If Truth Denies To Come Out…OS

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It is an awsome morning.. Yes I know its late to wake up but I should also have some extra sleep .

I got up from bed and got ready quickly as I should be in my sister ‘s home by afternoon. My phone rang just when i tried to put some tooth paste on to my tooth brush. I went there slowly  thinking this might be one of my patient’s calls. But it was not. It was from my brother, though i call him so , he is not my own brother but my sister ‘s husband. He is just awsome and a good man.

I answered the call. The call which I never thought would be important. My brother said , “Hey bro ? Are you ready? Where are you?”

“Yes yes im coming there from few minutes ” i replied as i know i can go there by few minutes.

“Nethu isn’t answering my call”

I was surprised.  “Where are you now?”

“Im in my car. Heading to office. She told me to call her while driving but she isnt answering.  I called her 10 times. I called you finally thinking you might be with her ”

I didn’t find that much noticable. “She might be fine bro. Just call back after few minutes . Maybe she is doing some work”

“But bro , she has only few weeks more to deliver our first child. Im afraid that she might be ill suddenly or something like that”

That made me little alarmed.

“Yes you are right. I’ll go there in two minutes ” as i am a doctor  , i understand that she needs someone’s full care all the time these days.

“I am also returning bro. You also come soon”

. So i got ready as fast as i can. Then rushed without taking anything as breakfast.  I got my keys of the car and drove quickly .

When i reached , he was trying to park his car. I also drove my car slowly behind his one”s and parked it. We both got down quickly and went to the main door.

We banged the door heavily but we couldn’t hear anything from inside.  All things were so silent.

“Bro don’t you have an extra key?”

I asked from him. He quickly put his hands into his pocket and took a key and tried to open the door . The door lock was unlocked somehow but it didn’t open. I understood why it didn’t.

“Its locked from inside “. Now he got mkre tensed . I understood his situation well as i knew hiw much he loved my sister. I once remember when he had tried to break the door of my sister ‘s room when she wasn’t responding . But she was all fine. She was just sleeping and he was tensed for her just for no reason.

“We will break the door ”

“We can’t break this door. We will try the back one”

He agreed to me and we ran to the back door. After banging thrice , we managed to break it and he ran inside searching her. I also hurried and peeped in to every room.

But … bith of us couldn’t find her. We couldn’t guess where she might be. Her phone was there on the bed room , but she wasn’t there. Normally she doesn’t leave her phone and leave , so this was something unusual.

“Where is she!!” His tensed words alarmed my brain.

“Did you check wash room??”


We bith ran in to the wash room and i was shocked at the sight. I couldn’t believe my eyes…

She was on sitting position on the bath tub. But the upper part of her body was inside the bath tub. Luckily there was no water , but as i looked at her face , i realised that… that she is… no more…..

I was blanked for a moment. My bro was trying to wake her up. I realised what he was going to do and i ran to him and grasped his hands without letting him touch her. He looked at me blankly . I nodded looking at him and his reaction was.. i can’t describe that.. I can’t describe his pain… moreover, she was my sister! She ??how did this happen!!

I knew what i should do. I quickly called the emergency numbers and informed all the things. They reached the house within 30 minutes …

Rest was just a nightmare! The police investigated the area but didn’t found anything suspicious so they  sent the body for post mortem .

And the results were another nightmare.. according to the results  , someone has tried to grip her neck!!!that has made the boold circulation unstable and the result was…

I couldn’t imagine anything . As this all was like a dream for me! Not like a dream… its a dream! I can’t just…

Now I became more helpless after what happened after this. Police arrested my bro (sister ‘s husband) as the main culprit for my sister ‘s death!

I know i love my sister… i know i have to get justice for her.. but things are not it seems to be.. i know he can’t do that. So who did it? No evidences were found too!

What should I do….there was only one way..

I went to jail to meet my brother.

He has become so pale after all these things. I quickly went to the point.

“Did you do this?”

He was shocked…

“Tell ne anything . Accuse me for anything .. but .. if you accuse me for killing my love..i don’t want to live here after too. ”

I knew he didn’t do this. I just wanted a confirm. I promised him that i will find the real culprit and free him.

So , i went back to my sister ‘s house. At first , it was so difficult for me.. i was remebering all our memories.. but I controlled my self. I will only stop after finding the truth..

Though i search all the house , turning everything upside down, I couldn’t fine anything. Then I jumped into next step. I applied for second post motern..

Then I realized what has happened. As I told my best friend to do this for me , I also told him my guess , which can be right. And yes it was right.

As she was reaching to deliver her first child , blood clots increase if she doesn’t take medicines in the correct time . And if a small blood clot blocks the ways of heart , it can result in instance death….

This was the truth … All which was just putting on to my brother” head .. the end of my search..


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  1. It’s so emotional Priyu ….Can’t describe it more ….Everytime you come with a new idea …..will be waiting for ur next article .

    1. Priyu

      ???so sweet of you niyuuu ?? love you ??????

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