Ikyawann 26th April 2018 Written Episode Update: Fighter Didi confronts Leela

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The Episode starts with Leela saying I went to find Susheel, I wanted her to attend Satya and Soumya’s marriage. Leela gets arguing with Fighter didi. She says Susheel has won a gold medal, but maybe she was feeling lonely, so she has run away. Soumya comes and says I heard everything, Satya why are you worried for Susheel. Satya gets angry. Leela says this is my bahu, Soumya your marriage will happen in front of Susheel. She goes. Satya thinks of Susheel and cries. Mahi bolna….plays…. He hugs Susheel’s clothes and cries.

Sejal comes and says we will find her. Satya says you think Leela said true. She says if Susheel had to run, she would have run when you cheated her for Soumya, today you are worried for her, she is in some problem, we will find her. She cries and says I kept her pics there, upload on social media. He says I will write something from heart that I get her back, I feel low, there isn’t Satya where there isn’t Susheel. She says finish the work, Kali and I are also trying. He uploads the pics and cries. Fighter didi writes Leela, Soumya, Satya and Susheel on a black board. She says Leela hates Susheel, Soumya ended her marriage, Satya made Susheel out of his life, maybe Satya is just acting good, he knows where is Susheel.

Ratna sees pickles box and takes it. Fighter Didi says maybe Soumya, Leela and Sharda planned this together to get rid of Susheel. She asks Ratna why is she washing the box, why did Leela come. Ratna says no, I got this near your bed, so I was washing it. Fighter Didi says this is imp, go, once I get Susheel, I will bring pickle truth out. Satya takes a bath. He cries thinking of Susheel. Ye kya kiya….plays… Satya writes about Susheel on social media. He says Susheel inspired all the women, call on this number if you find her.

Fighter Didi says if Leela has any connection with Susheel’s disappearance, help me. Leela smiles seeing Susheel’s chain. She says where did your dead body go when you are no more, you had a relation with me, its my duty to do your final rites. He ties the chain to chinese lantern and leaves in air. The lantern burns and falls near temple. Fighter Didi checks it and says this is Susheel’s chain. She sees Leela going and says I knew Leela is related to this. Jhanno hears police siren and goes to Satya. Leela is sleeping. Satya opens the door and sees Fighter didi with police. Fighter Didi asks Leela to come out. Leela comes there. Satya asks what happened. Leela asks what’s this drama. Fighter Didi says tell us where is Susheel, police has come here to do their work. Leela says it means you are blaming me. Satya asks where is Susheel. Leela says you are doubting on me, I went to see wrestling then she disappeared. She recalls Susheel. She scolds Fighter Didi. Fighter Didi says Mehul would be coming now. Kali and Sejal also ask Leela about her. Leela says Susheel is not from our house. She asks Fighter Didi what does she want to prove, get out. She pushes Fighter didi. The chain falls away. Mehul catches it and says this is Susheel’s locket.

Fighter Didi asks what did you feed Jessica that she lost her senses, you thought you will get Susheel killed during the game. Leela worries.

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  1. I think fighter did I is playing with evil dadi mind so she can tell the truth in front is satya n everyone

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