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Lord Shiv’s Temple


Shivaay gets down from his car and looks at the temple. This is the temple where he and his family used to come. He starts to climb the stairs while his mind is recalling the footages which he watched just now. His heart is filled with guilt.

Shivaay: Shiv ji, I and my family have done wrong towards an innocent girl. I don’t know what we can do to rectify our deeds towards her. (Suddenly, he sees a girl almost collapsed. He holds her before she falls from the stairs. He sees her knees are bleeding and  her hand is holding a candle and plenty of diyas.) Are you ok??

Girl: (nods slightly) Thank you. (She is about to climb the stairs again.)

Shivaay: Take rest for a while. You are looking weak.

Girl: I need to complete this, sir. I can’t take rest.

Shivaay: There are a lot of steps you have to climb. At least have some water. I will bring it to you.

Girl: It’s ok, sir. I won’t take a drop of water till I complete my prayers. (She continues to climb the stairs with her knees and lights the diya with the candle. Shivaay just looks at her and continues to climb the stairs. The girl stumbles again. Shivaay holds her.)

Shivaay: See you are stumbling again. Just have some water first. Shiv ji won’t scold you. He doesn’t like his devotees to face any difficulties.

Girl: But I have to complete this or my prayers won’t be fulfilled.

Shivaay: Fine. If that is the matter, I will do this on your behalf. (The girl is surprised.)

Girl: But sir this is my prayers. I am the one need to complete it.

Shivaay: Let it become my prayers too. I will pray that your prayers to get fulfilled. Shiv ji won’t say anything. I did a mistake previously and was thinking about how to rectify it. Maybe he made me come here to fulfil your prayers. Please let me do this. I will climb the stairs on my knees and you light the diyas. (The girl hesitates.) Please don’t refuse me. Do think me as your brother. (The girl agrees. Shivaay gets on his knees and climbs the stairs while the girl lights the diya on every step. Shivaay’s knees are bleeding badly. He finished climbing the stairs on his knees and enters inside the temple on the same position towards the lord Shiv’s idol. The priest is surprised to see Shivaay there on his knees.)

Priest: Sir, aap….??

Girl: Pandit ji, I almost collapsed just now. This sir came and did the prayers on my behalf. Is that fine??

Priest: It’s fine, beti. (Looks at the idol.) Maybe, he wants the same too. That’s why he made him come for your rescue. (The girl smiles at Shivaay.)

Girl: Thank you, sir.

Shivaay: Don’t mention it. (The puja starts. Shivaay and the girl start to pray.)





Neil’s Ward


RanGau are there too. Ranveer told them whatever Shivaay told him.

Neil: So surprising. Shivaay is the one who saved Ishu that night. The one who was one of the reasons for whatever happened to her last time is the one who saved her from those morons.

Ranveer: He is regretting a lot for his deeds. And he didn’t even blame Ishana even though Ishana is the one did Gauri’s accident. He is blaming those creeps only.

Gau: It’s not going to change anything, Ranveer.

Ranveer: Guys, don’t mistake me for saying this. Shivaay and Omkara are not that much bad as we are thinking.

Gau: Maybe I can accept Shivaay is not that much bad but that Omkara, he is the worst human being in this world.

Ranveer: No, Gautham. He is not that much worse. I agreed that he did wrong to Ishana last time. But one thing. Each time when Ishana’s character is questioned, he is the one defended her.

Neil: What are you saying??

Ranveer: All of us know that Mishti is not Ishana’s baby. Then, how come he agreed that Mishti is his baby when nothing has happened between them??

Neil: Really?? Then, why the hell he made Ishu pregnant with his and Gauri’s baby??

Ranveer: Are you that much of stupid to believe that??

Gau: What do you mean by that??

Ranveer: How he can use Gauri’s cell when she was already dead?? (NeilGau look at each other finding logic in his question.)

Neil: Maybe it’s his baby.

Ranveer: Then, he should have said that. Why he said that it’s his and Gauri’s baby??

Gau: Because if he said that the baby belongs to him and Ishu, then Ishu can claim the rights on the baby. That is why he said that the baby was his and Gauri’s.

Ranveer: Ok. Fine. Maybe you are right. But why he accepted Mishti is his baby??

Neil: Why don’t you go and ask him directly??

Ranveer: I asked him ready but he repeated the same thing that Mishti is his baby. He doesn’t want to let her down. He is in love with her, yaar.

Neil: This is just another reason for him to take revenge on Ishu. He tried to molest her. Don’t forget that and I will never forgive him for that.

Ranveer: Maybe he didn’t try to molest her that night. Maybe it was a misunderstanding??

Gau: What is wrong with you, Ranveer?? Why are you taking his side suddenly??

Ranveer: No, yaar. I am just thinking from every angle. We are cops. We can’t come to a conclusion just like that.

Neil: What made you to think that Omkara is in love with Ishu??

Ranveer: It was just an instinct, yaar. Why he has to defend her whenever her character is questioned?? He said that she is his mistress. Why not he said she is a characterless too?? It won’t take one second for him to say like that about her as he hated her that much.

Gau: How come he can fall in love with her??

Ranveer: How come both of you are loving her??

Neil: She is our friend!!

Ranveer: Ishana is Omkara’s wife!! Both of you can love your friend. But Omkara should not love his wife?? This is not fair, yaar!!

Gau: Wife!!?? Correct your word. It’s mistress. He didn’t even care for her that he said her as his mistress.

Ranveer: Who said he didn’t care for her?? He cared for her since the first day she started to stay there. (NeilGau look at him confusingly.) Guys, I am not supporting Omkara or defending him. I am just saying coins are having two different sides. Anger can make a person insane and that is what happened in Omkara’s matter.

Neil: Fine!! I agreed that he has fallen in love with Ishu. But we will never let Ishu live with the man who has impregnated her without her knowledge…

Gau: And for trying to molest her.

Ranveer: How if he didn’t get her pregnant and he didn’t try to molest her?? Will you accept him for Ishana?? (NeilGau look at each other. They don’t have an answer to his question.)

Neil: It depends on Ishu. We won’t take the decision for her. It’s her life. (Ranveer turns to leave.)

Gau: Wait a minute. (Ranveer looks at him.) Are you saying that he didn’t get Ishu pregnant and he didn’t try to molest Ishu??

Ranveer: I only can answer if Omkara answers this. One thing I can sure, his love for your Ishu is not less than your love towards her. (He leaves from there.)

Neil: Ranveer is hiding something. Why suddenly he is taking Omkara’s side??

Gau: He definitely knows something which we don’t aware. You don’t worry. I will ask him later.

Neil: Where is Avni??

Gau: She went to the temple.





Rudra’s Room


RuMyaPri are looking at the files which are given by Ranveer.

Rudra: A lot of files are here. How we can find the person who did the accident??

Soumya: First, we have to separate these files according to the cases. Maybe we can get any clue from that. (They started to separate the files.)

Prinku: Most of the cases they handled are narcotics. Some murder cases, robbery cases, smuggling and suicide.

Rudra: So confusing. (Ranveer comes that time.)

Ranveer: What’s up, guys?? Did you manage to find anything??

Soumya: Sorry, bhaiya. We couldn’t find any clues. I feel like whatever Neil bhaiya told us couldn’t match with these cases. That person was very much affected by them. That’s why he is having vengeance on them. Bhaiya, they never handled any rape cases before??

Ranveer: No files on rape cases here?? (RuMyaPri shake their heads.) Maybe they didn’t handle any cases like that. Why are you asking??

Soumya: Those guys tried to molest bhabhi that night. That’s why I am asking.

Rudra: Wait a minute. That night bhabhi was drugged, right?? Maybe it has something to do with narcotics. NeilGau bhaiyas handled narcotics cases mostly.

Ranveer: Maybe Rudra is right. I will check into this.



ShivIka’s Room


Annika is folding clothes when Shivaay entered the room. She ignores him and continues folding the clothes. Shivaay takes his towel and about to go to the washroom when he stumbles feeling sharp pain on his knees. Annika notices him about to ignore when she sees his knees which are having bloodstain. She rushed towards him.

Annika: What happened, Shivaay??

Shivaay: No, it’s nothing, Annika.

Annika: Nothing?? Why your knees are having bloodstain?? (He makes him sit on the bed and checks his knees.)

Shivaay: (winces) Ouch!!

Annika: What happened, Shivaay?? (Tears started to fill in her eyes.)

Shivaay: I felt so guilty for troubling Ishana last time. I went to Shiv temple if Shiv ji can show me a way to rectify my deed. One girl was climbing the stairs on her knees and lights the diyas on every step. That poor girl was fasting as well and she almost collapsed. So, I completed her prayers on behalf of her.

Annika: You mean you climbed the stairs on your knees?? (Shivaay nods. Annika looks at him shockingly.) I wished I can change the past but it cannot be changed. The damage is already done. How am I going to rectify our actions towards her?? We don’t even deserve forgiveness. (He burst into tears while saying this. The first time Annika is seeing Shivaay in a broken state. She just hugs him.)

Annika: At least now you understand that we were wrong towards her. Please don’t cry, Shivaay. I can’t see you like this. (Shivaay too hugs her back.)



Omkara’s Room


Ishana enters inside and sees Omkara is lying on the couch covering with the blanket.

Ishu: Sir, why are you lying there??

Om: I will sleep here tonight. You sleep on the bed.

Ishu: What happened, sir?? Are you alright?? (She walks towards him and sees him shivering badly.) Sir, why are you shivering like this??

Om: It’s nothing, Ishana. You just go and sleep.

Ishu: Sir, first you get up and come and sleep on the bed.

Om: It’s ok, Ishana.

Ishu: If you don’t sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the floor.

Om: Are you threatening me??

Ishu: Yes. Get up. (She helps Omkara to get up and she makes him lie on the bed. She touches his forehead and becomes shocked.) Sir, you are hot!! (Omkara looks at her weirdly.)

Om: Thank you.

Ishu: I mean you are having a fever.

Om: I know. That’s why I wanted to sleep on the couch.

Ishu: Have you taken the medicines??

Om: Yes. I just had.

Ishu: Wait a minute. (She goes to the washroom and brings some cold water. She takes a clean cloth and put it inside the water. She takes out the cloth and places it on his forehead. Then, she takes another wet cloth and wipes his hands and feet with it.) The fever will decrease, sir. You don’t worry and just sleep.

Om: You also sleep beside me. I can’t sleep without you. (Ishana agrees and lies beside him. Omkara dozed off after a while. Ishana gets up from the bed and looks at the time which is showing 9 p.m. She leaves to the washroom to take her shower. She comes out after a while and has a check on Omkara. She is surprised to see him shivering badly.)

Ishu: Why he is still shivering?? I have switched off the AC too. (Omkara pulls the blanket closer to himself. Ishana becomes worried and places her palm on his forehead.) Oh no!! The temperature is not getting down!! Sir!! (Omkara opens his eyes while his lips are quivering due to coldness. Ishana brings few more blankets from the cupboard and covers him but it’s no use. He is still shivering.)

Om: (quivers) Ishana, it’s ok. I will manage.

Ishu: Sir, you can get a fix if the temperature doesn’t decrease. (She rubs his hands and feet but his condition is still the same. She thinks of what to do and goes near him.) I am sorry, sir but I don’t have any other options than this right now. (Omkara looks at her confusingly. She removes the blankets from him and unbuttons his shirt. Omkara understands what she is going to do.)

Om: Ishana, don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Ishu: I can’t see you suffering like this. (She lies beside him and covers both of them with the blankets. Then, she lies on him and hugs him tightly by giving her body heat towards him. Omkara too hugs her back. Both of them sleep in that position.)



SidLana’s House


Avni’s Room


Swetlana is applying ointment on Avni’s knees while Avni is holding Mishti who is playing with her hair.

Swet: Is it painful?? Why did you do like that, Avni?? See how your knees are injured.

Avni: (hugs Mishti closer) This is nothing if compared to my Neil and Pooja’s condition. I heard that Lord Shiv’s temple is very powerful. If we prayed wholeheartedly and lights the diyas on every step by getting on our knees, he will fulfil our prayers. But I was almost collapsed because I was fasting. A man came and helped me by continuing the prayers. He gets on his knees and climbed the stairs while I light the diyas. I am very thankful to him.

Swet: That’s really sweet of him. Who is he??

Avni: He didn’t tell his name, bhabhi. He doesn’t want to use his identity for helping me. He told me just think your brother did that for you. (The room door is knocked. Swetlana adjusts Avni’s saree and opens the door. SidGau enter inside.)

Gau: Avni, are you ok?? (He sees the ointment on the table.) Siddharth bhaiya told me everything. What is the need for you to do that??

Swet: Gautham, it’s her prayers. Don’t say anything. She wanted to do it for NeilJa.

Gau: But what is the need for her to hurt herself??

Avni: No pain no gain, bhaiya. (Gautham pats her head.) Did Neil ask about me??

Gau: Obviously!! I said you went to the temple but he didn’t know about your prayers. (Avni nods.) Had your dinner?? (Avni nods again.) Ok. You take rest. Tomorrow, we will go and see Neil. Most probably Neil can be discharged tomorrow. (Gautham lifts Mishti from Avni and kisses her cheek. Mishti smiles feeling ticklish.)

Sid: That’s good. Swetlana, I think we should arrange a room downstairs. Neil is still not completely well yet and we have to take care of him carefully. It will be easy for us to attend him. (Swetlana nods.)





Omkara’s Room


Omkara opens his eyes and sees Ishana is sleeping peacefully on his chest. He feels better now. He recalls whatever happened just now and smiles to himself. He tries to look at her face but he couldn’t see it. He lifts her face slowly so that he can see it. Ishana snuggles more closer to him.

Om: It’s been a long time we didn’t sleep like this, Ishana. I missed this very much. What magic you have thrown on me, Ishana?? I wanted to hate you but you made me fall in love with you. You can’t see me suffering in cold. Do you know?? The first time you came here, I made you sleep on the floor without giving any pillow or blanket. But the next day you woke up with both of them. Have you ever thought about how the blanket and pillow came?? It was me, Ishana. I couldn’t sleep that night and I heard you were shivering and mumbling something. So I am the one put the pillow and covered you with the blanket.

Ishu: So you are the one give me the pillow and blanket?? (Omkara is surprised to see her awake.)

Om: Ishana, you are awake?? When did you wake up??

Ishu: When you started to ask how the pillow and blanket came that night?? (Omkara sighs in relief.) It was you?? I thought either RuMyaPri. (Omkara smiles at her.) How are you feeling now??

Om: Much better. (Ishana touches his forehead and smiles in relief.) I will be fine for 10 more years. (Ishana tries to get up from him but her chain stuck on his button. She tries to remove the chain from the button but in vain.) Wait!! Relax!! If you do like this, your chain might break. (Omkara removes the chain carefully.) It’s done.

Ishu: Thank you.

Om: You are welcome. (He looks at the time which shows 11 p.m.) Have you eaten your dinner?? (Ishana looks at him.) No, you must never have. You were here with me. Come with me. I will make something for you to eat.

Ishu: It’s ok, sir. I am not hungry. You supposed to take rest. (Omkara takes her hand and places it on his forehead.)

Om: Am I having any fever?? No, right.

Ishu: But your arm is injured. Have you forgotten about the gunshot last night?? You got a fever because of this wound.

Om: Ishana, it’s just a small injury. This doesn’t mean I have to take rest for the whole day.

Ishu: Are you feeling hungry??

Om: Don’t you feel hungry?? (Ishana shakes her head.) Even if you don’t feel hungry, just come with me to the kitchen. (Omkara takes Ishana from there.)


At the kitchen


Om: Oh-oh!! I think the food is finished ready. Let’s go out and see if we can get any snacks from the roadside stalls.

Ishu: Stalls?? Do you eat food from the roadside stalls??

Om: Yes. Why??

Ishu: I thought the Oberois are too high class. I can’t believe that you will eat food from the roadside stalls.

Om: I love roadside food more than restaurants. The taste is different. We can enjoy the food while watching the view. The feel is different. (Ishana is surprised to see this side of Omkara.) So can we go??

Ishu: But sir, you need to take rest.

Om: Ishana, please don’t treat me like a patient. I’m good. I already stayed at home for the whole day. Ok fine. You don’t have to come with me. I will go out and get something for us to eat. (He turns to go.)

Ishu: No. You don’t have to go alone. I am also coming with you.

Om: Ok. Then, let’s go. (They leave from there.)



ShivIka’s Room


Annika is applying ointment on Shivaay’s wound when their room door is knocked. Annika goes and opens the door. She sees Ranveer there.

Ranveer: Sorry to disturb you at this time. Is Shivaay here??

Annika: Yes. Come inside. (Ranveer enters the room.) Shivaay, Ranveer is here to meet you.

Shivaay: Yes, Ranveer. Did you find anything about those guys??

Ranveer: I came here regarding that only. I brought some photos. Can you identify if those guys are anyone from them?

Shivaay: Sure. (Ranveer shows the pictures to him. Shivaay looks at them carefully.) No, Ranveer. They are not one from these. (Ranveer sighs feeling disappointed.)

Annika: Are you sure, Shivaay?? Or you have forgotten their faces??

Shivaay: Annika, I don’t remember their faces clearly but in these pictures, their age looks like around 30 or more than that.

Ranveer: How about those guys??

Shivaay: They looked like in the early ’20s. (Ranveer looks at him confusingly.)

Ranveer: Early 20’s?? (Shivaay nods.)

Annika: Too young!! It seems like the guys who tried to molest Ishana and the one who did NeilJa’s accident are different. Maybe those guys lusted over Ishana.

Ranveer: I can’t sure, Annika. Only Ishana can tell us. Because from the video, I saw like they were saying something angrily like they are already having vengeance on her.

Shivaay: But she doesn’t remember anything. She was drugged some more.

Ranveer: Something is really fishy. (Sighs.) Ok. Thank you, Shivaay. I will discuss this with NeilGau. (He leaves from there.)



At a Stall


Om: What do you want, Ishana??

Ishu: No idea. Just buy whatever you want.

Om: Really?? I want to buy the moon for you if I can.

Ishu: But I don’t eat the moon, sir.

Om: Oh!! You can joke too!!?? Not bad.

Ishu: Just like you joked about buying the moon for me.

Om: If I really can, I will buy it for you.

Ishu: I don’t want that. I want something else.

Om: What??

Ishu: I will tell you later.

Om: Ok. Let’s go. (Both of them get down from the car and go towards the stall. Omkara buys golgappe for both of them. Omkara enjoys having it while Ishana just has it silently looking at him. She didn’t think that Omkara is a simple person. All these days she was thinking every rich person’s level are high and the same she thinks about the Oberois. Only RuPri are exceptional in their family. Seems like she was wrong thinking about Omkara. He is also the same as his siblings.) Why are you looking at me like this??

Ishu: Nothing. Sir, can we go for a walk for a while??

Om: Sure. Let’s go. (He locked the car and they walk towards a park.) You don’t know cooking, right?? (Ishana is surprised.)

Ishu: How do you know this??

Om: I heard when you spoke with RuMyaPri last time. If I am not mistaken, Rudra was making chole bhature and masala omelette for you. In fact, he fed you as well.

Ishu: You remember all that??

Om: Yes. I remember everything about you. (Ishana is surprised again. He takes her hand and holds her palm.) Ishana, I know you are confused with my behaviour towards you now. I wished I behaved the same with you previously. Even you must be wondering, why I didn’t ask any forgiveness from you if I am changed now?? (Ishana just looks at him.) I can’t ask forgiveness from you, Ishana. I don’t deserve that. My deeds towards you are not forgivable. Even if I took seven births also, I can’t rectify it. I tortured you with my actions and my words. I know you will leave from here soon once I disclose to the world that you are my wife. I just want to be with you till then. (He cups her face.) You can do whatever you want to me. You want to scold me, humiliate me, take revenge on me, punish me, just do it. I won’t stop you. I will accept it wholeheartedly. I just want to be with you. (Ishana’s eyes are welled with tears listening to him.)

Ishu: Sir, just now I told you that I want something else from you, right?? (Omkara nods.) Can I ask now??

Om: Go ahead.

Ishu: Last night, you want me to believe you. What should I believe in you?? Tell me, sir. What do you want me to believe in you?? (Omkara looks at her in shock.)

Om: Ishana, it’s nothing. I was blabbering last night.

Ishu: Just now only you said that you will accept whatever I do to you but you are not even answering my question. (Omkara feels bad and puts his head down. Ishana holds his face and makes him look at her eyes.) Please tell me, sir. I told you that I will believe you. I will believe you, sir. (Her eyes are brimmed with tears.)

Om: I know you will, believe me, Ishana. That’s why I don’t want to tell you. If I tell you then the burden in my heart will become less. I don’t want that, Ishana.

Ishu: Sir, I am already in guilt for causing Gauri’s death. Don’t add another burden in my heart. (Her tears started to make their way out from her eyes. Omkara feels bad to see her tears.)

Om: Please don’t cry, Ishana. I can’t see your tears. Ok. I will tell you. (He takes a huge breath.) Ishana, that night…. that night…. I didn’t try to molest you!!! (Ishana looks at him in shock.) Do you still believe me??

Ishu: Yes!!! (Omkara is surprised to hear her.)






To be continued….



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