IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love- Chapter 4



IshAvJa are busy with their works at their house. Avni receives a call and she leaves after that making IshJa confuse. But, they brush off their thought and continue with their work.

Ishu: Pooja, when are you both going to rejoin back to your job. It’s been long time you both are on leave.

Pooja: Will be joining soon, Ishu. Why?? You don’t like us to stay at home.

Ishu: It’s not like that, Pooja. I know why you both didn’t go to work. Because of me right?? My health condition is not good since a year. You and Avni took long leave just to take care of me. (Holds her hand) I’m sorry, Pooja. I’m troubling you all very much.

Pooja: (holds her hand) Hey!! What are you saying?? You are not troubling us. How could you think like this?? Listen, you are one of us. We are a family. Maybe we don’t related by blood but the bond we are sharing is more than blood relation. I and Avni just came into NeilGau’s life. Buy, you are with them since childhood. We know how important are you in their life. Not only for them, you are very important in mine and Avni’s life as well. We know you are not well. Something happened in your life in our absence. You didn’t say anything to us about that. We too don’t want to stress you by asking about that. That’s ok. You can tell when you feel to tell us. But, please don’t say that you are troubling us. (Ishana hugs Pooja)

Ishu: I will definitely tell you all everything. But not now. I will tell you after I get the courage to face the trouble which are haunting me almost a year. I want you all to be my support that time.

Pooja: Our support will be always with you. Don’t worry. (Kisses Ishana’s forehead)

They continue their work. After a while, their door bell rings. Ishana goes and opens the door. She is surprised to see Avni with a baby. Avni smiles and walks inside with the baby. Pooja too comes there and confused looking at the baby.

Ishu: Avni, where did you go?? And who’s baby is this??

Avni: (smiles) It’s my baby. (IshJa is shocked)

Ishu: You mean that you adopted the baby??

Avni: No.

Pooja: Your friend’s baby??

Avni: Friend?? I don’t have any friends than you.

Ishu: Then?? Who’s baby is this??

Avni: I told you, it’s my baby. Neil’s baby.

Pooja: (confused) Your baby, Neil’s baby. Say it clearly.

Ishu: Avni, how?? As we know you didn’t get pregnant before this??

Avni: (smiles) I will tell you everything. (Started to narrate)

NeilGau’s Office

Neil is on call with someone while Gautham is working on his lap top.

Neil: (on call) Listen. It’s been a year. How you can say that you couldn’t find anything about that?? I told you everything happened now. We only can do something if we know what really happened. (The person on call says something) Fine. But, please be fast. We need to do something. I’m worried the situation will become worst. Ok, bye. (Ends the call and looks at Gautham)

Gau: (without looking at him) What happened?? Still couldn’t find anything?? (Neil nods) I guessed so.

Neil: (smiles) You never look at me but you can know the answer.

Gau: (looks at him and smiles) That is police. Police eyes should be on every side.

Neil: Right.

Gau: Sit first. (Goes and gets two cups of tea for them) Have this tea and relax a while. (Neil takes the cup) Cheers!! (Neil smiles and hits his cup slightly with Gautham’s cup. They drink the tea. Neil calms after a while.) So, what he said??

Neil: As usual. As you said just now. Still can’t find anything about her. Where she went and what happened after that, can’t get any information about that.

Gau: You know what?? Our Ishu is so brilliant. She knows we will try to find about her. That’s why she didn’t let any evidence that can make us to find out what happened to her during our absence.

Neil: Exactly!! After all, she is a friend of two cops. She knows well about us. But one thing I’m very sure. She is not in Delhi that time. She went somewhere else.

Gau: We went to Bangalore for almost 6-7 months for a case. Something has happened that time which make her life miserable. Now it’s been almost a year and her condition is not changed.

Neil: You noticed something?? She used to scream before this in her sleep. But, last night she ran like a hysteria person.

Gau: Yeah. I was shocked to see her like that. She was running like she wanted to escape from something or someone.

Neil: (sighs) What could have happened to her?? We only can cure her if we know what was the problem. I hope he will find something. I can’t see our Ishu suffer like this.

Gau: Me too. Luckily, our wives are there to take care of her. We must done some good deeds in our previous lives. That’s why we got Pooja and Avni as our life partners who understand well about our friendship.

Neil: (smiles) Very true. Let’s continue our work. We have a new case to be solved. (Gautham nods and they continue their work)



Omkara goes to his room and throws all the things in anger. He sits and recalls Rudra’s words just now. He cries covering his face.

Om: Why did you do like that?? It’s because of you!!! My sister left us, my younger brother hates his family whom he loved the most. Only because of you!!

Rudra’s Room

Rudra is on call with someone while getting ready to go somewhere. He packs his clothes in his bag.

Rudra: I’m going to leave now. Maybe, I will reach there by evening. Listen, I’m coming because you all are forcing me. Not to enjoy myself. Besides, I too feel like to relax myself from this house. I’m getting late. We will talk after I reached there. Ok, bye. (About to go)

Voice: You are going somewhere?? (Rudra turns and sees Soumya. Rudra doesn’t say anything) You won’t talk to me?? What wrong I did that you are angry with me?? (With hurt filled voice)

Rudra: (goes to her) You didn’t do anything wrong, Soumya. I’m not angry with you. My anger is on my family only.

Soumya: Then, why are you leaving without telling me??

Rudra: (smiles) I will tell you but not here…

Soumya: You are smiling after a long time, Rudra. I missed this smile of yours.

Rudra: (stops smiling) This smile vanished after I saw the cruel side of my family, Soumya. I didn’t expect they could do that to her. My respect towards them also gone that time. Now, I’m respecting them for their age only. That too for Ishana bhabhi only. I want my Ishana bhabhi back.

Soumya: She will be back, Rudra. Who knows she might be at the same location you are going now.

Rudra: (smiles) I hope it becomes true. If Ishana bhabhi is back, Prinku will be back automatically. (Soumya smiles) It’s getting late for my flight. I need to leave now. (Soumya nods and they leave from there)

Living Room

JhaNky are with Kalyani talking about something. RuMya come there with a bag.

Kalyani: You both are going somewhere??

Soumya: Not me, daadi. Rudra is going out.

Jhanvi: Rudra?? You didn’t say anything to me. Where are you going?? (Rudra is silent)

Pinky: Oh, my maata!! Jethani ji is asking something to you, Rudra. Answers her.

Rudra: (looks at Soumya) Soumya, I’m going to my friend’s wedding and will be back in two days. (Soumya nods) Be careful while staying here. (Soumya is shocked listening to his last sentence. Rudra smiles and leaves from there with his bag)

Jhanvi: (cries) See, mummy ji. How he is talking?? He is saying like we will harm Soumya.

Kalyani: We did mistake, Jhanvi. We are paying for our deed now. (Cries)

Soumya feels bad for them but she doesn’t say anything because she knows they are at fault. She leaves to her room silently.


Avni finish narrating to IshJa. They are looking at her shockingly.

Ishu: Do you realise what have you done??

Avni: I have no other option than this, Ishu.

Ishu: Options are a lot, Avni. But, you are the one thought that this is the only option.

Pooja: Exactly!! Did you think how Neil bhaiya will react if he got to know about this?? He will not accept this.

Avni: I know it will be very hard for him but he have to accept this. This baby belongs to him.

Ishu: Avni, first of all why did you take this decision without talking with us?? At least you should have talk with Neil.

Avni: I know he won’t agree with this. Not only him, you too won’t agree. That’s why I did silently without anyone knowing. (IshJa look each other helplessly)

Ishu: It’s too late and we can’t undo whatever you did. We have to talk with Neil.

Pooja: But, how?? Neil bhaiya won’t agree with this.

Ishu: I know. We have to convince him slowly. Till then he must not aware the presence of this baby in this house. (Lifts the baby from Avni’s hand) Welcome, baby to our beautiful world. (Kisses the baby’s cheek) So cute!! (AvJa smile)

Pooja: (caresses the baby’s cheek) Girl or boy, Avni??

Avni: (smiles) Girl.

Ishu: Haww!! Our gang!!! (IshAvJa have a high five while the baby laugh looking at them)

Pooja: See, she laughs like she can understand. (IshAv laugh)

Their laughter break when their door bell rings. Three of them look each other shockingly.

To be continued…

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