IKRS: Just One Chance OS

Dhaani’s POV
I was returning from my friend’s birthday party, it was too late now. Darkness had surrounded the entire place and there was no one to be seen around, not even any vehicle. I could see the road only because of the street lights. And I was feeling very cold as I was wearing a cream sleeveless one piece with high heels, I was literally shivering. I was alone, all my friends had left. As I was walking down the street I noticed a few boys sitting on the footpath, and through their actions I could very well understand that they were drunk. I was tensed seeing them, I tried to avoid their glance and quickly pass through that patch. But unfortunately they saw me, they were three of them and I was alone, no one to save me. I tried walking away but they started passing their stupid comments and I ignored them. They were following me.
“Hey beautiful! Spend a night with us. You are so hot.” Said one of them.
I didn’t pay heed as I didn’t want to create any mess but then they took advantage of it. One of them held my right hand. I said “Leave my hand” trying to free my hand. I started crying and screamed “Help, please help me!”

He pulled me towards himself and tried to get intimate but I managed to push him and luckily my hand was freed. I started running but again he held my hand and pulled my hair. I screamed in pain. He tried to kiss me but to my surprise someone not from their gang pulled him back and punched him! I was so relieved. That boy punched each of them, banged them on the car. Yes he had come in a car, I was quite impressed by him. He was tall, handsome and any girl would go flat on him. And I was one of them. He had worn a black coat over a light blue coloured shirt. Omg!! He is so hot! I had fallen for him. I was just engrossed in my thoughts that I forgot I was crying sometime before. He beat him hard and the three of them ran away. He came towards me and I thanked him. “Can’t you take care of yourself? Why do you walk on these streets at night time?” he replied. I was just standing shivering looking down in embarrassment. He noticed me shivering and offered me his coat, I denied saying “Its ok” but he.. He himself made me wear the coat. I shivered at his touch. But at the same time I thought how rude he was! He shouted at me!

He held my hand and took me towards the car, again his touch.. ahh.. He made me sit inside the car and went to the driving seat. He tried to start the car but it did not! “What a perfect timing!” He remarked. He got out of the car and tried to do something so that the car starts but unfortunately it didn’t work out! Actually fortunately for me, because I could now spend time with him. Yaayy!! He tried calling the mechanic but there was no network, even I checked my phone and there was no network either. I stepped out of the car and we started thinking what could be done, we could not manage to get any help from anyone because the street was isolated. We started walking ahead just hoping to get help. But suddenly it started raining, i enjoyed dancing in rain since childhood and therefore I started dancing in rain like a small kid leaving all the worries aside. He gave an impossible look to me. I still smiled and continued. After a few minutes I saw him and he was looking at me smilingly. Omg!! He smiled! That smile was a ,million dollar one! We just kept looking at each other and shared an eye lock. I walked towards him but I slipped due to my heels. I closed my eyes in fear and when I opened I found myself in his arms. He was staring at me and I was also doing the same thing. We were drenched in rain and were in the same position for a while. I sneezed, uhhh.. which ruined the moment. Actually every time I start sneezing after getting wet in the rain! We realised our positions and we stood back properly. It was really an awkward moment! We again started walking but now towards our car sorry his car! Look at myself I have started showing rights on his property! Silly me! He started running but I couldn’t so he stopped and walked with me. He moved his hands in his hair and water droplets fell on me. Finally we reached and we sat inside the car, our only shelter! All this while we had not even spoken a word. So I started a conversation, “Hey, I’m Dhaani Roy!” “I’m Viplav Tripathi” he replied with a dull look! He looks so hot even in that!

“You can sleep if you want to! We will have to wait here till morning, no other option!” He said bluntly. I smiled at his concern. Note that we were both sitting on the back seat now as it is more comfortable. He was looking out of the window and I was looking at him continuously, he looked at me and quickly I turned the other side. Sometime later I went off to sleep.

I opened my eyes and what I saw was really amazing! It was morning and I found myself sleeping in his lap. I didn’t even realise when this happened? But as we say, whatever happens is for good. I felt so comfortable in his laps. He was also sleeping leaning on the window. He slowly opened his eyes and I closed mine to avoid his glance. After few minutes I slowly opened my eyes and found him staring at me rather adoring me with a smile and his hand which was about to touch my cheek. I quickly got up and sat straight and he too took his hand back. “I’ll check if I get any mechanic or any lift from someone. You also come out.” I nodded. But before that I wanted to return him his coat but he had already stepped out. I took the jacket in my hand and kissed it. I really felt warm in his jacket. He knocked the window and I realised that he was waiting for me outside. I quickly got out of the car and we again started walking. Luckily a car was passing by and he waved his hand in front of it. The man stopped the car. He asked for a lift and the man agreed. We thanked him and sat in the car. The man was in 50’s and seemed to be quite good. He started chatting with us and asked about us. He really thought that we were married and when we got down from the car on the main road he said “May God bless you both and keep you both always happy together.” I let out a soft laugh and Viplav was about to say something when I held his hand. I thanked that man and he went away.

I freed his hand. He managed to get a rickshaw and made me sit in it. I waved him and thanked him again. He just smiled and said “Bye.. Take care” and I left.
Why did the night get over I thought! Few days passed by and everyday each moment I used to think about him. His looks, his care towards me. I wanted to meet him once again and say that I love him!

One day,
As I was walking, returning back from my college I saw him! I was blessed to see him again! I rushed towards him, he also saw me and with a smile came towards me but… a truck was coming towards him which hit him! In a second he laid down in a pool of blood! I ran towards him and started crying. I took his head in my lap and tried waking him up but he closed his eyes and stopped breathing! I cried loudly “Viplav!!” Why didn’t I get a chance? I just wanted to say him that I loved him so much!

So how was it? Sad right? Share your views..


  1. oh god! It was so sad but sometimes it really happens… Whatever i am waiting for atleast one ff in this page from many days…. Thanq very very much maria… 🙂 🙂

  2. oh god! it was so sad but sometimes it really…..

    whatever i am waiting for atleast one ff in this page to read from many days…

    thanq very very much maria… 🙂 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much Lalitha 🙂

  3. Shruthy

    This was fantastic baby mah!
    I mean it was such a sad OS. ??? Even the title itself means how sad the story it is. And after reading, you even understand the cover picture. ?
    “Just… One chance”. Many miss that once chance in their life. Because many don’t remember at some moments, that life is not predictable. Anything could happen at any time. Engeyum, eppothum. (Wherever, whenever.)
    Oh my! Why am I starting talking like this ? I am impossible. ?
    Anyhow! I loved the way you brought a small message through your cute, short and sweet OS.❤️
    Coming to the story, it was different to see another genre of Dhaani. And the dashing like always Viplav, always ready to make all the ladies fall for him. ?? MashaAllah!! His heropanti, and then those eyelocks …
    But poor man, when he was just to meet her again, durgatna happened. ? And we all lost him ???
    Thank you so much for bringing such beautiful OS waiting to post ILP.
    Loads of xoxoxo
    Take care ?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much for your sweet comment yaar!! Yes some stories have a sad end and no chance to say or do something! Yes this is a small message from my side. Thank you so much again for reading it. I’m really glad that you liked it. I’ll post ILP mostly today. Keep reading…

      With loads of love..
      Take care..

  4. Maha_Aijaz

    Maria this was phenomenal yaara! Though it was sad but some love stories left for eternity and same happened with this one? It was really very painful to bear the ending like imagining him as dead.. Allah Allah!! But then thought it was just a story!
    Starting was beautiful like viplav saving her from those men like a true hero, then dhaani getting flat on him?? My God even I can imagine him in that red coat and blue shirt❤❤❤ hayeeee!
    Then his reserved personality killed me? the way you described her POV was marvellous? Dhaani should’ve told him about her feelings or should’ve taken his number or something so that she can stay in touch with him? if I would’ve in her place then I didn’t stop my blabbering whether he likes or not I just kept eating his brain??
    You know when I read last lines I didn’t believe on myself so read it again but Alas it was true?
    Story did full justice with the title as poor girl didn’t get a single chance of expressing her feelings her love? the way viplav smiled and a truck hit him my God I can visualize it?
    After reading this story I truly believe in “do today what is due tomorrow, do right now what is due today”
    Thank you for bringing this one shot❤ keep posting like this my dear!
    Take care!

    1. Angel20

      Haha you would keep blabbering LMAO. Hmm she could have taken his number but I didnt want that 😉 yea that saying is really true! Thank you so much appi!

      With Loads of love..

  5. Sujie

    fantastic story…..sooooo good though hugely sad….
    But seriously….thank you for this story dear…… You brought the message through this story that ….dil mein jo baat hai… uss baatko kehdena chahiye…. You never know.what is in the store….
    Loved dashing Viplav saving Dhaani….Those intense eyelocks …..Could imagine Dhaani starting to love Viplav… Coincidently…. towards the ending of the story…I was listening the song Judaai…and scrolling down to read the part…when it says…Viplav walks towards Dhaani…..but 🙁 🙁 I had a drop of silent tears roling down the cheeks…..
    Maria…thank you for the story dear….. a sad story though…urging you to speak your heart out …. 🙂 🙂 love you dear

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much di!! Awww I’m sorry for the sad story, silent tears dropping from your eyes with the perfect song in the background! Yeah we should say what we have in our heart otherwise who knows we get a chance again or not?!

      Love you too..

  6. Shanitics

    Masha Allah.. U r a fab author yarr.. I’m completely insane abt yr ff now…?
    Al d bst dear.. Keep rockng…

    In b\w wat is this OS?? ?

    1. Angel20

      Thank you so much!! And I didnt get the last question..

    2. Sujie

      shaani…. OS means ONE SHOT …here 🙂 🙂 🙂

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