Ikyawann 28th November 2017 Written Episode Update:Leela fires sushil.

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Satya says she always make fun if me,Leela walks to him and hugs him and asks what is this,Satya says style dadi,Leela says you danced so well,Satya says dadi you go ahead I will finish this work and join.

Naresh in tears,nitesh asks what’s wrong,he says I’m missing my sister,she couldn’t even see her daughter,we are always behind sushil,even she must be missing her mother,when she looks around and see all others have a mother and she doesn’t,and just for us,for Parekh decorators for her mapa,she went for that function,nitesh say stood she went,phui would say something again and she would loose her clam.phui walks in and says you guys fooled me,give me the address where she went and if you don’t I will go back,nitesh hands her the address,and says I will come with you,phui says no you won’t and I will get you a present on you way back.

Vishakha sings a song for Kali on jiggi forcing him,Leela doesn’t like it,jiggi walks to Satya and says I always thought you never fail when it comes to girls but this Time,Satya walks to sushil and says see you tore my clothes but still I’m clam now come let’s dance forgive me,sushil turns and says don’t you understand and slushes Satya by mistake and says sorry,his hands get on plate of colour,he puts the colour on Sushil’s nose,Leela sees it and says how dare you stand near my Satya now see how I insult you.

Leela starts dancing on mere angane main song,sushil checking in food arrangements,Satya says next line in song is about tall girls and I’m sure she will pull Sushil and walks to DJ,dadi does so and Satya puts of the song and says sorry dadi I stepped on the wires,and looks at sushil and smiles,Sejal says sushil did you notice,sushil says yes he is getting cheap,Sejal says fool he stopped dadi from insulting you,Satya plays Music,Sejal and Kali convince sushil to dance.

Leela doesn’t like to see her dance and says she wants to trap my Satya and get in my house now I will teach Her a lesson. Satya and sushil playing dandiya,and Leela pulls a string and the stage falls over her.everybody rush to Leela,and save her,Satya gets her a chair,and ask her is she fine,she nods yes,sushil says sorry here’s a glass of water for you,Leela splashes it over her face,all shocked,Leela says wake up and breaks the glass,and says this camel girl,look at her arrangements,stays thinks now I will be the hero,Satya says says dadi she might have not done it by purpose,sushil asks how do you know,Satya thinks she will point at me,and says did you do it,Kali says clam down he is just saying it’s no one fault it’s an accident.

Sushil says it’s my mistake,I’m sorry,it was my duty and i promise I will find out who did it and looks at Satya,Leela says but you hurt me,and look how weak these arrangements are,gulabo says sushil during family photo if this breaks,sushil says no aunty it won’t,Leela insults again and says what were you doing before,you are fired,sushil looks at Shivam.

Phui enters the function and sees sushil working on stage and walking to get dashes Chanoo and scolds her,Leela walks to phui and says oldy who are you want you want,phui says who are you then some young lady,and how dare you make a girl work,sushil walks to to phui and says stop,Leela says you yelling at me,why send girls to work out,and anyways she doesn’t look like a girl,take her away,Satya stops phui and says she won’t go,her work isn’t finished and don’t make a mess at my brothers wedding,Satya holding Sushil’s hand,Leela doesn’t like it,and realises their hand and says Satya said the right thing we paid to sushil,she won’t go,phui and Leela start pulling sushil,sushil tries keep calm but shouts stop.

Pre cap : Satya and sushil meet with a bike accident.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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