Ikrs: Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed (Episode: 9)

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Link for episode 8: Here

Haan hai mere ishq ka rang safed-

At Ayodha Nivas,
In kitchen:
Viplav cleared his throat to start the conversation and reduce some embarrassment
Viplav: chalo let’s start the work
Dhaani: deykho stop this nautanki and go outside, I’ll do my work by myself
Viplav: (widening his eyes) haww you’re asking me to get out in short, abhi maah ko batata hun
Dhaani: (surprisingly) kia (in soft voice) tum apni maayi ko btao gy?
Viplav: (smiles) nahe, I was just scaring you
Dhaani: deykho please go, please I don’t need your help
Viplav: deykho you’re wasting your time in this argument because hum na tou decide kar liya hai
Dhaani: (irritatingly) bhaad mai jao, do whatever​ you want to do but stay away from me

Saying so she moved towards a cabinet, once reaching there she lifts her toes to hold the flour jar but couldn’t able to reach, viplav noticed this and mumbles “chahe kuch bhe hojai she won’t ask help from anyone, bilkol waise hai jaisa kaaki na btaya tha”. He, while mumbling stands behind her in order to keep that jar on marble. Dhaani gets surprised seeing him beside her so moved aside for giving some space to him.
Viplav: (looking at her) tou what’re you planning to cook? (lifting his brows) Kia khilao ge humen lunch mai? (chuckles lightly) excluding poison
Dhaani: (in a low voice) mann tou kar raha hai k zaher he dey den
Viplav: (smiles while letting​ a chuckle out) I’ve heard it dhaani
Dhaani: achi baat hai, now go and sit at a corner
Viplav: (ignoring on what she said) tou have you decided what you’ll make us eat
Dhaani: (sighs irritatingly and in a loud voice) I don’t know
Saying so she takes out flour in a utensil and pour some water in it
Viplav: haan you may finish this work and I’ll cut vegetables
Dhaani didn’t answer instead she continued her work while viplav takes some onions to cut, he was peeling them when his finger slightly gets hurt
Viplav: ouch my finger (keeping his hand below tap) it’s hurting
Dhaani still didn’t respond and acts as if she didn’t hear anything, viplav surprisingly​ stares her unaffected behavior
Viplav: yaar how cruel you’re, here I’m screaming in pain and you aren’t even showing fake sympathy
Dhaani: (looking at him) tou what should I do? Apni sari ka pallu phaar k tumhare hath par tou bandhe gy nahe ab
Viplav: (smiles with broad eyes) nice idea, (forwarding his hand) maybe it’ll heal my pain
Dhaani: (looking at him in disbelief) behave yourself and why should I show fake care I’ve already told you to not to poke your nose in the work which you don’t know but you didn’t listen to me
Viplav: (frowning his brows) sariyal larki
Dhaani: (in an angry tone) ab jo bhe hain hum if you’ve problem then you can go (taking a pause) and why are you behaving like a kid, it’s just a minor cut. Pata nahe agar ziada lagte tou bachon ke tarah rona shuru kar dete
Viplav: (pointing his index finger) ae don’t call me kid
Dhaani: (smiles broadly) tum bache ho, bache ho aur bache he raho gy

Viplav looks at her childish antic, dhaani realized it and while composing herself she gets busy in work
Viplav: kitne paisay lage?
Dhaani: (confusedly) what?
Viplav: yes smile is very expensive for you naa that’s why you smile very rarely as it’s quite unaffordable for you. Isn’t it?
Dhaani: (sighs) how much you’ll take for shutting your mouth
Viplav: (in a serious tone) sorry I haven’t set any exact price till now
Dhaani pats her forehead irritatingly​ and while looking above mumbled “yeh kis k sath phansa diya God”
Viplav: (smiles) khair tell me what are you cooking, I can’t wait for long.
Before dhaani could reply, daadi came inside
Daadi: hum batate hain
Viplav: (looking at dhaani) chalo problem is solved now (shifting his glance to daadi) princess shuru hojao
Daadi told her the food which she has to cook while dhaani listens everything carefully. She turns to viplav as soon as she completed her conversation with dhaani
Daadi: and you may come with me else I know you’ll keep disturbing her
Viplav: daadi I wasn’t disturbing her in fact I was helping her and then there must be someone to guide her
Viplav looks at dhaani while lifting his brows with a grin making her frown
Daadi: acha theek hai but don’t disturb her and try to be silent
Dhaani: silent aur yeh
She became silent as soon as she realized on what she said, she embarrassingly looks down while daadi and viplav were smiling looking at each other
Daadi: nahe viplav will remain silent, right?
Viplav nodded like an obedient child whereas daadi leaves from there

In Dada jee’s room:
Kanak entered his room angrily and stands beside him, who was sitting on a chair
Kanak: babu jee why you allowed that widow to enter in this house (making a fake crying face) I think I don’t have any value in this house now. Humare tou koi sunta he nahe
Dada: bahu jee (standing from his chair) you should show some patience and must think with brain instead of heart.
Kanak: but babu jee viplav is with that churail and I can’t tolerate that
Dada: you’ve to tolerate bahu jee and instead of wasting your time here you should think about something
Kanak angrily moved outside, while dada jee looks on tensely

In kitchen:
Viplav was sitting on the marble quietly when he smiled thinking about something
Viplav: dhaani now it’s enough
Dhaani looks at him weirdly
Viplav: (with a sad face) Arey I can’t stay silent for long yaar so (cheerfully) let’s play a game, I’ll ask you questions and you’ll answer me
Dhaani: game? You may only know how to play games, right?
Viplav: (confusedly) kyun if there’s any problem?
Dhaani: I’m not interested in your game
Viplav: (lifting his brows) are you sure? Actually agar tum nahe khelo ge tou (thinking for a second) I’ll help you in cooking now decision is all yours
Dhaani: fine (sighs frowning her brows) jo karna hai karo
Viplav: (excitedly) yeh hoe naa baat (taking a pause) so first question Emm, tum jab bhe humen deykhte ho tou (in a loud voice) rakshasni kyun ban jate ho?
Dhaani looks at him with a jerk while giving a serious look
Viplav: (lifting his brows) I’m waiting for answer dhaani jee
Dhaani: because you do cheap acts
Viplav: (widening his eyes) hum aur cheap listen I just make others happy
Dhaani: by hurting them?
Viplav: deykho I’ve apologized for what I did
Dhaani: apologize​ with that box
Viplav: haan tou (brushing his hair) that was just a joke khair (sighs) hum tumhare liye rakshas aur tum humare liye rakshasni, acha hai naa?
Dhaani giving him a cold look turned to the stove
Viplav: so second question…
Dhaani: and this should be last too
Viplav: Acha naa first listen my question (taking a deep breath) aisa koi dream jo tum poora karna chahte ho but couldn’t able to fulfill
Dhaani: there’s no such dream
Viplav: invalid answer dhaani agar sahi answer nahe diya tou you know I’ll…
Dhaani: tum kyun peeche par gae ho humare
Viplav instead of saying anything just show a curve which was appearing on his lips which irritated dhaani more
Dhaani: I wanted to teach classical dance, khush ab?
Viplav: (questioningly) really? (surprisingly) you know classical dance (in a low voice) kaaki na kabhi nahe btaya
Dhaani: haan tou what’s so surprising in it?
Viplav: no.. nothing bus yunhi
Dhaani: ab agar tumhara hogaya ho tou can I concentrate on my work

Viplav, who was thinking something came out from his thoughts and nodded. She moved towards a chair which was placed on a corner, lifted it up and brings it before cabinet, she was about to stand up when viplav stops her
Viplav: let me do this
Dhaani: nahe hum kar len gy
Viplav: arey tum zid kyun karte ho har baat mai
Dhaani ignoring him keeps her right feet on chair when viplav pulled her down by holding her arm, due to this she became dis balance and both fall on floor
Dhaani was hell shocked and wasn’t getting what just happened within a second
“Aisi kabhi pehle hui naa thi khwaahishein
Kisi se bhi milne ki naa ki thi koshishein plays”

As viplav was on dhaani he was lost in her innocence, her eyes, her frowning expressions, her fluttering hairs were tickling his face, he was smiling unknowing to what he was thinking
“Uljhan meri suljha de
Chaahun main ya naa
Aankhon aankhon mein jataa de
Chaahun main ya naa plays”

Dhaani shakes him asking to get up, he came to his senses and stands up. Once standing up he forwarded his hand in order to offer help, but she giving an angry look stood on her feet by herself. Both looks on embarrassingly
Dhaani: agar tumhare nautanki khatam hogae ho tou you can go and sit at one corner
Viplav: but I was…
Dhaani: (in a loud tone) khamosh bilkol and go
Viplav making a sad childish face sits on the marble while dhaani gets busy in finishing her work.

In Hall,
At dinning table:
All members were sitting on the chairs which were placed right in front of the table, while dhaani was serving food to everyone. As she was about to fill kanak’s empty plate when she signed her to move on, viplav noticed this and sighs
Viplav: dhaani come on, have​ lunch with us
Dhaani refused hesitately whereas kanak fumes
Kanak: how can she eat this after all she’s a…
Viplav: maah I know she’s but why there’s so much discrimination, let’s have food together
Dhaani: nahe woh maayi must be waiting for me so I should leave
Saying so she went outside making viplav little sad.
Screen freezes!

Precap: viplav and dhaani after taking utility bills and after fulfilling some formalities were going back when tyre got punctured later on they were in a small hut while it started raining heavily.

Thanks for reading!
Hey everyone! How are you all? How was the episode? Extremely sorry for giving the same precap but seriously I wasn’t having idea that this track will become long. Really sorry! But hopefully next one will be up to the mark. Hope I’m not disappointing you all. Do share your opinions before leaving this page.
Keep smiling:-)
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. Sujie

    Mahaa….episode likhte waqt kya khaya tha….kabhi sweet…kabhi salty… waah re…. loved this a lot… could imagine Viplav’s innocent face…. and their nokjhoks….mashallah…maar dala mujhe…. loved it to the core…. kanak raani ke baare mein kya kehna…. saara din gala phad phaad ke chillaegi ki woh widhwa humre bete ke saath hai… kabhi nahi sudhregi… chalo… i toh liked this episode… Viplav Dhaani…falling on the floor.. hayee…..i am in love with this…. loving it … love you for this…aur mein kya bolu 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you so much Sujie for all the tareefs. Happy to know that you enjoyed the scenes ? HAHA- kuch kahaya tou nahe tha but was drinking the shake so maybe oss ka asar tha??
      Keep reading dear❤

  2. hey mahaa…really nice episode…
    dhaani and viplavs conversation is too funny…
    And i didnt expected that when viplavs finger has cutted dhaanis silent reaction is too horrible…
    i hope soon misundetstandings should be cleared…
    take care dear…

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Hey Lalitha! Now i was waiting for your comment sachi?? Thank you so much for your good words ?? haan her reaction was bit unexpected ?? yes hopefully all misunderstandings​ will be clear though it’ll take some time but yoga zaroor sab kuch acha acha??
      Keep reading dear!

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