IB & Naamkaran FF-Hatred Love-Chapter 17




Ishana managed to enter Priyanka’s room after unlocking it using her hair pin. She is shocked to see Priyanka hanging herself on the ceiling fan and struggling with her breath.

Ishu: (shouts) Priyanka!! (Runs towards her and holds her legs immediately. She stands on the bed and lifts Priyanka a bit.) Remove the shawl from your neck, Priyanka!!

Prinku: No!! I won’t. Leave me. I want to die!! (Cries)

Ishu: Suicide is not a solution for every problems, Priyanka. If you have respect on me, listen to me. Remove the shawl from your neck. I’m holding your leg, Priyanka. Just think that I’m begging you. Please, Priyanka. (Hugs her legs.)

Priyanka is surprised with Ishana’s words and she removes the knot from her neck. Ishana makes her to stand slowly on the bed. She slaps hard on Priyanka’s cheek till she falls on the bed holding her cheek. Ishana runs towards the door and locks it. She goes back to Priyanka.

Ishu: (angrily) What the hell are you thinking of yourself?? What is your problem that you want to kill yourself?? Have you ever thought of your family before taking these decision??

Prinku: I took this decision for my family only. I don’t have any other solution than this.

Ishu: If suicide is a solution for every problems, then no one will be alive in this world. You have the courage to face the death, why you are not showing the same courage to live your life?? (Priyanka just looks at her without saying anything) Ok. Tell me what is the problem. Maybe I can help you. (Sits beside her)

Prinku: A year ago, one guy tried to harass me in college. I told Shivaay bhaiya about this and he goes and hit that guy black and blue. That guy was dismissed from the college. I thought everything has ended and I continued my studies as usual. But few days back I received a call from him that he is having something that can ruin my family’s happiness. I thought he is lying and ends his call but he sent me a video. (Cries)

Ishu: What video?? (Priyanka continues to cry) Do you have the video now?? (Priyanka nods) Show me. (Priyanka shows the video to Ishana. Ishana is shocked to watch the clip and throws the mobile angrily on the bed) blo*dy rascal!! Chi!! How dare is he??

Prinku: He is blackmailing me with this video. If I don’t do as he said, he will upload this in internet and will ruin my family’s happiness. (Ishana places her hand on her shoulder)

Ishu: What he asked you to do??

Prinku: (cries) He asked me to spend one night with him. (Ishana is shocked.) I don’t know what to do. (Ishana feels bad and hugs Priyanka) That’s why I took this decision. I will rather die than do like he asked. (Ishana calms her by patting her back)

Ishu: (breaks the hug and cups her face) Priyanka, listen to me. Do you think that he will stop after you died?? No, Priyanka. He won’t stop his act and he will try to find another way to fulfill his revenge. By watching this video, I don’t think you are the only girl he is blackmailing. There must be many more girls he is blackmailing. Priyanka, do you know his family background??

Prinku: He is belongs to a rich family. His father owns a textiles warehouse here. (Ishana thinks something)

Ishu: We will go there tomorrow.

Prinku: (shocked) Why??

Ishu: We can’t let this problem to become more big. We need to stop it before it ruins many more lives.

Prinku: But why we have to go to the store??

Ishu: I will tell you tomorrow. Now, you go and sleep quietly. Don’t do like this anymore. (Priyanka nods) Promise?? (Extends her hand)

Prinku: (places her palm on Ishana’s) Promise.

Ishu: (caresses her cheek) I’m sorry for slapping you just now.

Prinku: It’s ok. I’m not hurt with that. You go and sleep. Good night.

Ishu: (smiles) Good night. (Leaves from there)

Next Day


Everyone except IshPriRuMya are having their breakfast at the dining. Rudra comes there as well and sees Ishana not there.

Rudra: Where is Ishana ji??

Om: Who is Ishana??

Rudra: Your wife. Don’t say that you don’t aware of her name till now. (Omkara keeps silent) Like seriously, O?? You don’t know her name. (Laughs sarcastically) It’s been two months she is staying here but you don’t know her name. So funny!!

Jhanvi: It’s not important for us to know her name. She is our Gauri’s murderer. (Rudra is about to say something when he heard Priyanka’s voice)

Prinku: Bhaiya!! (Rudra turns to Priyanka who is standing with Ishana)

Rudra: Ishana ji, I was searching for you. Have you had your breakfast?? (Ishana smiles nodding her head)

Prinku: Bhaiya, we want to go out for a while. Actually, she is wearing my clothes only since she came here. That’s why we want to go and purchase some dresses for her.

Rudra: Sure, Priyanka. Take the driver with you.

Ishu: Rudra, we don’t want any driver. If you don’t mind, can you come with us. Please. (Pinky gets up from her place angrily)

Pinky: Our childrens are not your slaves to follows you everywhere. If you wants to buy somethings for you, go yourself by auto or bus. Don’t you dares to touch Oberois cars. (Ishana puts her head down)

Rudra: Ishana ji (looks at his family and hugs Ishana’s shoulder) I mean, Ishana bhabhi, I will come with you both. And we will go in car. If they don’t allow you to use the car, three of us will go by bus or auto. Let’s go. (He stares at his family and take IshPri from there. Ishana sees Soumya coming towards the living room and thinks something)

Ishu: Rudra, ask Soumya to come with us too. (Rudra nods and calls Soumya)

Rudra: Soumya!! (Soumya turns to him) Come here!! (She goes towards them) Follow us for shopping.

Soumya: Me?? Why??

Ishu: Please, Soumya.

Soumya: Ok. I will come with you. (Four of them leave from there)

Shivaay: Our Rudra has changed since she came. He is the person who hates shopping, but now he voluntarily goes for shopping.

Jhanvi: I don’t know what magic she throws on my both children till they are running behind her.

Rudra stops the car in front of a textiles store. They get down from the car and enter the shop. Ishana ask them to wait and goes to the ladies section. Priyanka is standing nervously waiting for Ishana. RuMya are confused seeing her in tense.

Rudra: Prinku, is everything alright?? Why are you looking so tensed?? I was watching you since then. (Priyanka is about to say something when Ishana comes towards them)

Ishu: Priyanka, I’m going to the trial room now. You all just wait outside the room till I come out. (Priyanka nods while RuMya are still confused)

Soumya: What is happening here?? You are here to purchase dresses for you right??

Ishu: No, Soumya. Our intention is different actually. Priyanka will tell you in a while. You all just do as I said. (RuMyaPri agree and Ishana enters the trial room)

Ishana takes her mobile and calls someone. She ends the call and keeps the mobile in her bag. She looks at the mirror in front of her and adjust her hair. She smiles lovingly looking at it and strokes it with her finger. She smiles again looking at the mirror. She takes the dresses she selected just now and looks at them.

Ishu: Uh… oh…. This dress is not nice. Never mind, I will go and select a new one. (Leaves from the room)

Ishana goes to RuMyaPri who is standing beside the room. She could see Rudra is controlling his anger after learning about Priyanka’s problem. Priyanka sees Ishana.

Prinku: Did you find out??

Ishu: Yes. I will catch him in a while. Soumya, I need your help.

Soumya: What help??

Ishu: Now, you go to the trial room and pretend like you want to try these clothes. You just look at the mirror and adjust your hair and make up. (Soumya nods) Rudra, you go and alert everyone here. (She covers Priyanka’s face with her duppata) Don’t let anyone to see your face especially that guy.

Rudra: What are you going to do??

Ishu: You will know in a while. (Leaves from there)

Soumya enters the trial room bringing few dresses. Priyanka hides herself behind a pillar while Rudra goes and says something to the people there. Ishana looks around the warehouse and her eyes caught on a door which written ‘STAFFS ONLY’. She thinks something and looks at Rudra. Rudra looks at her and she signs something at him. Rudra nods understanding her and she enters the room. She walks slowly and sees Soumya’s reflection on a mirror there and two guys are capturing her images using their mobiles.

Guy: She is so hot even though a bit plumpy.

Guy2: What, yaar?? She is just admiring herself. Faster try those clothes. My mobile is waiting to capture your….. (Before he could finish his sentence, someone pushes him and he fell down. Both guys turn and see Ishana staring at them angrily.)

Ishu: (slaps both of them) blo*dy scoundrels!! The customers wanted to buy their favourite dresses by trying it but you people are recording it and enjoying it. Don’t you feel ashamed!!??

Guy: How dare you to touch us?? (Tries to choke her neck but Ishana knocks his most hurtful place using her knee. He falls down screaming in pain. Another guy try to attack her)

Ishu: (shouts) Rudra!! (Rudra comes with few more men. They are shocked to see the mirror which is reflecting the opposite side. They drag both of the guys from the room. Ishana takes RuMya to Priyanka) Three of you stay here. Don’t come out till I call you.

Rudra: But why??

Ishu: Rudra, the people outside there must aware of your family. If one of them inform anyone from your family, it will become a big problem. You know right how sensitive is this matter?? No one from your family should know about this. Let this be with us. Ok?? (Holds Rudra’s face. Rudra just nods.) Good. Wait here. I will come in a while. (Ishana leaves towards the crowd who are beating the guys)

The textiles owner who just came there are shocked to see the scene. He goes towards them.

Owner: Stop!! Why are you beating my sons like this??

Man: What?? These are your sons?? Your sons have gave a good name for your shop and for your family.

Owner: What are you saying?? I don’t understand. My sons won’t do wrong.

Ishu: Your sons never do any wrong, uncle. Whatever they did was a sin. Not only one sin but many sins. (She tells him about double sided mirror in the trial room. He is shocked listening to her) They didn’t stop till there only but they recorded the girls dress changing video and will ask them to spend a night with them. If the girls refuse to do so, they will threaten that they will upload those videos in internet. Some girls will agree with them and some will kill themselves to protect their self respect. (The owner slaps those guys plenty of times.)

Owner: Chi!! What kind of persons are you both?? You both are shame for our family. (Cries feeling ashamed)

Ishu: Usually people will blame their upbringing if they did type of mistakes. But, in your case, I can’t blame your parents. Because by seeing your father, I can see they must had brought you up in a proper way. But, your dirty mind is the only reason for your behaviour.

Guy1: You have no rights to talk about us. What did you say?? Self respect?? Some girls died to protect their self respect?? You yourself are a mistress of someone. You should have die if you have a self respect. But, you don’t have it. That’s why you are dare to roam at outside being someone’s mistress. Such a blo*dy mistress!! (Ishana is hurt with the words but she controls herself)

Ishu: Everyone have self respect. It doesn’t mean that if I am a mistress, I cannot have self respect. Yes!! I agreed that I’m someone’s mistress but only for that one particular person. Not for everyone. In fact, a pr*stitute having a self respect. She only will sleep with someone if she feels so. But, people like you never leave a pr*stitute too and ended up molesting them. Not only pr*stitutes, you people are not even sparing a transgender too. You will insult them, humiliate them but when it comes to fulfill your lust, you won’t care about that. Right?? (The police came after a while and arrest both guys. Ishana hands over the mobile to them) Sir, don’t spare these guys. They have taken videos of most of the customers here without caring about their age starting from 6 years old kid till 50 years old women.

Police: (slaps those guys) Don’t worry, mam. I will take care. These kind of people need to punished severely. Thank you very much for your help. (Ishana smiles and the cops leave from there. The crowd too disperse after a while. PriRuMya comes out from their hiding place and goes to Ishana. Priyanka hugs Ishana and cries.)

Ishu: Sshhh…. Don’t cry. Everything is fine now. (Ishana breaks the hug and wipes her tears. Ishana sees the guys father who is sitting in heart broken. She goes and kneels beside him.) Uncle, I know whatever happened today has completely shattered you. Please don’t mistaken me. I have no other way than this. Your sons have ruined many girls lives. They have to punished.

Man: I can understand, beta. I don’t have a daughter but I am a brother of my five sisters. One of my sister has suicide because her husband betrayed her. Since then, I will always be careful if it comes to a girl’s matter. I taught my sons to respect all the girls but don’t know how they…… (Rudra hugs him)

Rudra: Some people are like that. Even though parents taught a lot of good things, but they will choose the path that they wished only.

Man: God bless all of you, beta. (IshPriRuMya nod and leave from there)


Rudra: Thanks, bhabhi. (Ishana looks at him in confuse)

Ishu: Rudra, your family are not here. Why are you calling me bhabhi??

Rudra: From now I will call you as bhabhi only. You did what others hesitate to do. You saved Prinku’s life and you almost landed in danger. Our family humiliated you a lot but you still save their reputation.

Prinku: Rudra bhaiya is right. You are really our bhabhi. I don’t think anyone will do the same if they are in your situation. Thanks, bhabhi.

Ishu: I did what I felt was right. Three of you always on my side since the first day I came here. This is just one way for me to thank you all.

Soumya: These two are calling you bhabhi. So, can I call you ‘di’??

Ishu: (with tear filled eyes) No one has called me ‘di’, ‘bhabi’ before this.

Soumya: Di, you never tell us about your family. Where are they??

Ishu: Family?? (Smiles sadly) I have no rights to say about them. Since small, my world surrounded by my friends only.

Soumya: Sorry, di. (Ishana smiles) By the way do, how did you find out about the double sided mirror.

Ishu: My friends have taught me before this. Whenever we want to try new dresses at any malls, we have to make sure if there is any hidden cameras placed there or the mirror in the trial room is double sided or not.

RuMyaPri: How??

Ishu: If we want to know about the hidden camera, first we have to take our mobile and check the signal. If your mobile is having a signal, try to call someone. If there is any hidden camera, the call cannot be connected. That is how to find if there is any hidden camera.

Prinku: How about the double sided mirror??

Ishu: You can find it double sided mirror by using this finger (showing her index finger.) Usually, if we place our finger on the one sided mirror, it should not touched the reflection on the mirror. But, if the mirror is double sided, this finger will touch the reflection in the mirror. This is how I find out about that mirror.

Soumya: Arrey wah!! Your friends are too brilliant, di. Whatever they taught you, it become useful now. I want to meet them.

Ishu: One day, I will introduce them to you all.

Rudra: Today, I will give treat to you all. Ice creams!! (IshSouPri smile and nod their heads agreeing with him)


IshPriRuMya reached home after purchase few dresses for Ishana, so that the Oberois won’t doubt them. They are laughing walking inside the house making everyone confused. Ishana too laughs with them.

Rudra: Bhabhi, we really had a good time with you.

Ishu: Me too.

Rudra: Bhabhi, tell me what is your favourite food. I will make it for you.

Ishu: It’s ok, Rudra. I’m still full.

Soumya: Di, you just had ice cream just now. Don’t you feel hungry?? I’m feeling hungry. (Rubbing her stomach)

Ishu: (pulls her cheek) Ok. Rudra, make Soumya’s favourite. I will have that.

Soumya: (excitingly) Yayy!!! Thanks, di!! (Hugs Ishana. RuPri shake their heads.)

Night at Omkara’s Room

Ishana is arranging her clothes at the corner of the room. She feels so tired because of today’s event and about to sleep when she heard Omkara’s voice.

Om: Enjoyed very much today?? (Ishana turns to him)

Ishu: (confused) Hmmm??

Om: I saw you have enjoyed very much today by going out with my brother and sisters. Till you all were laughing while coming inside the house.

Ishu: (stammers) No. We were just talking normally.

Om: Really?? (Goes near her) You know something?? My brother, Rudra love to spend his time with his brothers. We will have our Obro moment most of the time. But since you came, we never had the moment again. He prefers to spend more time with you than his brothers. Why?? What magic you throw on him that he get so attached with you??

Ishu: What are you saying?? Rudra is like a child.

Om: What?? Child?? (Smirks) Oh!! He is like a child?? (Goes more closer to her) You like children?? (Ishana looks at him in confuse and moves back) How if we make a baby?? (Ishana looks at him in shock while Omkara smirks at her)


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