IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 34

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Hi, dearies…. Finally, I’m back with the update… I’m sorry for making you all wait for a long time… I was busy with office works…. That’s why I was not active here as well as wattpad… Thank you very much for your patience…









Omkara’s Room


Ishana’s heart doesn’t feel good and feels Ranveer is hiding something. Omkara sees her lost in her thought and calls her.

Om: What are you thinking??

Ishu: Nothing.

Om: Come and sleep. (Ishana is about to go to Mishti.) I mean on the bed. (Ishana sighs and looks at Mishti’s cradle which is placed beside the bed. She sits on the bed and about to lie but her mobile falls on the floor. She takes the mobile and sees the screen is broken. Her eyes are welled with tears seeing the screen.) This is just a mobile. You can get a new one.

Ishu: (shakes her head) Maybe this is a normal mobile for you but for me this is very special and close to my heart. This is given by…. (Sobs) All my precious memories are inside it. (She tries to switch on the mobile but it’s not turning on. She cries hugging it.)

Om: Let me see it. (Takes the mobile from her and checks it.)

Ishu: My heart is not feeling good. I’ll be back in a while. (Runs leaving the room before Omkara stops her.)

Om: (looks at the mobile.) She is still using this mobile?? This is the one she was using when she stayed here last time. She didn’t change it. I think this model was out 4-5 years back. (Smiles to himself.) People use to change their mobiles like their dresses these days but she is still using the same mobile. This mobile must be very special for her. (Thinks something and smiles.)



Ishana opens Ranveer’s room door and stunned to hear the last statement from him. Her world is almost collapsed to hear the news. She somehow composed herself and opens her mouth.

Ishu: What?? Neil and Pooja are hospitalised?? (RuMya and PriVeer are shocked to see Ishana at the door.)

Rudra: Bhabhi!!??

Ishu: (walking inside the room) Ranveer, are you telling the truth?? They met with accident??

Ranveer: No no. Who met with accident?? We were talking about something else?? Right, guys!!?? (Looks at RuMyaPri who are about to agree with him.)

Ishu: Don’t lie!! I heard everything. Neil and Pooja met with an accident!! (She cries badly falling on her knees. SouPri try to console her but she continues crying.) My Neil and Pooja…. (Thinks something.) How about Gautham and Avni??

Ranveer: They are fine.  Only Neil and Pooja……

Rudra: Bhabhi, it was just a small accident. They are fine. (Looks at Ranveer.) Tell her, Ranveer.

Ishu: No, I won’t believe. Since morning, my heart was feeling not good. (Goes to Ranveer.) I want to see them. Please take me to them.

Rudra: Bhabhi, it’s already too late. We will go in the morning.

Ishu: No, I can’t wait till then. I want to see them now. Ranveer, just tell me which hospital. I will go myself. You don’t have to come. Please, Ranveer. I beg you. (She cries folding her hands.)

Ranveer: (holds her hands.) Let’s go.

Rudra: I’m coming with you as well. (Ranveer nods and they leave from there with Ishana.)

Prinku: Why God is so cruel?? I saw bhabhi’s smile after a long time but again it has vanished. Why God always troubling her?? Can’t he see her happy for some time?? Her friends are her world but now two of them have met with an accident and get hospitalised. (Soumya hugs Priyanka’s shoulder.)

Soumya: I will go and bring Mishti. (Priyanka nods and Soumya leaves from there.)



Omkara’s Room


Omkara is wondering why Ishana is not back yet when Soumya comes there that time.

Om: Soumya??

Soumya: Bhaiya, di went out for a while. Mishti will stay with me and Priyanka till she returns. (She goes towards Mishti.)

Om: Where did she go??

Soumya: Sorry, bhaiya. I can’t tell you without her permission. (Omkara nods and Soumya leaves with Mishti.)



City Hospital


Avni is sitting like a lifeless soul on the bench outside the ICU ward while Gautham is pacing at the corridor recalling whatever happened today.





New Delhi


Commissioner Office


Com: What are you saying?? Are you serious?? (Holding two papers.)

Neil: Yes, sir. We want to back off from this case. Please assign this task to some other officers. (Looks at Gautham who is looking dumbstruck with his decision.)

Com: Inspector Gautham, are you backing off too??

Gau: (jerks) Yes, sir. I am backing off too.

Com: Why??

Gau: (to himself) How do I know?? He brought me here without telling anything.

Com: Did you say something??

Neil: Sir, we are having some personal works to look at. That’s why we are backing off from this assignment.

Com: Is that work very important??

Gau: Yes, sir. It’s very important for us. (Gautham answers without knowing what work is that. Neil controls his smile seeing his friend’s helpless state.)

Com: Ok, fine. I will approve your leaves.

NeilGau: Thank you, sir. (Salute and leave from there.)


While walking…..


Gau: Why don’t you tell earlier that we are backing off from the assignment??

Neil: Simply….

Gau: What answer is this?? Do you know how tensed was I when the commissioner questioned me just now??

Neil: Yeah, I saw it. In fact, I enjoyed it. (Laughs.)

Gau: Shut up!!

Neil: But I’m impressed. You managed to handle without knowing the reason why we are backing off.

Gau: As I don’t know what can be the reason.

Neil: So, you know the reason??

Gau: (circles his shoulder with his right arm) Neil, for us nothing is more important than our friend and wives. Our wives are here with us. But our friend is not with us.

Neil: (nods) Right. In fact, after learning that Ishu was drugged that night, my heart was not feeling good. I feel that Ishu’s problem is more important than this case now. (Looks at him) Do you think I took the wrong decision??

Gau: Hey, what are you asking?? Have you ever taken any wrong decision before this?? And my friend will never take any wrong decision. (Neil smiles) You are right. Our Ishu is more important than this case now. So, when are we going to Mumbai?? (Neil smirks and winks at him.)


NeilGau’s House


AvJa: What?? Mumbai?? Why??

Neil: Three questions in one sentence.

Gau: With three words.

Neil: (chuckles) Yes, we are going to Mumbai.

Avni: But you both are having a case right?? Then, why we are going to Mumbai??

Neil: Because we are having another matter more important than the case.

AvJa: Ishu, right?? (NeilGau nod their heads.)

Pooja: You are also not feeling good, right?? In fact, we too are feeling the same. Actually, I thought to talk to you both and wanted to go to Mumbai with Avni. (AvNeilGau are surprised.)

Avni: (towards Pooja) You didn’t tell me about this.

Pooja: I thought to tell them first but now they too wanted to go to Mumbai. (AvNeilGau smile.) How about the case??

Gau: Another officer will handle that case.

Avni: When are we leaving??

Neil: I thought to leave today but no tickets available for today. So our flight will be an early morning tomorrow.

Pooja: We are going to meet Ishu tomorrow. Woww!! I’m so excited!! I will tell Ishu about this.

NeilGau: No!!

AvJa: Why!??

Gau: Are you planning to get us scolded by her for backing off from our work??

Neil: If she knows that we backed out from our work, she will never spare us.

Avni: But still she will scold you after we go there.

Gau: We will handle that time. But don’t tell her now or she won’t let us come there.

Pooja: Ok. We won’t tell her. Let us together get scolded by her tomorrow. Hmm?? (Shows thumbs up.)

NeilGau: (agree) Hmm. (Show thumbs up as well.)

Avni: We will go and pack our things. (NeilGau agreed.)


Next day




AvNeil and PooGau reached Mumbai.

Avni: Are we directly going to Oberoi Mansion??

Neil: Nope. We won’t go there. I already booked a hotel for us to stay in. We will go there and freshen up ourselves first. Then, I will call Ranveer and tell him that we are here now.

Gau: But Ranveer will take Ishu to meet Swetlana bhabhi.

Neil: Yeah. Let’s do one thing. We will go and do some shopping first. Then, we will talk to Ranveer. Ok?? (They agree and leave to the hotel.)


AvNeil and PooGau check in at the hotel and went to the rooms allotted for them. They leave for shopping after taking rest for some time. AvNeil and PooGau go in different ways to do their shopping. Pooja selected a pair of earrings and show to Gautham.

Pooja: These will look good on Ishu, right??

Gau: Yes. And this will look good on you. (Wears a bracelet on her wrist.) Do you like it??

Pooja: (hugs him) I love it. (Gautham kisses her head.) We need to buy something for Mishti too.

Gau: Definitely. Let’s go. (They leave from the shop and went to another. They buy a few dresses and toys for Mishti.)

Pooja: Gautham, actually, I want to tell you something. But please wait for some time. I want to go and buy ice cream. Then, I will tell you. (Goes from there before Gautham could say something.)

Gau: Pooja!!! Careful!! (Towards himself.) Crazy girl. (Shakes his head seeing Pooja crossing the road.) I will call Neil and ask if they are done or not. (He looks at his mobile.) God!! No signal here. (He walks from there searching for the signal. He smiles after seeing the signal line and about to call Neil when he feels himself being pushed from there. He is about to fall but he managed to balance himself. He turns and shocked to see Neil being crashed by a car. He screams.) Neil!!!


Neil fell on the ground. Before Gautham could run towards Neil, he heard a scream “Pooja!!”. He turns and sees Avni running towards Pooja who is coming out from a shop with ice creams in her hand. Before Avni could reach to Pooja, another car crashed Pooja and she fell rolling on the road. Her head hits a rock and she falls unconscious. Gautham and Avni are shocked and confused with the happening. Avni who is in shock seeing Pooja in a pool of blood, gets another shock seeing her husband in the same condition. They don’t know what and how to react. Their minds are completely blank. Few people run to help them. One of the men called the ambulance which came after a while.




NeilJa are being treated in Operation theatre while AvGau waiting outside. Avni is sitting numbly on the bench which worries Gautham very much. He composed himself and takes his mobile.

Gau: Hello, Ranveer!!

Ranveer: Hey, Gautham!! I just thought to call you but you called. Is Neil with you??

Gau: (controls his emotions.) Ranveer…. (Ranveer could feel something is not right from his voice.)

Ranveer: Gautham, is everything alright??

Gau: (sobs) Ranveer, Neil and Pooja met with an accident. (Cries.)

Ranveer: (shocked) What?? Accident!!??

Gau: Everything happened suddenly. I can’t tell you through mobile.

Ranveer: Ok. Don’t panic. Tell me where are you now?? I will come in the next flight.

Gau: We are in Mumbai, Ranveer. They are admitted in City Hospital.

Ranveer: (surprised) Mumbai!!?? Ok. I will come now. You just be calm and take care of Avni. I will be there just in a while.

Gau: Don’t tell this to Ishu. She can’t take it.

Ranveer: I know. Don’t worry. (He ends the call and leaves to the hospital without telling anyone.)


Ranveer reached the hospital and walks to the operation theatre after asking the receptionist. He sees Gautham waiting outside the OT and runs towards him.

Ranveer: Gautham!! (Gautham hugs him tightly and cries badly. Ranveer caresses his back calming him down. They break the hug after a while.) What happened, Gautham?? You all supposed to be in Delhi, right?? Why did you come to Mumbai?? (Gautham tells him everything.) I told you that I will handle everything here. See what happened now!! What the doctors said??

Gau: They haven’t said anything yet. They are still treating both of them. (Ranveer hugs him.) I’m very scared, yaar.

Ranveer: Ssshhh…. Don’t be scared. They will be fine. (Turns to Avni who is sitting on the bench.) Avni!!?? (Goes and touches her shoulder but she doesn’t react.)

Gau: She is like this since the accident. She doesn’t react anything. (Pats her cheek.) Avni, please say something. Don’t be like this. (Avni still doesn’t react. Gautham hugs her and cries. Ranveer feels bad seeing them and hugs both of them. They see doctors are coming out from the OT. GauRan rush to them.) Doctor, how are they??

Doc: Both of them are still critical. We are trying our best. That girl….

Gau: My wife, Pooja. Is she fine??

Doc: Sorry, sir. But her condition is very critical. Her head is badly injured. We can’t say anything now. (Gautham cries while Ranveer pacifies him.) But there is a miracle. (GauRan look at them confusingly.) Even though she is badly injured but nothing happened to her baby.

GauRan: (confused) Baby!!??

Doc2: Yes. She is 6 weeks pregnant. (GauRan are surprised.) Mostly it will be hard for a baby to survive in this type of condition. But your baby is very lucky. (A nurse came and calls the doctors. The doctors go back to the OT.)

Gau: (cries) My Pooja is pregnant!! She told me that she wanted to tell me something. She must have wanted to tell this one. When we were so stressed thinking about Ishu’s problem, she wanted to lighten up our mood by telling this good news. But before she could tell…… (Ranveer hugs him.)

Ranveer: Don’t fall weak, Gautham. Your baby has survived from the accident. Pooja will be fine too. See, Pooja is a strong girl and she won’t give up soon. Just stay confident!! (Looks at Avni and goes to her.) Hey, Avni!! Look at me. Nothing will happen to your Neil. (Avni still the same. He looks at Gautham.) She is still in shock. You stay with Avni. I will be back in a while. (He leaves from there and returns after a while bringing a parcel.) You both must not eat anything yet. At least have this sandwich.

Gau: No, yaar. I don’t have an appetite.

Ranveer: Do you want me to call Ishana?? (Gautham looks at him and shakes his head.) So have this sandwich and feed Avni too. I will go back and bring dresses for you both to change. (Looks at AvGau dresses which are smeared with blood.) Just for a while. I will back soon. (Gautham nods. Ranveer pats his cheek and leaves from there before he breaks down.)




Voice: Gautham!!!

Gau: (turns to the voice) Ishu!!?? (He can’t stand anymore and runs towards her. He just hugs her tightly and cries his heart out. Even though he asked Ranveer to not to tell anything to Ishana, deep inside his heart he wanted Ishana to be beside him. She is the one can be his support in this situation. Ishana pats his back calming him down. RuRan just look at them. Rudra hugs Ranveer’s shoulder because he knows Ranveer is broken as well.)

Ishu: Why you didn’t tell me earlier?? Am I been that much far from you?? You will share my pain with you but you don’t want to share your pain. Is this what our friendship is??

Gau: No, Ishu. You can’t stand a small injury on us. If you learned about the accident, I was scared that something might happen to you. Already, my friend and wife are struggling with their lives. (He cries. Ishana hugs him again.) I am the one supposed to get hit by the car but Neil saved me and he got hit instead. He is in this condition because of me only. (Cries)

Ishu: Shh…. Stop blaming yourself. (Wipes his tears.)

Gau: You know something, Ishu?? Pooja is pregnant. She told me that she wanted to tell something important to me but before that….. (cries)

Ishu: (cups his face) See, Gautham. I know about Neil and Pooja. They are fighters and they won’t give up that soon. Don’t lose your hope. (Thinks a while.) Where is Avni?? (Gautham points towards Avni who is sitting like a lifeless soul on the bench.)

Gau: She is not reacting anything since the accident. (Ishana walks to Avni and kneels in front of her.)

Ishu: Avni!! (Pats her cheek.) See, Ishu here. Say something, Avni. (Avni still doesn’t react.) Don’t do like this, Avni. Already, we are broken thinking about NeilJa. Don’t break us more. Please… (Avni still doesn’t react. Ishana shakes her.) Avni!! Say something!! At least cry!!! Don’t sit like this!! (Avni still the same. Ishana slaps her hard on her cheek. Avni jerks from her place and looks at Ishana.)

Avni: Ishu!! (Cries) Ishu!! My Neil and Pooja!! (Hugs Ishana tightly and cries her heart out.) Ishu, I won’t be alive if anything happens to one of them.

Ishu: Nothing will happen to them. They will be fine. (Looks at Gautham and forwards her hand towards him. He holds her hand and hugs both of them. RuRan smile seeing them. Ishana looks at the Lord Durga’s idol at the lobby.) Besides the doctors, our prayers can save both of them. Let’s go and pray to Durga ma. We are her kids and she won’t disappoint us. (AvGau nod and they walk towards the idol. RuRan too go with them. They fold their hands and pray hard towards her. The doctor comes after a while.)

Doc: Your friend is out of danger. (All smile happily.) But we need to observe him for another 24 hours because his back is terribly injured. (Gautham hugs IshAv. They thank God.)

Gau: Doctor, how about my wife?? She is also fine, right?? (The doctor looks at him sadly.)

Doc: Sorry, sir. She has slipped into coma due to her severe head injuries. (All are shocked. Gautham almost collapsed hearing it but RuRan hold him before he falls. Avni burst into tears and cry hugging Ishana. The doctor leaves.)

Gau: (shouts) Pooja!! (Cries covering his face with his palms. Ranveer signals Rudra to be with Gautham and he goes to the doctor.)

Ranveer: Doctor, when she will gain conscious??

Doc: We can’t say. It can be hours, days, months, years and maybe she will not get conscious till forever.

Ranveer: Is there any possibility to cure her??

Doc: As of now, I couldn’t find any solution but I will try to find.

Ranveer: How about the baby??

Doc: The baby is absolutely fine. Its growth will be as normal but the patient should be under our observation. (Ranveer nods and goes back towards them while Gautham runs towards the doctor.)

Gau: Doctor, can I see my wife??

Doc: Sorry, Mr. Gautham. You can’t see her now. We will tell you when you can see her. (The doctor leaves.)

Avni: I just felt happy that Neil is fine but it has vanished hearing about Pooja. (She cries. Ishana just hugs AvGau. Neil has been shifted to the normal ward after few hours.)

Doc: The patient is conscious now. You can go and see him but don’t make him strain a lot. He is still weak. (They nod and enter inside the ward. Neil looks at them weakly and forwards his hand. Avni runs and holds his hand carefully without disturbing his wounds. She kisses his hand.)

Neil: Avni…. I’m good….. Don’t cry…. (Looks at Gautham who is wiping his tears.) Gautham, you are fine, right??

Gau: You are asking me!!?? You are in this condition because of me. (Holds his hand and cries.) What have you done, Neil?? Why did you save me??

Neil: (weakly) Then, what should I do when my friend is in danger?? You must have done the same too. (Gautham hugs him and kisses his cheek. Neil looks at Ishana who is controlling her tears.) Ishu, you are here too!!?? (Ishana goes to him.) Are you pretending to be strong??

Ishu: No. Why I should pretend!!?? I am strong and I know nothing will happen to you.

Neil: That’s my girl. (Kisses her hand. He remembers something.) Pooja?? Where is Pooja?? (He looks around the room and sees Pooja is not there.) Avni, Pooja??

Avni: Woh… Neil…. Pooja…..

Neil: She is fine, right??

Ranveer: How she will be fine??

Neil: What do you mean?? (Looks at Avni.)

Ranveer: Arrey!!! She fainted after learning about your accident. After all, she is your sister.

Neil: Nothing happened to her, right??

Gau: Nothing. She is fine. (Controls his emotions.)

Ranveer: She is fine, yaar. Moreover, she is pregnant. That’s why she couldn’t handle the shock and fainted. The doctor checked her and said that she is fine. She is resting now.

Neil: That’s really great news. Congratulations, Gautham!! You are going to become a father. (Gautham smiles sadly.) I wanted to hug you tightly, man but…. (Tries to move.)

Gau: Hey, the doctor said that you can’t strain yourself.

Neil: At least, you hug me, yaar.

Gau: (thinks) I also want to hug you tightly, yaar but I will break down if I do like that and might blurt out the truth about Pooja. That’s why I’m controlling myself.

Neil: What happened, Gautham??

Gau: Nothing. You are wounded now and you might feel pain if I hug you. That’s why.

Neil: (smiles and looks at Rudra) Rudra, you are here too??

Rudra: Yes, bhaiya. Don’t worry. You will be fine soon.

Neil: I know. Thank you.

Ranveer: Neil, you take rest first. We will come after a while. Let’s go, guys. (They agree and leave from the ward. Ranveer is about to leave when he hears Neil’s voice.)

Neil: You don’t want to ask what really happened??

Ranveer: I will but not now. You take rest first.

Neil: (nods) Take care of Ishu. She is pretending to be strong which she is not.

Ranveer: (nods) I know. You don’t worry.

Neil: Ranveer, not only her but take care of Avni and PooGau as well. They are….. (Gautham enters that time.)

Gau: Ranveer, why are you still here??

Ranveer: Nothing. I was telling him to not to worry and everything will be fine. (Turns to Neil.) Ok. You take rest. We will come in a while. (Neil nods and they leave from there.)





Annika comes out from her room and shocked to see SouPri sleeping in their sitting position on the sofa at the living room. She goes towards them and pats their arms waking them up. SouPri wake up from their sleep and look at Annika. They get up from their places.

Annika: Soumya, Priyanka, why you both are sleeping here?? (Looks at Mishti who is sleeping inside the cradle.) Why Mishti is with you and not with Ishana?? (SouPri look at each other thinking about what they should answer her.) I’m asking you both. Why you are not saying anything??

Soumya: Di…. Woh….. (Annika is wondering why they are not answering her.)

Annika: Any problem?? (The door is opened and IshRuRan enter inside the house. SouPri go towards them while Annika. Ishana just walks from there without talking to anyone.)

Rudra: Bhabhi…..

Annika: It’s ok. We will talk later. You both go and sleep first. (Looks at SouPri) Both of you as well. You all didn’t sleep properly since yesterday. Just go and sleep. (She leaves from there. SouPri take RuRan from there before anyone else come and questions them.)



Priyanka’s Room


Prinku: Is everything alright?? How are Neil bhaiya and Pooja?? Are they fine??

Ranveer: Neil has gain consciousness but the doctors said they need to observe him for another 24 hours because his back is badly injured. (SouPri smile in relief.) But Pooja…..

Prinku: What happened to Pooja??

Rudra: Pooja di’s head is severely injured. And because of that, she has slipped into coma. (SouPri are shocked.)

SouPri: Coma!!?? (RuRan nod sadly.)

Rudra: Ishana bhabhi, Gautham bhaiya, and Avni di are completely broken. They didn’t know if they should feel happy that Neil bhaiya is saved or they have to be sad that Pooja di is in coma. We didn’t know how to console them. (He sighs feeling sad. Soumya hugs his shoulder. Priyanka looks at Ranveer who is also broken. She hugs him and caresses his back.)



Annika is walking back to her room but she stops looking at Omkara’s room and recalls Ishana’s face which was holding a lot of emotions just now. Her legs automatically walk towards Omkara’s room. She is about to knock the door but she sees the door is slightly opened. But still, she knocks the door because she knows that it won’t be good if she enters inside someone’s room without their permission. She doesn’t hear any reply.

Annika: (knocks again) Ishana!! (Again no reply.) Why she is not answering?? (Thinks something.) Oh, no!! Maybe Omkara is torturing her!! (She pushes the door and enters inside the room but no one is there. She hears some sound from the washroom and runs towards it. She is shocked to see the scene inside and screams.) Omkara!!




To be continued….


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