I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 31 (Part A)

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I’m back with another episode hope u guys will like it and if u like don’t forget to comment it.
Now ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes and continue reading my ff and drop ur suggestion too.
Recape https://www.tellyupdates.com/ill-snatch-sky-sequel-part-30-


Dev shaking Anika ” Anika wake up i said wake up i promise I’ll never again shout at u nor I’ll scold u bacha wake up won’t u listen to ur baba”
Shivavy ” standing near window recalling khirkitod Anika, her home made dictionary words ringing in his ears”.
Omru” consoling gayu”
Devi g” chanting some mantir in temple”
Anika ” sniffing heavily ”
Song get plays in the background
Main dardon ko paas bitha kar hi soun
Anika” face is shown
Shivavy ” dev uncle u go and rest for while
Dev” no I’m fine”
Gayu” dad plz rest u too will fall ill plz dadu”
Shivavy ” checking Anika fever. Anika utho na plz kyun sab ko rula rahi ho aur kitni khud ko saza aur dard do ge tum”
( note: scenes are shifting from Anika to other location so I’m not mentioning the locations again and again)
@3:15 am
A lady running on streets
Anika” eyes gets widely open mutters Maaaa she comes out of bed stumbling runs out”
Shivavy ” gets conscious with some sound Anikaaa kaha jaa rahi ho rukho”
Anika” pushes him hard shivavy fall down Anika gazes him she’s about to hold him but hearing the feet sound she again start running”
Shivavy ” runs after her Anika don’t run u can’t”…
Anika” running down from stairs muttering maa”
Shivavy ” gets hit with the pillar he falls down he shouts dev uncle, gayu, omru”
“All comes out of their respective rooms all runming to her”
Dev” Anu stop”
Anika” running towards door feet bleeding”
Omru” bhabi”
Gayu” runs after Anika ” Anika di rukhiya
Devi g” dev hold her
Anika” gets hit with the table and her both hand gets bang on it Anika scream in pain” Maa”
Pankh agar hote
Udd ke chala main aata
Rukta na ek pal
Lady ” stop hearing the voice”
“All gets numb to see Anika collapse with ground faces gets black and white Anika / di/ bhabi ”
Dev takes Anika in lap ” Anu”
Anika” baba, maa aa rahi hai”
Dev” maa nahe aye ge woh maar chuki hai bus Anika woh maar chuki hai aur woh kabhi wapis nahi aye ge dev clutching Anika suna woh maar gaye hai”
Anika ” sniffing badly geting angry woh aa rahe hai baba choriye humaye humaye un k pas jaana hai. Anika trying hard to free herself she argh in pain”
Qaid ye kaisi Khuda
Saans bhi roothi hai
Seene mein aaj kal..
Aaj kal, aaj kal, aaj kal
Aaj kal, aaj kal, aaj kal
Dev” shouts bhavay bring her injection quickly”
Shivavy ” rubbing her back Anika just calm down”
Bhavay” brings injection and give it to shivavy”
Shivavy ” inject Anika and soon Anika closes her eyes”
Vanhi ” rubbing her hand uff such disaster happening in RM after my sister death she’s gone mad poor Anika”

Farm house
After 3 days ( 22nd of December)
Anika” with close eyes sitting in shivavy lap”
Shivavy ” eyes are too close he with one hand cup Anika face and other hand he brushing Anika hand gently. Both are in same pain differences is only of wounds Anika is externally and internally wounded where shivavy internally but both are smoothing eachother pain with their love”
Shivavy peck Anika head ” Anika have ur dinner then I’ve to dressing of ur hands and feet ”
Anika” shivavy when these bandages will get open? and u r not going to touch my feet”
Shivavy ” Anika only week more then ur head, hand and feet bandages will get open. And why i can’t touch ur feet, It’s tickles u”?
Anika cuddling in shivavy ” no shivavy it doesn’t tickles but ask maid to do that”
Shivavy ” smiles hug her tightly as u wish jaan but have ur food otherwise ur baba is going to scold SSO”
Anika ” smiles put right hand on shivavy cheek ok Scare Singh Oberoi”
Shivavy ” feeding Anika ”
Anika “rubbing her face on shivavy chest”
Shivavy ” Anika what happened ur wounds are paining”?
Anika” no but i didn’t remember how my feet got bandaged and how we are in farm house where i remember i was in RM”…
Shivavy ” cup her mouth don’t stress urself Anika just stay calm and stay close to my heart shivavy wraps her in his arms”
Anika” smiles”
Shivavy ( thinking)” Anika just few days more and then all ur wounds will get there name i know u don’t feel any pain anymore but u will feel them”
Anika” what ? Shivavy”
Shivavy ” o bete ki main to bhool he gaya tha k yeh Chantomai mera mann bhi parah leti hai ”
Anika” shivavy mainey sun liya u called me Chantomai now I’ll call baba and tell him”
Shivavy ” u r making me afraid of ur baba ”
Anika” nods like kids yes I’m”
Shivavy ” acha g to yeh baat hai to phir shivavy put her head his keen start nuzzling Anika face and neck”
Anika” shiv….
Shivavy in his husky voice ” tell ur baba what I’m doing with u”
Anika” cheapde Shivavy leave me”
Shivavy” pull her up u called SSO cheapde now let me get more cheapde”
Anika” get nervous she gazes shivavy ”
Shivavy ” about to kiss her but Anika sneeze Achu, Achu”.
Shivavy” saraye romance ki Achiya, Achiya kar diye aur dekha Anika fever phir say ho gaya u got cold again now come let me take u in and sleep he takes in arms gently place her on bed”
Anika i think there’s some other reason behind ur sneezing koi tumhaye bohat shiddat say yaad kar raha hai”
Anika” gets upset ”
Shivavy ” feel bad for her Anika time to sleep”
Anika” I’m not feeling sleepy shivavy”
Shivavy” close ur eyes Anika and try to sleep it’s not good for ur health to stay awake in late hours”
Anika” shivavy humaye neend nahe ati”
Shivavy ” kyun Anika ”
Anika” gets quite gazes him with pain”
Shivavy ” sit next to her patting her head gently ”

Rajput Masion
Devi g” dev what to do now? i think we have to tell her”
Dev” maa i don’t no what to do Anika situation is critical ”
Gauri ” dadi jeet uncle said first we have perpare Anika di”
Dev” shivavy was telling that Anika is not ready to listen anything ”
Devi g” but we have to tell her before she herself find it”
Gauri” let me call shivavy bhaiya”
Dev” no don’t call him at this time he’s making Anika sleep tomorrow I’ll talk to shivavy again now u both go and sleep”
Gauri” dadu , dadi good night”
Dev” smiles good night princess and enjoy”
Devi g” dev once Anika gets back to RM I’ll keep puja”
Dev” maa do what ever u want”
Someone” monitoring them DSR not so soon you think u won game but the real battle is began ”

Next Day farm house
Anika” wearing spectacles checking the files”
Shivavy ” Anika u look so cute in these spectacles”
Anika ” tell me something new Stale Singh Oberoi”
Shivavy ” Aww! Anika not fair I’m not Stale at all”
Anika” Aww ! But u r older then me na so”
Shivavy ” Anika dekho ek SSO ki height he stand up, us k baal doing his signature step aur us ki age looking himself in mirror ko underestimated ever karigi. Ok
Anika” nods ok Self-praising Singh Oberoi”
Shivavy ” smiles on her dictionary Anika itna dimagh lati kaha say ho tumhari m…. shivavy about to complete it but Anika stares him rudely )
Shivavy ” i mean to say that tumhara mind Loin ki tera bhaagta hai. Shivavy fone rings he gazes her. U rest Anika I’m coming”
Anika fone beep ” Sahil ka message ho ga she reads the message. How’s number is it and why wants to meet me”?
Shivavy ” hello! Dev uncle”

Dev” shivavy !how she’s progressing”?
Shivavy ” uncle she’s improving but she’s not coming on her maa topic”
Dev ” but we have to tell her the truth”
Shivavy ” yes dev uncle today or tomorrow truth has to come infront of Anika”
Anika call shivavy from back ” shivavy kon sa sach”
Shivavy ” turns Anika he runs to him takes in arms Anika why u came out of bed u know na u can’t stand”?
Anika” why ur voice is tumbling Shivavy , Aur ap kon say sach ki baat kar rahy hai?
Shivavy ” s..a..ch koi sach nahe shivavy shaking his head. He place her on bed about to leave but Anika stop him”
Anika” shivavy i hope u r hiding anything or ditching me again”
Shivavy ” cup her face I’m actually I’m”
Anika” what”?
Shivavy ” I’m hiding u in my heart. ”
Anika ( thinking) ” something is fishy i think I’ve to find it what they are cooking”.
Woman in veil” peeking them”
Anika” shivavy mujhe gola ganda khana hai”
Shivavy ” Anika no it’s cold”
Anika” khana hai, khana hai abhi khana hai”
Shivavy ” Anika no”
Anika” make puppy faces plz na go and bring it for me”
Shivavy ” finally give up as he can’t see her sad so he agrees to get it for her. Anika but u r not going to get up from bed ok if u need anything call maid’s”
Anika” gola ganda”
Shivavy” smiles and leave to get gola ganda

Anika” I’m here”
Woman in veil” good to see u here ASR sit on that chair i know u can’t stand”
Anika” who u r? And why u called me here?
Woman ” u question alot Anu”
Anika ” just shut ur month and don’t call me that”
Woman” sorry i forgot that only ur baba and..
Anika ” shouts just stop it and come to point”
Woman ” Chehre Pe Chehra Hai……
Anika” I’m going from here and i won’t believe u”
Woman ” u have to trust me ASR because u who is born with gold heart our easily fooled by their own loved ones. But dear one who’s slaughter by loved ones again it’s better for u to trust some stranger now”
Anika” what u mean and why i too trust u”?
Woman ” ASR go to RM and check what’s waiting for u and see true colors of ur loved ones. Now go from here before SSO comes after u I’ve arranged car for u driver will drop u”
Rest is on the way………….

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