IB & IN Shots-Blinkless Seconds-Shot 6


Rudra is shocked when Anjali points her gun on his forehead. She is glaring at him with anger filled eyes.

Anjali: How dare you to speak like that to her!!?? She is a police officer and you must give her respect. (Press the gun on him and he closed his eyes in fear. Bhavya is surprised to see Anjali in this anger.) If you talk to her like that again, I won’t mind to shoot you to death and close the case just like that. I’m capable of doing like that. You want me to do that?? (Press the trigger on his head.) Give me the mobile. (Rudra gives his mobile to Anjali.) Bhavya, look for the pictures we are searching for. (Bhavya takes the mobile from her.)

Bhavya: It’s locked.

Anjali: (towards Rudra) Hey, unlock your mobile!! (Without taking her gun from his head. Rudra obeys and unlock the mobile. Bhavya searches for the pictures.)

Rudra: (stammers) Whatever you are doing is not good. I’m an Oberoi. Don’t mess with the Oberois or the consequences will be very bad. (Anjali leaves him. Rudra smirks at her.) Good. You should have this fear. (Anjali smirks back at him making him confused.)

Anjali: Really?? Fine. I want to see the consequences for messing with the Oberois. What you will do?? (Crossing her arms.)

Rudra: Are you challenging me?? Do you think that I won’t do anything??

Anjali: Don’t talk too much and show me what you will do. I too want to see what you are capable of.

Rudra: Just wait and see!!! (Leaves from there. Anjali shakes her head and turns to Bhavya.)

Anjali: Bhavya, did you find the pictures??

Bhavya: Yes, Anjali. I’m forwarding them to my mobile. I will send them to you in a while. (Anjali nods.)


Rudra enters inside the house angrily. Gauri who just came from the kitchen is confused seeing him. She walks towards him.

Rudra: How dare both of them to do like that to me?? So what if they are police or CBI. I am Rudra Singh Oberoi.

Gauri: What happened, Rudy??

Rudra: Two people outside there were rude to me, Gauri. They have snatched my mobile from me too!!

Gauri: How dare?? They snatched your mobile from you?? Who are them??

Rudra: They are arrogant girls that I have met in my life.

Gauri: Aww!! They are having this kind of attitude being a girl!!?? Where are you going now??

Rudra: I want to ask papa to inform Commissioner…….

Gauri: What is the need to inform the Commissioner when I am here?? You know right, I’m a gundi?? Where are them??

Rudra: At outside.

Gauri: Let’s go. I will show them my gundi side and will get your mobile back to you.

Rudra: Gauri, they are not like what you are thinking.

Gauri: I don’t care who are them. How dare they to snatch your mobile from you?? Just come with me. (Grabs his hand and leaves from there before he could say something.)


Bhavya: I have forwarded the pictures to my mobile. I’m sending them to you now.

Anjali: Good. Let’s go and give the mobile to him. Poor guy already got scared with my act just now.

Bhavya: Scared!!?? Do you think that he is scared??

Anjali: Yes. Then, why did he stammers while talking just now?? Why he was sweating?? (Bhavya smiles at her.) Now, he must have gone to bring someone to get this mobile from us. (Gauri comes with Rudra and sees two girls are talking facing each other. She couldn’t see Bhavya because Bhavya is standing in front of Anjali whose back is facing her.)

Gauri: Oye!!! (Anjali gives ‘I told you already’ look to Bhavya.) Hey, girls!! Don’t you feel ashamed to do like that to a boy?? Do you think that no one will come for him?? Better you give his mobile back to him or……

Anjali: Or….??? What you will do??

Gauri: (surprised) Attitude!!?? You don’t know who am I?? I’m a gundi ok?? If I show my true colour, you won’t be able to take it.

Anjali: Then, what are you waiting for?? Show it to me. I’m waiting to see it eagerly.

Gauri: Again attitude?? Why are you turning that side?? Turn towards me. (She holds Anjali’s shoulder and turns her around. She becomes shocked to see Anjali.) You?? (Looks at Bhavya.) You too??

Anjali: Yes. So, you want to show your true colour to me, right?? Ok. Show me. (Crossing her arms.) What did you say?? You are a gundi?? You have courage enough to say it in front of me. Bhavya, arrest her!!

Gauri: (shocked) What?? What I did??

Anjali: You said that you are a gundi. Gunda and gundis must be jailed and punished. Or they can become more dangerous in future. Come on, Bhavya. Arrest her. (Bhavya holds Gauri.)

Rudra: Leave her. (Towards Bhavya) Don’t you know who is she?? She is my bhabhi’s sister.

Anjali: Oh!! Your bhabhi’s sister is a gundi?? That’s why you brought her to us to get back your mobile, right?? Bhavya, I think both of them need to be arrested.

Gauri: No no. I was saying it simply. I’m not a real gundi. I thought someone troubled him. That’s why I came. I’m not a gundi. (Towards Rudra) Why you didn’t tell it was them?? You know who is she right?? CBI Officer??

Rudra: You didn’t let me to tell. So what?? CBI Officer means can snatch my mobile from me by placing gun on my head??

Anjali: I did like that because you were rude to Bhavya. She is a higher officer and you should respect her no matter how rich you are. Bhavya… (gestures her to give his mobile back. Bhavya nods.)

Bhavya: (hands over the mobile to him) Take your mobile. Happy??

Rudra: What you did with my mobile??

Bhavya: We just took the party’s pictures. Nothing more than that.

Rudra: How can I believe you?? How if you have taken my hot and s*xy pictures or videos and make it viral by leaking in social media?? What will happen to my reputation??

Anjali: Why are you worrying about that?? As you said only hot and s*xy guys should be worried. You don’t have to. Because you are not hot or s*xy. (Bhavya chuckles while Rudra glares at her.)

Rudra: Let’s go, Gauri. (RuRi turn to leave.)

Anjali: One minute. (RuRi look at her.) Miss Gundi, I need to talk to you. (Looks at Rudra) You can go.

Rudra: No, I won’t leave Gauri alone with you both.

Anjali: Do you want me to take my gun again??

Gauri: Rudy, you go first. I will come in a while.

Rudra: You don’t worry, Gauri. I will go and bring our securities. (He leaves from there.)

Beach House

Arjun has changed Shivaay’s bandage and makes him to sit on the bed.

Shivaay: I can’t sit like this, Arjun. I need to….

Arjun: Find evidence to prove your innocence. Right?? You are saying this for plenty times since you came. How many times I have to tell you that you are wounded?? The stitches might opened if you strain yourself.

Shivaay: I know, Arjun but…..

Arjun: No ifs and buts. You are my patient. Better listen to me or I will give you anesthesia and make you unconscious.

Shivaay: You are threatening me like a police.

Arjun: What to do?? I’m a CBI Officer’s brother. So, I’m having little bit attitude of her’s.

Shivaay: I wish to meet your sister.

Arjun: Really?? (Teasingly) Do you want me to introduce her to you?? You will get caught, brother.

Shivaay: Brother?? (Smiles sadly.) I am missing my brothers, my family. I’m missing them very much. I want to talk to them but all the mobiles are being tapped by police including my mobile. That’s why I throw it away after watching the footage.

Arjun: (confused) Footage?? What footage??

Shivaay: I forgot to tell you about this. Actually, I got a footage which has recorded the murder. The man was wearing the same costume as mine and stabbed a girl. I couldn’t see both of their faces.

Arjun: How you can sure that the man is not you??

Shivaay: The time. I left Mohit’s room at 3 a.m. But the timing which was showing in the footage was 4.30 a.m.

Arjun: That means something has happened in between that time. Do you have doubt on anyone, Shivaay?? Why he has to frame you in this case??

Shivaay: No, yaar. I don’t have doubt on anyone. That is what I’m wondering. Who is the person that want to frame me??

Arjun: If you are having your mobile, maybe we can do something. But,… (His mobile rings.) One second. (Answers the call.) Krithika, sorry. Call panne maranthutten. (Sorry, Krithika. I forgot to call you.)

Krithika: Paravale. Innaikki enakku shoot illei. Athan unnei meet pannalamenu. (It’s ok. Actually, I don’t have a shoot today. So, I thought to meet you.)

Arjun: Ippove va?? (Now??)

Krithika: Yen?? Busy ah?? (Why?? Are you busy??)

Arjun: Illei. Engge varanum?? (Nope. Where should we meet??)

Krithika: Hotel Blue Diamond’le thanggirukken. Inggeye meet pannalama?? (I’m staying at Hotel Blue Diamond. Is that fine if we meet here??)

Arjun: Hotel Blue Diamond ah?? (Hotel Blue Diamond??) (Shivaay looks at him in surprise while Arjun is confused with his reaction.) Ok. Vanthone koopiduren. (Ok. I will call you once I reach there.) (Ends the call.) What happened, Shivaay??

Shivaay: Who was that??

Arjun: My lover, Krithika. Why??

Shivaay: She mentioned about some hotel name, right??

Arjun: Yeah. Hotel Blue Diamond. She asked me to meet her there. Why??

Shivaay: (remembers something) Yes. Yesterday, I went to the hotel to fresh up myself. While coming out from the washroom, I heard some people are talking about Mohit that his wife has booked room at the hotel. But, Nancy was staying at Oberoi Mansion. Why he has to book a hotel?? (Arjun started to think.)

Arjun: Ok. I will go and try to get information there about Nancy staying at the hotel. You take rest first. I will come in a while. (Turns to go)

Shivaay: Arjun, I want to talk to Annika.

Arjun: I will try to arrange for that, Shivaay. (Shivaay nods. Shalu enters the room.) Shalu, naan konjum veliya poitu vanthudren. Nee ivaru kude irunthu parthukko. (Shalu, I need to go out for a while. Please take care of him till then.)

Shalu: Sari, mama. Naan parthukkiren. Nee bayappadama poitu vaa. (Sure, uncle. I will take care of him. You don’t have to worry.) (Arjun smiles.)

Arjun: Shivaay, Shalu will be with you. If you want any help, you can ask her. (Shivaay just nods looking at Shalu who is smiling in a teasing way at him. Arjun leaves from there.)

Living Room

Arjun come downstairs and goes towards his parents.

Arjun: Naan Krithika paarke veliya poitu vanthudren. Neengge Shivaay konjum parthukkungge. (I’m going to meet Krithika. You both just look after Shivaay for some time)

Dad: Enna?? Appo nee avane police kitte oppadaikilleya?? (What?? So, you are not going to hand over him to the police??)

Mom: Athane!! Neethane avan kan mulichathum, police kitte oppadaikirenu sonne!! Ippo avane parthukke sollure. Anthe aalu oru kolaikaaran. (Exactly!! You only said that you will hand over him to police after he get conscious. Now, you are asking us to look after him. That man is a murderer!!)

Arjun: Ma, Pa, avaru onnum kolaikaaran illei!! Yaaro avare sikke vechirukkangge. Unmaiyana kolaikaaran yaarunu kandu pidikke thaan avaru police kitternthu thappichi vanthirukkaru. (Mom, dad, he is not a murderer!! Someone has framed him in that case. He wants to find the real culprit. That’s why he escaped from the police.)

Dad: Avan un kitte sonnana?? Sonna nambiruviya?? Oru velei avan un kitte poi sonnalum sollirukkalam. (Did he tell you like that?? How could you believe him?? He might have lied to you.)

Arjun: Ille pa. Oruthan poi solrana, unmaiye solrana, avan kanne parthale enakku teriyum. Avaru kannule unmai irunthuchi. Paavam, pa avaru. Pannathe kolaikku odi oliyiruthu evvalavo periya vethanai teriyuma?? Enakku theriyum, pa. Naanum avaru nilamaile irunthirukken. Neenggalum anthe nilamaile iruntha, unggalukku puriyum. (No, dad. I can find easily if someone is lying or telling the truth just by seeing their eyes. I only can see truth in his eyes. I feel pity for him, dad. Do you know how miserable it is for hiding ourselves for the crime which we didn’t commit?? I knew it, dad. After all I too have faced the same situation as him. If you are in his situation, you must have understand it.)

Mom: Athu theriyuthuda. Aana Anjali anthe case thaan parthukittu irukka. Avalukku mattum anthe accused naame thaan ingge vechirikkomnu terinjiruchina, ava nammale summa vida maata. (I understand that. But, Anjali is handling that case. If she learns that we are keeping the accused whom she is searching for, she won’t spare us.)

Arjun: Avalukku teriyama naame pathukkalam, ma. Neengge ethuvum ava kitte sollama iruntha sari. Shivaay’ku help pannrenu promise pannirukken. (We will make sure that she won’t know about it. You too don’t have to tell her. I promised Shivaay that I will help him.)

Dad: Eppadira pannuve?? Inthe ooru namakku puthusu. Nee engge poi eppadi help panne pore. (How you will help him?? We are new to this place. Where and how are you going to help him??)

Arjun: Teriyale pa. Aana kandippa mudiyumnu enakku nambikkai irukku. Athu varaikum, Anjali kitte ethuvum sollathingge. (I don’t know, dad. But, I have a confident that I can definitely help him. Till then, don’t say anything to Anjali.)

Dad: Naangge ethuvum solla maatom. Nee poi Krithika parthuttu vaa. Appurom pesikkalam. (We won’t say anything. You go and meet Krithika. We will discuss later.)

Arjun: Sari, pa. Naan varrathukku konjem late aachu na, avarukku lunch kuduthiru. (Ok, dad. If I took time to come back, make him to have his lunch.)

Mom: Athe pathi nee kavale padathe, naangge parthukkurom. (You don’t worry about that. We will take care.) (Arjun nods and leaves from there.)

Arjun’s Room

Shalu is continuously staring at Shivaay which makes him feeling weird.

Shivaay: Why are you looking at me like this??

Shalu: Your eyes are looking different. They don’t look like humans one. (Shivaay chuckles.)

Shivaay: These are called cat eyes.

Shalu: (shocked) What?? You are having cat’s eyes?? Where are your eyes?? Why are you using cat’s eyes??

Shivaay: No no. You are mistaken. These are not cat’s eyes. These are mine only. But they are looking like cat’s eyes.

Shalu: Why??

Shivaay: (thinks) How I will answer this question?? This little girl is talking too much. (He looks at Shalu who is waiting for his answer.) Shalu, some people are having these type of eyes. It’s because of the family’s genetic. I mean if our parents, grandmother or grandfather having these type of eyes, maybe we too can have like that.

Shalu: I don’t understand whatever you are saying. Never mind. I was thinking what to call you. Now, I got it. (Shivaay looks at her.) Catman.

Shivaay: (shocked) What??

Shalu: Yes. You only told that your eyes are cat eyes. So, catman. I will call you like that only.

Shivaay: (thinks) God!! This girl is impossible!!

Shalu: What are you looking at me?? Sleep first.

Shivaay: I know. Are you going to be here only??

Shalu: Yes. My mama asked me to take care of you. So, I will be here till he come back. (Shivaay shakes his head feeling annoyed that a little girl is taking care of him. He never has let anyone to take care of him. He is the one will take care of everyone in his family. Now, it’s changed. A little girl is taking care of him. Shivaay couldn’t sleep and turn here and there. He looks at Shalu who is playing with her toys sitting beside him.)

Shivaay: (thinks) I can’t stay here like this. Arjun told me that he will help me but I can’t depend on him only. I need to do something too. I have to leave from here but I don’t know how many people are staying here. I will try to ask this girl. (Towards Shalu.) Shalu, how many of you are staying here??

Shalu: Me, my mother, uncle, grandma and grandpa.

Shivaay: Oh!!?? How about your father?? He is not here?? (Shalu’s face expression has changed which noticed by Shivaay.)

Shalu: My father is no more in this world. He was dead before I born. (Shivaay feels bad learning about her father.)

Shivaay: I’m sorry.

Shalu: It’s ok. I just know it few months before. (Shivaay is surprised again.) That too I heard argument between my mother and my uncle. I don’t understand clearly but my mother said it was not an accident. He has been killed. (Shivaay is shocked.)

To be continued…..

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  1. Hi ruby
    Amazing episode
    Gauri, rudra and anjali scene was awesome
    Arjun and shivay bonding 😙
    Awww tiny angel taking care of sso felt bad after hearing shalu father is no more.
    But when you are here no fikar
    Waiting for next episode
    Bye keep smiling and take care

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear😍😍😍
      Shalu and Shivaay will have a cute bond…
      Will try to post soon…

  2. Nikita_jai29

    It is lovely dear

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      Thank you very much, dear❤️❤️❤️

  3. Jasminerahul

    Anjali gauri rudra scene was funny.rudra doubting if they will leak his hot videos was funny.waiting 4 anjali bhavya gauri questioning session.good that arjun believes shivay n helps him.shivay shalu discussing about his eyes n shalu calling him catman was nice

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Anjali, Rudra and Gauri’s scene came into my mind suddenly… Shalu and Shivaay will share a cute bonding…

  4. ItsmePrabha

    awesome…loved ruri scene with acp and anjali..arjun,shivaay and shaalu’s bonding is cute and nice..will be waiting for the next..

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear… Will post the next one by tonight…

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