IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 20




At Lawn

IshRuMyaPri are sitting on the bench to have their food. Ishana is lost in her deep thought. She is completely broken because of her miscarriage. She touches her stomach and unknowingly her tears make their way out from her eyes. RuMyaPri feel bad seeing her state and hug her. Ishana places her head on Rudra’s shoulder.

Rudra: Please don’t fall apart, bhabhi. We can’t see you like this.

Ishu: Rudra, I killed the baby. The baby died because of my carelessness. I must not went upstairs that day. (Cries)

Rudra: Bhabhi, what are you saying?? Whatever happened not because of you. The one who need to be blamed are this family only. They are the reason for your state. Don’t blame yourself, bhabhi.

Prinku: Rudra bhaiya is right. Our bhabhi can’t harm anyone intentionally.

Rudra: Not only this, bhabhi. We are saying about Gauri bhabhi’s death as well. It was an accident. You can’t be blamed for that. It was a game played by the destiny and we cannot change it.

Ishu: So, you have forgiven me for Gauri’s accident??

Soumya: Why we should forgive when we are not blaming you?? (Ishana is overwhelmed seeing their love for her. She just hugs them.) Di, will you eat now?? (Ishana nods head. Soumya takes a spoon of rice and feeds Ishana.)

Rudra: Hey, Soumya!! Why are you snatching my place??

Soumya: (confused) What place??

Rudra: I’m the one should feed my bhabhi. Why are you feeding her??

Soumya: Your bhabhi is my di!! I’m having more rights than you!!

Rudra: (snatches the plate from her hand) First, she is my bhabhi. Then only she is your di. (Ishana chuckles seeing RuMya’s cute fight. RuMya smile seeing Ishana’s smiling face. He winks at Soumya. Priyanka understands they were pretending to fight and smiles at them. Rudra feeds Ishana and all of them have their food.)

Omkara’s Room

Ishana still can’t overcome from the incident. She sits under the shower and cries her heart out. She doesn’t know how long she sits there crying. Ishana opens her eyes and realise she is on the bed. She turns and sees Omkara is sleeping beside her. She is about to get down from the bed but she feels a tight grip on her hand. She turns and sees him holding her hand while sleeping.

Ishu: Why he is holding like this?? He must have thought that I might ran away from here. Then, he won’t be able to fulfill his revenge on me. Already he is blaming for Gauri’s death and now he will blame me for the baby’s death too. After all, the baby was the symbol of his and Gauri’s love. (Slowly takes her hand from his. Ishana goes to the couch and sleeps there.)

Days are passing and Ishana has slowly come out from her sorrow of losing the baby. The reason is RuMyaPri who always stay on her side no matter what happened. Their moral support towards her has cured her quickly. Another reason is Omkara who was busy with his paintings orders and never get time to torture her. Ishana started to talk normally with RuMyaPri and laughing with them.

One day, the Oberois went for a function except IshRuMyaPri and Omkara. Omkara is having an important exhibition that day. So, he went there. IshRuMyaPri chat as usual at Soumya’s room. Soon, SouPri started feeling sleepy and they sleep. IshRu smile looking at them.

Ishu: It’s getting late now. Better we too go and sleep.

Rudra: Ok. Good night, bhabhi.

Ishu: Good night. (Rudra leaves from there. Ishana makes SouPri to lie properly and covers them with the blanket. She too leaves from there after a while.)

Omkara’s Room

Ishana is sleeping on the floor as usual when she smells something near her. She opens her eyes and sees Omkara near her. She could smell alcohol on him and understand that he has drunken heavily. Ishana moves away from him.

Ishu: Sir!!?? You?? What are you doing here??

Om: You are asking me?? This is my room!!

Ishu: I know this is your room. But, why are you here?? You should sleep on the bed.

Om: You too should be on the bed. (Lifts her in his arms while Ishana struggles to get down. Her hand hits a flower vase and it falls down breaks into pieces.)

Ishu: Sir, leave me!! What are you doing?? (Omkara throws her on the bed and he goes near her. Ishana feels scared seeing him near her. She pushes him and gets up from the bed. Suddenly, she feels her dress has been torn from behind. She turns and sees him holding her cloth piece. She searches for something to cover herself. Omkara goes near her. Ishu cries folding her hands.) Please, sir. Please leave me. (Omkara pulls her closer. She tries to push him but he tightens his grip on her. She screams and tries to escape from his hold. Somehow, she manage to push him and about to run from there. However, her leg tripped and she falls on the glass pieces there. She screams in pain.)

Priyanka who is about to go to kitchen to drink water is shocked to hear some noise from Omkara’s room. She runs towards the room and pats the door.

Prinku: Bhabhi!!! Bhabhi!!! Are you ok?? Open the door. (She couldn’t hear anything and she taps the door loudly shouting for Ishana. RuMya too come there hearing Priyanka’s voice.)

Rudra: Prinku, what happened?? Why are you here??

Prinku: Bhaiya, I heard some noise from here. I’m asking bhabhi to open the door but she is not opening it. I’m worried, bhaiya.

Rudra: (taps the door) Bhabhi!! Open the door!! (Towards Soumya) Soumya, go and see if O’s car is here or not. (Soumya runs from there and comes back after a while)

Soumya: Rudra, his car is here. (Three of them become more worried and taps the door loudly.)

Rudra: O!! Open the door!!

He asks SouPri to stay away and he hits the door with his arm to break opening it. After few times, the door has opened finally. They barge inside the room and shocked to see the scene inside the room. Omkara is on the top of Ishana while Ishana is lying unconsciously. Rudra pulls Omkara from Ishana and pushes him on the floor. Omkara is about to say something but Rudra stops him showing his hand and gives a disgusting look towards him. Omkara feels dizzy and falls unconscious. RuMyaPri see Ishana’s dress is torn and sees some nail marks on her. They could understand what has happened there. Rudra turns away in tears and takes a sheet giving it to SouPri. SouPri cover Ishana with the sheet. Rudra lifts her and leaves from the room followed by SouPri.

Soumya’s Room

Rudra places Ishana gently on the bed and sees some glass pieces pricking on her skin. RuMyaPri remove the glass pieces from her. Rudra goes and brings a first aid kit and gives to Priyanka.

Rudra: You both clean her wounds and bandage them. Before that, change her dress too. I will wait outside. (SouPri nod their heads. Rudra leaves from there.)

The Oberois arrived there after attending the function. They are surprised to see Rudra awake that time and go towards him.

Shivaay: Rudra, you are still awake?? (Rudra just stares him without answering him.)

Kalyani: What happened, Rudra?? (Rudra still keeps quiet)

Jhanvi: Rudra, why are you keeping quiet?? Daadi and Shivaay are asking you?? Answer them!! (Rudra is about to say something but stops hearing a loud scream which is coming from Soumya’s room. The Oberois are shocked as well as confuse hearing the scream.)

Rudra: Bhabhi!! (Runs towards Soumya’s room followed by the Oberois.)

Soumya’s Room

Ishana is breathing heavily like she just had a nightmare while SouPri are calming her. She recalls whatever happened just now and shivers. She takes the blanket and covers herself. Rudra enters the room and shocked to see her shivering like that. He goes and sits beside her.

Rudra: Bhabhi!! (Ishana looks at him and moves behind.) Bhabhi, I’m Rudra. You don’t have to feel scared. I’m your Rudra, bhabhi. Please don’t do like this. I’m feeling hurt.

Ishu: Rudra!! He…… (Rudra nods his head.)

Rudra: I understand, bhabhi. (Ishana cries and hugs him. Rudra strokes her hair gently.)

Pinky: She has started her drama again.

Prinku: No, Choti maa!!! She is not doing any drama.

Jhanvi: Then, why she is crying??

Prinku: She is crying because of your so called son. Go and ask him.

Voice: What is happening here?? (All turn and see Omkara at the door who is rubbing his head and eyes because of hangover. Ishana feels scared seeing Omkara and clutches Rudra’s shirt tightly. Rudra pats her hand signing that he is there for her.)

Shivaay: (worries for him and goes towards him) Om, what’s wrong with you?? You are fine right?? (RuMyaPri are giving unbelievable look at him. Rudra signs at Soumya to sit beside Ishana. Soumya nods and sits beside her while Rudra gets up from his place.)

Rudra: Why are you asking him?? You should ask bhabhi what he did??

Om: What are you blabbering?? What I did??

Rudra: Oh!! You have forgotten what you did to her?? That too this fast!!?? (Gives a mocking laugh) How you will remember?? You were highly drunken that time till didn’t aware what you were doing to this innocent girl.

Tej: Rudra, just tell clearly what has happened??

Rudra: Your son, Omkara Singh Oberoi has tried to molest Ishana bhabhi!! (Everyone are shocked hearing this. A hard slap lands on Rudra’s cheek and it’s none other than Shivaay. All are shocked seeing him slapping Rudra.)

Shivaay: How dare you to say like that about Om?? He is our brother. How could you think like that about him?? Will you trust anyone said anything about your brother?? (Gives a disgusting look to Ishana.)

Rudra: No one need to say anything. We saw the scene with our eyes. This man was…… (couldn’t able to finish the sentence)

Jhanvi: No, I won’t believe this. My son won’t do like that. This girl is the one faking everything.

Prinku: (angrily) Enough, mom!! Not a word more against my bhabhi!!! Then, you all will see the worst of me. (All are shocked to see Priyanka in this anger. The girl who never raised her voice before this, is shouting at her family.)

Kalyani: Prinku!!

Prinku: You too, daadi!! Please!! I’m having respect on you. Please don’t ruin it. (Turns towards her family) I have kept quiet these days but not anymore. What did you say?? This girl is faking everything?? Why she has to fake everything?? If she has to fake everything, she must done this before when she was pregnant before this. You all were badmouthing her asking whose baby was that. It won’t take a second for her to lie that your son has molested her. But, she never said like that. She still defended him saying he never behaved like that to her. When she lost the baby, you all didn’t care about her pain and continue blaming her for losing the baby. The real reason she lost the baby is you all only. Your negligence towards her is the main reason for her losing her baby. (Towards Annika) I know you are angry on her because she caused your sister’s death. But, the baby was your sister’s right?? You should have thought about it. (Annika looks down. Priyanka turns towards Shivaay) You always say proudly that you are the Great Wall of Shivaay Singh Oberoi for this family. This great wall will only protect your own family, right?? Even though others life are ruined?? (Smiles sarcastically) Why you will care about others?? Your family happiness is important for you. Others should not be happy. (Turns towards Omkara) The famous artist Omkara Singh Oberoi!! Married a girl forcibly and declared her as a mistress to the outside world!!! Only for revenge!! (Claps her hands) Woww!! You made her pregnant without her knowing. That time you took a good care of her. Because it was your and Gauri’s baby. That’s why you took a good care of her. Now, you are starting back your revenge because you are thinking bhabhi to be the reason for the miscarriage. And, this is how you want to start your revenge, right?? (Omkara just looks at her without saying anything.) Enough!! (Goes towards Ishana) Bhabhi, you don’t have to stay here anymore!! This is the place where heartless beasts are staying. An angel like you should not stay here. Who knows one day these people will kill you and will say that you have commit suicide. Let’s leave from here, bhabhi!!

Ishu: Why do you want to leave, Priyanka?? This is your family.

Prinku: This you called as family!!?? No, bhabhi. This is not my family, bhabhi. My family only know to love others, but these people here only know to hate. (Ishana is about to say something but Priyanka stops her.) Please, bhabhi. I can’t see you getting tortured anymore. Let’s leave.

Tej: Prinku!!??

Prinku: (stops him) Don’t call me that, Mr Oberoi. You have lost the rights. (All are shocked)

Jhanvi: What the hell are you saying?? He is your papa!!

Prinku: Only for me or for his son too?? If he have scolded him for his deed, I might have address him as papa. But he kept quiet and supported his son. I won’t call him papa, Mrs Oberoi.

Shivaay: Prinku, listen to us. (Tries to touch her hair but Priyanka stops him.)

Prinku: You are included as well, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi. Don’t call me Prinku. Except Rudra bhaiya and Soumya, no one from this family having the rights to call me as Prinku. (Extends her hand towards Ishana. Ishana places her palm on Priyanka and gets up from her place. Priyanka looks at Rudra.) I’m sorry, Rudra bhaiya. I don’t have other option than this. Our family deserve this. They have separated bhabhi from her family. Now, it’s their turn to separate from their daughter. Let them suffer too.

Shivaay: Where do you want to go, Prinku??

Prinku: That is none of your business, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi. You don’t have to worry about that. You just go and continue supporting your brother.

Rudra: Where you will go at this time, Prinku??

Prinku: It’s 4 a.m now, bhaiya. It will get bright in sometime. You don’t worry. (Looks at Soumya. Soumya runs towards them and hugs IshPri. Rudra too hugs them. The Oberois try to stop Priyanka but Priyanka ignores them and leaves from there with Ishana.)

FLASHBACK ENDS (Ishana’s flashback has ended here)

At Present

NeilGau’s House

IshRu have finished narrating to AvJa about her past. Tears are flowing unstoppable from their eyes. They never thought Ishana has faced a miserable life during their absence. What was more shocking to them is their Ishana was pregnant that time and had a miscarriage too. Ishana holds their faces and they just hug her crying their hearts out. Rudra wipes his tears and leave from there with Mishti letting three of them alone for some time.

Avni: (breaks the hug) Why you never tell us before this?? You hide all your pain inside you and pretend to be happy outside.

Ishu: Happiness can be shared. How I want to share my pain too??

Pooja: You will talk like this only. You know how much our hearts are hurting after knowing everything??

Ishu: I know you all will be broken like this. That’s why I never tell you. (Ishana hugs them and kisses their cheeks. AvJa too kiss her cheek. Ishana breaks the hug and realised that Rudra is not there.) Rudra!! (Rudra comes from the kitchen.)

Rudra: I’m here, bhabhi.

Ishu: What are you doing in kitchen??

Rudra: We are meeting after long time. So, I thought to cook something for you. (Ishana smiles shaking her head.)

Avni: Rudra, you are our guest here. So, we are the one must cook for you. (Rudra smiles at them. His mobile rings.)

Rudra: (looks at his mobile) Oh, God!!

Ishu: What happened??

Rudra: Bhabhi, I told Prinku that I will meet her today. I completely forgotten about that after seeing you. Bhabhi, I will go and meet her first.

Ishu: Ok. But, come here after that. If can, bring Priyanka as well. (Rudra nods and leaves from there.)

To be continued……

Note: The flashbacks were on Ishana’s and Rudra’s POV only. There will be other characters POV too which will be revealed later.

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