If you hold my hand #Chapter 8 #Sidhasswi


Chapter 8

First date please….!

It was early in the evening. Sidhant was undoubtedly mesmerized with Tejasswi’s fluid moves on ore piya . He felt as if the breeze  that played with her hair and mingled with its sweet smell , kissed his cheek. Her white kurti was flying and swinging in the air a painter’s finishing stroke to a stunning masterpiece.

“hi….sidhant” Sid felt nice that she came  to talk when she saw him , although that could be out of just politeness nothing special but that too made him feel good at least he didn’t had to go again for an approach , he somewhere didn’t want to show that he was desperate .

“hi …you remember me Tj!!?” h said that with a grin.

“you don’t have a face to forget and not everyone call me Tj” she answered…hah! That was a teasing appreciation.

“well..I’d that as a compliment!.. thank you but what’s one of the India’s youngest hotelier doing here in a Kathak class?”

Sid’s pov-

Oh! I know what’s she doing here but I didn’t want to show that today I came to pick tun tun just because she’d be here. I don’t want to miss this chance.

-pov ends

Tejasswi told him all..her friend’s injury and her idea to train them for a week.

“You are a trained bharatnatyam and Kathak dancer ..wow! and you spent your childhood in London…I am impressed TJ..” he made her smile..obviously he widened his eyes in amazement ..and yeah man! He did look super cute. “if you don’t mind and have some time..shall we talk over a cup of coffee?”..woah! that was straight and we can understand..he did wanted her to know that he really likes her.

“I thought ..you are here to pick your sister up”  she said with a intention to tease, of course she knew that he did feel for her and she also finds him cute.

“han..vooh..she can go with the driver..” …and his words could have made it clear that he had an idea ask teja out for a coffee..

“but today, you’ll have to go with her only ,I have a meeting in the next hour..” she said with quite a disappointment.

“oh…. That’s fine..tomorrow? “ he said with hope peeping out of his eyes.

There was something in those eyes that always attracted Tejasswi towards him , was it the genuineness that he carried in them , or was it the way he could say a lot of things with his eyes although his mouth does its job quite well, or was it the beautiful brown color of his eyes that added another charm to it but there was something inevitable about them.

“I am very sorry, but tomorrow …I’d be free for sometime and I want to go to the city library ..I can’t”

“yeah! How can I forget..my Tj is a book lover.” Shi* ! did he just said..MY TJ!??…sidhant regretted but when he saw teja didn’t react to it he assumed that she probably didn’t notice it.

“..We can meet here only?”

“but..” “again a but.!!.” he thought. “Its my last day here , from tomorrow Niharika will continue..it’s my last day of the week Sidhant ” she sighed.’ SIDHANT’ he falls in love with his name whenever it comes out of her mouth ..he didn’t but his name kissed her with love every time . he looked at tunisha who was standing at a distance with her friend..glaring for she didn’t tell him about teja when she started training them but told on the last day…”bachpan ke saare badle aaj hi le  legi ye ladki..” he murmured while teja conversed over the call.

“I am sorry sidhant..but I’ll have to leave now…”

“ya ya, its fine….why are you sorry?”…

“for ..our first date couldn’t happen because of my work.” she said before leaving…it took a moment for sidhant to realize what she said..he turned to her with a shine in his eyes…she was walking away towards her car when she turned and smiled..Sidhant rushed to her but she was gone.


“was that a hint?…or she caught me? ..I am so confused …all I know right now that I am in love with her and it’s good if she knows that already at least it would be easier for me to confess…no no no..if she knows what I feel for her..It’ll be awkward…yaar mai kya karu ab?…” sidhant thaught standing along the railing of his home’s terrace. “should I let things be the way they are or should I try meeting her?…what should I do?” he said.

“Bhagwan unhi ki sahayata krte hain,Jo khud ki sahayata karte hain (God helps those who help themselves)“

“what?” Tunisha went reading this aloud from a book…..heavy book!

“oye! “ sidhant called

“tu kabse kitaabi keeda ban gyi? (When on earth you became a bookworm?)” he said raising his eyebrow.

“soch rhi hun..tejasswi di se kuch seekh lun (I am thinking of learning a few things from Tejasswi di)…I find her really cool.. nice choice bhai” she tapped his shoulder teasingly.

“bhabhi bulao…(not di..call her bhabhi)” sidhant smirked .

“pata ke dikhao ….(first you tell her that you love her…) ” She challenged or what?

“tu meri side hai ya nahi…(You are at my side only no?)”

“jo abhi sikhaya hai uspe dhyaan do(focus on what I just thaught you)  …good night bhai” she went saying that.

“now this 20 year old is giving me…ME love tips..c’mon Sidhant be a man…be strong and let your love know that you love her” he said with confidence “ but how?..” his CONFIDENSE shivered.

“Help yourself .. if we are meant to be together …we surely will… mohobbat ke farishton ki kasam… date toh hamari ho ke rahegi (I swear on the angles of love…our date will happen) “. A smile crept over his lips.


I know I am veryyyyyy late…5-6 months but guys..I do have health issues and was doing bad continuously in my tests.

I was so unsure to continue this ff , because the response was not good, but that’s also a truth that I love this story and really really want to write this.

so again, here I am to accept the criticism and the love…all what you give.

and my lovely readers who kept encouraging me, I am here for you guys.

cheena2001cp..am waiting to read a long comment from you..okay?

will post next soon.


love love.

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  1. Cheena2001Cp

    IT WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!TOTALLY HAD THE FEELS!!!!!!!
    Hayeeeeeeeee!!!!! <3 Did she just call it a date?!?! Woah! Aise toh gaadi patri pe bhahne lagegi 🙂
    Kitne desperate hua ja raha hai.
    Tunisha and Sidhant ka scene was so funny, I liked it so much. Dialogues bhi ekdum badhiya.
    Post soon! 😉

  2. Jiya_Ani

    thanks for commenting behena..bura lagra tha ek bhi comment na aane pe..tum itni achi kyu ho yarr? kaise ho?…I love you..next chappie after I’m done with the twinj episode I am working on right now.
    thank youuuuuuuu sooooooo much cheenu .

  3. Awesome dear, how is your health?

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