Ikrs: Love behind ego (Three shots by Maha) Part-1

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Hey lovely fellows!
So as I promised here I’m with a new and last story..

Let’s begin!
A house is shown from outside which was fully decorated with flowers, one can guess easily after seeing it’s decorations that some marriage preparation are going inside. There a boy was busy in having breakfast while his mom was continuously suggesting him to get married but that boy was paying no heed to her, he was listening it from one ear and throwing it from the other one.
Kanak: (realizes his ignorance and looks at him with little anger, the women who was talking so politely few minutes back shouts) viplav! (he looks at her with fear) I’m asking u something, in fact I’m tired of asking you, it has been one year you’ve completed your studies and still roaming around as a bachelor. Look at your sister, she is getting married before you but her brother is so stubborn. Viplav! I’m telling you, change your attitude else I’ll get you marry forcibly that too with the girl of my choice.
Viplav: (was looking at her with wide eyes and was listening each and every word silently, but once after his mom finishes he breaks his silence) mom! You look too beautiful in this mood but please ziada gussa nahe kiya karo as it’ll create wrinkles and freckles on your face (saying so he lets the chuckles out)
Kanak looks at him speechlessly. Shalini, who was busy with her breakfast, raises her head up and looks at both annoyingly.
Shalini: maa, why are you wasting your time on him. He’s so stubborn actually I think he’s waiting for his bestie’s arrival as maybe he wants to marry…
Viplav: (interrupts her and while glaring) chup kar! Shameless! (Looks at his mom) maa, you know very well that I want a biwi number 1, who should be calm, polite, mature inshort she must be perfect
Kanak: (sighs and gives an impossible look) so did you find her ?
Viplav: (smiles at her question) no, not till now but I’m searching. Hopefully will find her soon (winks at her)
Kanak: (while frowning her brows) viplav these are the useless excuses, no one is perfect in this world and you might get old in the process of searching
Viplav: (giggles and in a questioning voice) old ? Maa you’re telling like I’ll grow old tomorrow, bohat time hai abhi. Don’t worry! I’ll find her before it gets too late
Kanak: (pats her forehead in disappointed) this boy is making me mad, you’re impossible viplav!
Shalini: (while eating) bhai, woh sab tou theek hai, but are you yourself a perfect husband or in your language husband number 1 ?
Viplav: (proudly) yeah of course no doubt in that! I’m mature, handsome, dashing, well to-do inshort I possess every single quality which a good husband should’ve
Shalini: (smirks after listening his views on himself) bhai, you’re blowing your own trumpet! Actually you should ask us about your perfection
Viplav: no I don’t like people to praise me actually it embarrasses me a lot
Shalini: (laughs out) bhai you and your khush fehmiyan! Seriously you’re too much, anyways leave all this and guess what (he looks at her confusedly) bhai your bestie and my dearest sister is coming back after 12 long years (in an excited tone) in fact she has reached Banaras, oh God! I’m so excited
Viplav: (thinks for awhile) if dhaani is coming ?
Shalini: (lifting her brows) bhai no need to pretend as if you’re thinking, you know whom I’m talking about because yesterday only you asked me about her arrival (viplav bites his tongue and shifts his gaze from shalini to kanak who was smiling naughtily, he looks on annoyingly)
Kanak: (trying to control her smile) obviously she has to come as it’s her brother’s and soul sister’s marriage (while looking at the wall clock) by the way why she didn’t come till now ?
Before shalini could answer viplav raised another question
Viplav: (surprisingly) why she’s coming here ? I mean she should meet her family first
Shalini: she wants to meet me first and maa she’s on the way I guess so..
Viplav: (smiles reminiscing a young girl but after seeing his mom’s and sister’s mischievous smile, he quickly hides that smile and became serious) oh God! (looks up) she was too irritating, all time she used to run behind me saying “viplav mere sath khelo naa” her hair which were filled with Jasmine oil, yukh! She had teased me a lot
Shalini: (stares him and recognizes his happiness which he was trying to hide but then also it was clearly visible) bhai if she’s so irritating then why had you kept asking me about her in different ways ?
Viplav: (avoiding her gaze) when did I ask about her, you only told me about her arrival
Shalini: please bhai don’t try to be over smart, you always ate my brain with your numerous questions during those years that too with unique style
Viplav: haan! Woh tou I just..
Shalini: (cuts him in mid) no need of wrong clarifications but tell me, if you were so curious to know about her then why you didn’t contact her again ?
Viplav: (in a cold voice) because she too didn’t try to talk with me once, even she didn’t met me before leaving. It was so easy for her to break this friendship!
Shalini: that’s because of your behavior, you always ignored her, talked with her harshly but then also she wanted to spend time with you being a best friend however her heart broke when you shouted at her, when you told her that she’s irritating and when you asked her to stay away from you literally she was too shattered and hurt, you were so mean
Viplav: shalu now you’re making me guilty I was child at that time so those words by mistake blurts out, I didn’t hurt her intentionally, then I tried to apologize but she wasn’t ready to listen me and without informing me she left
Shalini: yeah because her parents decided to send her abroad for studies and she without thinking anything agreed maybe she wants to stay away from you
Viplav: she did such an immature act, anyways I’m glad as finally she’s coming back and attending the function
Shalini: so you’re happy. Right ?
Viplav: (irritatingly) why are you asking these silly questions (takes a pause) I just hope she won’t irritate me anymore
Shalini: yeah she won’t as she has changed a lot, bhai I think she is perfect to be your..
Viplav: (stands up from the chair and seeing this she became silent) stop talking insane and eat your meal as you looks good while eating only
Shalini: (in a sad tone) maa see bhai, today also he’s pulling my leg
Kanak: (who was busy in listening their conversation speaks while lifting her brows) you two were too engrossed in arguing that you forgot about my presence so now carry on!
Viplav: (smiles at his mom’s cute reply) maa you’re too adorable, now please excuse me as I’ve to leave for office
Kanak and shalini exchange surprising looks listening “office”
Kanak: viplav are you out of your mind ? Tomorrow’s your sister’s wedding and you want to go office
Viplav: maa work is also important!
Kanak: I know work is important but not more than sister, (in determining voice) you’ll not go that’s it!
Shalini: (thinks to pull viplav’s leg) maa, I know why he’s going. Right ?
Viplav: (while staring her) no, I bet you don’t as I ain’t going because of her
Shalini: (smiles naughtily) I didn’t say anything about her (giving stress on “her”)
Viplav: (roles his eyes and ignores her) I’m leaving because maa leaves not even a single chance to talk about my marriage in front of anyone which annoys me a lot!
Shalini: (giggles on his reason) oh my cutie bhaiya! Maa won’t do this, (looks at kanak) ok naa ?
Kanak: (nods in yes) I’ll try! (viplav was about to leave from there but kanak stops him) I’ve told you that you’ll not go then where are you…
Viplav: (interrupts her) maa I’m going to sit inside hall as your gossips are killing me.
Both laughs and permits him while he thanks them then after he leaves both (kanak + Shalini) smiles while frowning their brows
Kanak: viplav is such a unique piece, don’t know why he hides his excitement, his love for dhaani!
Shalini: maa only bhai isn’t like that even dhaani is same as he is, both kept eating my brain and want accurate info about each other but aren’t ready to talk, they haven’t even seen each other (sighs) both love their egos a lot

Kanak: haan but now that dhaani is coming so I just hope both realizes their feelings and keep their egos a side
Shalini: don’t worry maa as me and pankaj are on this mission, let’s see how they’ll run away from each other now!
Both looks on with smile. Scene shifts to viplav, who was walking to hall and was lost in his thoughts. He was remembering all childhood memories with dhaani, how he used to get irritate from her, how he asked her to stay away and lastly how he wanted to end up the misunderstandings but unfortunately couldn’t get successful in it.
Viplav: (gets sad and thinks) I know, I did wrong but she overreacted, if she doesn’t want to talk with me then fine as I’m also not dying to talk with her..
He was drenched in all these thoughts when he collides with a girl, who was wearing shalwar kameez, a spec was on her eyes which was increasing her innocence. Her hairs were so silky and shiny, she gently tucks them behind ears, expressions were quite annoying as her mobile falls down because of the boy who was standing right in front of her. On the other hand viplav was speechlessly standing there after seeing that girl, her innocence, elegance, expressions and decency was melting him from inside.
“Dheere dheere sey meri zindagi mein ana, dheere dheere sey dil ko churana instrumental tune plays”
Both bends down to pick that up and because of same timing their heads bang with each other
Girl: (while holding the mobile shouts) Ouch!!
Viplav: (looks at her with concern) I’m sorry, are you Ok ?
Girl: (rubs his head and stands up) are you blind ? Can’t you see a girl coming from your opposite side ? (He too stands up and was staring her, she gets annoying on his behaviour) hello Mr ? (moving her hand in front of his eyes) are you listening or you’re deaf ?
Viplav: (realizes his state and composes himself) no, nothing like that, it happened by mistake! (smiles and casually) anyways luckily your cellphone is safe!
Girl: instead of apologizing, you’re giving me lame excuses. Irresponsible guy!
Now this was enough for him as already he was bearing her silently but now her words pinched him!
Viplav: (annoyingly) hello! Miss. Who-ever-you-are, or should I say Miss. Over-actor (listening this her eyes gets wider and was giving a death glare) what ? Stop glaring me! And I’ve apologized before, I think you’ve some listening problem plus can’t you see a handsome, tall guy coming from your opposite side, it seems like you can’t see in spite of having four eyes
Girl: (came close to her and stands on his feet) this is for misbehaving with me! (saying so she smirks while viplav was shouting and asking her to “move back”, she smiles naughtily and moved backwards) now don’t dare to mess with me (he sighs in relief, she moves to go inside but her wrist was caught by him, she turns back and looks at him speechlessly)
Viplav: (while lifting his brows) where’re you going madam ? It’s not a park where you can go without permission!
Girl: (gets her wrist off from his hand) who’re you to ask me ?
Viplav: I’m..
Girl: (smiles mirthless) I know, who you’re exactly. Servant! Right, so now just go on with your work else I’ll complaint about you to kanak aunty
Viplav: (giving a questioning expression) kanak aunty ? (looks at her from top to bottom) are you (takes a pause) dhaani ?
Girl: (gets surprised and she remembers a voice which was same as his, the way he called out “dhaani” forced her to think about those childhood memories, she stares him and tear rolled down from her cheeks) and are you v.. viplav ?
Viplav: (nods in yes) I’m viplav but are you..
Girl: I’m dhaani! (her voice chocked while telling her name)
Viplav without noticing anything moves forward and hugged her tightly to express his happiness and guilt, which he was hiding from 12 long years! Dhaani was shocked at his gesture, she doesn’t know how to react on that sudden action. Thus she stayed mum, neither hug him back nor speaks out a word. Both remained like that for few minutes silently, then viplav realized his position and noticed her silence, he freed her from his grip and looks at her with joy!
Viplav: (who was finding words to talk with her) Emm! So you.. I mean, woh (takes a deep breath) I hope your journey was good ?
Dhaani: (while wiping her tears which she was trying to hide but poor girl didn’t get successful in doing so, viplav was noticing her moments but doesn’t have courage to wipe her face in short to touch her) yeah it was good (takes a pause) where are all ?
Viplav: (pointing towards the dine & dine) you can find them there
She was about to go but then stops after hearing a sound, both turns their heads to left side and saw Pankaj and Shalini standing there
Pankaj: (walks towards her) have you guys done with your melodrama ?
Dhaani: (slightly hits her elbow on his brother’s chest) nothing like that..
Shalini: (too comes forward and hugs her tightly) we were waiting for you since long..
Dhaani: (while hugging her back) woh actually I thought to meet mom and dad first, and then I’ve to seek their permission for staying here
Shalini: (breaks the hug and curiously) what did they say ?
Dhaani: (looks at her and winks) obviously yaar they said yes
Shalini gets happy after listening it
Pankaj: dhaani this is completely rude! How can you stay here, it’s your brother’s wedding, you should accompany me (turned his face to show his fake anger)
Shalini: pankaj that’s not fair, we’ve met each other after 12 years but you used to visit her each month so in this way she has to spend some time with me
Pankaj: haan tou after two days you’re coming at my home then you can spend your whole life with me and with her (pats on dhaani’s back)
Shalini: but..

Dhaani: (interrupts her) guys why are you arguing with each other ? (looking at pankaj) bhai you know, shalu is my soul sister so how can I leave her that too be at her marriage and it’s the matter of two days only then I’ll live with you..
Both smiles and does hi-fi while viplav was just staring at dhaani, he was noticing her talking, her behavior, her changings and was adoring her childishness
Pankaj: (realizes his friend’s state, snaps him out and slightly pushes him) viplav where have you lost ? See my sister is going to stay here. Don’t you’ve any issue ? I mean you get..
Viplav: (cuts him in mid and while glaring him) why would I’ve any problem ? That was all my stupidity, now I’m change
Shalini and pankaj giggles looking at each other whereas dhaani was using her cellphone to avoid his gaze
Shalini: even dhaani is so much change
Viplav: (trying to hide his smile) yeah she has changed a lot and a little glimpse of her jalwa was this small fight
Dhaani: (suddenly looks at her and notices his teasing smile) shalu where is kanak aunty ? Take me to her!
Shalini: (recognizes her nervousness or the reason behind running away) yeah come! I’ll take you there (teasingly) but don’t you want to talk with bhai ?
Both (ViDha) stared each other and coughed simultaneously to control their embarrassment, pankaj and shalini noticed this and winked at each other. Then dhaani and shalini left from there
Viplav: (frowns his brows) this moti doesn’t know what to speak and when to speak!
Pankaj: (looks at him with little anger) Ae viplav! You can’t say her moti, she’s my lady love
Viplav: (rolls his eyes) chal bey! She’s my sister, I can call her anything. By the way you’ve changed a lot or should I say dost dost naa raha pyaar milne k baad
Pankaj: (laughs at his dialogue) you and your dramatic lines, wesey thanks to you as because of you we’re together else I was having no courage to propose her but you taught me to act like braves (viplav smiles proudly on his praisings) but my dear and weird friend is running away from his love, he’s ignoring his feelings
Viplav: (looks at him in disbelief and his eyes becomes wide) oh hello Mr. Pankaj I’m not in love shove with anyone. Kuch bhe and that biwi number 1 scheme is for running away from marriage, you know it very well. Pagal
Pankaj: (mockingly) I didn’t say anything about marriage and all!
He looks at him and gives you are impossible kind of look then he leaves from there
Pankaj: (pankaj smiles at his silly friend and sighs) don’t know when both will realize their feelings, both use to talk about each other but act like strangers when they come face to face. Ek dusre k beghair reh bhe nahe sakte aur ek dusre sey keh bhe nahe sakte. It’s a really very serious case however now they’ll confess their love soon especially viplav, you; bohat hogaya tera drama. Now that dhaani is here let’s see who can stop me and my shalu from making you guys ViDha from viplav and dhaani.
Screen freezes on his determined face!

Thanks for reading!
Hey friends, so how was the first shot.. I hope it was good and entertaining. Though comments were less on the last shot of coincidence love that was quite painful but koi nahe I’m posting it for the one who love my writing and support me throughout! One more thing yaar till now I was writing the wrong spelling of dhaani, I was writing it as “dhani” which is wrong. Haadd hai! Even no one pointed out my mistake Lol! Chalo koi nahe, in this one I’ve corrected my mistake maybe you guys have noticed.. Anyway don’t forget to drop your opinions before leaving this page.
Keep smiling and loving Mishal!
Take care!
Love you all<3

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  1. Shruthy

    This was an AMAZING. Matlab love beyond ego… Too good, too good!
    I am actually loving the fact you made Dhaani wears specs. I love that kinda look on ladies, that’s too cute. And also, you can bring the love aroma on Viplav when he will get to see Dhaani without glasses, the way he would love her eyes, or Viplav playing and teasing Dhaani about that. So many ideas I have in my head you know. :p Would love to tell you some but :
    – you have already wrote your story
    – I must keep some for me too :pp
    No but jokes apart, this was really good to read girl. So happy my jaanu has some quick quick and fantastic ideas in her little sa head. But I wish, you didn’t mention “last” in your introduction. It broke my hear into pieces *melodramatic Shru in the place*
    Anyways! Now waiting for shot 2. By the way, you made it cleverer by mentioning 3 shots, though I would have known it will be a 3 shots if you mentioned 2.
    I am quite lazy right now to comment long. And I am at office right now, so using a computer there. Please maaf kar bhai!
    Loads of xoxoxo
    Take care

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks yaara!! Happy to know that you’re liking it? JAANU ? Well till now no one referred me by this name?? this is something new? *kidding*
      Hmm! Actually I thought to give a simple look to dhaani, but don’t forget that she is a laraka koori? (termagant girl)
      Haww! This is bad, you can share your thoughts but koi nahe I’ll try to make it some funny and beautiful?
      That’s because it’s a last one for this year, you know whenever I tried to stop writing some or the other idea popped in my mind, but now it’s final! OMG melodramatic shru? don’t worry I’ll be back maybe on Feb!
      Haan this time I used my brains? now I just hope it doesn’t get extended from three to four because my luck is quite bad?
      Arey koi baat nahe, thanks for taking out the time from your busy schedule for this story BTW instead of doing work you’re busy in reading stories and commenting, hmm! So I’ve to complaint about you to your boss??
      Same to youโค

      1. Shruthy

        LOL then that’s even better, it will be one of my petnames for you, jaanuuuuuu :*
        Yeah and I like that simple look of hers. <3
        Huuuh? LOL really? Interesting. Let's see what she does indeed.
        Of course I will share you some of my thoughts, but then I will like to ad some for my own stories na. What if you ask me about copyright if I get to write the same kind of scene? :p
        Haaan that's much better. You missed that one word and you gave me heart attack.
        So it's just the final one for 2016. Alright! You also need a pause na. So .. waiting for February :p And yeah , I am such nautanki
        Haan, for the first time ever *evil laugh* Oh well I would be happy to read more so don't worry *puppy face* <3
        Always ready to read but yeah I need time for everything.
        Oh well, come and complaint. I dn't mind *rebels because I know you won't be able to communicate with her*

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      HAHA? though I find these kind of names like- JAANU and JAAN quite funny and ajeeb but you can call me being a chellam? wesey I was thinking to learn something new in Telugu as I’ve become quite bore in using this one word- chellam?
      Haan, even I don’t know what exactly she’ll do? so that means you’re going to write a new story in which you’ll give her this kind of look and will use your ideas there. Right?
      Yeah actually you’re a nautanki? hmm I also need a pause, let’s see if I’ll be able to resist myself from posting something?
      Evil laugh? Lol! You’re too much?
      Well don’t underestimate the power of Maha, I can communicate with anyone? but is that boss a girl ? I thought it’s a boy in fact man, Gosh! My imagination was quite hilarious this time?

      1. Shruthy

        Oh thanks for the permission. :p
        Telugu ? HAHA I don’t speak Telugu but Tamil. xD acha bored ho gayi. Koi baat nahin, will teach you other names in Tamil.
        Who knows? But thanks, you gave me so many ideas for my imagination.
        Yes I am. Do post whenever you have ideas.
        LOL that’s my second name :p
        Oh really? Dekhte hain!
        Haan she is a woman. Kaisa imagination ? Humhe bhi batao :p

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh yeah Tamil! I’m sorry? haan excited to learn. Well I thought that your boss is a fat man who wears spec and might be a strict person?

      1. Shruthy

        Yeah no problem, maaf kiya. :p
        OH then let’s learn it. <3
        Kya tum bhi? But thank God. I thought you would have imagined actually a young man quite flirty and all. Who knows what runs in your mind, though you are an innocent baby?

  2. Angel20

    Thank you so much for coming back appi. You know I was waiting for you and when I saw your name in the title I was so happy. So talking about this you know what please email me the entire thing together before you post it here because I seriously can’t wait to read the next part. I want to read it at once. It was so amazing, awesome flawless. It was just superb. Very very interesting. Post the next part soon yaar, seriously can’t wait for the next part.
    Love you <3

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Allah Allah! Maria you’re my sweetheart?
      Thanks for all these precious words as because of your throughout support, I’ve to come back??
      Gosh!! You want me to email the whole story but how I mean, I haven’t started typing yet and then I’ve no email I’d now you’ll ask me that how I’m registered actually this is my cousin’s account through which I’m registered! So I’m sorry but hopefully you’ll wait for little more as you’re my darlingโค thanks again and keep reading!
      By the way now are you free from exams or still some are left ?

      1. Angel20

        Today was my last exam.. now I’m a free bird ๐Ÿ™‚

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Oh happy to know that! So it means the story from your side is on the way ? Actually I’m quite restless for reading it and haan what about “her dance made me fall for her” have you posted it ?

      1. Angel20

        Yes more stories now!!

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Really ? I’m excited now?

  3. Shanitics

    Supr episode.. Happy to knw u r bck wth ff…

    Bt if u don’t mind as ur chotti behen can I suggest something,, can you make this a bit slow.. My throat is nw seeking litres and litres of H2O?

    Al d bst didi

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks for commenting Swetha, you’re reading my story first time I guess!
      HAHA? you want me to slow down but in which sense I mean if you want me to post some shorter updates actually you’re reading my work first time that’s why felt so because usually my updates are longer than this?
      Besides it’s three shots and I’ve to cover everything in it so that’s why sorry for inconvenience!! Keep reading and yeah keep a glass of water with you while reading?

  4. hii frnds.. i am a new commentor of ikrs family

    so i am a big fan of our couple VIDHA.. and coming to this ff i have enjoyed a lot while reading your ff… so plzz post ur next part soon.. i am waiting for ur next part..

    until now i am a silent reader.. i have started reading from 6 months ago.. i am reading every one of ur ffs they are very very interesting…

    all the best all of u guys.. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. hii frnds… i am a new commentor of ikrs family…

    so i am a big fan of our couple VIDHA and also big fan of this page which i am reading from six months ago as a silent reader…

    And coming to this ff i have enjoyed it a lot while reading.. and i am waiting for next part so plzz post ur next part asap…

    i am enjoying each and every ff and my language is telugu and also i can understand hindi but i dont know how to speak… ๐Ÿ™

    All the best frnds…keep on going… byee ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Shruthy

      Hey Lalitha!

      Welcome to the IKRS / ViDha family sweetie. Glad to know we have someone else who also adores ViDha as much as we do.
      And yeah, basically writers in this page are too good, and so are other fandoms’.
      By the way, ANDHIRIKI NAMASKARAM! I am Tamilian, means I don’t speak Hindi like people here. And I understand 5% of Telugu too watching movies.
      Hopefully we would stay in touch.
      Take care

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      First of all welcome to our ViDha family!!
      I’m so happy that you’re also die hard fan of them apart from usโค
      Thank you so much for commenting dear and glad you enjoyed it, so that means you’ve read my all stories, thanks Lalithaโค
      Koi nahe yaar language isn’t a issue so talk freely in any language though I can understand only Urdu which is similar as Hindi and English?
      Hopefully now you’ll stay in touch! Thanks again and keep reading?

    3. Angel20

      Welcome to our Vidha family.. keep commenting ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. Sujie

      First of all ….you are welcome Lalitha…….
      keep comenting…. ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    5. Shanitics

      Hi.. Nice thr is some one othr than us.. Who adres Vidha.. Wlcme di.. Hope u r an eldr one…?

  6. oh!! thanq shruthy

    1. Shruthy

      Mention not ! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. thanks for ur welcome Mahaaijaz

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s Ok yaar! No need of it and yes you can call me Maha only?

  8. Sujie

    Rockstar aagayi…rockstar is baaaaackkkk ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    So…. Shaalu ki shaadi hai…aur like everytime Shaaluki shaadi turns a meeting chatting..loving spot for ViDhaani…. go on dear…..
    That head banging part was hilarious…. Viplav Dhaani met after twelve years….. oh my god…..
    and that hug to Dhaani from Viplav….hayee hayee…maar dala….you remember the episode of ikrs of 11th december….Dhaani kahi chali gayi…and Viplav could not find her…and suddenly that hug from him to his Dhaani….. the moment of NOSTALGIA….loved that sudden hug here as well…lovely yarr…keep rocking meri jaaan ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚
    And yes….. had read it the day you posted…but got late to comment

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      HAHA? you’re so sweet re! Ab tou mai waqai khud ko rockstar samjhne lagi hun? thanks a lot dear for your supportive words. Yeah I do remember how can I forgot yaar that scene OMG I think I’ve watched it more than dozen times! That background song “dil sambhal jaa zara phr muhabbat karne chala hai tu” hayeeee! His dialogues were so beautiful??
      I’m missing it badly yaar? last year ikrs was running and we were enjoying it on peak, never thought that it will go off air!
      Koi baat nahe, comment when you find convenience?

  9. AanyaSingh

    Hello Dear?. Sorry, as like the past few times, I’m late again. Will tell u afterwards, 2-3 reasons, first let me say smthng abt the shot. But what shud i say, i Actually don’t have much to say. One reason for my being late was this also that i actually wasn’t getting what to say. Let me tell u what is happening for the past 3-4 days. I read the shot, enjoying it so much, come to the end & think of writing smthng but just don’t get what to write, then i read it once again completely engrossed in it till the end & after finishing still cudn’t get what to write, then i told myself, ok, let me read it one more time, may b i’ll get the point from where to start, so there i was reading it again & enjoying all the more, forgetting all abt commenting or writing smthng & on reaching the end was like ” it ended?” ?. And i think that once or May b twice more i read it again. And here i am still clueless as before. And all THANKS to U for this. I mean such is the Power & Impact of ur writing that really I’m just, u can say Blank or nxt to Blank, what i mean is so WONDERFULLY ????? U have written the shot that really I’m not getting anything to say properly. The way the hide & seek of the Love & the Ego has been described is just Awesome????. Each & every scene so BEAUTIFULLY justifies the Title. The lines used to describe the expressions of Love & ego ( like wen Shalu tell Vips that Dhaani is coming after 12 years, he pretends thinking of Dhaani but on being caught by Shalu, ” bites his tongue & shifted his gaze”( ego) , again ” smiles reminiscing a young girl( love) but seeing his mom & sis’s mischievious smile hides his smile & puts on a serious expression(Ego) “,” I’m Glad she’s finally coming back(love) ” but on being asked by Shalu that he is Happy” avoids the gaze” & gets “irritated” (ego) & so much more & the accompanying dialouges are just Superb??????. And engrossed in Dhaani ‘s thoughts wen he collides with her, banging of Their heads & the little “jalwa” fight was so enjoyable????. The best moment was wen actually coming to know that she is Dhaani, the way Vips hugs her forgetting everything & letting his LOVE overpower everything at that moment, oooooooooh, it’s just inexplicable what it made me feel????. But a few moments after the hide & seek is there again, though it is Love only that will b the Winner & to see how it will b, will wait eagerly for the nxt one. Fantastic job, keep going best & bestest?????????????. Love to u?????.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s ok! No need of saying sorry and honesty I thought you will directly comment on the next one or probably on the OS but so happy to find your comment here as well! Di it’s not important to comment long every time as all I need is your support, long or short doesn’t matter.
      I’m happy as well as astonished after knowing that you’ve read it four times, thank you for loving or enjoying it to the core!
      Good to know that I’m able to justify the title, hopefully will meet your expectations on next chapter too! Well that’s the suspense that how their love will win over ego!
      So stay tuned and keep readingโคโค

      1. AanyaSingh

        I know dear that long or short doesn’t matter, even if i say just one line, that wud b enuf for u & i don’t write thinking that i have to comment long, wo kya hai na k pehle to samajh nhi aata k kya likhun par kai baar na bak bak ka sudden daura padne se wo bak bak kahan khatam hogi, that even i don’t know ?????. OK, jokes apart, actually i really LOVED it so much that just cudn’t stop myself from mentioning a few lines. And instead of u thanking me for Loving it, infact i shud thank u as it’s all bcoz of U only that i loved it soooooo much, U write so AMAZINGLY well??????????. And u’ll always find me super tuned to read the nxt or anything else also????.

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Acha, absolutely correct! Koi baat nahe as it happens sometime. That so sweet of you! Thanks for your lovely wordsโค

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