Ikyawann 14th May 2018 Written Episode Update: Leela threatens Sejal

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Ikyawann 14th May 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Satya getting a call. He thinks its Susheel. The man asks are you coming to collect Leela’s body from hospital. Sejal says Kali is behaving weird, what shall I do. He says Leela is our Dadi, we have to get her body and do her final rites. Kali says this won’t happen. She pushes Sejal and asks Satya to give phone. She says Leela won’t come here again. He says she is not an unclaimed body, I don’t know why you are doing this, I m going hospital for settlement. Kali pours kerosene on herself. Satya and Sejal try to stop. Kali pushes them. She lights a matchstick. She asks them not to go anywhere. She says tell them we aren’t coming, ask them to do final rites. Satya agrees and informs the same to hospital, that they aren’t related to Leela.

He asks Kali why is she threatening them. Kali says I will rule in this house now. Sejal says how can Kali say so, I don’t understand. He says matter is something else, mum can never do this. Kali goes to room and cries. Leela asks did you do what I said. Kali sees the came behind the media. Kali says yes. Leela says good, you have done drama well. Kali argues with her. Leela threatens her about Susheel. Kali cries. She says hatred has made you so bad, you won’t get away with this. Leela laughs. She says I have changed the game in just one move, everything will be according to my plan. Satya tells everything to Fighter Didi. He says I m not able to do anything well.

Fighter Didi pushes him down and says its a result of your mistakes. He says relax, mind your language, it was past, I m doing everything to find Susheel. She asks why didn’t you say when everyone accused Susheel for murdering Leela, you said police that Susheel is missing. He says it was imp to say truth to police, stop this nonsense, we must fine her before police does, its two days now, why aren’t you finding her. He says because I don’t want to, I m scared, if I get another call from police to identify body, I can’t handle it, if I get her and her crime is proved, I can’t tolerate. She says you should go back home, you aren’t taking a stand for her, when she needs you the most. He says correct, you have spoken what you feel right, think, I haven’t done anything wrong this time. He goes.

Sejal gets a note and reads. She wears the mic and talks. She gets shocked hearing Leela. Leela asks how are you, what happened, are you scared, I m alive, I won’t die before killing you all, sit and drink water. Sejal asks how do you know about me. Leela says you are so dumb, you won’t find camera there. Sejal says I should inform this to Satya. Leela says no, you won’t tell. She threatens Sejal about Susheel. Sejal asks how did you get alive. Leela says you and Kali don’t keep quiet, Susheel will lose her life, just listen to me, stay ready for Susheel’s funeral, do something that gives me pleasure. She tells something. Sejal gets shocked. She goes downstairs and meets Kali.

Kali asks what happened. Sejal slaps Kali. Satya looks on shocked. Kali holds her hand and thinks is Leela threatening Sejal. Sejal scolds Satya and goes. Jhanno says there is some kind of evil shadow here. Leela laughs. Sejal cries in her room. Sejal shouts I hate you, you are a poison in this house, you have forgotten this is your family, you are doing a big sin. Leela says Susheel has committed this sin, all of you chose Susheel, I will kill her, I m a devil. Sejal challenges her to come in front. Leela threatens her. She says I will make Susheel suffer, even you all will suffer.

Leela says prepare lemonade for Kali and add poison in it, else Susheel will die. Sejal adds poison. Leela gets shocked when Satya drinks the poisoned lemonade.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Satya deserves this. Let him die ,then only this old Buddy will realise her mistake. devil always wins poor susheel

  2. I think Dadi will stop her evil now satya is her life she will DEFINATLY come out

  3. very nice let him die then only buddy will realise her mistake.always wins poor

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