Anu nay kabhi jhukna nahe sikha tha to phir Anu k baba kesay jhuk saktaye hai?”

Rudra” aur hum sab Anika bhabi k chaadaron hai”

“Dev pats Rudra” it’s chhaatron not chaadar.

“Rudra hugs Dev cries ” haan chhaatron…. aur chhaatron ka aaraz hota hai k woh apney guru k gokul ki Suraksha karey

“Dev rubbing his back” thankyou Anika bhabi k chhaatar aur haan yeh ap ka aaraz nahe faraz hota hai……

Om” yes! All for one and…..

All one by one putting hand on om hand…… Dev gazing the hands

Pinky aunty” bhai sahab…. ek Rajput hai ap aur Rajputon ka hath aur talwar ek he saman hotey hai… to uthaye yeh hath aur kehai…. one for all

Dev nods” all for one”

Pinky aunty shouts” one for all”

All in union” All for one”

Dadi” puttar…. have faith on yourself and Anika is not with us physically so what it doesn’t mean she’s not with us… she will be always with us here…. Dadi touches Dev heart

Bhavya” and here too…. bhavya touches his head”

Jhanvi” And one who are always here na then they are always are strenght more then who are infront of us”

Devi g” Dev! Trust me this time nothing will happen to Aarohi”

Omru” Dev uncle we couldn’t save Anika bhabi but we promise that her moon will always shine

Song plays

Lafzo ka yeh rishta nahe……..

Scene shifts to kakroli

MM” the person who was the first owner of that land….

Shivaay” haan kya name hai us ka”

Mr R” gazing Shivaay with curiously”

“Haan jaldi bolo kon hai woh” Shivaay questioning him

Scene shifts to unknown place

“Man removing blindfold from Aarohi eyes”

“Aarohi in semi conscious state” calling Anu….

“Vanhi laughs” look at her bad boys…. her Anu is dead but still calling her….

Men” laughing

“Aarohi closely opening her eyes” who are you?

Vanhi”sshhhh……judge is questioning something….. who i’m. Shall i answer her”

Man” boss phely Queen k King ko to batao”

Vanhi”Ho!! I forgotted him shit…. now King will be angry come let me infrom him and play the final round”

Scene shifts to RM

“Dev fone ringing” but he’s in deep thoughts..

“Gauri shaking him” Dad fone

Dev ” Ha?”

Gauri ” fone”

“Dev gazes the fone quickly recieve it” Hello! Who’s there?

“Vanhi on otherside talking but she changed her voice ” Chand kaha hai?

“Dev shouts” Aheeeeeee!

All gets shocked

“Vanhi laughing” chill out DSR….. Roshani to chali gayi per Chand toh abhi bhi baadalo may hai.

“Dev shouts more loudly” you basted…… if anything happened to Aarohi then…..( Vanhi cuts him)

Vanhi” then you are going to take my life but i’ve already take your life now only soul is left soon it will too leave you”

Dev” who the hell you are?”

“Shivaay shouts from entrance” Vanhi Indra Suryavanshi

All gets numb

Devi g” Shivaay beta”

“Shivaay snatch fone from Dev” Mrs Suryavanshi

“Vanhi sigh” haaa!

“Gayu cries” Maasi

Devi g” Vanhi beta”

“Dev fist his palm” Where’s Aarohi….. Vanhi

Vanhi” finally you caught me…. Shivaay or Anika ka majanu

Shivaay shouts” Where’s Maa?”

“Vanhi laugh” i’m sending her to her Anu and yours Anika…

“Shivaay roar” us say phely main tumhari rooh chheen loon ga.

Gayu” if anything happened to our Maa then we oath of Anika di…. we won’t spare you”

Vanhi ” first save your Maa from me princess and doll”

“Dev angrily ” Vanhi what you need?

“Vanhi good question” come where i call you but only DSR and your last two heir….. you have only 50 minutes and last and important sentence that every kidnapper says” POLICE IS NOT ALLOWED” but in this case only Doll is allowed.

Chanda” she’s Aarohi aunty g sister then how?

Dev” I’m coming Vanhiiiii…… Dev breaks the fone.”

“Gayu cries”

“Dev gazes them” Maa ko kuch nahe ho ga waada hai humara

Shivaay” i’m also coming with you uncle”

Dev” No! None is coming even Gayu you too.

Gauri” Maasi said me and Bhavya too come”

Bhavya” we are coming dad”

Devi g crying” hum bhi chaley gay”

Shivaay” dadi g it can be dangerous for you all… and what she said we have to obey her it’s matter of Anika’s Maa

Dev shouts” gari nikhalooo…. Suryavanshi DSR aa raha hai.

After an hour
@ The Victory Theater

“Vanhi grinning watch videos on screen”

“Aarohi again and again taking Anika name” Anu

Man” boss DSR”

Vanhi smile” welcome , welcome to my world DSR”

Men bringing four of them inside on guy point

All four angrily gazing Vanhi

Dev” Vanhi where’s Aarohi?”

“Vanhi pulling herself out of chair glancing them” what so hurry DSR….

“Bhavya struggling to free herself”

“Vanhi walk near her give tight slap to Bhavya”

Devshiv and Gauri shouts…… Vanhiiiiii

Vanhi” when two elders are speaking…. younger suppose to be quite”

Dev” Aarohiiii kaha hai”

“Vanhi walk near him” so desperate to meet your love…… twenty years when she was in my clutches where was this desperation.

Shivaay” why you did this with your own sister?”

“Vanhi laugh” bad spy SSO…..

Dev angrily trying to get free” Shivaay! She’s not her really sister…. she is step…..

Vanhi” gazes him angrily…. yeah step sister like Cinderella….. but in my case i’m not after Cinderella’s Prince Charming……( Bhavya cuts her)

Bhavya” Anni… Maa kaha hai?”

“Vanhi peck bhavya cheek” Anni slapped doll sorry

Bhavya” turning her face”

Vanhi” ok fine… don’t get annoy with me doll… let me show you your Maaaaaa

Jhodpur ki Raajkumari aur Udaipur k DSR k Dil ki Malika ko Vanhi Sanjay Suryavanshi aadalt may peash kiya jaye……

Vanhi pulls the rope and Aarohi is shown tied with ropes landing down

All four gets shocked shouts ” Aarohi/ Maa”

Shivaay cries pov” nothing will happen to your moon Anika… Today if SSO gets eclipse…. to koi gham nahe…… per chand kabhi grahan nahe ho ga….. sooraj dobata hai per chand kabhi nahe

“Vanhi splash water on Aarohi face” wake up jiji dekho zara kon aya hai”

Aarohi” Anu”

“Vanhi laugh” Anu is dead jiji and your little sister is behind her death too

Dev” Vanhiiiii i will kill you”

Vanhi” pulls Aarohi hairs”

All four roar” Vanhiiiiii”

Aarohi” Vanhi why you did this with me?”

“Vanhi squeezing her face” revenage

Dev” kesa revenage? And how you?

Vanhi cries” for killing my Indra”

Dev” i’ve not killed him but his own brother killed him ….. Vanhi leave Aarohi otherwise your death movie will played in this theater”

“Vanhi laughs loudly” but before i want to play the documentary on….. dan dandan….( vanhi giving music) on…. she press the button and Anika’s picture appears on ceinma screen…….

All with low tone call Anika” Anu/ Anika/ di”

Goons” boss what’s the name of movie”

Vanhi” Noor per kiya beeti yeh kesi nay na jaani ….? wesay to apbeeti log khud sunatey hai per Diya to bhoj gaya to suno ab toh dekho aur suno humari zubani

(Note: video is played on screen but Vanhi is narrating)

Look Jiji look how she was crying for you….. Anu’s baba Maa is not dead…. chutki and doll don’t cry Maa is coming she promised Anu….. (hahaah poor Anu cried and waited for her Maa but how can she come to her Anu… Anu’s Maa was in Anni’s clutches)

Shivaay” maar do ga main tumhain”

Dev” crying why you did this with Anu?”

Vanhi” because i knew it that destruction of Rajputs can only be held with construction of Anu and her constructor Aarohi….. she laughs evilly….. and it happened Anu became Anika but still she was unable to forget jiji”

Aarohi roar” don’t take my Anu’s name from your mouth”

Vanhi” kyun k hum Anu sirf Maa aur Baba ki hai…. she nods poor Anu died

Aarohi” crying don’t you had mercy on her. She was just to small to handle this

“Vanhi comes sit next to Aarohi” i’m not that much bad and watch this….

Knocking door to door…. did Anu’s maa came here. No beta your maa is not here.

Anu cried running here and there see all got wet then Maasi felt too bad for her that……..

Anni took rod and hit so hard on Anu’s head that soon Anu’s sweats changed into red and then (tu ru tu tu vanhi giving music) ambulance Anu taken to hospital… see jiji still in semi conscious state calling Maa, Maa and finally her eyes got closed and when she opened you know what happened after that…… ( narration pause with shivaay move)

Devohi and Gayu crying vigrously watching video

“Shivaay free himself and beats goons” i’ll nib you…. he runs and grap Vanhi neck…. you snatch my Anika’s childhood , her moon from her

“Vanhi struggling for breath” Shivaay look behind first

Shivaay” turns gets numb to see goon fixing knife on Aarohi neck. He quickly takes his hand back and runs to Aarohi….Noooo

Goon” hits Shivaay”

“Vanhi grins” Shivaay say direct Salman wow i’m impress…. but look Anu how Vanhi Anni turned Vilan

“Dev crying Shivaay stop please control”

“Narration and video continues”

“Vanhi burst into laughters” look at this princess Aarohi….. each phase of your Anu…. this one people badmouthing about her blood…. ganda khoon

Dev shouts” She’s my blood Dev Singh Rajput ka khoon hai”

“Vanhi jumps on stage fakely cries” Anu ko to pata nahe tha… right Anu

Here Aarohi what your Anu is telling the world

Main anaath hoon, mera is duniya may koi nahe hai

“Shivaay close his eyes” Anika face flashes infront of his eyes

O jaana plays

Gayu” how can you do this with our di….”

“Aarohi crying” Vanhi i loved you like mother and you unnamed my womb…. why?

“Vanhi shouts” because i hate you from the begining…… i was also princess but babuji always loved you more then me and it’s not about only love…….
Princess Aarohi of Jhodpur always wins from me in very aspect of live. You got all what you desire for and me always have to wait…… why? Because i was not like you?

Vanhi learn horse riding from jiji, Vanhi learn squash from jiji…. why everything from you?

Aarohi” but what was my fault in it? And when babuji gifted me white horse i gifted it to you.. because i had seen in your eyes that you always want the same”

“Vanhi throws chair” not gift but you gave me your uttran…. i hate you and when you got your love DSR the great my hatred got more for you. You got your love too and me Vanhi again left empty handed……… just because Kyra Singh Rajput fallen in love with my Indra.

Dev” Indra was blo*dy cheat and it’s good and Kyra back out at right time….

Vanhi shouts” Kyra who got mol……( Dev cut her)

Dev” Vanhi don’t you dare to”

Scene shifts outside theater

Omru” fighting with goons”

Om” Rudy! Be Carefull

Rudra” nods”

Om” beating goons….. baat humare bhai ki jaan ki hai”

Rudra” aur bhai ki jaan Anika bhabi”

“Omru holds hand of eachother ” aur Anika bhabi k jaan un ki Maa…. ( punches goon)

Rudra” aur jis may humare shivika ki jaan…..

Om” us may hum obros ka imaan

Rudra” holds goon from behind”

“Om hits on his head” aur imaan to sirf Maa..

Rudra” jaan jaye to jaye”

“Omru hits the last goon walk on his body gazes him back” per Imaan na jaye……

Scene shifts to inside

“Vanhi roar” Haan!! I’m behind all those attacks that were held on Anu….. i’m that witch that use to beat her, i injected toxics in her body, i gave her wrong medicines, everything wrost i did with Anu and just hear the last breath and words of your Anu…… jiji

Watch it open your eyes and see what i did with Noor of Rajputs

She was in my clutches and i gave this slow poison to her…. i forced her to drink this poison…

Vanhi talking like Anika” no i won’t drink un ko acha nahe lagta…… hahaah but Anni ko to bohat acha lagta tha aur yeh Anni nahe….. took Anu’s left hand and hit with wood so hard that….( vanhi comes sits next to Aarohi and Shivaay wraping them in arms) open your eyes and see how her hand trumbling and Anu calling( Vanhi echoes in their ears) Maa, Shivaay

Aarohi” cover her ears stop it”

Gauri” i hate you Maasi”

Bhavya” don’t call her maasi di… she’s…….

“Vanhi stand up open her arms scream” Hum Vanhi ek aag hai aur Rajputs ka kaal hai.”

And with this Anika Singh Rajput ka chaper closed

Shivaay” gazing her angrily”

Screen freezes on grey orbs

To be cont…………..
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