Ikyawann 30th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Leela returns home

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The Episode starts with Leela asking everyone to insult Susheel’s family else she will kill Susheel. Kali insults them for getting treatment for free. Shivam asks her to keep money. Satya scolds him. Shivam asks what’s this misbehavior. Satya says Susheel has killed my Dadi. Dada ji says not a word anymore, you stood by Susheel and now you are saying this, Susheel is innocent, she didn’t do anything, come Mehul, we shall leave. They leave.

Leela laughs and says you have done a great job, we shall meet after a break. Sejal says we have to show some smartness. Satya says yes, we shall go to Fighter Didi and make some plan. Leela says what do I do, I lied to them and shot to scare them, where did Susheel go, I have to put a stop to this. Kali and Sejal cry. Jhanno looks on. Kali says Susheel has tolerated a lot, when I had come in this house, I thought to keep family united, I couldn’t become a good bahu, mum and Saas. Sejal says everything will be fine, once Susheel comes, you will be her good mum, she would be fine. Kali says I was also scared, Leela is her enemy, why will she leave Susheel now, she is fooling us, Satya will shatter if anything happens to Susheel. Sejal says we have to defeat Leela and this fear. Satya comes and says Fighter didi is missing, where did she go. Sejal asks Jhanno why is she tensed. Satya asks what are you hiding, you are still helping Leela, tell me where is Fighter Didi.

Leela says I m happy you are here, you did a lot for me, thanks, you moved the crane on my sign and killed Parikh family women, I m giving you a gift today to thank you. He says I don’t remember it now, I needed money that time, I m ashamed of my deed, I don’t need your money now, I don’t want more problems by accepting the money. She laughs and says I m seeing a killer with such values. She gets a gun and says I killed Susheel, but I have to kill the person who killed her family, as you are only one who can make me land behind the bars. He says fine, kill me, this is punishment of my misdeeds, one day you will also die. Fighter Didi comes there and hits Leela’s gun. She says you forgot your biggest secret keeper. Leela asks how do you know I m here. Fighter didi recalls Jhanno. She says you will be arrested too, tell me where is Susheel. Leela thinks I m trapped. She says I have killed Susheel. Fighter Didi says you are lying, she can’t die, you have gone mad, you can’t see anything in front of your revenge.

Leela aims gun at her and says you also go to Susheel. She shoots. The man pushes Fighter Didi and comes in front. He gets shot. Leela shoots again and finds bullet over. Leela hits Fighter Didi and faints her. Jhanno recalls….. Fighter Didi asks Jhanno not to wait for her, she will hunt for Leela alone. Satya asks where is Susheel, tell me. She says I really don’t know, I also want Susheel to come back with Fighter Didi, we have to act wisely, we will think something, calm down. She gives him water. She goes and calls Fighter Didi. Leela answers the call and says you are calling Fighter more these days, Fighter is here with me, she is at home, come and meet her. Jhanno gets shocked seeing Leela lying on the swing. Leela asks how are you. Jhanno says I had helped you in misdeeds, why did you get after Susheel, she didn’t harm you. Leela says her family wanted to send me to jail, don’t use your mouth. Jhanno says you tried to kill Susheel, you have to go jail. Leela says you helped me. Jhanno says I m ready to go to jail. Leela says don’t go alone, you would need a companion. Sejal asks whom are you talking. She sees Leela. Satya and Kali get shocked seeing Leela. Sejal asks where is Susheel. Leela says she is dead.


Leela says there is just one bullet, lets see who dies first. Satya aims at fighter Didi. Susheel hits him. They get shocked seeing Susheel.

Update Credit to: Amena

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