IB & IN Shots-Blinkless Seconds-Shot 5


Beach House

Anjali comes out from the washroom hearing the loud music which is playing in the television. She goes to her parents who are looking at her nervously.

Anjali: Amma!! Ethukku ivvalavo volume vechirukke?? (Mom, why the volume is too high??)

Mom: Teriyame kai pattiruchi. Athan kureikilamnu paakuren, aana eppadinu teriyale. Nee konjum paaren. (I have mistakenly pressed it. I’m trying to reduce it but don’t know how. You try to reduce it.) (Handing over the remote to Anjali. Anjali takes the remote and reduce the volume.)

Anjali: Arjun engge?? (Where is Arjun??)

Dad: Avan Shaluve kootitu vare mele poyirukkan. (He went upstairs to bring Shalu.) (Anjali looks at upstairs.)

Mom: Avungge vanthuruvangge. Nee vanthu ukkaru. Naan unakku saapadu eduthu vekkiren. (They will come. You come and sit. I will bring the food.) (She takes Anjali to the dining table and makes her to sit.)

Arjun’s Room

Arjun is shocked to see Shalu straddling on Shivaay’s back hugging his neck while Shivaay is struggling to take her hands from him.

Arjun: Shalu!!! (ShivShal turn towards him.) Enna pannure?? (What are you doing??)

Shalu: Maama!! Seekiram vaa!! Ivan thappichi ode paakuran. Vanthu pidi ivane. (Uncle!! Faster come!! This man is trying to run. Come and catch him.) (Tightens her grip on Shivaay. Arjun locks the door and goes to them. He takes Shalu’s hands from Shivaay and lifts her. He holds Shivaay in another hand.)

Arjun: Are you ok?? (Shivaay nods caressing his neck. Arjun makes him to sit on the bed.)

Shivaay: Listen, Mr…..

Arjun: Arjun.

Shivaay: Mr Arjun, thank you very much for your help. But I need to go.

Arjun: (sarcastically) Where do you want to go?? Far away from here?? By escaping from the police?? (Shivaay looks at him shockingly.) I know who you are and what you have done that you have ran away from the police. But I’m sorry. I’m not going to let you go, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Shivaay: Then, why did you save me and treated me?? Why don’t you hand over me to the police??

Arjun: Because I’m a doctor and as a doctor I have to treat my patient first. But don’t worry. I will inform to the police soon.

Shivaay: No!! Don’t inform the police. I ran away from them to prove that I didn’t do the murder. I have been framed in the case. I didn’t do the murder. (Arjun looks at him confusingly.) No one is trusting me and all the evidence are against me. (His eyes are welled with tears while saying this.)

Arjun: I trust you. (Shivaay looks at him in surprise.)

Shivaay: What?? You trust me?? (Arjun nods.) How??

Arjun: Because you are saying so. I trust you.

Shivaay: I don’t believe you. Just now you said that you want to hand over me to the police but now you are saying that you are trusting me. I won’t fall for your lie. I am going to leave from here. (Tries to get up but Arjun pushes him.)

Arjun: Are you mad?? You are having stitches on your wound and it is fresh some more. You need to take the medicines to reduce the pain. It’s not easy to bear the gunshot pain, ok?? It’s very painful.

Shivaay: (mockingly) Do you have any experience in it??

Arjun: Yes. That’s why I brought you here and stopping you from leaving. You need to rest.

Shivaay: (shouts) No!! I can’t!! I can’t take rest!! I need to prove that I didn’t do the murder.

Arjun: Sshhh!!! Don’t shout. If my sister knows, you will be gone!!

Shalu: Amma vanthunggala, mama?? (Has mom returned back??) (Arjun nods) Aiyoyo!! Avunggalukku terinjiruchi na pochi. (Oh, no!! We all will land in trouble if she get to know.) (Towards Shivaay) Keep quiet. My mother won’t spare you if she sees you.

Shivaay: What I care if your mother knows?? Let her come. I am not scared with anyone.

Arjun: (sarcastically) Really?? Then, why did you run away from the police?? Why don’t you face them daringly?? (Shivaay stares at him.) Do you know who is her mother?? CBI Officer Anjali Vikramadityan. (Shivaay looks at them shockingly while Shalu nods her head.)

Shivaay: CBI??

Arjun: Yes, from Chennai. We are here for a vacation but my sister came for a case. Listen. We won’t tell her about you but I promise you that I will help you if you tell me about your problem. If you are really innocent, I will definitely ask my sister to help you. I’m not lying. You can trust me. (Shivaay doesn’t answer him.) Ok. You can take your time to decide. You take rest first. I will come in a while. (He lifts Shalu and leaves from there leaving Shivaay in dilemma.)

Dining Room

Anjali and her parents are sitting at the dining table serving themselves. Arjun comes and joins them with Shalu.

Anjali: (towards Shalu) Mele yenna pannittu irunthe ivvalavo nerama?? (What were you doing these long at upstairs??)

Shalu: Padichittu irunthen. (I was studying.)

Anjali: (smirks) School time le padikke sonnalum padikke maate. Inthe leave naaluleya padikke pore?? (You don’t even study during school time. And you are saying that you are studying during leave time??)

Shalu: Unakku enna criminal ethum kidaikileya?? Enneye vanthu kelvi ketu kittu irukke?? Vitta case potu ennei arrest panniruve pole?? (You didn’t get any criminal that you are questioning me?? Who knows, you might arrest me if you get a chance, right??)

Anjali: Inthe mathiri pesurathukku, atheyum oru naal panne thaan poren. (I might do it one day to you for talking like this.) (Shalu looks at Arjun.)

Shalu: (with a shocking expression) Parthiya, mama!! Ivungge pannalum pannuvangge. Ethukko nee enakku oru mun jaamin vaanggi vechiru. (See, uncle!!! She might do as she said. You better take an anticipatory bail for me.) (Arjun just smiles.)

Arjun: Anjali, enna case vishayama poitu vanthe?? Police’ku CBI avungge case’le interfere aanale pidikkathe. Appurom nee eppadi?? (Anjali, for which case you went just now?? The police won’t like if CBI’s interference in their case. Then, how??)

Anjali: Inthe case enakku official’ah varale. Ithe naan unofficial’ah thaan deal panne poren. Innum sollanumna naan police department’ku inthe case’le oru help thaan panne poren. (Actually, the case didn’t come to me officially. I will be dealing it unofficially. To be more clear, I will be just helping the police department in this case.)

Arjun: Appadi enna case un help kekure alavukku?? (What is the case that they are asking for your help??)

Anjali: Oru murder case. Oru ponne mugam adaiyaalam teriyathe alavukku kodurama kolei pannirukkangge. (One murder case. One girl was brutally murdered till her face can’t be identified.) (All are shocked.)

Dad: Kolei pannavan yaarunu kandu pidichacha?? (Have they found the murderer??)

Anjali: Kandu piduchaangge. Evidence ellam avanukku against’ah strong’ah thaan irukku. Aana avan escape aayittan. Ippo avanethaan ellam thedikittu irukkangge. (They have found the murderer and the evidence are strongly against him. But, he has escaped. Now, all are searching for him.)

Mom: Kolaikaaran peru enna?? (What is the murderer’s name??)

Anjali: Shivaay Singh Oberoi!! (All cough except Shalu who slaps her head seeing them while Anjali looks at them confusingly.) Enna aachu?? Moonu perum ore nerathule irumburingge. (What happened?? Why three of you are coughing at the same time??)

Shalu: (mutters to herself) Ivungge moonu perum irumbiye kaati kuduthiruvangge pole. (These three will get caught by coughing like this.)

Arjun: Anthe peru ketta etho periya aalu mathiri irukku. Athan. (His name is like belongs to a big shot. That’s why.)

Anjali: Periya aaluthaan. Mumbaileye top industrialist anthe aalu. (He is indeed a big shot. In fact, he is the top industrialist in Mumbai.)

Arjun: Oh!!?? Avvalavo periya panakkaran kolaikkaran solrathu nambure mathiri illeye. (Oh!!?? It’s very hard to believe that a rich man like him is a murderer.)

Anjali: Yen?? Panakkaran kolai panne maatana?? (Why?? Can’t a rich man kill anyone??)

Arjun: Athu illei. Kolai pannalum maatikkire mathiriya pannuvan?? Maatathe mathiri thaane pannirukkanum. Athan enggeyo idikkire mathiri irukku. (It’s not like that. Will he do a murder where he can get caught?? He must have done it without getting caught. That’s why I felt fishy.) (Anjali started to think while he continues eating.)

Dad: Saapudure nerathule ethukku kolai, saavu’nu pesikkittu?? Pesame saapudungge. (Why are you talking about murder and death during dinner?? Eat silently.) (All have their food silently. Anjali leaves to kitchen after finishing her food. Arjun takes another plate and fills some food on it.)

Arjun: Ave kettana, Krithika call panninanu room’ku poitenu sollungge. (If she asked, tell he that I went to room because Krithika has called me.) (His parents nod and he leaves bringing the plates with him.)

Arjun’s Room

Arjun enters the room and sees Shivaay is sitting on the bed. He goes towards him.

Arjun: I have brought food for you. You didn’t have your food since yesterday. Please have these.

Shivaay: I don’t want to eat anything.

Arjun: Why?? Do you think that I have added something in your food?? You want me to eat first??

Shivaay: No, I didn’t mean like that. I have no mood to eat till I can prove my innocence.

Arjun: You need energy for that, Shivaay. How you can prove yourself if you don’t eat?? Don’t be stubborn and just eat. You need to have your medicines too. (Shivaay agrees and takes the plate from him. He started to eat and Arjun too continues having his food. Arjun gives the medicines to Shivaay. Shivaay is about to lie on the bed.) No!! You should not sleep after having the medicines. Wait for few minutes. (Shivaay nods and sits.) One news for you, Shivaay.

Shivaay: What??

Arjun: My sister, Anjali is handling your case now. (Shivaay is shocked.)

Shivaay: That means she is also thinking me as the murderer. And I’m staying at her house. How if she get to know that I’m here??

Arjun: Relax, Shivaay. Anjali won’t find you. She will search for you everywhere but not in this house. For time being, you will be safe here. She will busy with her investigation and won’t stay at house most of the time. You don’t have to worry. In fact, I have said something that made her to think. Leave that. First, tell me what really happened and how you get framed in that murder. Then only I can help you.

Shivaay: Shivaay Singh Oberoi doesn’t need anyone’s help. I can do it myself.

Arjun: (sighs and murmurs to himself) Anjali’ku ambalai getup pote mathiri irukku. (I feel like seeing Anjali in male disguise.) (Towards Shivaay) Why are you so adamant like Anjali?? I know you can do everything yourself. But, in our life there will be one day where we will need someone’s help. Now, you need my help. I agree that you are the main hero but special appearance need to play the role too. It’s my time now and you don’t have other option than this.

Shivaay: Fine. I will tell you. (He narrates everything happened since Mohit came to Oberoi Mansion. Arjun listens carefully.) I was drinking with Mohit that night. I left from there after a while and I collided with Nancy that time. She tried to take advantage on me but I stopped her saying that I will tell to Mohit. But she didn’t listen and said that I can’t do anything to her. After that, I don’t know what happened. Next morning, I saw myself lying on the bed and I was having blood stain on me. I saw a girl lying next to me and her face was fully damaged. She has been killed brutally. I was shocked and blank. I realised it was Nancy after seeing the dress she was wearing and her bracelet. I don’t know what to do and I leave from the house hurrily without talking to anyone. But I don’t want my family to land in trouble. That’s why I went back to my house. Mohit started to accuse me for murdering his wife. When police show the evidence against me, I too felt like might be I’m the one killed Nancy without my conscious. But deep in my heart I felt that I didn’t kill her. The police definitely won’t trust me. That’s why I ran away.

Arjun: I can understand, Shivaay and I trust you. You didn’t do the murder. Something else has happened that day and you are framed.

Shivaay: How you can trust me??

Arjun: Because I was in your situation few months back. Someone else did the murders and I was framed for that. I too ran away like you to prove my innocence. That’s why I trust you and wants to help you. (Shivaay gives a sad smile. The room door has been knocked. (Arjun signs Shivaay to be calm.) Yaaru?? (Who??) (He asks and heard Anjali’s voice.)

Anjali: Naanthan. Kathave thire. (It’s me only. Open the door.)

Arjun: Iru varen. (Wait!! I’m coming!!) (Looks at Shivaay.) Don’t worry. She won’t come inside my room. (He goes and opens the door.) Enna, Anjali?? (What, Anjali??)

Anjali: Shalu un kude thoongganuma. (Shalu wants to sleep with you.) (Pointing towards Shalu who is grinning beside her.)

Arjun: Yen?? (Why??)

Shalu: Amma etho file parthuttu irukkangge. Lights on’ah irukkire naale ennale thoongge mudiyale. Please, mama. Naan un kude thoongguren. (Mom is reading a file. I can’t sleep because the lights are on. Please, uncle. Let me sleep with you.)

Arjun: Sari, vaa. (Ok, come.) (Takes Shalu from Anjali.) Naan ivale parthukkiren. Nee po. (I will take care of her. You can go.) (Anjali nods and leaves from there. Arjun locks the door after they enter the room. Shalu looks at Shivaay.)

Shalu: Good boy’ah irunthaana?? Illei marupadiyum escape aage try pannana?? (Did he behave like a good boy?? Or did he try to escape again??) (Shivaay looks at her confusingly.)

Arjun: Shalu, vayasule periyavanggale avan ivan’lam pesa koodathu. Mariyathaiya pesanum. (Shalu, you should not talk like this to the elder people. You should talk with respect.)

Shivaay: What she is saying??

Arjun: Nothing. She just asked if you try to escape again. By the way, this is my…. (Shalu stops him.)

Shalu: Naan sollikiren. (I will tell him.) I am Shalini Vikramadityan as known as Shalu.

Arjun: (smiles pulling her cheek) Anjali’s daughter. (Shivaay nods.) And Shalu, this is Shivaay Singh Oberoi, our guest.

Shivaay: (extends his hand towards Shalu) Nice meeting you, Miss Shalini. (Shalu holds his hand.)

Shalu: Same here, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi. And you can call me Shalu. (Shivaay gives a small smile.)

Arjun: Shivaay, you can sleep on the bed with Shalu. I will sleep on the couch.

Shivaay: No, Arjun. You sleep here. I will sleep on the couch.

Arjun: It’s ok, Shivaay. I can manage.

Shivaay: No no. You have helped me. I can’t let you to sleep on the couch. I will sleep there. (About to go but Arjun stops him.)

Arjun: Shivaay, you are injured badly. You can’t sleep there in this condition. (Shalu sighs feeling annoyed with them who are ‘fighting’ for the couch.)

Shalu: Stop it both of you!!! You both don’t have to sleep on the couch. This bed is enough for three of us. Just sleep here. (She pushes ArShiv on the bed and she lies in the middle of the bed.)

Next Day

Mumbai General Hospital

Anjali and Bhavya reach there and walk towards the mortuary. Bhavya sees a man and goes towards him.

Bhavya: Can we see the body??

Man: Yes, mam. Come inside. (Anjali and Bhavya enter the mortuary following the man. He removes the cover which is covering the body. Anjali looks at the corpse face which is damaged brutally.)

Bhavya: (towards the man) You can go now. I will call you in a while. (The man nods and leaves from there.)

Anjali: Her face is totally damaged. This look like someone already planned to murder her till her face can’t be identified.

Bhavya: I think the killer must be a psycho for doing like this.

Anjali: No, Bhavya. The killer is definitely not a psycho. If a person wants to kill someone, it can be done by stabbing, slitting the neck or the nerve. The face don’t have to be damaged. The killer must have a motive to do like this. (Bhavya nods. Anjali takes her mobile and snaps some pictures of the corpse.)

Bhavya: Why are you taking the pictures?? I already attached this corpse pictures with the file yesterday. You didn’t see them??

Anjali: I have seen them. This is for my satisfaction. Maybe few angles are missed to be captured. Ok, let’s go. We need to meet Rudra Singh Oberoi. (They leave from there.)

Outside Oberoi Mansion

Rudra drives his car leaving the mansion and he stops seeing Bhavya standing in front of his car. He gets down from his car and goes towards her.

Rudra: (angrily) You are here again?? Why are you always behind me?? Just leave from my side.

Bhavya: Listen!! I am not behind you. I came for my case only. I need some pictures from you. Give your mobile for a while.

Rudra: Why I should give my mobile to you?? Oh!! I know. You want to take my pictures right?? I know that I’m very dashing and handsome enough to attract all the girls. You are one of them. But sorry, I’m not interested in you. I won’t give my mobile to you. And just leave from here.

Bhavya: Excuse me!! I’m not at all attracted to you. And you just stop dreaming like this. I need your mobile to see the pictures of the masquerade party. Just give me your mobile.

Rudra: I won’t give to you. Just do whatever you want. (Turns to go but stops when a gun is pointed on the back of his head. He gets shocked and turns a little. He sees Anjali staring at him angrily.)

To be continued……

Precap: Anjali threatens Rudra. Arjun to meet Krithika. Shivaay with Shalu.

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  1. Jasminerahul

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    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you, dear for your comment… In the show it was Shivaay who always find solution to solve the problems and won’t take anyone’s help… I felt he too needs to be helped even he is the hero… Anjali, Rudra and Bhavya scene is not over yet… It will continue in next update too… I hope you will enjoy it too..

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    Waiting for next update
    Bye keep smiling and have a good day

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear… Glad you are liking it…
      Actually, Anjali and Arjun’s story I followed from the original movie itself… I will explain it briefly in coming chapters…
      I will update the next update soon…

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