Ikyawann 19th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Fighter Didi learns the truth

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Ikyawann 19th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Satya saying Leela has slept, its time to use the same plan against her. Kali asks Sejal what is she thinking. Sejal says how can Leela do this. Kali says I wish to see Satya, how is he managing. Sejal asks him not to worry, Satya is strong like Susheel. She comforts Kali. Kali cries and tells about little Satya. Sejal hears Leela’s snores on the speakers. She says I have an idea, I will go and see Satya. She goes out of the room and looks for Satya. Satya switches off the power. Sejal thinks how did this happen.

Kali says how did lights do off, I will check. Satya meets Sejal. Leela wakes up and sees black screen. She asks what happened. Satya says lights went off, fuse has blown. Sejal asks him to fix the fuse. He asks them to stay in rooms, else they can get hurt. He messages and shows his plan to Sejal and Kali. They sign him to go. Leela asks where are you, what are you doing Satya. Satya rushes to meet Fighter didi. Satya says I m here itself. Sejal says I m at home. She sings Mai kya karun….

Fighter Didi recalls Leela’s words. She says why are they still treating me this way, Satya takes Susheel’s side and then files complaint against her, what are they hiding from me, I will surely find out. Sejal asks Satya to check red wife. Kali asks him to wear slippers. He says yes, switch it on now and check, stay away, give me two mins. He collides with someone. Leela asks what’s this sound. Sejal and Kali manage and lie. Fighter Didi passes by. Satya doesn’t see her. He goes to her house and asks about Fighter Didi. The lady says she went to your house.

He thinks to stop her. He runs. Leela asks where is Satya, make me talk to him, what are you doing. Fighter Didi comes. They sign her to be quiet. Kali asks Leela to wait, Satya is fixing the fuse, don’t worry. Kali and Sejal show the earphones to Fighter Didi and tells about Leela seeing them by cameras and hearing them. Leela says you remember everything, don’t act smart. Sejal says we all know if we try to do anything, you won’t leave Susheel, Satya make it fast. Satya comes and says I m doing it. They ask Fighter Didi to go. Satya switches on the lights. Leela asks what is she doing here. They see Fighter Didi gone. Leela asks about Jhanno. She scolds Jhanno. Satya thinks its good Leela didn’t see Fighter Didi. Leela asks them to go to rooms. Leela says Satya you can also go to your room and sleep, I love you a lot, if you act smart, I won’t leave you. She asks who had come, why is door open.

Kali says you asked Satya to stand outside, he came in to fix the fuse. Sejal says its common sense, don’t you understand this, now you will ask me to be quiet, I don’t want to talk to anyone now. Satya shuts the door. He sees Fighter Didi out. Leela goes to Susheel and says I advise you to talk less, else it will be tough for difficult. Susheel cries. Sejal says I m sorry. Fighter Didi says I misunderstood Satya and his family, they are in trouble, Leela is alive, Susheel is captive, Leela is blackmailing them, they don’t know where is Leela hiding, police can’t do anything, Leela has gone mad, she can harm Susheel any time, we can’t take risk. She says Leela is very sharp, we have to find out Leela, we can save Susheel. She says maybe I know how to bring her out in open.

Fighter Didi installs a tracker and sends file to Leela. Leela injects Susheel.

Update Credit to: Amena

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