I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 30 Maha Episode ( part A)

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Maha episode with maha dhamaka ?? hope u guys will like it and if u like did don’t forget to comment it.

Now ignore spelling, typo and grammatical mistakes and continue reading my ff and drop ur suggestion too.


Anika” lies down on the floor hug herself tightly”

Lagta hai ki tum bin hum reh na payenge
Kya toota hai ander ye hum keh na payenge
Aa bhi jaao hum se aakhir kaise naraazi

Yaara tum bin jeene mein
Saansein chubhe hain seene mein
Tum bin raha jaaye naa
Tum bin jiya jaaye naa

Tum bin jiya jaaye naa

Dev gazing Anika from far ” Anu maa kabhi wapis nahi aye ge kyun us ka intazar kar rahe ho woh easi jagah chali gayi hai jaha say koi kabhi laut k nahe aya”

Tum bin jiya jaaye naa


Next day

Devi g” dev have u found about the one who’s after Anika life?

Dev” maa I’m trying but what that blo*ody told me that’s not enough.

Gauri” what he told u?

Dev ” he said that none of has seen him. There’s always veil between them.

Om” then how u will reach him?

Bhavay ” om bhaiya that man told that everytime his boss plays with card and there’s some diya tattoo on his hand”

Devi g” I’m much thankful to god that Ragini again got arrested and shivavy has send her to Bhopal mental asylum”

Om” where’s Shivavy?

Gauri ” omkara g, shivavy bhaiya has gone for some work he said he’ll be back till lunch time”

Bhavay ” lunch but we haven’t taken breakfast I’m hungry come lets do it fast otherwise all mouse will start doing “thandav” in my little stomach”

Rudy” ur stomach is little ek din may 2 , 2 dargan andaye kaha jati hai aur abhi is ka stomach chota hai”

Bhavay ” why u all laughing on me it’s all because of u Duffer Singh Oberoi now I’m not going to leave u”

Bhavay start running after Rudy

Rudy” oye bandariyan u can’t catch me”

Bhavay ” throw cushion on Rudy ” hathi saala”

Rudy ” Hww!!! u called me hathi.

Both ruvya start doing cushion fighting u bandariya , u hathi , u , u,………..

Rikara” stop them from futher coming snow in RM

Gauri” bhavay u were hungry na then stop fighting with Rudy”

Om” oye dumbbell Oberoi don’t u want to have ur protein shake ”

Rudy” hug om and in weak voice yeah i need it alot after fighting with this bandariya I’ll have 3 glasses

Bhavay ” I’ll also have not 4 but 8 eggs all my strength is wasted on this duffer”

Rudy” don’t call me duffer”

Bhavay ” ok fool

Rudy” crying see O she called me fool”

Om” shut up crying baby

Dev and Devi g” smiling on ruvya

Gauri” bhavay say sorry to my Rudy bhaiya”

Bhavay ” aaah , aahaa woh bhaiya to main kya bandariya”

All giggles loudly hahaahaa

Rudy smirks so finally u accept it that u r ” bandariya”

Gauri” pat on bhavay head bhudhu apna pappu bana liya

Bhavay ” hug gauri di u too”

Devi g” kids it’s enough of ur masti can we eat I’m also hungry rubbing her hand on her stomach”

All four hug devi g even we are dadi g but first we need kissy

Devi g” smile all can do but

Om” but what dadi g”?

Devi g” not bhavay”

Rudy” Aww! See i told u dadi loves me more than u”

Devi g” oye Aww karna band kar mainey usay is liya manaya kiya u k woh kissy kam aur gilli gilli zayad karti hai”

Bhavay ” push all them a side dadi g to ab to punishment milaye ge bhavay show her tongue to her dadi”

Devi g” bhavay no….

Bhavay ” lick whole face of her dadi muwhhhhh??

Devi g” dev stop ur ACP Sahiba”

Dev”bhavay where’s ur Anika di”

Bhavay ” there she’s bhavay pointing her finger to Anika who was stepping down”

Devi g” lambi umar hai meri bachi ki”

Anika” I’m going to meet someone I’ll be back in evening”

Dev” did u took my permission? Anu”

Anika turns her face ” permission ” Seriously!!….

Dev stand up ” yup seriously!!….. now go and take ur sit on dinning table have breakfast ” he sign all to get sitted on dinning table.

Anika” what’s going on why u r forc….before Anika could complete it”

Dev ” Bellow so loud that whole RM shivers but someone trembles more.

Anika” trembles and breath gets stuck in her throat she gazes her baba with fear in her eyes”

All gets shocked to see Anika condition

Dev with anger looking Anika” R u coming Anika or i’ve to come there”

Gayu” gape Anika”

Anika” with baby foot coming to dinning table”

Dev” shouts come fast “

Devi g” Dev”

Dev” still staring Anika plz u stay out of this”

Anika” about to sit next to her dadi but…

Dev in rudely way”is that ur place? “

Anika” stammers N….oooo

Dev” say it properly and come sit to ur accurate place”

Anika gazes her mother room ” with eyes telling her maa that baba shouting at her

Dev turns his face wipes his tears” Anikaaa from whom u r waiting for?”

Anika with shivering voice ” i aaa i i’m co…ming ba… she quickly get sitted with her baba

Dev” have these medicines first and then take healthy breakfast”

Devi g” sign dev don’t shout more”

Dev” staring Anika but talking to other’s what u all r looking at me? Have ur breakfast now ”

Gauri” Anika di juice?

Anika” looking at her baba with fearful gaze….. te..a g.e..en”

Dev” it’s green tea”

Anika” haan tea she moving her head left to right nahe, nahe green tea”

All had tears in their eyes but all our helpless too

Dev” finish ur breakfast and then get ready nicely some guests are coming to meet us.

Anika” like children nods her head. Cup gets slips from Anika hand she gets frighten gapes her baba”

Gayu” about to help their di but dev stop them”

Dev steadily stand up from his seat ” Anikaaaa”

Anika” tightly close her eyes” trembles !!

Dev” don’t do it next time go and change ur dress and i need u here at 4pm sharp. Gauri go with her and help her in changing . I’m coming in hour and bhavay u keep an eye on her if she do anything which she’s not supposed to do call me right on the spot I’ll see her myself now. I’m i clear ”

Anika” still sitting on chair with close fearful eyes”

Gauri” di open ur eyes now dad is gone ”

Anika” slowly open her eyes but listening to her baba voice she again shutter her eyes”

Rudy” O I’m really feeling bad for Anika bhabi but bhabi is looking so cute and adorable”

Om” stay quite ”


Unknown place

Boss” why u called me here u early”?

Voice” i think u should called the doctor or take……. chatakh !!!!

Boss” give tight slap to unknown voice don’t open ur month

Voice” but…..

Boss” don’t tell me what i’ve to do and if..( conversation on mute mode)

Voice ” as u wish boss and don’t worry boss we will update u”

Boss” u must do that if u didn’t that u r over”

Voice ” yes boss

Boss” smirks


@Rajput Masion

Couple of people stepping in RM

Dev” greeting them all after greeting eachother dev asked them to get seated”

Mr Suresh ” Mr Rajput it are honour that we have to do work for u.

Dev” smile ur MD is after all called The Constitution Machine so we have work”

Mr S” Yeah! That’s absolutely true but even u r not less than that after all u r DSR ” The Chaser” me and my respective team member are really happy that we got the chance to provide our services to u Mr Rajput

Dev” but where’s ur MD ”

Mr S” he’s on the way ”

Ms Molly” Mr Rajput if u don’t mind we all are really excited to meet ASR after all she got the biggest contract of Asia”

Dev” she’s coming in few minutes till then u guys have some refreshments

Vikram ” enters the RM and greets dev”

“After the warm conversations of few minutes”.

Vikram ” Mr Rajput I’m really sorry as u know that since last few months i was not in india and i didn’t got opportunity to meet ASR so please can u call her I’ve heard alot about her but didn’t got the chance to meet her face to face so can i”….

Anika” coming down but eyes filled with fear she gazes her baba and all guests back is towards her. Anika comes to mid of the hall”

Dev” staring her so meet ASR”

“All with Vikarm too stand up from their place”

Vikram ” traces his gaze to direction where Anika is standing and the moment he gazes Anika. Vikram and Anika faces gets black.

Anika” gets flashes of the day from where her life got a spine”

Dev” meet my daughter Prid……. dev is about to introduce her. Anika hold her head gets faints but she falls in two pair of hand hold her before she can get hit with floor Anika gets save in shivavy embrace”

“All gets shocked to see this”

Dev” runs to Anika, wake up Anu what happened”?

Shivavy” patting on her cheek Anika.

Vikram ” shivavy”

Shivavy ” look up at vikram his eyes start turning grey in anger….

Dev” take her to room shivavy I’m coming. Dev bit bye to his guests and runs to Anika room.


Anika’s room

Devi g” crying i told u dev don’t shout at her she is really afraid of ur anger but u didn’t listen now see the consequences”

Dev” maa it was needed ”

Shivavy ” dadi g that’s not the reason”

Omru and Gaya ” runs inside Anika room. All asked the same question , what happened to Anika di/ bhabi

Shivavy ” Vikarm”

Dev” narrow his eyes, what Vikarm?

Gauri” telling them her dad and dadi about vikarm”

Dev” why u guys didn’t told me this before”?

Rudy” dev uncle that lambu was not at a fault at all. Rudy staring shivavy it was someone ego and way of looking did it all”

Om” Yes! Dev uncle , om too staring shivavy what we see or hear it’s not that it’s always true, shivavy everything has two sides”

Vikarm ” walk in ”

“All staring him”

Vikarm ” i know u all have not expected me here but today i what to confess something and really what’s to apologise from u all and specially from Anika. Today the moment i saw her in this condition earth got slipped under my feet”.

Rudy” get lost from here”

Vikarm ” hold dadi feet plz let me say it for once it’s killing me from inside

Devi g” wiping her tears say it”

Vikarm ” shivavy it was Ragini plan to throw Anika out of ur life she asked me to help her and i have to do so because today what ever I’m just because of her family. Anika was never behind my property it was a trap by me and Ragini and what u have seen or heard was not true.

Vikarm telling shivavy what exactly happend on his wedding day and how shivavy pictured it”

Shivavy u spend such a long time with her but u never came to know what exactly she’s and me who hardly spend few days main yeh jaan gaya k Anika khara sona hai sona shivavy aur tum naye usi ko gold digger keha diya”

” I’m not ashamed or afaird to accept that somewhere the day i met this pure soul i start falling for her and not only me shivavy I’m sure that the day u met her for the first time ur heart too wants to beat for her”

Shivavy ” with tears looking Anika”

Vikarm ” shivavy she only loves u but u know when i saw her i felt michmichi. U too love her alot but Anika made me realise that before saying ” I Love U” it better to first say ” I Trust U”

One thing more u claim that u love her alot but true is that Anika loves for u is more than ur love for her”

“Her love for u is pure but ur love for her got impure”.

“I’m construction Machine if foundation is kept stronger then wall is kept crack free”.

Shivavy ” give steady look to Vikarm “

Vikarm ” foundation get weak but eyes always find cracks in wall and we always forgets that if the walls got cracks on it , it might foundation is losing itself”

Before leaving i want to say shivavy ” Anika ka dil ,dil nahe Mandir aur Mandir kabhi apavitar nahe hota”

Vikarm ” I’m really sorry Mr Rajput yeh kafir puja to dur main is Mandir ko nazar utha kar bhi dekhnay ki aukat nahe rakhata”

Shivavy ” bends his head down in shame”


Oberoi Mantion

Pinky anuty ” mummy g today is ur appointment with doctor”

Dadi” pinky u don’t need to tell me what u did with shivavy after that u have no right to say mummy g to me pinky and jhanvi will take me”

Pinky anuty ” mummy g plz at least u forgive me i can’t see hatred in ur eyes for me i make selfish and couldn’t see that it’s the fact that after marriage relation gets change”

Dadi” pinky relations never changes it’s only the way of looking them gets changed. Pinky just because of u today Anika is in this much pain have u seen her condition urself being in so much pain she never feel it. One side she lost her love( shivavy) and other side she again owned that pain ( maa) which was healed but because of u not u pinky but our own shivavy is as much responsible for Anika condition as much u r”

Pinky anuty ” crying mummy g I’m really sorry but i promise I’ll became Anika mother ”

Dadi” to whom u give birth u didn’t became his mother what u will become mother of her”

Pinky anuty ” mummy g don’t say this I’m already repenting myself for all”

Dadi” kitna harabhara parivaar tha mera aur aaj sirf tere ghuna nay is ghar ko beronak kar diya. Pinky go from here i don’t want to go to doctor”

Pinky anuty ” mummg g ap ko Anika ki kasam hai ”

Dadi” became helpless infront of pinky aunty swear and she gets ready to go hospital with pinky aunty.

“At what time we have to go? Pinky”

Pinky anuty ” smiles wipes her tears mummy g in evening ”

Dadi” praying for Anika happiness”


Shivomru and dev on different routes temples, office , farm house, river, friends houses all searching Anika their fone are connected to eachother

Shivaay ” om kuch pata chala

Omru” no shivavy /bhaiya

Dev” where she can go at this time?

Shivavy” rudy call at RM and ask them might me Anika get back

Dev”hello! shivavy did u ask Sahil may be Anika contact him”

Shivavy ” yes dev uncle but he said no its long time Anika didn’t talk to her”

Om” Rudy step down and question these taxi drivers

Rudy” questioning drivers


“City Hospital ”

Pinky anuty brings dadi g to hospital for regular check.

Dr” maa g ur bp getting high now take maa g to second floor dr Sonia will report u the next”

Pinky aunty” dekha’s mummg g mujhe pata tha k ap ka bp zayad ho gaya hai”

Dadi” pinky”

Pinky anuty ” what pinky ? Mummy g u know’s na if u will fall ill that both shivavy and Anika will scold us that we are not taking proper care of their dadi”

Dadi” pinky puttar i won’t get well till my Anika don’t get fine”

Pinky aunty” mummy g not only fine but i want by single master piece beti ek dam khirkitod”

Dadi” pinky akash yeh baat tujhe phely pata chali jatati to aaj tera shivavy tujhse yun muh na mor leyta”

Pinky anuty ” mummy g yeh main bhi janti hoon aur ap bhi k bacha apni maa say naraz to ho sakta hai per gusa nahe. Aur jab meri pyaar beti Anika hai to mujhe us billu say zaroor milwaye ge. Man pushes and she gets fall in feet of lady sitting on wheelchair”

Dadi” pinky get up r u fine na?

Man” hold pinky aunty from arm hey u get lost from our way”

Pinky anuty ” how dare u to say this to pinky do u know who I’m?

Dadi” pinky stop it lets go from here”

Pinky” mummy g have u seen them so bad they our in these winters they have not cover that lady properly only her face is covered like they don’t want others to see her face.

Dadi” pinky come we have to meet Sonia

Pinky anuty ” mummy g u wait hear let me give her my shawl and sweater to her.”

Man to other person” go and check dr has arrived or not”

Pinky” o hello! 6 footiya listen

Man” hey makhun tujhe bula rahe hai”

Maakhu” turns kya hai”

Pinky anuty ” give this shawal and sweater to this lady it’s cold she will get more sick ”

Maakhu” hey moti roti chal jaa kar tori dieting kar”

Pinky anuty ” tunaye mujhe moti kaha to tu khud kya hai Gorilla”

All man start laughing on Makhun”

Maakhu” now u r gone”

Pinky anuty ” chup kar oye gone , gone bol kar main na tujhe gond bana do. Ab haath mere rastey se

Man” u can’t ”

Pinky anuty ” kyun hospital there baap dada ka hai”

Man” nahe”

Pinky anuty ” per mere ka hai”

Man” mouth get widen in shock sach may”

Maakhu” come here all go and check when dr is not coming”

Pinky anuty ” that lady is shivering and all these char gadhaye to us k pass bhi nahi jaanaye dey rahy pinky aunty swap her finger idea”.

Pinky anuty ” pat on man shoulder”

Man” what?

Pinky anuty ” mujhe yeh shawl aur sweater un ko denaye do na”

Man” chal yeha say”

Pinky anuty ” is makhun ki chamcha ghir karta hai to kitna milta hai ”

Man” ?

Pinky anuty ” counting fingers hwww sirf 5

Man” 5 nahi 5000

Pinky anuty ” ek din ka yeh to bohat acha hai”

Man” kya bheeja fry kar rahi hai ek din ka 5000 nahe ek maheena ka

Pinky anuty ” Awww? yeh to bohat nainsafi hai bhai

Man” yeh chal nikal”

Pinky anuty ” with notes give air to herself”

Man” in winters she’s taking air”

Pinky anuty ” only one work and it can be yours

Man” lalach de rahi hai”

Pinky anuty ” nahe hawa de rahi hoon” dar na kar woh dekh kuta noto k khushbo sughta chala aya ab to na sahi to us ko milaye gay yeh puraye Rs 10000″

Man” dashaaazarr”

Pinky anuty ” take this money and take me to that lady. She pat on man head sharam nahi aati itni sardi may koi patient ko esay hospital lata hai ”

Man” now quickly do what u want to do than go from here”

Pinky anuty ” behan g yeh sweater aur shawl lay ley bohat sari hai”

Lady” usay bhi bohat sardi lagti ho gye”

Pinky anuty “kon? Pinky suspicious gazing lady”

Lady” A”………..

Man” now u go from here they are coming”

Pinky” u did good work toh one selfie

Man” kyun main ko SK hoon

Pinky anuty ” jaldi kar jab koi acha kam karo to selfie kheecho. Chal ab aa?


Rajput Masion @ 9:30pm

“Devi g crying everything was going good i was so happy to my noor start glowing but again ……

Gauri ” consoling her dadi

Bhavay talking on fone with officers.

Devi g ” kuch pata chala beta

Bhavay ” no dadi g officers are searching di

Gauri ” lighten the diya start praying infront of maata rani idol

Bhavay ” questioning servants

Vanhi” bhavay beta don’t panic i can’t see u like this ur dad is gone na to bring Anika back”

Bhavay ” Thankyou!! Aani but nothing is important for me than Anika di”

Vanhi” maa g ateast u tell me where is Anika and what happened that u all r worried for her”

Dadi” Vanhi beta actually……

Scene shifts to shivomru and dev

Shivaay ” om kuch pata chala

Omru” no shivavy /bhaiya

Dev” where she can go at this time?

Shivavy” rudy call at RM and ask them might me Anika get back

Dev” shivavy last time where u drop her

After 4 hours

Dev” walking in full of anger

Vanhi runs to dev put hand on her shoulde ” have u find her”?

Dev” stare her rudely and jerks vanhi hand ” step forward

Gayu and devi g runs to him” all asked the same question ” WHERE’S ANIKA/DI” ? Dev/ dad

omru ” too walk in hopelessly

Vanhi (thinking) who they trio are?

Devi g” hold dev collar” Dev where’s my child? Dev tell me , dev.

Dev hug his mother” maa i couldn’t find ur granddaughter.

Shivavy ” too come back all with tears”

Gauri” Dad, Shivavy bhaiya u r DSR and SSO na nothing is impossible for u then who come it’s not possible for u to bring ur life back.

Rudy” chullbul bhabi stop crying

Bhavay gets angry u all stay here i myself will go and will bring my Anika di back.

Dev hold Bhavay from arm” i told u before Bhavay that u trio are not going out of RM boundaries stay back.

Bhavay ” dad I’m an officer

Vanhi” why she can’t go out of RM boundaries? Dev

Dev” I think u go and rest Vanhi it was long journey u r looking really tired”

Vanhi” gazes them all and walk to her room”

Dev” hold bhavay from arm before that u r Dev Singh Rajput daughter and i can’t now i can’t put my other two daughters in danger too.

Bhavay ” but dad , Anika di is missing no clue of her plz let me go I’ll bring ur pride back

Dev hug Bhavay tightly ” plz Bhavay my princess understand the situation we still don’t know who’s after her life and if u will to go out they can harm u too.

Bhavay crying” I’m sorry dad.

Om” shivavy where r u lost?

Shivavy” runs out

All runs behind runs Shivavy

Dev” where u r going Shivavy?

Shivavy” I’m going to bring the noor of RM back

Omru” we r also coming with u

Shivavy” no u both stay back with them they need u don’t worry i won’t come alone this time dadi g.


Rest is on the way………..


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