I’ll snatch you from sky too (sequel) Part 30 Maha Episode ( part B)

Shivavy ” driving the car as much fast he can shivavy to himself i hope Anika has not done any thing to herself”

Anika” is shown walking on the road all lost face on pale just body living soul all dead. She comes near dargaah stand outside it having flashback


1st Maid ” u know there’s darga near river XYZpeople from different cities even countries come there visit it.

2nd maid” why? There’s some magic on that dargaah ?

1st maid” u can call it god miracle I’ve heard from alot of people that who ever with pure soul and heart goes to this dargaah there wishes and prayers are definitely fulfilled.

3rd maid” no i don’t believe on this”

4th maid” no she’s saying correct my naani in my childhood used to tell me true stories about this dargaah

1 st maid” today also……….

Flashback ends.

Qwali gets played

Rooth kar hum unhe bhool jaane lage …

Anika start walking in

Rooth kar hum unhe bhool jaane lage …(4)

Woh hume woh hume aur bhi yaad aane lage
Woh hume aur bhi yaad aane lage
Bhool jaane wale yaad aane wale…(6)

Shivavy gets stuck in the traffic he hit his palm hard on steering

Anika” with close eyes sitting near grave of saint “

Humne dil se kahi apni majbooriyan…(4)
Dil ko lekin yeh saare bahane lage…(2)

Bhool jaane wale yaad aane wale…(2)

Shivavy ” giving horns to cars”

Anika chokes she comes out of the saint room but she stumbles

Unke kadmon mein gir jaaye mar jaaye hum…

Anika gets hit with stone and she fall downs on her face whole face gets full of soil”

Unke kadmon mein gir jaaye mar jaaye hum…..

Mar jaaye hum

Is tarah apni mitti tikhane lage…(2)
Bhool jaane wale yaad aane wale…(2)

Anika with the help of ladies again stand on her feet and stumbles. She comes at sits at edge of door a baba put hands on her shoulder”

Baba” bacha kesay talash kar rahi hai?

Anika” hum nahe janatey

Baba” lagta hai khud ko kis may talash kar rahi hai.

Anika” kon hai woh?

Baba”pointing up ask him , he’s going to tell u ” kon hai woh”

Shivavy ” comes out of the car and ask man. How much time it will take to get traffic clear “

Man” sir accident huwa hai aagaye kuch pata nahe”

Shivavy ” bang his hand on car”

A child near Anika cries she gazes child with emotions she looks around whole dargaaha rotates with Anika.

Child crying loudly calling ” maa, maa”

Un se ek pal mein kaise bichad jaaye hum …(4)

Anika kneely down on land close her eyes tightly maa, maa word eco all around her she cup right ear tightly but still maa word echoing.

Jinse milne main shaayad zamane lage…(2)

Shivavy ” showing running on road

Bhool jaane wale yaad aane wale…(2)
Rooth kar hum unhe bhool jaane lage…(2)
Woh hume aur bhi yaad aane lage…(2)

Shivavy” enters the Dargaah start looking for Anika kaha ho Anika.

Anika” stares people walking on ambers( jalta koyla).

Bhool jaane wale yaad aane wale…

Bhool jaane wale yaad aane wale…

She take off her sandals start walking on them, closes her eyes stumbling walking on them mutters maa, maa…….

Jo soch rahe hai kabhi dekha hi nahin tha
Jo dekh rahe hai kabhi socha hi nahin tha

Shivavy” get numb to see Anika walking on ambers. He shouts Anika runs to her pull her down from them.Anika hosh may aao kya kar rahi ho tum

Anika with half closed eyes rubbing her right hand Shivavy beard Shivavy ” MAA”

Shivavy” eyes get watery he hug Anika tightly. Anika kyun kar rahi ho yeh sab main tumhaye kesay yakeen deelau k maa ab kabhi nahe aye ge.

Anika in pain “maa laut ao maa, hum aur khud ko sambhal nahe pa rahy maa…..

Yaad aane wale…


Rajput Masion

Dev” shivavy has not return yet.

Om” his fone is also not reachable

Shivavy step in holding Anika in arms ” shouts dev uncle

All turns and get shocked to see Anika in such state.

Devi g” kya kiya hai is nay?

Vanhi” OMM she’s Anika”?

Shivavy” dadi g plz let me take her too room I’ve called dr he’s coming. Shivavy brings her to room.

Dev” her feet are burn. Shivavy?

Gayu” Anika di open ur eyes

Om” shivavy kuch to bol

Shivavy” shouts kya bolu , kya yeh k yeh is ki nazar us chand ki talash may nikali thi jo kab ka tareekho may chup gaya hai”

Yeha yeh bolu k is ka dil apni dharkan ko apnye mainey bharosay ko dhudh rahi hai.

Vanhi” maa g what’s happening in RM she’s Anika how u find her?

Dev” shouts will u go to ur room it’s our family matter so out”

Vanhi ” evilly gazes Dev I’m sorry dev”

Shivavy ” crying vigorously”

Rudy” shivavy bhaiya stop crying ”

Shivavy ” Rudy see ur Anika bhabi feet all burned….
Kitna dard ho raha ho gaya na”

Om” dev uncle dr”

Dr” checking Anika”

Nurse ” doing bandages on Anika feet

Jeet” dev what’s all this?

Dev” why u r looking worried jeet is she fine”

Jeet” dev nor her hands wounds are dry nor head and now feet there’s no improvement in her left hand.
I don’t know what u all r doing with her”

Shivavy” we are sorry dr”

Jeet” what sorry? Let me tell u clear if she didn’t get conscious till morning then ” SHE HAS SLIPPED INTO COMMA”

All gets shocked to listen this”

Dev ” hold Jeet’s collar how dare to say that”

Omru ” dev uncle plz leave him”

Jeet” dev just pray now that she gets conscious and if she gets conscious don’t let her walk at least a week and I’m not opening her bandages after week I’ll come and check her again till the by hook or crook make her conscious”

Anika” pale face is shown”

Mumbai XYZ road

Maakhu” shouting how long it will take u guys to repair the car”

Men” maakhu we have to call the mechanic”

Maakhu” go and call the mechanic here and till then i myself will try to repair it”

Men” but maakhu ”

Maakhu” get lost from here and call the mechanic right now


Oberoi truck is shown

Police” what’s in it?

Man” it’s Oberoi grocery truck”

Police” but still we have to do checking”

Man” sure u can but do it quickly because we have to reach Oberoi Mantion on time”

Constables ” sir it’s clear nothing is in it”

Police” open the barriers for truck”.


Rajput Masion

Vanhi” standing outside Anika’s room she’s back to Rajput Masion. How? In evening the moment i came they all were crying for Anika. All were crying for her and talking what if she has done to herself” what happened to her?

Dev shaking Anika ” Anika wake up i said wake up i promise I’ll never again shout at u nor I’ll scold u bacha wake up won’t u listen to ur baba”

Shivavy ” standing near window recalling khirkitod Anika, her home made dictionary words ringing in his ears”.

Omru” consoling gayu”

Devi g” chanting some mantir in temple

Anika ” sniffing heavily ”

Screen freezes on Anika face

Precape: Milnaye ko hai dharkan naye phir say ho ge baataye ankahi. Wohi saath wohi raat hogi magar us raat may bhi koi chaal koi.(The meeting has to be new It will be with the same night but there is no trick in that night too)


I’m really sorry guys for making such an emotional ff but i promise I’ll again make everything khirkitod bus tora sa sabar aur. Phir ho gayi khushiyon ki barish.


Thanks for ur love and support my dr friends keeping sending me more and more.

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  1. Banita

    MIND BLOWING chappy dii…..
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    Take care…….

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    It is awesome dear.. Please clear that who is vanhi

  4. Fairy205

    Wow di maha epsiode is too good and percape seem to be interesting if I’m not wrong some hiden truth to comes out

  5. Fairy205

    Wow di maha epsiode is too good and percape seem to be really interesting if I’m not wrong some hiden truth to comes out.

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    Awesome update

  7. Awesome… Loved it.. emotional too… Waiting for the next part… Update it soon

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