IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 21


NeilGauRan are driving back home. Ranveer is driving the car while NeilGau are sitting at the back seat. They are still couldn’t come out from the shock about Ishana. They are sitting silently wiping the tears which are coming non stop from their eyes. Ranveer understands how much they love Ishana and they can’t even stand a single scratch on her. Sometimes he too will feel their closeness is too much. That is the reason he didn’t talk a lot with Ishana. He is surprised when AvJa having no problem seeing their closeness. In fact, they enjoy seeing three of them together. When he asked them, their answer was shocking him.

Pooja: This is called childhood friendship. They have grown up but their friendship is till same as their childhood. Ishu has been brought up by NeilGau since small. So, she is like their child.

Avni: The touch, the kiss, and the closeness they are sharing are just like between father and daughter. There is no lust in those. Only love, care and concern are there.

Pooja: Their relationship is pure divine, Ranveer. If anyone badmouthing their friendship, that will be the last day for the person.

Avni: We agreed we were jealous at first seeing their closeness but we never doubt their relationship. We know it’s hard for you to accept our statement, Ranveer. But, this is the truth. (Ranveer just smiles at them without saying anything.)

Ranveer comes out from his thought and concentrate on his driving.

NeilGau’s House

IshAvJa are sitting at the living room. Mishti has been placed in the cradle while three of them are sitting surrounding her. Mishti just looks at her mothers confusingly.

Avni: I don’t know how NeilGau will react if they got to know about this.

Ishu: Avni, if I say something, will you listen??

AvJa: No!! (Ishana looks at them in confuse) Definitely no, Ishu!! (Gets up from their places. Mishti too looks at them in confuse.)

Pooja: Ishu, we know what you want to say but we won’t listen to you.

Avni: Exactly!! You want to ask us to hide this from them, right??

Ishu: (gets up from her place) Listen to me once.

AvJa: No means no!!! (Ishana sighs shaking her head) We will definitely tell them. (AvJa hold each other hands. Mishti laughs seeing them.)

Pooja: See, Mishti wants the same too. Well done, baby!! (Ishana just smiles seeing them. NeilGau just reached there and see three of them. They go towards Ishana and pull her for a hug. They just hug her tightly and cry their hearts out. IshAvJa are confused with their behaviour. AvJa look at Ranveer who just enters their house. They go towards him.)

Avni: What happened, Ranveer??

Ranveer: They got to know about Ishana’s past.

Pooja: You mean, Priyanka…….

Ranveer: Yes, she told everything to me just now. And I told them. That’s why they are broken like this.

Avni: We too can’t stand the truth. Ishu is their world. How they can take it?? (Ranveer is confused with them)

Ranveer: That means you both too aware of the truth?? (AvJa nod and tell them what happened just now.) How dare those guys?? Did you notice their bike number??

Pooja: No, Ranveer. Everything happened too fast. That’s why we didn’t notice the bike number.

Avni: Moreover, Rudra has hit them terribly.

Ranveer: Where is he??

Pooja: He went to see Priyanka. (Ranveer nods and continues looking at three of them.)

Ishu: (just pats their backs) What happened to you both?? (Tries to break the hug but they are not leaving her and tightens their hug on her.) Ok. Ok. Relax. (Ishana feels bad seeing them crying like this. She has never seen him in this state before and wondering what made them to cry like this. They break the hug after a while. Ishana holds their faces.) What happened??

Neil: (sobs) Nothing. We just felt to hug you.

Ishu: Really?? Like I don’t know about you two.

Gau: You know, right?? Then, why are you asking?? (Sobbing as well)

Neil: Why you didn’t tell us, Ishu?? You know right, there is no secret between us?? (Ishana looks at them in surprise.) Then, why did you hide it from us?? You know how much our hearts pained knowing whatever occurred to you?? (Tears are flowing non stoppable from his eyes. Ishana realised that they already aware of everything happened in her life.)

Ishu: (wipes their tears) I know. That’s why I never tell you all. I was completely broken when I left the house. Only Priyanka was there with me that time. We don’t know where we have to go. We just followed our foot steps. We saw a signboard showing train station and we walk towards there. We decided to board the earliest train from Mumbai. We never thought about the destination that we want to go. Maybe, that is called as destiny I guess. The earliest train that will move was to New Delhi. That time all of your faces came in front of my eyes. I felt relief that I still have you all in my life. I told Priyanka about you all and took promise from her that she should not reveal anything to you all. She agreed and she took a promise from me that I should not reveal her identity to anyone here. She wants to live as Priyanka only. We both promised each other and boarded the train. Then, we reached here. Again it’s my luck that you all are still not back from Bangalore yet. So, you all didn’t aware that I was not in New Delhi for few months. But, that didn’t last for long. My mental condition was not good. I started to have nightmare and will behave like crazy. I started to trouble you all very much till you all worried about me. (NeilGau hug her again and kiss her forehead.)

Gau: Who said you are troubling us?? You are not a trouble for us. Don’t say like this again. (Pats her cheek lovingly while Ishana lies on Neil’s shoulder. AvJaRan just watch them silently.)

Avni: (whispers to Pooja) Just now she is the one said that they should not aware of those incidents. Now, she is the one telling them willingly.

Pooja: She didn’t tell this to us too just now. She knows well her heroes are the one can soothe her pain. (Avni nods at her)

Ishu: Neil, I’m hungry. Can you both make something for me to eat??

Neil: Of course, my darling. We will make aloo poori for you.

Gau: And we will feed you as well. Ok??

Ishu: (nods happily) Ok. But, I too want to join you both in the kitchen. (NeilGau hug her arm and about to go but stop looking at AvJaRan.)

Neil: You three too can join us in the kitchen.

Ranveer: That’s ok, Neil. You all continue. I will leave first.

Avni: Ranveer, stay here for some time. Rudra and Priyanka will be coming here.

Ranveer: (excitingly) Priyanka is coming?? (AvNeil and PoojAm smile teasingly at him while Ishana is confused seeing his excitement.)

Pooja: (towards NeilGau) You both need to cook for RuPri too.

NeilGau: No problem.

Avni: Neil, it’s afternoon. Not morning. Please cook something different. Not poori, please. (Making a puppy face. Ishana chuckles.)

Neil: (winks at her) Sure, wifey. (IshNeilGau leave to kitchen leaving AvJaRan there.)

Ranveer: You both are right. No one can badmouth their relationship. It’s pure divine. But, this outside world is too cruel. They won’t understand this friendship. Hats off to both of you for understanding and respecting their friendship. They are very lucky to get you both as their wives. (AvJa just smile at him) Can I ask you both one question??

Pooja: Sure, Ranveer. You can ask us.

Ranveer: How come none of you aware of whatever happened to Ishana?? Because the news of her becoming Omkara’s mistress has been spread in most of the channels and newspapers.

Avni: We understand your question, Ranveer. Actually, that time we stayed nearby forestry area where we can’t get any signals. There was no TV connection as well. That’s why we didn’t aware of the news.

Pooja: It was like we were staying at the ‘Bigg Boss’ house without knowing what is happening at the outside world. (Ranveer chuckles hearing Pooja)

Ranveer: Pooja, you never get any other examples to be compared?? Bigg Boss house?? (Pooja smiles sheepishly while Avni laughs)

Avni: So Ranveer, you tell us. How did Priyanka tell you?? I thought she won’t tell you.

Ranveer: First, she shouted at me and chased me from there when I mentioned her name as Priyanka Oberoi. (AvJa look at him in shock) She only calmed after I said that I love Priyanka only, not Priyanka Singh Oberoi.

Pooja: What?? You confessed your love?? (Ranveer nods)

Ranveer: She told me everything after that only.

Avni: Has she accepted your love??

Ranveer: She never give any answer for that. I too left without asking her answer. I felt Ishana’s matter is very important that time. Never mind, I can ask her some other time.

At kitchen

Neil lifts Ishana and places her on the counter there. NeilGau started to make dish for lunch. Gautham cuts some fruits and gives to Ishana.

Gau: Ishu, you said you are hungry right?? Have this fruits first till we finish cooking. (Ishana agrees and eat the fruits. She actually lied to them that she is hungry. She can’t see them broken like that. She knows they can’t see her in hunger. That’s why she lied to divert their minds. How on earth she could find these two as her best friends?? She smiles seeing them.)

Living Room

Rudra returns and see AvJaRan are chatting with each other. They realised his presence and look at him.

Avni: Rudra, why are you standing there?? Come inside. Meet our friend, Ranveer. (Ranveer forwards his hand towards Rudra and Rudra holds his hand.)

Ranveer: Inspector Ranveer Singh Randhawa. (Rudra is shocked to know that he is a cop.)

Rudra: I’m Rudra.

Ranveer: (smiles) Nice meeting you, Rudra.

Rudra: You are a cop??

Pooja: Not only him, Rudra. Our both husbands are cops too.

Rudra: (shocked) What?? (IshNeilGau come from the kitchen and see Rudra is in shock)

Neil: Ishu, this is…..

Ishu: Rudra, Priyanka’s brother.

Gau: Ok. But, why he is looking shocked??

Ishu: I don’t know. I will ask him. (Goes towards Rudra and pats his shoulder) Rudra, why are you looking like this??

Rudra: (still in shock) Bhabhi, your friends are cops??

Ishu: Yes. Haven’t I told you before this??

Rudra: No, bhabhi. You didn’t tell me. Your friends are cops??

Neil: Just cops. We are not any ghosts that you have to be scared of. (Forwards his hand towards Rudra) I’m Neil, Ishu’s friend and Avni’s husband.

Rudra: I’m Rudra. (Holds Neil’s hand for handshake. Neil could feel his hand is shaking.)

Neil: Chill, Rudra. Why are you scared like this?? (Hugs his shoulder)

Rudra: Woh… I have never met any police in my life before this. That’s why. (NeilGau smile shaking their heads.)

Gau: I’m Gautham, Ishu’s friend and Pooja’s husband. (Has a handshake with Rudra.) Nice meeting you, Rudra.

Rudra: Nice meeting you all too.

Ishu: Ok. We can have our lunch first. Come, everyone. (Thinks something) Rudra, Priyanka didn’t come with you?? (Rudra is about to say something when they heard baby’s cry. IshAvJa look at each other in shock. They have completely forgotten about Mishti who is sitting in the cradle. NeilGauRan look each other confusingly.)

Neil: Baby?? Whose baby is this?? (Rudra goes to Mishti and lifts her)

Rudra: Oh, my pyaari baby. Why are you crying, sweetheart?? (Kisses her cheek)

Avni: Woh… It’s Rudra’s baby!!! (IshJaRu look at her in shock.)

Rudra: (shocked) What??

Ishu: (whispers to Avni) What are you saying??

Avni: I don’t have any option than this. Ask him to say yes. (Ishana signs at Rudra to say yes.)

Rudra: Yes, it’s my baby.

Voice: What?? It’s your baby?? (All turn and see Priyanka at the door. Ranveer smiles seeing her while Rudra cursed his fate. IshAvJa feel bad seeing Rudra.)

To be continued…..

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