IB & IN Shots-Blinkless Seconds- Shot 4


Arjun’s Room

Arjun places the man on his bed. He goes and brings his surgical kit. His parents came there.

Dad: Ippeyavuthu sollu, yaaru ithu?? (At least tell us now. Who is this??)

Arjun: Teriyathu, pa. Beachle adipattu kidantharu. Athan ingge kootitu vanthen. (I don’t know, dad. I saw him injured at the beach. That’s why I brought him here.) (He says while taking the hot water from his mother. He puts his surgical utensils inside it.)

Dad: Athukku ethukku ingge kootitu vanthe?? Hospital’ku kootitu poyirukke vendiyathuthane?? Paaru eppadi adi pattirukkunu!! (Why did you bring him here?? Why didn’t you take him to hospital?? See how bad is his wound.)

Arjun: Appadithan pa nenechen. Aana ivaruthaan hospital vendamnu sonnaru. (I thought the same, dad but he is the one asked me to not to take him to hospital.)

Mom: Paarke etho gundadi patte mathiri irukku. Dei, ethavathu prechanai aayire pothu da. Anjali’ku terinja avvalavothaan. (It’s look like a bullet shot. This might cause problem for us. If Anjali get to know about this, we will gone!!)

Shalu: Summa vala valanu pesame, mama’ve veleiye paarke vidungge. (Don’t talk unnecessarily and let uncle do his job.)

Arjun: Neengge moonu perum veliye irungge. Naan ivarukku treatment pannanum. (Three of you stay outside. I will treat him.)

Shalu: Naan inggeye irukken, maama. (I want to stay here, uncle.)

Arjun: Ithellam nee paarke koodathu. Thatha paati kude veliye po. (You should not see this. Go out with your grandma and grandpa.) (Shalu nods and leaves from the room with her grandparents.)

Anjali and Bhavya reach a place. The inspector comes and salutes them.

Bhavya: You saw him here??

Ins: No, madam. We have spotted him at the opposite. He tried to ran but I have shot him. We thought we can catch him but he managed to cross the road and disappear.

Bhavya: (angrily) Disappear?? Is he an invisible person to disappear?? What answer is this?? Just say that you didn’t check properly. (The inspector puts his head down.)

Ins: Sorry, madam.

Bhavya: Don’t say sorry. Go and find him. He must have not been very far with his wounded leg. He must be nearby here only.

Ins: Yes, madam. (Turns to go.)

Anjali: Inspector, try to check at hospital too. His leg has been shot and he definitely needs a doctor’s help to remove the bullet. Send your men to check at nearby hospitals as well.

Ins: Yes, madam. (Leaves from there.)

Anjali: Let’s go, Bhavya. I will drop you at Commissioner Office. Your car is there, right??

Bhavya: Yes. But you don’t have to drop me. I will go by myself.

Anjali: I need to discuss about the case. (Bhavya nods and get inside the car. Anjali drives leaving the place.) Bhavya, I need to see Nancy’s dead body. Can you arrange it for me??

Bhavya: Sure, Anjali. The body is at GH. I will take you tomorrow.

Anjali: Thank you. And I need the pictures or videos of the masquerade party. Did you take any pictures during that time??

Bhavya: I just took few pictures with Annika and Gauri.

Anjali: You didn’t take pictures with Nancy??

Bhavya: No, Anjali. In fact, I didn’t have much words with her.

Anjali: Actually, I want to see complete pictures of the party. Since it started till the end. How we can get the pictures??

Bhavya: I’m not sure if we can get the pictures of the whole party but I saw Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s younger brother Rudra Singh Oberoi captured a lot of pictures.

Anjali: Good. We will get them from him.

Bhavya: Sure. But, Anjali can I know why do you want to see the party’s pictures??

Anjali: Just want to see if we can find any clues from that.

Bhavya: (smiles) Ok, Anjali. (Anjali smiles.)

Beach House

Anjali’s parents are watching television. They are shocked to see the news and run to Arjun’s room followed by Shalu. Arjun who just treated the man’s wound is surprised to see his parents barging into his room just like a storm has occurred.

Arjun: Enna pa, aachu?? (What happened, dad??)

Dad: Arjun, mothe police’ku call pannu. Inthe aalu oru kolaikkaran. Police kitternthu thappichi vanthirukkan. Nee inthe news vanthu paaru. (Arjun, call the police first. This man is a murderer. He has been escaped from the police. Come and see the news first.) (He drags Arjun towards downstairs. Arjun too watches the news.) Parthiya!! Etho oru ponne kolei pannittu, thappichi vanthirukkan. (See!! He escaped after murdering a girl.)

Mom: Aama, Arjun. Udane police’ku phone pannu. Avungge vanthu ivane pudichittu pogattum. (Yes, Arjun. Faster call the police. Let them come and arrest him.)

Arjun: Amma, avaru police kitternthu thappichi vanthirukkaru’nu avaru kalule gundadi parthone terinjiruchi. (Mom, I already knew that he has ran away from the police after seeing the bullet shot on his leg.)

Dad: Appurom ethukku ingge kootitu vanthe?? Police kitte solle vendiyathuthane!! (Then, why did you bring him here?? You should have informed the police.)

Arjun: Enna pa pesuringge?? Naan oru doctor. Oru patient eppadi patte criminal’ah irunthaalum, vaithiyam paakurathuthaan oru doctor udaye kadamai. Naan en kadamaiyethaan senjen. (What are you saying, dad?? I’m a doctor. A doctor should help the patient no matter if he is a criminal or not. That is a doctor’s duty. I did my duty only.)

Mom: Anjali’ku terinja?? (How if Anjali get to know??)

Arjun: Teriya koodathu. Yaarum ave kitte ethuvum solla koodathu. Anthe aalu kan mulichathum, naane avane police kitte oppadaikiren. Athu varaikum, yaaro avane paththi Anjali kitte moochi vide koodathu. (She should not know. No one should say anything to her. I will hand over the man to the police after he regains his consciousness.)

Dad: Etho pannu. Perechanai aagama iruntha sari. (Whatever. I just hope no problem will occur because of this.)

Arjun: Avanukku medicines vaangganum. Naan konjum medical shop poitu vanthudren. Neengge avane konjum parthukkongge. Anesthesia kuduthe naale ippothaikku mulikka maatan. Athu kullare naan vanthudren. (I’m going to medical shop to get some medicines for him. You just take care of him for a while. I had given anesthesia to him. So, he won’t get conscious now. I will come back before that.) (His parents nod and he leaves from there.)


Annika is looking at Shivaay’s picture and caresses it.

Annika: Where are you, Shivaay?? I know that you didn’t kill Nancy. You can’t murder anyone. Someone has framed you in this murder. I know that you ran away from the police to find the real culprit. But the police are hunting you badly. I’m scared that something might happen to you. I won’t stand if anything happens to you. (She cries. A hand wipes her tears. She get surprised to see the person.) Shivaay!! (Shivaay smiles at her.)

Shivaay: Why are you crying, Annika?? You know right, I can’t see your tears.

Annika: What I will do Shivaay?? I’m scared the police might do something to you.

Shivaay: Sshhh!!! Nothing will happen to me. I am safe only and I will come back to you soon.

Annika: Pinky promise?? (Showing her little finger)

Shivaay: (clasps his little finger with her’s) Pinky promise. (Annika smiles in tears and about to hug him but he disappears.)

Annika: Shivaay!! (She realised she was dreaming about him.) I miss you, Shivaay. (Hugs his picture.)

Beach House

Shalu is sitting on the bed looking at the man who is still unconscious. The man is slowly getting consciousness. Shalu sees his mouth is mumbling something.

Shalu: Enna sollraru?? (What he is saying??) (Goes near him.)

Man: Annika…. Annika….

Shalu: Annika va?? (Annika??) (She goes back seeing him moving his eyes. Shivaay opens his eyes weakly.)

Shalu: Yeppa!! Oru valiya kannu mulichiruchi. Evvalavo neram wait panrathu?? (Uff!! Finally, he has opened his eyes. How long I have been waiting??) (Shivaay looks around the room and confused.) Enna paakure?? Ithu engga veedu. (What are you looking?? This is my house.)

Shivaay: (confused) What??

Shalu: Oh!! Puriyalaya?? (Oh!! You don’t understand??) This is my house.

Shivaay: How did I come here??

Shalu: (mockingly) One helicopter has dropped you here.

Shivaay: (confused) Sorry??

Shalini: It’s ok.

Shivaay: (surprised) Excuse me??

Shalu: You are excused.

Shivaay: No. I mean how did I come here??

Shalu: You don’t remember anything?? Fine. I will tell you. (Goes near to him) You were unconscious at the beach side and your leg was injured.

Shivaay: I remember. A guy came….. (cuts by Shalu)

Shalu: That guy is none other than my mama. I mean my uncle, Arjun. He was the one carried you on his shoulder and brought you here. He treated your wound too. See. (Showing the bandage on his leg.)

Shivaay: Ok. Tell to your uncle that I said thank you to him. I have to go. (About to get up.)

Shalu: (holds his hand) No!! You can’t go. (He looks at her surprisingly.)

Shivaay: Where I have stucked now?? (Looks at Shalu who is glaring at him placing one hand on her hip.)

Living Room

Arjun returns home bringing a small cover which is having the medicines. He goes to his parents.

Arjun: Anjali….?? (His father is about to say something but his mother signs Arjun towards his behind.) Enna maa?? (What, mom??) (His mother again gestures him. He is confused with her and about to ask her again but stops hearing Anjali’s voice.)

Anjali: Pinnadi thirumbi paake sollurangge. (She is asking you to turn behind and see.) (Arjun turns towards her who just entered inside the house.) Solle vendiyathuthane, maa. Yethukku ivan kitte signal kaamichikittu irukke?? (Why don’t you just tell him instead of signalling him, mom??) (Looking at the cover on Arjun’s hand.) Enna ithu?? Etho medicines mathiri teriyuthu. (What is this?? It’s looking like medicines.)

Arjun: Mathiri illei, medicines thaan. Ithu puthu idam, climate oththukkumma teriyale. Athan emergency’ku medicines vaanggi vechikkalame vaanggittu vanthen. (These are medicines only. This is new place and I don’t know if we can adapt the climate here. That’s why I bought these medicines for emergency purpose. Maybe we might need these.) (Anjali convinced with his answer.)

Mom: (towards Anjali) Nee engge pone ivvalavo nerama?? (Where have you been these long??)

Anjali: Athan sonnene, maa. Commissioner ennei paakanum sonnaru nu. Etho case ah, athukku en help ketirukkaru. Sari. Athe appurom pesikkalam. Enakku bayanggarama pasikkuthu. Fresh aayittu vanthudren. Ellam sernthu saapidalam. (I told you before that Commissioner wanted to meet me. He asked for my help for a case. Ok. Let’s discuss later. I’m very hungry. I will go and fresh up myself first. We will eat together.) (Looks around) Shalu engge?? (Where is Shalu??)

Dad: Ava mele vilayadikittu irukka. Nee mothe fresh aagu. Naan avale kootitu varen. (She is playing at upstairs. You go and fresh up first. I will bring her.) (Anjali nods and leaves from there. They sigh in relief.)

Mom: Nalla velei ava etho santhega padale. (Luckily, she didn’t doubt anything.)

Arjun: Athe vidu maa. Anthe aalu elunchittana?? Shalu engge?? (Leave it, mom. Has the man woke up?? Where is Shalu??)

Mom: Teriyale da. Mothe parthe varaikum avan innum mayakkathulethaan irunthaan. Shalu anggethaan irukka. (I don’t know. He was still unconscious when I saw him just now. Shalu is staying there only.)

Arjun: (shocked) Ennama ippadi sollure?? Anthe aalu oru criminal. Avan kitte poi Shalu irukkanu satharanama sollure!! Avan avale ethavathu pannitana?? (What are you saying?? That man is a criminal. You are saying casually that she is with him. What if he does something to her??) (They hear a scream from upstairs.)

Dad: Shalu kural mathiri irukku. Oru velei avan Shaluve…… (The voice is like Shalu’s. That means he…..) (They hear Anjali’s voice from washroom.)

Anjali: Amma!! Enna saththam?? (Mom!! What sound was that??)

Arjun: Aiyo!! Ava mattum veliya vantha, pochi!! Illei!! Ethavathu panni aaganum. (Oh, no!! If she comes out, we will be gone!! No!! I have to do something.) (Arjun thinks something and turns on the television. He increases the volume to high level.)

Arjun: (gives the remote to his mother) Naan mele enna nadakkuthunu parthuttu vanthudren. (I will go and see what is happening upstairs.) (He runs towards upstairs to his room leaving his parents at downstairs. He opens his room door and becomes shock watching the scene in front of his eyes.) Shalu!!!

To be continued…..

Precap: What have Arjun seen?? Will Shivaay escape from there?? Anjali and Bhavya go to mortuary. Bhavya meets Rudra.

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  1. Fantastic episode ruby.
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    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear… You will know what Arjun saw in next update…

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    Anjali bhavya scenes are good..loved shalu and shivaay scene…will be eagerly waiting for the next…

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