IB & IN Shots-Blinkless Seconds- Shot 3


Anjali and Bhavya enter the room wearing gloves. Anjali looks around the room.

Bhavya: This is where the body was lying. (Showing Shivaay’s bed.)

Anjali goes towards the bed and looks at it thoroughly.

Anjali: The body was alone??

Bhavya: It was alone when others saw it. But, there is a sign that someone was lying beside the body. (Showing the bedsheet which is messed a bit.) So, I guess Shivaay Singh Oberoi is the one lied beside the body. He must have been scared seeing the dead body and left the house.

Anjali: You mean, he ran away??

Bhavya: No, mam. He didn’t run that time. He left the house but he returned again. He only ran after we found the evidence against him. Moreover, he didn’t remember what happened the previous night. Not only him, but none of them remember what happened that night. (Anjali started to think.)

Anjali: Let’s go, Miss Bhavya.

Bhavya: Yes, mam. (They leave from there to living room where the whole family are waiting.)

Anjali: Ok, we are leaving now. We might come here again. (Turns to go)

Annika: Mam, my husband is innocent. He can’t kill anyone. By seeing you, I felt like God has sent you to save my husband. Please save him. (She says with tears filled eyes.)

Anjali: If your husband is innocent, he definitely can be saved. (Mohit who just came there with his bags hears them.)

Mohit: (shouts) Your husband can’t be saved. (All turn towards him.) He has killed my wife. (Annika jerks hearing him. Anjali glares at him.)

Anjali: You are Mr.??

Mohit: Mohit Malhotra also known as Magician ‘Taj’.

Anjali: (crosses her arms) You are a magician??

Mohit: Yes.

Anjali: (raises her eyebrows) You can do any kind of magic??

Mohit: Yes. I can do any kind of magic.

Anjali: Really?? Then, why you didn’t use your magic and make your wife alive again?? (Mohit is dumbstruck with her question. The Oberois too. Anjali smirks and turns to the Oberois.) This house is having CCTV, right?? (They nod.) Miss Bhavya, I want to see all the footages. Can you get them for me??

Bhavya: Mam, the system was down that day and all the CCTVs were not working. So, no footage is available. (Anjali started to think.)

Anjali: I’m asking all the footages, not only for that day. The system was down that day only, right?? Previous days footages must be available. Get for me those footages.

Rudra: (whispers to Omkara) Is she really a CBI officer?? What she is going to do with those footages?? Those won’t be useful to save Shivaay bhaiya.

Om: (whispers) I am thinking the same. Never mind, let see first what she is going to do with them.

Anjali: (looks at OmRu) Have you both done?? (OmRu look at her confusingly.) I mean have you both done talking about me?? Do you want to see my ID card?? So that you will believe that I’m a CBI officer?? (OmRu are surprised.)

Om: Sorry. We were just….. Don’t mistaken us. We will get you all the footages. Rudra, ask Khanna to get the footages she asked. (Rudra turns to go.)

Anjali: (surprised) What did you call him??

Om: Rudra. Rudra Singh Oberoi.

Anjali: (towards Rudra) Rudra?? Your name is Rudra??

Rudra: Yes. Any problem??

Anjali: (smirks to herself) Nothing. You carry on. (Rudra leaves from there.)

Mohit: I’m leaving now.

Tej: Why do you want to leave??

Mohit: I can’t stay here anymore. This is the house where my Nancy is murdered. It is disturbing me very much. I can’t do any magic too. If I continue staying here, I will become mad thinking of Nancy’s death. That’s why I’m leaving. (Rudra comes with Khanna.)

Khanna: Mam, if you want all the footages, it will take few days to retrieve. For now, I only can manage to get the last day footage that have been recorded.

Anjali: (takes the pen drive) This is enough. Thank you. (Mohit turns to leave.) One second, Mr Mohit. I need to ask you one question.

Mohit: Go ahead.

Anjali: How many days has your wife been dead??

Mohit: Three days.

Anjali: (smirks) Why you didn’t leave on that day itself?? (Mohit looks at her in shock.) This is Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s house. You are his friend. He has murdered your wife and ran away. If anyone else in your situation must have left the house where the wife is murdered. But you didn’t leave and just decided to leave. Why?? Any specific reason?? (Raises her eyebrows at him while he is again shocked with her question.)

Mohit: (stammers) Woh…. I have known these family earlier. Shivaay is the culprit, not them.

Anjali: That means your anger is on Shivaay Singh Oberoi only??

Mohit: Yes.

Anjali: Then, why did you shout at her just now?? (Pointing at Annika.)

Mohit: Because she is saying Shivaay is innocent and doesn’t want to trust that Shivaay has killed my wife. The truth is that Shivaay has an eye on my wife. He wants her but Nancy didn’t agree. That’s why he killed my wife, my Nancy. How I will live without her?? (Cries.)

Annika: No!! It’s a lie. My Shivaay is not like that. (Cries) You are mistaken.

Mohit: It’s enough, Annika!! You don’t know about him.

Anjali: Ok. Just stop. Investigation is still going on. Soon we will know did Shivaay really killed Nancy or not.

Mohit: Shivaay only killed Nancy. All the evidence are saying that only.

Anjali: Maybe. But till the case end, no one should leave from this house. (Looks at Mohit) Including you Mr Mohit Malhotra.

Mohit: Why?? I am Nancy’s husband.

Anjali: But you are related with Shivaay Singh Oberoi as well and you were here staying here since few days. So, you are related in this case too. If you still want to leave this house, no problem. But you have to inform the police department about your whereabouts. Is that ok for you??

Mohit: It’s ok, I will stay here.

Anjali: Good. Miss Bhavya, let’s leave.

Anjali and Bhavya are walking towards their car.

Anjali: Miss Bhavya, just now you said that no one remembered about that night, right?? What is the reason??

Bhavya: They remembered till the dance only. They don’t remember what happened after that.

Anjali: You were at the party too, right??

Bhavya: Yes, Shivaay Singh Oberoi has invited me. But I left after a while. (Stops walking a while) Are you doubting me??

Anjali: (gives a small smile) I would have doubt you if you have agreed that Shivaay Singh Oberoi did the murder. But you are saying that he might be innocent. So, I won’t doubt on you. (Bhavya smiles and they continue to walk.)

Bhavya: I felt bad for his wife. She is completely broken. I heard that she is very strong but now she has become weak. You saw right, how she was crying just now??

Anjali: Miss Bhavya, it doesn’t mean that a person is weak just because she is crying. Any wife will become weak if her husband in this type of problem. That is called normal human being. We can’t laugh always. There will be a phase in our life where we have to cry. If a person doesn’t cry, that means something problem with the person. She is crying now but it won’t be for long. The tears she is shedding now will give her the strength. I saw it in her eyes. She is having the courage but she needs sometime. Few years back, I was like her too but my situation is different from her’s. I cried a lot and has fallen weak too but my tears gave me the strength to fight. That’s why I’m saying. Soon, she too will be back to her form. Mark my words. (Bhavya smiles feeling impressed with her.) Not only her, Miss Bhavya. You too need to be back to your form.

Bhavya: (confused) Me??

Anjali: Yes. ACP Bhavya that I have heard is not like the one with me now. I know she is arrogant and adamant too. Where is she now?? (Raises her eyebrows at her.) Are you feeling uncomfortable being with me??

Bhavya: No, mam. It’s not like that. My arrogant and adamant are broken after meeting you. I have never seen an officer like you. (Anjali smirks again.) And you are a CBI officer and more senior than me.

Anjali: CBI or police is not a matter. Our job is to find the real culprit. CBI and police can join their hands too. Right, Miss Bhavya?? (Bhavya nods. They get inside the car.)

Bhavya: One small matter, mam. Don’t call me Miss Bhavya. Call me Bhavya only.

Anjali: Ok. Then, you too call me Anjali. No need to call me mam. Ok, Bhavya??

Bhavya: Ok, mam (smiles) Sorry. Anjali. So, what do you think about the case?? Do you feel Shivaay Singh Oberoi has killed Nancy??

Anjali: Maybe yes or maybe no. I have just started the case. We need to do more investigation before come to a conclusion. (Bhavya nods agreeing with her and about to say something but her mobile rings. She answers the call.)

Bhavya: Hello!! (Shocked) What?? Where?? Ok. I’m coming now.

Anjali: What happened, Bhavya??

Bhavya: Police almost caught Shivaay just now but he ran from them. So, one of the police has shot his leg. But still he managed to escape.

Anjali: (sighs) Which place did they see him?? (Bhavya says something and Anjali drives from there.)

Beach House

Anjali’s father opens the door and sees Arjun is having someone on his shoulder while Shalu is standing beside him.

Dad: Enna da, aachu?? Yaaruda ithu?? (What happened?? Who is this??)

Arjun: Ellam appurom solluren. Anjali vanthuttala?? (I will tell you later. Has Anjali returned??)

Dad: Innum illei. Ennada nadanthuchi?? Un mele ore raththama irukku. (Not yet. What really happened?? You are smeared with blood.)

Arjun: Mothe ulle vare vidungge. (Let me come inside first.) (His father let them to come inside.) Amma!! En room’ku suda thanni eduthuttu vaangge. (Mom, please bring hot water to my room.) (He takes the man to his room at upstairs. Arjun’s mother came from the kitchen bringing a basin of hot water.)

Mom: Ethukku sude thanni ketan?? (Why did he ask for hot water??)

Dad: Theriyale. Yaareyo vere thookittu vanthirukkan. Vaa poi ketkalam. (I don’t know. He brought someone with him too. Let’s go and ask him.) (They too go behind him.)

To be continued…..

Precap: Arjun treats the man. Anjali wants to see Nancy’s corpse. Anjali parents are shocked watching a news. The man try to run from there.

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  1. Amazing episode .
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    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear😍😍😍

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    Cute update dear , loved Anjali’s part with OmRu her questions were ri8 , I think Arjun (AD) will help Shivay & I want Shalu papa as same in the movie Mr Taj got scared lovely … Waiting for next

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear❤️❤️❤️
      Shalu’s character will be same as the movie only 😉😉😉
      Will try to update soon

  3. Jasminerahul

    what a character anjali is!I was imagining NT through out though I haven’t watched that movie.anjali’s dialogues to mohit were superb.wonder whether mohit will be the cprit like in the show.anjali bhavya conversation was nice.arjun brought that man home.now what will happen?

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much for your comment, dear 💞💞💞
      Anjali is like this in the movie itself… You will know in upcoming chapters…

  4. ItsmePrabha

    in love with anjali’s character..the way she questioned mohit is something else….will be waiting for the next..till then take care..

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you, dear😊😊😊
      You will know what else she will do in coming chapters 😉😉😉
      Take care too..

  5. Nikita_jai29

    It is better than the original content in the show

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much, dear… At first I thought no one will like this because I showed Anjali dominating more than Shivaay here… I’m glad you are liking it…

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