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Anjali’s parents are sitting at living room when they see Shalu coming down from upstairs with Shivaay who is limping.

Shalu: (holding Shivaay’s hand) Come, catman. Careful. (Anjali’s parents go towards them.)

Mom: Shalu, ethukku ivare keele kootitu vanthe?? Arjun roomleye thaane irukke sonnan?? (Shalu, why did you bring him downstairs?? Arjun asked to let him stay at his room only, right??)

Shalu: Paati, ivarukku roomle irukke bore adikkutha. Athan keele kootitu vanthen. (Grandma, he feels bored to stay inside the room only. That’s why I took him here.)

Dad: Un amma vantha enna aagumnu teriyum le?? (Do you know what will happen if your mother comes??)

Shalu: Thaatha, amma ippo onnum vare maatangge. Avungge avungge veleyile rombe busy ah irukkangge. (Grandpa, mom won’t come now. She is very busy with her work.) (They sigh shaking their heads.) Appurom, ivaru rombe nalla samaippara. Namakku samachi kudukke poraara. (Besides that, he said that he can cook well and wants to cook for us.)

Mom: Enna?? Samachi kudukke poraara?? Ivarukku erkanave adipattu irukku. Ethukku kashtam?? (What?? He wants to cook?? Already he is injured. Why he has to trouble himself??) (Looks at Shivaay) Beta, you don’t have to trouble yourself to cook. Just tell me what you want, I will make it for you.

Shivaay: No, aunty. You are mistaken. Actually, I love cooking. It’s my passion. In fact, I am the one will cook at my house with my brothers. Women are not allowed to cook at my house. It’s men’s department. I feel incomplete for not cooking since few days. That’s why I want to cook. Please aunty. Don’t refuse me.

Dad: But beta, your leg….

Shalu: Naan paathukuren, thaatha. Nee kavale padathe. (Don’t worry, grandpa. I will take care of him.)

Mom: Periya manushi sollittangge. (Looks at Shivaay) Ok, beta. If you are insisting this much, then we don’t mind. Just be careful. And you don’t have to do any hard dishes. Just make simple one.

Shivaay: (smiles) Thank you, aunty. (They take him to the kitchen.)


Anjali and Bhavya are waiting at the car looking at the time.

Bhavya: It’s been half an hour, Anjali.

Anjali: Patience is very important if we want to get something. (Bhavya nods.)

Voice: Sorry, I’m late. (Anjali and Bhavya turn towards the voice.)

Anjali: It’s ok. I’m glad that you came. Thank you for that, Miss GG.

Person: GG??

Anjali: Gundi Gauri. (Gauri smiles.)

Gauri: Mam, sorry for yesterday. I……

Anjali: It’s ok. I was just kidding. So, did you bring what I have asked you?? Or did anyone saw you??

Voice: I saw her. (A guy came from behind Gauri. Anjali looks at Gauri who gives apologetic look to her.)

Gauri: Sorry, mam. Last night, when I was doing the job you asked me, he saw me. I couldn’t hide from him and told him everything. By the way, he is……

Anjali: Omkara Singh Oberoi, Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s brother. It’s ok. Luckily, it was him who saw you.

Om: Actually, I was angry with you after I learned how you treated my brother yesterday. How dare you to place gun on my brother’s forehead??

Anjali: Your brother was too rude with her (pointing towards Bhavya) yesterday. That’s why I did like that and I don’t regret it. I won’t keep quiet if anyone disrespect the police officers. Maybe, I’m not a police but I respect them very much. If I myself respect the police, why can’t your brother??

Gauri: Mam, please don’t mistake him. Actually, he loves his brothers very much and can’t stand anyone behaved badly towards anyone of them. That’s why.

Anjali: But that doesn’t mean he can support his brother even if he has done mistake.

Bhavya: Ok. Gauri, did you bring what Anjali asked you??

Gauri: Yes. (Hands over a cover to Anjali.) These are the things that I manage to collect from the room. (Anjali takes out the things one by one and looks at them.) I don’t think these things can be useful for this case.

Anjali: Who said these are not useful?? These are very useful.

Bhavya: What are you saying?? I don’t understand. These are just……

Anjali: I will tell you later. (Turns to RiKara) I need another help from you. (RiKara nod their heads and Anjali tells something in mute. RiKara agree and leave from there. Bhavya looks at her confusingly. Anjali understands her.) We have to investigate from each and every angles. You will understand soon. (Bhavya nods and they leave from there.)


Shivaay lifts Shalu and places her on the kitchen counter.

Shalu: Careful, catman.

Shivaay: Shalu, only my legs are injured, not my hands. Tell me, what do you want?? I will make for you. (keeps her finger on her chin and thinks)

Shalu: (snaps her finger) Ice cream!!??

Shivaay: Done!! What flavor??

Shalu: Chocolate!! My favourite!!

Shivaay: Ok, done!!

Shalu: What are you going to cook??

Shivaay: (smiles) Aloo poori. Annika’s favourite.

Shalu: (teasingly) Oh… oh…!! You are missing her even though you have spoken to her right?? That’s why you are making her favourite, right?? (Shivaay smiles and pinches her nose.)

Shivaay: You are talking a lot. (Continues his work.) Your ice cream has been prepared. Need to keep it in refrigerator for sometime before having it. (Keeps it in refrigerator.) Now…..

Shalu: Aloo poori. (Shivaay smiles and nods. He started to make aloo poori when he stopped feeling something.) What happened, catman??

Shivaay: Nothing. Annika….. Nothing….. (continues making aloo paratha)

Shalu: Always Annika….. (Shivaay just smiles continuing his work.)

The door bell rings. Anjali’s mother goes and looks from the door hole. She sighs in relief seeing Arjun and opens the door.

Mom: Nalle velei nee. Naan kude Anjali’nu nenechen. Sari, ulle vaa. (Luckily it was you. I thought Anjali. Ok, come inside.) (Arjun enters inside with Krithika and Annika. His mother looks at Krithika.) Krithika, un mugam yen ipppadi irukku?? Enna aachu?? (Krithika, why are you looking like this?? What happened??)

Arjun: Athu irukkattum. Neengge yen ivvalavo tension ah irukkingge?? (Leave that. Why are you looking tensed??)

Mom: Tension ah?? Appadillam onnum illeye. (Tension?? It’s nothing like that.) (Looks at Annika) Aama, yaaruda inthe ponnu?? (Who is this girl??) (His father too comes towards them.)

Dad: Yaaruda inthe ponnu?? Ethukku ingge kootitu vanthirukke?? Krithika mugam yen ipppadi irukku?? Nee avale ethavathu pannuniya?? (Who is this girl?? Why did you bring her here?? What happened to Krithika?? Did you do anything to her??)

Mom: Illei inthe ponnaale ethavathu……??? (Or is there any problem because of this girl…..???)

Arjun: (shocked) Maa!!?? Nee vere. Irukkire perechanai pathathunu nee vere. Ithe nee veliye poi sonne, enna nadakkumnu teriyathu. (Mom!!?? Already, I’m stucked in a trouble. Now, you want to add some more. I don’t know what will happen if you go and tell this at outside.)

Mom: Appurom yaaruda inthe ponnu?? Paake etho nadigai mathiri irukka. (Then, who is this girl?? She is looking like an actress.)

Arjun: (sarcastically) Nadigaithan, serial nadigai. Peru Surbhi Chandna. Parthathu illei!!?? (Yes, she is an actress. Her name is Surbhi Chandna. You never have seen her before this??)

Mom: Illeye. Naan parthathu illeye. (Nope. I never saw her before this.)

Arjun: Athukkuthaan appappo STAR Plus paakanum solrathu. STAR Vijay mattum paathukuttu iruntha eppadi?? Trending le ivungge thaan top teriyuma?? (That’s why you should watch STAR Plus channel sometimes. How you will know if you are only watching STAR Vijay?? She is the one top in the trending. Do you know that??) (His parents look at him confusingly. Annika is totally confused because she couldn’t understand what they are talking.)

Dad: Ennada sollure?? Onnume puriyale!! (What are you saying?? We don’t understand anything!!)

Arjun: Pinne ennapa?? Naane kaduppule irukken, neengge rendu perum vere illathe kelvi ketukittu irukkungge. (Then, what, dad?? I am already in tensed. Besides that, you both are asking too many questions.)

Mom: Enna kaduppu?? (What tension??)

Arjun: Inthe ponnu yaarunu ketinggale?? (His parents nod) Vere yaarum illei, Shivaay udaiye wife, Annika. (You both asked who is this girl, right?? She is none other than Shivaay’s wife, Annika.) (His parents are shocked.) Krithika mugam yen ipppadi irukku nu ketinggale?? Ithe parungge. (You asked what’s wrong with Krithika, right?? See this.) (He moves the scarf a bit from Annika’s hand. They are shocked to see the knife on Krithika’s neck held by Annika.)

Dad: Ennada ithu?? (What is this??) (Annika feels embarrassed and takes her hand from Krithika’s neck.)

Arjun: Shivaay ye paakanuma. Naan poi kaatitu vanthudren. (She wants to meet Shivaay. I will take her to him.) (Towards Annika) Come with me. (About to go upstairs but his parents stop him.)

Mom: Dei, anthe thambi mele illei. (But that guy is not up there.)

Arjun: (confused) Pinne!!?? (Then??)

Mom: Avaru kitchen le samachikittu irukkaru. (He is cooking at kitchen.) (Arjun is shocked.)

Arjun: Enna!!?? Kitchen leya?? Ethukku avaru keele vare vitte?? Ithule samaikurathu vere!! (What?? At kitchen?? Why did you let him to come down?? And you let him to cook some more!!)

Dad: Naangge evvalavo solliyum, avaruthaan samaikke porenu pidivathama irunthaaru. (We didn’t ask him to cook. He is the one very adamant to cook.)

Annika: What happened??

Arjun: Shivaay is in kitchen. (Annika smiles and runs towards the kitchen.) Naan kitchen engge irukkunu sollave illei aana ivungge ennemo terinje mathiriye porangge. (I didn’t tell where is the kitchen but she is going like she already knows where it is.)

Krithika: Ellam veetuleyum kitchen pinnadithan irukkum. Ithu enna periya aranmanaiya?? Thedi kandu pidikirathuku?? (All the house are having kitchen at behind only. Is this a palace that she has to search for the kitchen??)

Arjun: Sari, unakku ethum agalele?? Kaluthule kaththi vechanggale. (Ok. You are fine, right?? She placed the knife on your neck just now.) (Checking her neck)

Krithika: Illei. Avungge gavanamathaan pudichangge. (Nope. She held it carefully without harming me.)

At Kitchen

Shivaay finished making aloo poori and looks at Shalu who is looking at him with her both hands on her cheeks.

Shivaay: It’s done. (Shalu smiles.) I think your ice cream must be ready by now. Wait, I will get it for you. (He takes the ice cream from the refrigerator.) Hmm. It’s not completely frozen but you can have it. I will feed you. (He takes a spoon and dips inside the ice cream. He takes a scoop and brings the spoon near Shalu’s mouth. Shalu opens her mouth happily to have the ice cream. Annika who just enter the kitchen feels happy to see Shivaay and without realising what is happening, she just barges towards him and hugs him from behind. Shivaay stumbles with the sudden hug and dropped both spoon and bowl on Shalu. Shalu too surprised with the happening and looks at her dress which is smeared with ice cream. Shivaay knows who the person is without turning towards her.) Annika!!?? You are here!!?? (Breaks the hug and turns towards her.) How did you come here?? (She doesn’t answer and hugs him again.)

Annika: I missed you, Shivaay!!! I missed you!! (Shivaay feels bad to see her crying. He hugs her back and caresses her hair.)

Shivaay: Shhhh…… It’s ok. Relax. Don’t cry. See, I’m fine. (Arjun too comes there with his parents and Krithika. Krithika looks at them in awe.)

Arjun: Enna ippadi paakure!!?? (Why are looking like this??)

Krithika: Semma cute le?? Athan oore ivunggale thaanggu thaanggu thaanggu nu thaangguthu. (So cute, right?? That’s why all are celebrating them.) (She says excitingly.)

Arjun: Thaangunathu pothum. (Enough of praising them.)

Krithika: Enna?? Poramaiya?? Summa solle kudathu. Ivunggale adichikirathukku aale illei. Athan engge parthalum ShivIka, ShivIka, ShivIka nu sollurangge. (What?? Are you jealous?? Whatever it is, no one can beat these two. That’s why ShivIka, ShivIka, ShivIka is written everywhere.)

Arjun: (confused) Athu yaaru, ShivIka?? (Who is ShivIka??)

Krithika: Ithu kudeyuma teriyathu?? (You don’t know this??) Shivaay + Annika= ShivIka. Athukkuthaan appappo STAR Plus paakanum solrathu. STAR Vijay partha mattum pothuma?? (That’s why you should watch STAR Plus channel sometimes. Is that enough of watching STAR Vijay only??)

Arjun: Naanggellaam SUN Tv thaan paarpom. (I watch only SUN Tv)

Krithika: Athan rombe sooda irukke!! Sari, ennei disturb pannathe. Naan ivunggale rasikke poren. (That’s why you are so hot!! Ok, don’t disturb me. I want to admire them.) (Looks at ShivIka admiringly while Arjun looks at her in disbelief.)

Arjun: Kaluthule kaththiye vechathukku bayanthu poyi enkitte help kete. Ippo kaththiye vechevale rasikkireya?? Rombe nalla irukku!! (Just now when she placed knife on your neck, you were scared and asked for my help. Now, you are admiring her?? Very nice!!) (He says sarcastically.)

Krithika: Athu appo!! Ithu ippo!! (That was before!! This is after!!) (Again looks at them admiringly.)

Shalu: Innum evvalavo neram ippadi katti pudichittu iruppangge?? (How long they are going to hug like this??)

Dad: Enna voice mattum varuthu, aale kaanom. (Only the voice is coming, where is she??)

Shalu: Naan ingge irukken. (I’m here only.) (Peeks from her sitting place which is blocked by ShivIka.)

Mom: Sari, nee ingge vaa. Ivunggale disturb pannathe. (Ok, you come here. Don’t disturb them.) (Goes towards Shalu. ShivIka realised their presence and break their hug. They turn away feeling embarrassed. Shivaay looks at Shalu’s state.)

Shivaay: Oh, Shalu!! I’m so sorry. I have spilled the ice cream on you.

Shalu: It’s ok, catman. It can be cleaned.

Annika: (confused) Catman!!??

Shivaay: She will call me as catman only. (Annika smiles.) By the way, this is Shalu. And Shalu this is…….

Shalu: Annika. I know it by seeing your hug just now. (ShivIka blush slightly.)

Arjun: Shalu….!!!

Shivaay: It’s ok, Arjun. I’m sorry, Shalu. I will make a different ice cream for you.

Shalu: It’s ok, catman. You talk to your Annika first. You can make it later. (Shivaay smiles patting her cheek.)

Shivaay: Annika, she is the one took care of me besides them. (Thinks something.) Annika, how did you come here?? (Looks at Arjun.) Arjun, don’t say that you have kidnapped her?? (ArKri look at each other and turn towards Annika who is looking here and there.)

Arjun: Annika ji, your husband is asking something. Can you tell him what really happened?? (Shivaay looks at them confusingly.) Shivaay, actually it was your wife who has kidnapped us. We didn’t kidnap her.

Shivaay: (shocked) What?? (Looks at Annika) Annika!!?? You kidnapped them!!?? (Annika nods her head feeling embarrassed.)

Annika: I asked them to take me to you but they refused. That’s why…… (tells him everything. Shivaay just listens to her shockingly. Shalu who is listening to Annika burst into laughter followed by her grandparents. ShivIka too laugh seeing them. Now, it’s ArKri turn to feel embarrassed. Shalu jumps down from the counter.)

Shalu: (towards Arjun) Puppy shame, maama!! Unneye kidnap panne sonna, ivungge unneye kidnap pannittangge. Waste maama nee!! (Puppy shame, uncle!! I asked you to kidnap her but she has kidnapped you. You are waste, uncle!!) (She laughs again.)

Arjun: Hey!! Kindala pannure?? Unnei….!!! (Hey!! How dare you to tease me!!?? I’m not going to spare you….!!!) (He goes to catch her but she hides behind Shivaay.)

Shivaay: Arjun, I don’t understand what she said but I’m sure she teased you. (Shalu takes this as chance and runs from there. Arjun wants to chase her but Shivaay stops him.) Leave her, yaar. She is just a small girl.

Annika: (towards Arjun) I’m sorry. I don’t have any option that time.

Arjun: (smiles) It’s ok. I can understand. But, please don’t do like that again. (Annika smiles and looks at Krithika.)

Annika: I’m sorry to you too. You are not hurt, right??

Krithika: (smiles) It’s ok. I’m good.

Arjun: She has already become your fan, Annika. Nope, ShivIka’s fan. Right, Krithika??

Krithika: 100% correct. You both are looking so cute!!! Just made for each other!! (ShivIka smile shyly.)

Shivaay: So, she is Krithika?? The one who gave idea to kidnap Annika??

Krithika: And ended up being kidnapped by Annika. It’s me. (All laugh.)

Shivaay: Thank you. You never had meet me before this but you took the risk to help me. It’s really a huge help and I don’t know how to thank you for that.

Krithika: Don’t say such a huge words, sir. I know if Arjun is helping someone, the person won’t be wrong. He has faced the same situation too. And whatever I did is very small if compare to what Arjun and his family did. Actually, they have taken the huge risk. (Shivaay just smiles.)

Mom: How long are you going to stand in kitchen?? Let’s go to living room and continue there.

Shivaay: Annika, I have made aloo poori thinking about you and you have come here. (Annika smiles.)

Krithika: All of you go in front. I will bring drinks and Annika’s special aloo poori for you all. (They leave from there.)

Living Room

Shalu has changed her dress and join everyone there. Shivaay feeds Annika the aloo poori he made. Annika too feeds him back.

Annika: We all are missing you very much, Shivaay. Omkara, Rudra, Priyanka, daadi, Jhanvi aunty.

Arjun: (confused) Rudra??? (Shivaay understands Arjun’s confusion.)

Shivaay: Arjun, don’t be confused. This Rudra is my brother. Not that ‘Rudra’. Ok?? (Arjun nods.)

Annika: What ‘Rudra’??

Shivaay: Nothing. He knew someone named as Rudra but the person is no more.

Annika: Shivaay, did you find anything regarding Nancy’s case?? CBI has started to involve in this case too. I’m scared that they will conclude you as the murderer if they couldn’t find any evidence that you didn’t kill Nancy.

Arjun: CBI investigation will be different and they won’t come to a conclusion just like that. Just be relax. Your husband’s innocence will be proven soon.

Annika: How are you so sure??

Arjun: Do you know who is the CBI officer who is investigating Nancy’s murder??

Annika: Yes. CBI officer Anjali Vikramadityan. She has came to Oberoi Mansion for enquiry few days back.

Shivaay: She is none other than Arjun’s sister.

Annika: (shocked) What?? She is his sister?? (All nod their heads. Shalu takes Arjun’s mobile and shows the wallpaper.)

Shalu: Is she the one you are saying?? (Annika nods.) She is my mother, my grandparents daughter, Anjali Vikramadityan.

Annika: (towards Shivaay) That means she is investigating the case where she is searching for you. But her family is helping you by hiding you in her house?? (All nod their heads.) So unbelievable!!

Shivaay: You have to believe, Annika.

Annika: Shivaay, it’s very risky. How if she find out that you are here??

Arjun: That’s why we refused to bring you here to meet Shivaay.

Annika: Why didn’t you tell me earlier??

Arjun: How I will tell when you placed knife on Krithika’s neck?? (Annika sighs holding her forehead.)

Shalu: Why are you worrying, Annika?? My amma will come back late only. She is very busy with the murder case. Even if she finds out, I will protect your husband from her. (Annika pats her cheek lovingly while others just smile.)

Krithika: Ok. I need to leave now. I’m having a shoot in another half an hour. Need to be there on time.

Annika: I will come with you too. (Krithika smiles. Annika looks at Shivaay and hugs him. Shivaay hugs her back.) Take care, Shivaay. I will miss you.

Shivaay: (breaks the hug and caresses her face) I will miss you too. You also take care of yourself and our family. Don’t lose your hope. I will come back to you all as fast as I can. (Annika nods in tears.) And please don’t cry. I can’t see your tears.

Krithika: Woww!! So romantic!! (Elbows Arjun) Neeyumthaan irukkiye!!! Konjum kaththukko!!! (You should learn from him!!) (Arjun glares at her.)

Arjun: Come, I will send you both. (Arjun is about to leave with AniKri but the door bell rings that time. He goes and looks from the door hole and turns towards them in shock.) Anjali!! (All cup their mouths in shock.)

To be continued……

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