Ikyawann 18th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Leela punishes Satya

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The Episode starts with Fighter Didi stopping Satya and scolding him for calling Susheel a thief. Satya runs out and sees a man with bag. He checks the bag and finds vegs. He thinks I caught the wrong man, Dadi will know what I was doing. He asks where is Leela, where is Susheel, tell me. The man says I don’t know anything. Satya thinks I couldn’t get any info about Susheel, don’t know what will Leela do now. He apologizes and helps. Leela says I have to make sure that Satya doesn’t need me, but what can I do. She thinks. Sejal thinks who is at the door.

Leela asks Sejal is she deaf, who will open the door. Fighter Didi comes and says how could you tell this, you treated her like daughter, right Kali, and you treated like like a sister, Sejal why are you doing this, Leela ruined your life, I know its your personal matter, Susheel used to stay with me, I m worried for her, Leela killed Susheel’s family women, why are you trying to accuse Susheel. Leela gets angry hearing them. Kali thinks Satya should reach Leela once. Sejal says you should leave, we are trying to sort out the stress. Fighter Didi says none worries for Susheel, who told police about her, how did you get her fingerprints. Sejal scolds her.

Satya comes back. He signs no to Kali. Fighter Didi asks him to answer. Leela threatens them and asks them to send Fighter Didi out. Fighter Didi says I don’t know where is Susheel. Leela shoots in air to scare them. He counts down. Satya gets shocked. He asks Fighter Didi not to interfere in their family matter. She refuses to go unless she hears truth from them. They all ask her to go. She calls them mad. She asks what are you hiding and why, I can’t tolerate your drama. She gets a call. She says police has arrived at my house to question about Susheel, I m going but I will be back soon. Bhavna tells Fighter Didi that someone is blackmailing Satya for doing this, he was tensed about Susheel. Fighter Didi says they spoke to me rudely, as if someone is making them do this, we will have to find out.

Leela says you wasted my bullet, if you love Susheel, care for her life, if Fighter doubts on me then I will kill Susheel. Satya says please don’t do anything to Susheel, punish me instead. Sejal says you are killing us every moment, while we call you Dadi. Leela says you preach a lot, go to your room. She asks Satya not to have food. She thinks you will never dare to go against me now. Satya does as Leela says. Kali worries. Leela says you were always worried for Satya as he does no work. Sejal argues with Leela. Satya thinks of Susheel and gets sad.

Leela asks Kali to go and sleep. Satya thinks if there is a power cut, how will cameras stay on, Leela won’t know, we will get time to try something, why didn’t I get this idea before, I couldn’t reach Leela, but I will reach police to save Susheel. Leela sees him and thinks you didn’t do anything for me till now, you are troubling yourself for Susheel. She sings a lullaby for Satya. She cries. He thinks you have brought me here, I will get you punished.


Satya switches off the power and tries to meet Fighter Didi.

Update Credit to: Amena

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