IB & IN Shots-Blinkless Seconds-Shot 7



Arjun’s Room

Shivaay is shocked to hear from Shalu that her father is killed. He feels bad for her.

Shalu: I don’t understand much but I know my father was killed when my mother was pregnant with me. (Tears are filled in her eyes while saying this which hurts Shivaay. He mentally cursed himself for hurting the little girl’s heart by asking the question. He caresses her hair and wipes the tears.) These years, I thought my father is working at oversea. I never has talked to my father but he has sent his messages towards me through my mother before he left this world. My mother always play his recorded voice to me every morning while going to school. (Shivaay hugs her towards his chest. Shalu just lies silently.)

Shivaay: You know something?? We both have faced almost same situation. My father too was killed when I was a kid. (Shalu breaks the hug and looks at him shockingly.)

Shalu: What?? Your father is killed too??

Shivaay: (nods) And you know who killed him??

Shalu: Who??

Shivaay: (smiles sadly) My mother. (Shalu again shocked.)

Shalu: Your mother?? Why??

Shivaay: Because he made mistake. So, my mother killed him. After that, she killed herself leaving me and my sister. (Tears are flowing from his eyes now. Shalu feels bad seeing him and wipes his tears.)

Shalu: You are so pity. At least, I am having my mother but you don’t have your mother too. So sad. Now, you are staying with your sister only??

Shivaay: No. I’m staying with my grandmother, bade papa, bade mom, brothers and my sister.

Shalu: Woww!! So big family!! Then, why are you worrying?? You are having these many people with you. (Shivaay nods.) Who is Annika??

Shivaay: How do you know about Annika??

Shalu: Yesterday, you were mumbling her name when you are unconscious. Who is she??

Shivaay: She is my….. my……

Shalu: Your….?? Oh!!! Sis…. (He cuts her)

Shivaay: No!!! No!! She is not my sister. She is my wife. (He smiles saying this.)

Shalu: Where is she now??

Shivaay: At my house probably. She must be worrying about me.

Shalu: Do you want to meet her??

Shivaay: I want to meet her but it’s not easy. That’s why I asked your uncle’s help to at least talk to her.

Shalu: Should I bring my grandpa’s mobile for you to call your wife??

Shivaay: No, Shalu. Actually, all of my family members mobile are being tapped by the police. I mean the police will be listening to their conversation. I can get caught easily.

Shalu: Then, how are you going to talk to Annika??

Shivaay: I don’t know. We have to wait till your uncle return.

Shalu: Ok, you sleep now. (Shivaay lies on the bed and dozed off after a while.)

Shalu: Paavam ivuru. Eppadiyavathu ivarode wife’eh ivar kude pese vekkanum. Eppadi?? (Pity him. I need to make him to talk to his wife. But how??) (She tries to think.)

Hotel Blue Diamond

Arjun enters inside the hotel and searches for Krithika. He spots her sitting inside a cafe and walks towards her.

Arjun: Sorry, Krithika. Konjom late aayirichi. (Sorry, Krithika. I am late)

Krithika: (smiles) Appadiyellam onnum illei. Naanthaan munnadiye vanthutten. Nee ukkaru. (No, I am the one came earlier. Take your seat first.) (Arjun smiles and takes a seat in front of her.) Enna saapudure?? (What do you want to have??)

Arjun: Athellam onnum vendam. Naan unnei paakalamthaan vanthen. (I don’t want anything. I just came to see you.) (Krithika could notice some tension on his face.)

Krithika: Enna aachu?? Ethavathu problem ah?? Naan mothe call pannappo kude, nee etho pathattathule irunthe mathiri irunthuchi. (What happened?? Any problem?? When I called you just now, I could sense some tension in your voice.) (Arjun looks at her.) Summathan keten. Solla vendamna paravale. Namme vere ethavathu pesalam. (I was just asking. If you don’t want to tell, then it’s fine. We will talk about something else.) (Arjun holds her hand.)

Arjun: Solle vendamnu illei, Krithika. Thirumbavum ennale nee enthe prechanaiyilum maatire kudathu. Ennale nee rombe kashte pattutte. Thirumbavum kashte paduthe vendamthan…… (It’s not that I don’t want to tell you. I don’t want you to land in problem again because of me. You have suffered a lot because of me. I don’t want to trouble you anymore. That’s why……)

Krithika: (places her another hand on his) Ethukku athe pathi innum nenechikittu irukke?? Athukkum unakkum enthe sammathanum illei. Unnale kashte pattenu sollriye, neethane enneye kaapathune. Athu maranthuttiya?? (Why are you still thinking about that?? You have nothing to do with that. You are saying that I have suffered because of you. Have you forgotten that you are the one saved me too??) (Arjun smiles sadly.) Unakku innoru chance tharennu sonnenle. Un problem en kude share panne maatiya?? (I said that I’m giving another chance for you. Won’t you share your problem with me??)

Arjun: Solluren. Aana nee yaaru kitteyum solle kudathu. Ok, va?? (I will tell you but you must not tell this to anyone. Ok??) (Krithika agrees.) Ippo Mumbai’le para parapa oru kolai case odikittu irukku. Athu unakku teriyuma?? (Have you heard about the latest murder case which has become hot news in Mumbai??)

Krithika: Ethu?? Oru ponne mugam adaiyaalam teriyathe alavukku kolai pannittanggale, athuva?? (Which one?? Are you asking about a girl who has brutally murdered till her face can’t be identified??) (Arjun nods.) Aama, athu pathi naanum kelvi patten. Kolai pannavan police kitternthu thappichi odittaname. Oore ithe pathithaan pesikkittu irukku. (Yes, I have heard about that. The murderer has escaped from the police. The whole city is talking about this news.)

Arjun: Odiponavan engge irukkan teriyuma ippo?? (Do you know where he is now??)

Krithika: Engge irukke poran?? Police kannule padame irukke thalai maraiva iruppan. (Where else he could be?? He must be hiding at the place to escape from the police eyes.)

Arjun: En veetule irukkan. (He is at my house.)

Krithika: Oh!!! (Realised what he said and looks at him shockingly.) What?? Ungge veetuleya?? (What?? At your house??)

Arjun: Hmmm. Beach le adipattu mayanggi irunthavare, naanum Shaluvum thaan naangge thanggi irukkire beach house’ku thookittu poyi treatment parthen. (I and Shalu found him unconscious at the beach. So we took him to beach house and get him treated.)

Krithika: (shocked) Ethukku angge kootitu poningge?? Athuvum oru kolaikarane!!! Ungge akkavukku teriyuma?? (Why did you bring him there?? He is a murderer!! Does your sister knew about it??)

Arjun: Yen?? Maatikirathukka?? Avale inthe case thaan parthukittu irukka. Naan eppadi poi ava kitte solluven?? Amma, appa, Shalu’ku mattumthan teriyum. (Why?? Do you want me to get caught?? She is the one handling this case. How I will tell her?? Only me, mom, dad and Shalu know about him.)

Krithika: Sari, treatment parthe. Appurom police kitte sollirukkalamle. Pinnadi unggalukku thaane perechanai aagum. (Ok, you treated him. You should have informed the police after that. You all will land in trouble then.)

Arjun: Nirabarathiye naan eppadi police kitte pudichi kuduppen?? (How I will hand over an innocent person to the police??)

Krithika: (confused) Enna sollure?? Nirabarathiya?? (What are you saying?? Innocent??) (Arjun nods and tells her everything Shivaay told him.)

Arjun: Avaru sollurathule unmai irunthathu. Athanalethaan avarukku help pannanumnu mudivu pannitten. (He is saying the truth. That’s why I decided to help him.)

Krithika: Nee sollurathu sarithan. Aana enthe aatharamum illama eppadi avare kaapathe pore?? (You are saying right. But how you are going to help him without having any evidence??)

Arjun: Aatharathai thedanum. Eppadiyavathu avarukkum anthe kolaikkum enthe sammathame illenu nirubikkanum. (Evidence need to be find. I need to prove that he has nothing to do with the murder.)

Krithika: (smiles) Avarode nilamai unnei thavire vere yaarukku puriyum?? Ennale un nilamai purinjikke mudiyuthu. Unnei nenecha enakku perumaiya irukku. Avarukkum unakkum enthe sammathamum illei, aana nee avarukku help pannanumnu neneikire. Unnode inthe yennam enakku rombe pudichirukku. Inthe vishayathule naanum unakku thunaiya iruppen. Enthe help naalum enneye kelu. (Who else can understand his situation other than you?? I can understand your feelings. I feel very proud of you. You don’t have any relationship with him. He is just a stranger but you want to help him. I like this intention of yours. I will be supporting you in this as well. Just ask me if you need any help.) (Arjun smiles and holds her hand again. He thinks something.) Enna aachu?? (What happened??)

Arjun: Shivaay anthe Mohit ode wife inthe Hotel’le thanggurathukku room book pannirukkannu sonnaru. Aana avungge rendu perume Oberoi Mansion’le thanggirunthangge. (Shivaay said that Mohit has booked a room in this hotel for his wife. But both of them stayed at Oberoi Mansion.)

Krithika: (confused) Appurom ethukku ingge room book pannanum?? (Then, what is the need to book a room here??)

Arjun: Athan enakkum puriyale. Sari vaa, poyi receptionle visarichi paakalam. (That is what I was wondering. Let’s go and ask at the reception.) (Krithika nods and they leave from the cafe. They walk towards the reception. The female receptionist smiles at them.)

Rec: How can I help you, sir??

Arjun: Yeah, actually my niece loves to watch magic show and I heard some magic show going to happen here but I couldn’t see anything regarding that.

Rec: Sorry, sir. Actually, the magic show has been cancelled because the magician, Taj has lost his wife few days back.

Arjun: Owh!!?? So sad. So, his wife was staying here??

Rec: No, sir. She supposed to come here but she died before that. Magician Taj has booked the room few days back saying his wife is going to stay here. After two days, he called and cancel the booking as well as the show saying his wife is dead.

Arjun: Few days before means like one week before right??

Rec: No, sir. (Checking her system.) It’s one day before her death. (Arjun is shocked.)

Arjun: So, his wife never came here??

Rec: No, sir.

Arjun: What was his wife’s name??

Rec: Nancy Malhotra. Why are you asking??

Arjun: I just simply asked. I felt bad for him. By the way, thank you.

Rec: (smiles) You are welcome. (Arjun leaves from there with Krithika.)

Krithika: Unakku kulappama illei?? Mohit avanode wife kaaga ingge room book pannirunthaan. Aana avanum avan wife’um Shivaay veetule thanggirunthangge sollure. Ithule ethu unmai?? (Don’t you feel confused?? Mohit booked a room here for his wife but you are saying that Shivaay told you they were staying at his house?? Which one is true??)

Arjun: Shivaay kandippa unmaiyathaan solluraaru. Nee innonu note panniya?? Mohit avan wife’ku room book pannathu ava saagarathukku oru naal munnadithaan. Aana avungge Shivaay veetule oru vaarama irukkangge. Enggeyo idikkuthu. Angge irunthathu avan wife na, ingge room book pannathu yaarukku?? Illei ingge room book pannathu avan wife’ku na, Shivaay veetule thanggine anthe ponnu yaaru?? Appo sethathu yaaru?? Ithukku bathil terinja ore aalu, anthe Mohit thaan. Avane pudicha ellam terinjirum. Aana mothe ithe Shivaay kitte sollanum. (Shivaay is definitely saying the truth. Did you notice something?? Mohit booked a room here a day before his wife died. But they were staying at Shivaay’s house since one week. Something is fishy. If his wife was staying there, for whom he booked a room here?? Or if he has booked the room for his wife here, them who was the one stayed at Shivaay’s house?? Who is the one got murdered?? The one who can give answer for this is Mohit only.) (Krithika nods.) Sari, naan mothe kelamburen. Shivaay avaru wife kude pesanum vere sonnaru. Athukku vere enna panrathunu teriyale. (Ok. I will leave first. Shivaay wanted to talk to his wife. I don’t know how to make him talk to her??)

Krithika: Avaru kitte number vaanggi avaru wife’ku un mobile lernthu call panni pese vendithaane. (Why don’t you get her number from him and called her from your mobile??)

Arjun: Woww!! What an idea?? Enakku thoname poyidiche?? (I didn’t think of it.) (Krithika looks proudly while he gives a mocking look towards her.) Anthe mathiri naan pannena, en mothe kudumbamum jail’ku poyi kambi enne vendiyathuthaan. (If I do like that, my whole family will be landing in jail.) (Krithika looks at him confusingly.) Police anthe family’le ellathode phone’yum tap pannirukkangge. Namme oru call panna pothum, ellame maatippom. (Police are tapping everyone’s call from the family. A single call from us can make us to get caught easily.)

Krithika: Ippo enna panne pore?? (What are you going to do now??)

Arjun: Oru puthu SIM card vaanggi, athe avaru wife kitte kuduthu pese solle vendiyathuthaan. (I will buy a new SIM card for his wife and make him to talk with her.)

Krithika: Puthu SIM card enna unakku vanggune kaiyode activate aayiruma?? Eppadiyo 2-3 days aagum. Athu varaikum avare kaake vekke poriya?? (Do you think that new SIM card can be used immediately after buying it. It will take 2-3 days to get activate. Are you going to make him to wait till then??)

Arjun: Nee solrathum sarithan. Ippo eppadi avunggale pese vekkirathu?? (You are right. How we are going to make them to talk??) (Tries to think.)

Krithika: (gets an idea) Haan!!! Pesame avarode wife’eh kadathiralama?? (Haan!! How if we kidnap his wife??) (Arjun looks at her in shock.)

Arjun: Enna?? Kadathuratha?? Vilaiyaduriya?? (What?? Kidnap?? Are you joking??)

Krithika: Illei!! Serious’ah thaan solluren!! Naalaikku avungge veliya varappo, namme pinnadiye follow panni avunggale kidnap panniralam. Avungge kitte ellam vishayamum solluvom. (No!! I’m serious. Tomorrow, when she comes out from her house, we will follow her from behind and kidnap her. Then, we will explain to her everything.) (Arjun looks at her in disbelief.)

Arjun: Sari. Nee sollure mathiriye avunggale kadathiralam. (Ok. We will kidnap her as you said.) (He hugs her shoulder.) Athu kullare avungge kaththi oore kootita?? (How if she screams and gathers everyone there??) (Krithika makes a puppy face.) Perechanai namakkuthaan. Ithu sariyana risk!! Chance’eh illei. Naan vere ethavathu yosikkiren. Sari, naan vanthu rombe neram aavuthu. Anjali veetukku pore kattiyum, naan poyi aaganum. Appurom koopiduren. (We will land in trouble. This is too risky!! And no way we are going to do this!! I will think something else. Ok. It’s already late. I need to go back before Anjali returns. I will call you later.) (Hugs her and leaves from there.)

Beach House

Anjali’s parents enter Arjun’s room bringing food for Shivaay. Shivaay who just woke up from his sleep looks at them. He tries to get up but they stop him.

Mom: Time for your lunch, beta. (Serves the food.)

Shivaay: Thank you, aunty and sorry for troubling you.

Mom: (smiles) It’s not a trouble, beta. You eat first. (Shivaay started to eat.)

Dad: How is your leg now??

Shivaay: Still pain a bit.

Dad: A bit?? (Laughs) You are lying!! Your wound is still fresh and the pain won’t go so fast. (Shivaay gives a small smile.) This pain is nothing compare to the pain you are having in your heart, right?? (Shivaay looks at him while he nods his head.) I can understand, beta. Actually, we wanted to apologise to you. When Arjun told us that he wanted to help you, we were against him at first. We are new to this place and don’t know much about here. Our daughter too is handling your case and we don’t want any problem to happen.

Shivaay: I can understand, uncle. I too don’t want to trouble anyone. Don’t worry, I will leave as fast as I can.

Dad: Listen to me fully first. I’m not finished. We thought to not to help you but we changed our decision when Arjun told us that you didn’t do the murder. So, don’t worry. We are with you too. (Shivaay smiles.)

Shivaay: Thank you. You all don’t even know me but you are helping me a lot. I must have done some good deed in my life to meet you.

Mom: This is called destiny. We are destined to meet. (Shivaay finishes his food.)

Dad: Did Shalu trouble you a lot?? (Shalu frowns hearing him.)

Shalu: Am I looking like troubling him??

Shivaay: (chuckles) No, uncle. She took a good care of me.

Mom: Ok, beta. You take rest. We will go down first. (Shivaay nods and they leave from there.)

Bhavya is driving the car with Anjali beside her who is looking at the pictures which they got from Rudra just now.

Bhavya: Did you find any clue, Anjali??

Anjali: Not yet. I’m trying to find. Maybe I need to see in lap top to get a clear picture. (Bhavya smiles at her.) Why are you smiling??

Bhavya: I was thinking how you threaten that Rudra and Gauri just now. Both of them were hell scared of you. (Anjali just smiles.) Where are you staying?? I will drop you there.

Anjali: I will tell you.

Beach House

Arjun has returned and goes to his parents. He is about to say something.

Mom & Dad: Anjali innum varale. (Anjali didn’t come yet.) (Arjun sighs in relief and about to say something again.) Anthe paiyanukku saapadu kuduthachi. (We have given food for that guy.) (Arjun smiles surprisingly at them.)

Arjun: Sari, naan mele poi avare paakuren. (Ok, I will go and see him.) (He leaves to his room.)

Arjun’s Room

Arjun enters inside his room and surprised to see Shivaay and Shalu happily chatting with each other.

Arjun: (to himself) Enna nadakkuthu ingge?? Ethirum puthirum onna irukkungge!! Veliye poitu vara gap’le onnu senthuttangge. (What is happening here?? Two poles are at one place. They have become close this soon.) (ShivShal don’t realise his presence and continuosly chatting.)

Shalu: Since then, that police always scared whenever he sees me.

Shivaay: (laughs) Really??

Shalu: (laughs) Yes, really!! (She too laughs with him. Arjun smiles seeing both of them. Shivaay looks at him.)

Shivaay: Arjun, you are back??

Arjun: Yeah. I was watching both of you. So, how was your day staying here??

Shivaay: Good. Your Shalu has took a good care of me. (Ruffles Shalu’s hair which she smiles sweetly making Arjun surprised.) Why are you looking like this??

Arjun: She doesn’t like anyone touch her hair but now she is letting you to do it. That is what surprising me.

Shivaay: We both have become friends.

Arjun: Really??

Shalu: (hugs Shivaay’s shoulder) Yes!! I and catman have become friends.

Arjun: (confused) Catman??

Shivaay: She gave me this name because of my eyes.

Arjun: (chuckles) Ok. How did you both become friends??

Shivaay: Just like that. You tell me how was your date just now??

Arjun: (raises his eyebrows) Date?? We were talking about you only all the time.

Shivaay: What?? That means she knows that I am here??

Arjun: Yes. (Shalu goes towards Arjun.)

Shalu: Mama, ivaru Annika kude pesanum sonnaru. Athukku naan oru idea tharava?? (Uncle, he wants to speak with Annika. Can I give an idea??)

Arjun: Enna idea?? (What idea??)

Shalu: Pesame Annika ve kidnap panniralama?? (How if we kidnap Annika??) (Arjun is shocked. Shivaay also shocked hearing the word ‘kidnap’.)

Shivaay: What?? You want to kidnap Annika?? (Shivaay asked looking at Arjun while Arjun shakes his head quickly.)

Arjun: Shalu, keele po!! Paati unnei kupudurangge. (Shalu, you go down. Grandma was searching for you.)

Shalu: Vanthone enneye kalutti viduriya?? Iru paathukuren. (You are chasing me out after coming back?? Fine, I will look at you later.) (Shalu leaves from the room.)

Shivaay: Arjun, do you really want to kidnap Annika??

Arjun: Do you want me to land in trouble by kidnapping her?? I don’t understand why all are giving me this idea.

Shivaay: All?? Who else??

Arjun: My lover, Krithika. She too said the same.

Shivaay: Your lover and your niece, are they having experience in kidnapping someone??

Arjun: Nope. But I had experience in that. (Winks at him while Shivaay surprised with his answer.) Shivaay, just now when I went to the hotel, I met the receptionist and asked about the room booked by your friend Mohit Malhotra. (He tells everything to Shivaay while Shivaay is confused listening to him.)

Shivaay: Why he booked a hotel room when they are staying at my house??

Arjun: Shivaay, he booked the room a day before Nancy got murdered.

Shivaay: That is more confusing. What is the need for him to do like that??

Arjun: I don’t know, Shivaay. We need to find out that.

Living Room

Anjali just enters inside the house. Her parents look at her.

Mom: Vanthuttiya?? Poyi fresh aayittu vaa, naan saapadu eduthu vekkiren. (You are back?? Go and fresh up. I will serve food for you.) (Anjali nods and leaves to washroom.)

Bhavya just dropped Anjali at her beach house and above to leave. She opens the dashboard to take something when a mobile falls from it. She takes the mobile and looks at it.

Bhavya: This is Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s mobile which I took from a car when I was tracking him that day. (She recalls about Annika saying about footage when Shivaay called her. She swipes the screen and searches for the footage. She sees a clip and plays it but the mobile beeps indicating low battery.) Oh, no!!! The battery is down. I need to charge it. (Switch off the video and thinks.)

Beach House

The door bell rings. Anjali’s dad is about to go and open but Shalu stops him.

Shalu: Nee iru, thatha. Naan poi paakuren. (Wait, grandpa. I will go and see.) (She goes and opens the door. She sees a girl standing there smiling at her. Shalu looks at her from top to bottom. She fumes angrily at the girl.) Yaaru nee!!?? Unakku enna vendum!!?? (Who are you?? What do you want!!??)

Girl: (confused) Sorry, I don’t understand you.

Shalu: (gasps) Who are you?? Why are you here??

Girl: I’m Bhavya. I want to meet An…. I mean madam, Anj….. (cuts by Shalu)

Shalu: (crossing her arms and leans against the door) I am madam. Tell me what is the matter and leave from here. (Bhavya is dumbstruck seeing the little girl in front of her.)

Bhavya: (mutters to herself) This girl is thinking that I’m mentioning her as madam.

Shalu: What are you talking to yourself?? Tell me the matter.

Bhavya: (smiles and bends a bit towards Shalu) Miss little madam, I am here to meet Anjali madam, not you. I mean CBI Officer Anjali.

Shalu: (shouts) Can’t you say it earlier?? You have wasted my time!! (She closes the door on her face. Bhavya is startles with Shalu’s behaviour.)

Bhavya: Strange girl. What I have said that she closed the door on my face??

Mom: Shalu, yaaru vantha?? Yen kathittu kathave saathune?? (Shalu, who was that?? Why did you shout and close the door like that??) (Shalu just stands fuming angrily. Anjali who just comes out from washroom is confused seeing her daughter.)

Anjali: Enna aachu, ma?? Ive yen ippadi irukka?? (What happened, mom?? Why she is behaving like this??)

Mom: Teriyale, Anjali. Bell adichathunu poi kathave thirantha. Thidirnu kathittu kathave saathittu vanthu ippadi nikkira. (I don’t know, Anjali. She went and open the door when the bell rang. Suddenly, she shouted. Then, she shut the door loudly and standing like this here.)

Anjali: (confused) Appadi yaaru vantha?? (Who has came here??)

Shalu: Neeye poi paaru!! Unnei paakethaan vanthirukku. (You go and see yourself. It came to see you only.)

Anjali: Ennei paakava?? (To see me??) (goes and opens the door) Bhavya!!?? Please come inside. (Bhavya about to enter the house but stops hearing Shalu’s voice.)

Shalu: Inthe mathiri police uniform potutu ingge vare vendamnu sollu. Inthe uniform partha anthe sotte thaleyanthaan nyabagam varan. Seekiram ivale inggernthu anuppure valiye paaru. (Tell her not to wear this uniform coming here. I only remembered that bald headed man whenever I see this uniform. Send her out from here as fast as you can.) (Bhavya looks astonishingly at Anjali while Anjali stares at Shalu.)

Anjali: Keep quiet, Shalu. (Turns to Bhavya.) Sorry, Bhavya. Please don’t mistaken…. (Sees Bhavya who is still in shock. Anjali shakes her shoulder.) Bhavya!!! (Bhavya jerks a bit and looks at Anjali.) Are you alright??

Bhavya: Yes. Who is that girl, Anjali?? Why she is having these many hatred on me??

Anjali: No, she is not having hatred on you but on your uniform. She doesn’t like police. You come inside first.

Bhavya: (about to enter) Are you sure, Anjali?? Or that girl…. (Peeps into the house.)

Anjali: She won’t say anything. Just come. (Bhavya enters inside the house and sees Shalu who is glaring at her angrily. Anjali parents smile at her.) Bhavya, these are my parents. Ma, pa, this is Bhavya. And this is Shalu, my daughter. (Bhavya greets her parents and smiles at Shalu but Shalu still glares at her.)

To be continued….

Precap: Anjali and Bhavya watch the video. Arjun tells Shivaay about Anjali’s husband. Arjun and Krithika meet Annika. Annika stuns Arjun and Krithika.

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    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Shalu is just like her mother as her father wished her to be… In next chapter, I will explain about the problem faced by Krithika because of Arjun and about Anjali’s husband too… Will try to upload Shalu’s pic in next chapter… Or you can check it in wattpad… I have upload all the movi characters pic in character sketch…

  3. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear…

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    wow..shivaay and shalu’s bonding is cute…arjun and kritika’s scene is nice..anjali’s parents with shivaay scene is good..will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear… Will try to post soon…

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