Ikyawann 21st May 2018 Written Episode Update: Fighter Didi makes a masterplan

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Ikyawann 21st May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Satya getting sad. Leela calls all of them in living room. She dances. She asks them to see Susheel, as its been a long time. Satya sees Susheel and says I m really sorry. Leela asks Khanna to switch off the tv. She says so much love isn’t good for you and Susheel, think for yourself first, how will you play the game now, its going to be tough. Fighter Didi fixes a tracker chip on the file. She says once this reaches Leela, we can track her, I wanted to act in films, I think my dream will get fulfilled today, Satya should understand once. Satya sees Susheel’s pics. Kali comes. She says we are doing this for Susheel, when I m unable to diagnose my patient’s illness, I send him to big doctor, but I try to know the weakness, we have to show patience and treat your Dadi’s illness, I will get oil for you. Satya thinks its same oil which Susheel used. Kali applies hair oil to Satya. Leela looks on and asks Kali to go to kitchen. Satya gets angry.

Kali says patience can cure a patient, Leela is much sick. Fighter Didi comes home. He asks what are you doing here, its our house matter, just leave. She refuses. She asks him to read the file. He reads this file has a tracker, we can reach Leela, just support me. She asks what happened, are you unable to read it, I know Leela isn’t alive, but I will prove her crimes, court will shut down her businesses, the file has evidence against Leela. Leela thinks what’s happening. Fighter Didi says there is no bigger criminal than Leela. Leela says burn the file, Fighter is trapping me, tell her I don’t care for her threatening. Satya says I will show you the worth of these documents. He burns the file. Fighter Didi says Leela will be called a murderer, I will prove Susheel innocent. She goes. Leela says well done Satya, go and have a bath now, you have applied that bad stinking oil. He goes and thinks how did Leela get the oil smell, it means she is around. He thinks to tell this to Kali and Sejal.

Leela stops him and asks him to keep phone out. She says there are no cameras in bathroom, you will try to come with some plan, you may call police, so keep the phone here. He says fine, have this. She says you sing songs while bathing. He goes to washroom. She asks him to sign. He sings Lukka chuppi. He thinks to make some plan by hiding from Leela. Kali cooks food for Satya. Sejal says I m also feeling low, make milk cake for me. Kali sees the milk less and says how did this get less. Sejal says maybe Satya had it. Leela drinks milk and eats food. Sejal says there were many fruits here. Leela checks Susheel and asks her to have some milk. She throws milk and jokes on her. She injects Susheel and asks her not to worry. Fighter Didi says Leela is hiding. She has made Satya burn the file, how to reach her. Ratan says how do cops trace the phone, she has installed camers, she maybe using laptop. Fighter Didi says yes, you did amazing, every laptop has an IP address, we can find Leela by using it, you have become much smart. She calls someone. Sejal asks Kali for phone charger. Kali finds some injections missing. Leela says injection affects fast.

The man says this remote will detect all the cameras and find its location. Fighter Didi puts the remote in car. Leela gets shocked seeing it.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Wat nonsence.i just hope they find susheel

  2. Where do the writers get such weird ideas that defy, indeed mock, all common sense? How does the illiterate fat slob Dadi become a technical wizard who can fool and control a whole bunch of young intelligent people? This slow lumbering Dadi has also captured the strong athletic Susheel quite effortlessly, by magic of course, and has kept her tied up for days without letting her move an inch. For days on end. It is hard for the adult viewer to keep up with the story without developing a sudden interest in fables for children.

    1. right … the shows which are shown nowadays have no senses at all …. the makers think the audience watching them are all fools ..

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