Ikyawann 29th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Fighter Didi gets a clue

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The Episode starts with Mehul saying I didn’t wish to trouble you. Dada ji asks who got these posters. Mehul says Satya did this. Dada ji asks but why. Mehul says don’t know, what happened to Susheel, where did she go, Leela got murdered, it all happened after her wresting match. Dada ji asks why didn’t you tell me. Mehul says you went on tirat, how could I tell you, I got news of Susheel’s death when Leela called me for her tervi, then I got a letter from Susheel, I was waiting for her, then this thing happened. Dada ji says we don’t have to wait for her, Satya cheated her, we should ask Satya about her and tell him that Susheel’s family is with her, we have to find out the truth, I m still alive. They leave. Leela calls Kali and says I have sent a sample, Satya don’t cry, Susheel is alive, I just shot her in her shoulder, if you don’t stop Sejal, she will die. Sejal says I was wrong, I didn’t think this would happen. Satya hugs her. Sejal says Susheel got shot because of me. Kali asks what shall we do of her now.

Dada ji comes shouting and says then hang her. Leela gets glad and says Banke Parekh, he will be shocked seeing Susheel’s blood stained clothes. Satya throws the clothes. Dada ji says what do you all think, you will do anything, Susheel isn’t alone, her family is alive, her Dada is still alive, where is she, tell me. He holds his chest and falls back. Mehul and Shivam hold him. Leela says very nice, now the fun will begin. Kali says he got high BP and fainted. Mehul asks where is Susheel. Sejal says we are trying to find her. Kali says I think Dada ji got a shock. Satya says what this madness, Leela has gone mad. Leela calls him. She says don’t shout, if Banke came, its not my mistake. Satya says yes its our mistake to love and trust you. Leela says you feel you did a mistake, then get ready for your punishment. Satya gets angry.

Dada ji gets conscious. He says don’t know, Lord gave us Susheel, I never called her by her name, I lived with ego and anger, Lord has punished me. Mehul says you should rest, I will call Kali, Susheel has to come back, Fighter didi is finding her. Mehul goes to Kali. Kali says they have come to stay here, Susheel has gone missing. She cooks food. Mehul goes. Kali cries. Leela says well done. Shivam gets Susheel’s shirt and gets shocked. He says why is it here, its stained. Jhanno says we have a pickle business, its stain of oil and chilli, I wiped the chilli by this cloth. She asks Sejal to hide the shirt. Water falls over the shirt. Sejal says its red color. Leela says I like red color, it was danger for Kiran always. She asks Sejal to go to Kali. Kali says we are tired of this.

Leela says you should have thought this before, I will stop this when Susheel’s family get insulted and thrown out of the house, Susheel has killed me and is on the run, you can do this for me, go to Satya, he will help you. Mehul says we shall leave. Shivam says they have to tell us what happened to Susheel. Leela calls Satya and says stop, apologize to Mehul. He asks why. She says you have to do what I say, apologize for Kali’s behavior. Mehul says we will leave now. Satya says sorry for mum’s behavior, don’t go till Dada ji gets fine. Leela says the fun will get doubled. Mehul gives medicines to Dada ji. They hear Susheel calling them out and asking how are they…. They look for her and go out. Satya says I didn’t hear any voice. Susheel calls out for help. Satya signs Sejal. Satya says she isn’t here, come with me.

Jhanno asks for camera footage. Fighter Didi says bank people don’t give footage like that. They see some foot prints. Fighter Didi says whose foot prints are these. She goes to see. Leela directs Kali and Sejal into insulting Mehul and Dada ji. Jhanno places newspapers sheets instead plates. Mehul, Dada ji and Shivam get shocked. Satya asks Jhanno what are you doing. Leela says tell them something that shocks then. Satya says I mean its today’s newspaper, give me to read, give them yesterday’s newspaper. Leela smiles.

Fighter Didi says you will get arrested soon, tell me where is Susheel. Leela attacks her and says I will send you to Susheel. She shoots…..

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Savithri V Ramani

    I want to kill that buddy.Leelaji is too bad to tolerate.Sathya acts very dump.He should be more intelligent in finding truth.Day by day the same scene makes very boring

  2. I think all of them is acting stupid from evil wicked dadi n susheel should just try to divert her n escape

  3. I realize the show is ending and it couldn’t be soon enough..Leela is so annoying! I think they are just dragging the boring story line! The audience is being punished! lol

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