Ikrs: Fear of loosing (One shot by Maha)

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Hey lovely fellows!
Surprise! Chalo let’s safe some excitement for story.
Ignore my typos and grammatical errors

Let’s begin!
Every girl has some insecurities, some fear towards marriage but HER fear was different however all this can be vanish if the life partner is lovable and supportive.
At the stairs of Ganga lake, a boy and a girl was sitting and having some talk!

Girl was wearing a pink shalwar kameez with chiffon dupatta, she is dhaani
While that boy was in casual T-shirt with jeans, he is viplav.

Viplav: so dhaani what are you thinking for ? I guess it’s high time

Dhaani: (with a sad expression) viplav I’m..

Viplav: dhaani we are in relationship from one year now it’s time to give name to our relation, you’ll be my wife and I’ll be your husband (smiles broadly)

Dhaani: I don’t know viplav

Viplav: dhaani why this don’t know come in all this

Dhaani: (looks at him) you’re scolding me ?

Viplav: (in a calm voice) I’m not scolding you dhaani but this answer is so irrelevant. You always denied whenever I tried to talk about marriage, you know I’ll never force you but..

Dhaani: viplav there is a reason in fact a problem behind my refusal

Viplav: (lifting his brows) what reason ?

Dhaani: I can’t tell you

Viplav: if you won’t tell me then how we will take out solution of that problem (holds her hand) dhaani do you exactly want to marry me ?

Dhaani: yes viplav..

Viplav: do you want to spend your life with me ?

Dhaani: yes I want to..

Viplav: do you love me ?

Dhaani: obviously yes viplav I do but..

Viplav: then why this BUT is coming between us everything is set

Dhaani: I don’t know

Viplav: not again yaar

She stood up and walked off!

Viplav: dhaani don’t go like this wait

And he too ran behind her. Scene shifted to a house where an old lady was talking to a middle aged woman and a man

Old lady: (while taking a sip of tea) so tell me your decision, it has been two months I’m asking you about this alliance, today you’ve to answer me after all she is your sister’s daughter, her soul will be at peace if her daughter will get marry to a boy who is her brother’s son

The man silently bowed his head while the lady was giving an annoyed expressions

Lady: maa jee why are you insisting so much, whole family knows that she is an inauspicious girl who ate her mother at the time of birth then her father met with an accident when he went out for work. All these are sign of inauspiciousness, her bad fortune has affected everyone even her khaala haven’t invited her in her son’s wedding all runs away from her and you want my son to marry that girl, you want him to suffer from the pain. You should think about others too instead of dhaani

Old lady: but.. (before she could complete her sentence her eyes fall on dhaani who was standing behind them with teary eyes, she can’t able to tolerate more so runs to her room cryingly) dhaani beta suno!

But she didn’t stop whereas the lady made faces to show her hatred towards her

Old lady: (stands up and points to the gate with her index finger) there is the gate, get out right now, today you’ve crossed all your limits If you don’t want to keep any relation with dhaani then don’t even think to come here again

The lady stood up with a jerk and walked out whereas the man tried to speak but due to fear of his wife, he too left from there

Dhaani: (enters inside her room and sits down on bed with all shattered and hurt state) all are right I’m inauspicious I ate my family, even if my shadow falls on any plant, it will get damage

Old lady: (came inside and gets tears in her eyes seeing her granddaughter crying, she moves towards her and sits in front of her) dhaani beta rote nahe hain, you know naa I don’t like when you cry

Dhaani: but naano they are true I’m bad, very bad don’t know why I’m alive I should also die

Old lady: (wiping her tears) nahe beta don’t say like this, have I brought up you for listening all this, you are my fairy, my princess it’s their narrow mentality that’s why they can’t think good about others

Saying so she hugged her to reduce her pain or sorrow. Next day viplav and dhaani were sitting in a park, viplav was pacing from right to left with little anger

Viplav: so this is the reason, you think that (sighs) I can’t even repeat it

Dhaani: this is true I’m inauspicious. I don’t have right to marry you. Even my own family doesn’t want to see me

Viplav: dhaani even my parents died one year back but no one say all this to me

Dhaani: your situation was different than me viplav, it happened with my family soon after my birth but you were matured at that time

Viplav: I don’t know anything but all these are useless things (sits beside her) dhaani you are an educated girl, belongs to a good family and lives in a good atmosphere, at least you shouldn’t think like this. Look at your surrounding world is changed, it has become so modern you’re living in the era where people are going to Mars so please..

Dhaani: why are you arguing viplav ?

Viplav: I’m not arguing, it’s you!

Dhaani: viplav I don’t want to loose you, because you’re the person who gave me the feeling of love, after my naano you love me selflessly. I can live far from you but can’t live without you

Viplav: (bends on his knees and keeps his hand on her knees) dhaani why are you thinking all this, I promise nothing like that will going to happen, you think that something drastic happen with me if you’ll come in my life but I can give you guarantee that if you won’t become my life partner then I’ll surely die. I couldn’t be able to live

Dhaani: viplav (with a cold voice) why are you not understanding ?

Viplav: because there is nothing to understand everything is clear (smiles broadly and cups her face) so should we proceed to your home ?

Dhaani: at this time ?

Viplav: yes right now as I don’t believe you

Dhaani: (unwillingly) ok but..

Viplav: (stands on his feet and holds her hand to make her stand) come on, no more discussion!

Both reached the house, her naano opened the gate and got little surprised after seeing viplav

Viplav: (bends to take her blessings and she blesses her) so you’re her naano, she always used to talk about you

Old lady: (smiles looking at dhaani) and you’re viplav, her friend ?

Viplav: yes but she didn’t tell you anything more ? (Both smiles at his silly question) Emm! Can we go inside to talk actually it’s important

Old lady: oh yes, I’m sorry! Come inside

All went in drawing room, dhaani was standing at gate while viplav and her naano were sitting on a sofa in front of each other

Viplav: (takes a sip of juice) don’t know how to talk actually my parents aren’t with me else I would’ve sent them

Old lady: I know, dhaani had told me about your parent’s demise. Don’t worry you can talk with me freely

Viplav: I want to marry dhaani, I don’t want to be straight forward but.. (takes a deep breath) I love her and want to keep her happy always she has told me about inauspiciousness and all but I don’t believe in all this, for me these are baseless topic

Old lady: so you love her and want to marry her!

Viplav: (nods in yes) You can ask me anything even dhaani knows everything about me (looks down) We just need your permission

Old lady looked at dhaani who was signing her to say no with teary eyes, viplav noticed her gaze and turned back to see dhaani

Viplav: dhaani don’t force her to say no, you can’t run away from your destiny and I’m always with you in your destiny

Old lady: I don’t have any issue, I have seen same love in your eyes which I have seen in her eyes. Apart from me you love her unconditionally, I’ll be pleased to fix this alliance

Dhaani looked on hopelessly. Viplav smiled and walked towards her

Viplav: dhaani please now say yes, happiness are waiting for you, have faith on God! I promise nothing wrong or bad will happen, don’t run away from yourself. I know deep inside your heart you want to say yes

Dhaani nodded in yes with tears in her eyes, viplav smiled broadly and was about to hug her but stopped seeing her naano.

Viplav: (stretches his hair) so I’ll come tomorrow for wedding

Dhaani: (in a questioning voice) tomorrow ?

Viplav: yes, why ? Do you want me to marry you today ?

Dhaani: (looks at him with impossible look) kuch bhe mat bolo!

Old lady: next month will be ok!

Dhaani: naano I want this marriage to happen with simplicity

Old lady: but..

Viplav: alright! Maa jee if dhaani wants this then it’s ok. We’ll do everything according to her wish

Old lady: (smiles) I’m proud of you, your parents have brought you up so nicely. Though it’s not important to say this but being her grandmother I want to request you to always take care of her, I’m handing over my life, my dearest thing to you as I’ve nothing apart from her

Viplav: I promise that I’ll meet your expectations and never leave a single chance of complaint for you and dhaani

Dhaani was looking at them with smile but she was feeling nervous inside, fear was pinching her from inside. One month flew away and dhaani was somewhat coming out of that delimma. Finally the day came for which every girl dream of, beautiful life was waiting for dhaani and viplav. Sky was filled with fireworks and in a room dhaani was sitting in bridal attire, she was waiting for her husband, her soulmate in short her everything, a person to whom she belonged now. Viplav came in and sat beside her

Viplav: MashaAllah you’re looking too beautiful (dhaani shyly looks down) dhaani I want to talk something important in fact I want to tell you something

Dhaani: (with a tense expression) what happen ? Is everything ok ?

Viplav: dhaani you were correct, your insecurities and doubts were true as I was about to die that too be four times

Dhaani: (shockingly) how ? When ?

Viplav: woh a car was about to hit me but by the grace of God I got save then I was carefully climbing the stairs but don’t know how my feet slipped and I was about to fall badly but..

Dhaani: deykha ? (Tears were falling from eyes) I’ve told you but you didn’t listen to me! My presence will harm you

Viplav was trying to control his smile but couldn’t take any more and giggled

Dhaani: here I’m getting tension and you’re laughing

Viplav: I’m sorry but all that was joke

Dhaani: matlab ?

Viplav: matlab nothing like that has happened with me, I was kidding. See now that you’re part of life, your shadow has fallen on me then also I’m perfectly fine, sitting in front you in one piece (takes her hand in his hands) in fact you’ve given me the reason of living, my life is changed because of you. Dhaani the girl like you can give life to someone but can’t give death. So now throw all your worries

Dhaani: (looked at him with tears and smiled broadly) thank you!

“Qadam qadam pey yeh dil tera sath chahta hai
Baat baat pey jo mehkai woh ek baat bhe tu
Yeh ati jaati hoe saans saans tujh sey
Hoo tujh he sey din hain mere taaro bhari raat bhe tu
Tu sirf shareek e hayat he nahe hayat bhe tu plays”

In morning, dhaani after combing her hair sat beside viplav to woke him up

Dhaani: viplav uth jao, it’s already late (he gives no response) viplav wake up (she shakes him but still he wasn’t responding, seeing this she starts panicking) viplav, what happen to you (while shaking him) viplav please answer me

Viplav opened his eyes and blurted into laughter, dhaani first didn’t understand anything but then realized that all this was a prank. She hit him on his shoulder and started crying

Viplav: (looks at her and feels regret on his joke) dhaani I’m sorry yaar, (gets up) I don’t want you to cry

Dhaani: which kind of joke was that, meri jaan nikal gae thi (hits him again)

Viplav: (while rubbing his shoulder) ouch! Acha naa sorry. I want to make our first morning some unique so..

Dhaani: unique ? Now don’t talk to me. Kabhi baat nahe karna

She stood up and was about to go but he grabbed her wrist

Viplav: I’m really sorry, I’ll never do this again promise (stands up from the bed and wipes her tears) please forgive me this time

Dhaani: don’t ever do this again

Saying so she hugged her tightly, viplav looked on with teary eyes and hugged her back, caressing her hairs

Time was passing smoothly, both were living each moment beautifully. Dhaani was the most happiest person on the earth. Both used to go for shopping, having candle light dinner and what not. They were the perfect couple, the couple about whom one can give example to anyone. One night both were sitting on terrace leaning their back on wall and were staring the full moon

Viplav: you know I always wanted to sit like this on terrace with you

Dhaani: (smiles) acha

Viplav: hmm I’ve always wished for two things from God

Dhaani: (looks at him) woh kia ?

Viplav: I wanted you to become my life partner, I wanted to build a house of love with you (a curve appears on his face) this wish has been fulfilled

Dhaani: (while staring him lovingly) and what’s the second wish ?

Viplav: (looks at her then looks straight) I want to have many kids (listening this her smile vanishes and she gets little scared) some boys, some girls but all’s faces must be like you. Some will climb on my shoulder, some will hold my legs and some will be in my lap (dreamily) it looks so cute to imagine. Right dhaani ?

Dhaani: (who was thinking something come to her senses) han, han. Right

Viplav: dhaani are you Ok ? Why are you sweating ?

Dhaani: (gives a weak smile) no, nothing like that, maybe because of tiredness

Viplav smiled and stood up then forwarded his hand, she kept her hand on his palm and both left to their room. In afternoon viplav reached home little earlier than usual, he entered inside and called out “dhaani” and she without wasting a minute came outside with a tensed expression

Dhaani: what happened viplav ? Why are you shouting ? And why you’ve come so early? Is everything ok ?

Viplav: dhaani, dhaani relax tum itne jaldi pareshan hojate ho mai kia karun. Everything is fine, I want to show something to you

Dhaani: what thing ? (points to a file which he was holding) and what is this ?

Viplav: telling, first come with me

Both went to hall, he made her sit on sofa then sat beside him. He opened that file which was having many pictures of cute babies

Viplav: look at them, these are the most cutest babies in the world and they’re same as you are (takes a picture in his hand) see this, his nose is just like you and this one’s eyes are like you (while handing the pictures to him) and deykho tou her face resembles with you a lot, it seems like this is your childhood

Dhaani: (with a fearing expression) but why you brought all this at home?

Viplav: because I want to paste them on our room normally people do this in expecting period but I want to do this before but why are you getting afraid, didn’t you like these pictures ?

Dhaani: no I like them, who can dislike baby’s photos

Viplav smiled broadly. Later he was pasting all those pictures in his bed room, dhaani came inside the room and looked at him confusedly

Dhaani: what are you doing ?

Viplav: pasting these pictures on wall, we’ll see them everyday and night (she doesnn’t reply, he notices her silence and shifts his gaze from pictures to dhaani) dhaani kia hoa ? If you don’t like any picture then tell me I’ll remove that one

Dhaani: no I like all of them actually I want to tell you something

Viplav: (walks towards her) kia hoa ? You’re looking worried. Everything is ok naa ?

Dhaani: (tensely) viplav woh I..

Viplav: (keeps his hand in her shoulders) you can freely share anything with me dhaani so go ahead I’m listening

Dhaani: viplav (in the verge of crying) I don’t want to become a mother

Viplav: (confusedly) you don’t want to become a mother but why ?

Dhaani: I don’t want to loose my life

Viplav: but how..

Before he could complete she ran from there keeping hand on her mouth and trying harder to control her tears. In night both were at terrace

Viplav: so you think that something will happen to you or to our child

Dhaani: viplav I don’t want to suffer from the pain through which my mother went. I’m sure my inauspiciousness will harm me or our baby

Viplav: dhaani again you’re starting yaar. You were thinking all this when I proposed you and at the time of marriage too you were having these kind of doubts but see nothing happened to me, I’m standing with you in one piece with my both hands and legs. Don’t you have faith on God ?

Dhaani: I’ve faith on God viplav but my mother has suffered so much pain while giving birth to me, she lost her life because of me. I’m very afraid of it now because no one can change the fact that I’m..

Viplav: (holds her hands) alright! But I’m not saying this because of inauspiciousness, I’m saying this because of your fear wesey bhe I can’t take risk of your life for my happiness (while hugging her) so now we won’t talk on this topic again

“Wajood aur rooh naa mil pae aik sath kabhi
Tu mujh sey durr bhe hai aur mere sath bhe tu
Yeh ati jaati hoe saans saans tujhe sey
Hoo tu sirf shareek e hayat he nahe hayat bhe tu plays”

Whole night they kept crying silently, why they don’t know the reason but the tears which they were hiding from each other was flowing, their backs were facing each other

Viplav: (thinks while wiping his tears) why I’m crying, nothing should be important for me than dhaani not even kids

He turned his face to her and looked on. In morning viplav was removing all those pictures from wall, dhaani came in and felt hurt

Dhaani: why are you removing them ?

Viplav: because if you will see these pictures then it will hurt you so better to..

Dhaani: viplav I’ve taken a decision

Viplav: what decision ?

Dhaani: (smiles innocently) I’m ready to become a mother and I promise I’ll be the best mother in fact we’ll be the best parents

Viplav: so you’re ready to.. woohoo! (He jumps in excitement and hugs her tightly) thank you so much

Dhaani: (hugs him back) So now can we paste these pictures back on wall

Viplav: (frees her from his grip) yeah sure why not!

Screen gets blurred! After awhile it gets cleared, dhaani was working in kitchen, someone came from behind and kept his hand on her eyes

Dhaani: (smiles while touching his hands) viplav! Let me do the work

Viplav: (turns off the stove) leave all the work and check this out (keeps some envelope on her hands)

Dhaani: what is this ?

Viplav: see by yourself

Saying so he caressed her face and went from there in a contended state. She looked at him confusedly then opened the envelope, her smile faded away when she read the reports

Dhaani: (sits on a chair) I’m expecting! (looks up) God please give me courage for passing this phase

Days and months kept flying, viplav was taking her full care, he did everything which make her smile. He tried his level best to vanish her fear by his support and love. Both were passing that time whole hearted and set the room of their unborn child with the things they like or love. Then finally the day came, the day from which she was getting scared. Dhaani was standing in the lawn when viplav came to her with the mug of coffee

Viplav: (hands her the mug) why are you standing ?

Dhaani: I was tired of sitting so thought to pass some time in this position

Viplav: I know you’re getting afraid

Dhaani: (with teary eyes) everything will be fine naa ?

Viplav: yes everything will be fine. Tomorrow our home will be complete. I can even listen our kid’s voice, their cute voice, calling me dad and you as their mom. I’m so excited

Dhaani: (smiles) even I’m excited

Next day dhaani was on stretcher, crying and holding viplav’s hand

Dhaani: viplav I’ll come back naa I don’t want to loose my life, my kid. I want to live my life with you

Viplav: (while walking with the stretcher and holding her hand tightly) dhaani you’ll be back yaar, be strong! This is natural phase through which every girl goes through

Dhaani: (in the verge of tears) I love you viplav!

Viplav: I love you too and this love will protect you and our kids

Camera focused on their hand which was getting apart from each other because she went inside OT with nurses and doctors while he waited for her outside, he was continuously praying with folded hands. Later doctor came out and seeing her, he quickly walked towards her

Doctor: congratulations your wife has given birth to a boy and a girl

Viplav: (smiles widely but then gives a worried expression) and how’s my wife ?

She said something which was muted
Screen freezes!

After 6 years;
Viplav was standing in front of dhaani’s picture when suddenly two kids came running to him, he bends on his knees and hugs them

Viplav: so finally you’re home. I was waiting for you all since long

Priya: daddy we have bought so many things today

Viplav: (excitingly) really

Aryan: yes daddy come on, we’ll show you

Viplav: you guys go and unpack your packets I’m coming

Then they ran from there while viplav stares on the gate through which a girl appeared, he smiled looking at her

Dhaani: arey tum agae sorry to make you wait woh we went out for shopping

Viplav: (walks towards him) it’s ok by the way what’s the date today ?

Dhaani: (staring him lovingly) 28 Nov, today you came in my life

Viplav: (holds her hand and twirls her) happy wedding anniversary

Dhaani: same to you! Viplav today I want to thank you for everything, the way you supported me changed my mentality, I’m so lucky to have you my life partner. Since childhood I was considered as a girl whose fate is bad but you and naano were different because of you I became a wife, a mother else I would’ve kept running away from these beautiful relation so I pray to God that He blesses every girl with a soulmate like you

Viplav: (caresses her face) bus bus dhaani else I’ll start flying in air and if that’s the case then I pray to God that He blesses every boy with a soulmate like you, now come on our kids are waiting for us, I should go else they will start jumping on my head

Dhaani: (giggles) ok you may go, I’ll bring some snacks for you all

Saying so they left from there, holding each other’s hand
“Tujh he sey din hain mere taaro bhari raat bhe tu yeh ati jaati hoe saans saans tujhe sey
Hoo tu sirf shareek e hayat he nahe hayat bhe tu plays”

————THE END————-

Thanks for reading!
So how was that, I hope it wasn’t an emotional mess. This story had stuck in my mind from last month, first I ignored it but then thought to write and after giving shape to my thoughts, I seriously fell in love with it, sometimes I even surprise myself *winks* tell me honestly that who thought that dhaani would die ? Have you noticed that I’ve written it differently like giving space after each line, looking quite neat and clean right but I’ll not do thia with every post as it takes too much time, pressing “enter” twice, Gosh! Yeah yeah I’ve promised that “Love behind ego” will be the last one but kia karun this story wasn’t getting out of my mind. I’ve written it in one day itself so feeling very tired now, will post the next shot of that story by the end of this week till than enjoy this. Don’t forget to share your opinions please as it took my whole day so mehnat wasool hojai ge.
Keep smiling!
Love you all<3
Take care!

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  1. Maha di I’m your fan yaar, I have read all your stories but after reading it I could not control myself. This is so good, I’m seriously your writing’s fan and I’ve a request can you please write something on swasan, twinj and aradhika ? Please do yeh post kar do ge tou bhe chaly ga.
    Keep going di

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Awwee! Thank you so much sweety darling? but don’t be my fan be my friend? I’m happy to know that you were the silent reader of my story??
      And about your request, well I can’t write anything fresh on these leads as my imagination only and only revolve around viplav and dhaani, so it’s impossible for me to write some other leads but I’ll try to post this story on swasan because I know little bit about them and my sister was also asking me to write something in it! Hope you didn’t feel bad!
      Anyways shukriya for commenting and welcome to ViDha family plus keep sharing your views on every fiction of ikrs?
      Take care dear!

  2. Amazing maha! You are indeed an amazing writer
    All the best dear

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you Asma, keep reading?

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Sorry it shouldn’t be keep reading because it has been completed?

  3. ahhh mahaaa… This one shot update is very nice, excellent yaar… You know it have been many days reading the word inauspicious from this page… And ha i also thought that something is fishy about dhaani and i am very happy to know she is perfectly fine… 🙂 thanks for updating maha.. 🙂 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you Lalitha for your lovely words! HAHA? yeah that’s true!
      Acha but nothing can happen with her as viplav’s love was guarding her❤ your welcome dear!

  4. I’m confused about when dhani was afraid to get pregnant because she thought her life would be In dangous or the kids life.. Is dhani alive still or dead after giving birth to the twins??

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Amisha she was getting afraid of loosing her as well as her kid’s life because of her vagary but she was perfectly fine dear, the women was dhaani to whom viplav was talking at the end, hopefully now your doubts are cleared?
      Thanks for commenting and reading❤

  5. Shruthy

    HEY HEY HEY! (Santa Claus voice)
    MashaAllah will you stop surprising and killing us with your wondeful creativity? Well, I was just kidding. Because I am ready to suffer reading such miracles.
    This was indeed something different from what yu have always done, except the fact it was a message wala story.
    A message, that explains people, there is nothign more auspicious than loving an dbeing loved by someone who can bring luck only to your life.
    I don’t even know if what I said even means something, but you truly made it clear that love is everything in life.
    Viplav truly loved Dhaani for what he knows she is. He never knew about her being inauspicious, and now that he came to know, he doesn’t believe her being so. Because he fell in love with her before that.
    And then when she slowly started believing in herself, again she started fearing when Viplavopened up about his wish of having children. All those conversations take her to sorrows and bad memories of her own childhood, and she blames herself for her mother’s loss. Poor child! However again it was Viplav’s love who made her believe she has nothing to do with it.
    And then when she gets pregnant, and then at the delivery, she again fears remembering her terrible past and the way she lost her mother at her birth. But thankfully she gave birth safely.
    Yaaay ViDha babies. Though it was a short family scene, I found it very adorable.
    And to answer your question : NO I knew she wouldn’t die. Because it was about her past when her mother died. If she woud have given birth and died after that, like her mother, than your entire messsage would have been nothing. You wanted to show his love would make her believe there is inauspiciousness in her presence, so.. And haan, you wouldn’t have made the children believe they lost their mother too, and that the circle keeps rolling. And last hint, you didn’t mention picture of Dhaani with a garland. Which clearly proves she is not. And of course, you can look at your wife’s picture whenever you want na :p
    So sorry, didn’t get trapped XD
    Anyways! I am so happy with your amazing creativity and imagination. I wish some ideas come to your mind every week :p
    But haan, I was thinking that you started another story and I realised you posted this one without ending the other one.
    So now can’t wait for the next shot of “Love Beyond Ego”
    Take care

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      HAHA! No I won’t?? yeah it was indeed a different one. You’re truly correct yaar! These inauspicious or such kind of things are useless and man-made! Yeah viplav’s entire support and love changed her thinking and removed her fears gradually!
      Hmmm! Intelligent haan, well that’s true! How can she die yaar, it would be ridiculous if I would’ve done so
      Bilkol theek one can see his wife’s picture anytime and at any place?
      I couldn’t show the family scenes properly as it was an one shot plus it was already so long that’s why thought to close it! Aur koi nahe bachy hain naa kafi hai?
      Oh please yaar, I was too tired after writing it in one day tobba. Haan I know you guys will be surprise that’s why I had mentioned earlier?
      Yup will post it soon! Stay tuned❤

      1. Shruthy

        I am always correct darling B) :p
        Exactly. Love makes life beautiful tanananananana …
        I know, I am so clever!! But seriously, that was so logical, and I always think logically HEHEHE :p
        No problem, it was just to show they indeed made their young and little world that’s all, zyaada detail karne ki koi zaroorat nahin.
        Haan this time, I have my ViDhaa babies xDD
        LMAO I was just kidding. Kya wish bhi nahi kar sakthe hai log? ARGGGH :p And who told you to write it in one go?
        Always ready *big eyes on the screen*

    2. Maha_Aijaz

      Arey I forgot to say Thank you! Sorry yaar sometimes my mind doesn’t work?? Thanks dear?

    3. Maha_Aijaz

      Haan naa *tears of joy* nowadays I’m watching a serial Moray Saiyaan! Allah Allah Shruthy it’s so beautiful, a pure love story. I’ll keep that serial on the top?? pyaar hogaya hai mujhe uss sey aur us k hero sey. Like the way he is looking at the heroine and then teasing her.. my goodness don’t know why I’m telling you but seriously I feel so heavenly while watching it. Tum bhe deykha maybe you’ll like it also listen it’s Ost mind blowing hai. Khair let’s come on the topic
      Yeah you are, oh logical thinker? zabardast hain ap!
      Haan khush ho ab, ViDha’s babies??
      Yeah yeah you can wish anything and you are correct who told me to write it in one day now I’ll write peacefully!

      1. Shruthy

        Really? That’s cool.
        Each time I wish to watch again my favourite shows’ episodes but I dont do what I wanted at the end. So that’s irritating. Is it a Pakistani show by the way?
        Oh I don’t mind hearing you over excited. xD
        Woh toh hoon <3 Bohot kush!!
        Haan that's your mistake only.

  6. Shanitics

    Mashallah.. Wat a story!! It was suprb one.. Di..

    U could had made thr marriage anniversary on 29 na.. On that a princess ?? Took birth…
    Just kidding!! Btw this was superb..

    Every girl mst read ths beautiful stry!!

    Keep reading my ff too ?

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thanks Swetha?? I was about to give you link but you commented before that?
      Acha, I guess that princess is you. Right ? If yes then Happy birthday, sorry for the belated wishes?
      Thank you!
      Yeah always.

  7. Sujie

    Maha…sorry for commenting late….
    awesome one shot depicting the insecurities and fear in a perfect way…
    Jab Viplav jaisa humsafar hai saath ….toh fikar ki kya hai baat…kaash ek pyara sa rishta jo unconditional love support se bhara ho…meri jindagi mein bhi woh din aaye…and inshallah sabki life mein…such happiness should come…..
    keep rocking dear…meri rockstar…
    post another OS soon yaar…. share it soon….. lots of love to you Jaaneman 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s ok! No need for that! Thanks for loving it and InshaAllah that day will come soon, hayee a selfless lover like viplav or ghaziyaan (hero from the current Pakistani serial I’m watching nowadays) is my khuwabon ka prince?? shukriya? I’ll try to post some new thing soon but before that I’ve to complete that shots?

  8. Sujie

    aur haan…. loved the way the story showed that where there is love…there is no place for such inauspicious …so called MANHOOSSS thingy….aur jo sochte hai that ye woh is inauspivious…woh jaye bhad mein… love you darling 🙂 🙂

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Bilkol theek kaha, people should change their narrow mentality now! Thanks darling?

      1. Sujie

        God bless you Maha …… Yesi stories laati Raho….. Love you a lotsssss ??????

  9. AanyaSingh

    A WONDERFUL surprise it was & poori mehnat wasool ??????. Loved it. What Pure, Selfless LOVE can do has been perfectly shown in this shot. It can absolutely OVERPOWER anything & everything in the world, just like here Viplav’s love completely overpowers every fear of Dhaani & makes her believe in the power of Love. Everything just Wonderfully written????. And i pray that u keep on writing even more Wonderfully than every last one??????.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      Thank you for your supportive and lovely words! I’m glad that you all loved it??

  10. AanyaSingh

    And sorry for being late again?.

    1. Maha_Aijaz

      It’s ok dear! You at least read it that’s enough for me❤

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