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Everyone is shocked to see Anjali who is pointing a gun towards Shivaay. Bhavya is shocked to see ShivIka there.

DadMomShalu: Anjali/ Amma??

Bhavya: Shivaay Singh Oberoi is here??

Arjun: Anjali, naan sollurathe konjum kelu. (Anjali, listen to me first.) (Anjali shows her palm towards him.)

Anjali: You are under arrest, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi!!

Arjun: No, Anjali!! You can’t arrest him!! He is innocent.

Anjali: Just shut up!! I know what I am doing. Don’t you dare to interfere in my work. Thambi nu kude paake maaten!! (I won’t even care that you are my brother!!) (She said angrily looking at him.) Enggelaam thedikittu irunthom!! Aana ingge yen idathuleye olinjikittu irukkan. Athukku neengge ellam odanthai!! (We were searchingly for him everywhere!! But he is hiding at my place!! And you all are helping him!!)

Shivaay: Please don’t scold them. They just wanted to help me.

Anjali: You just shut up!! How dare you to run away after murdering a girl who was your friend’s wife?? (About to place the gun on his forehead but Shalu came in between blocking her.)

Shalu: Avare ethum pannathe!! Unakku sudanumna mothale enneye sudu!! En Catman ethum pannathe!! Avaru rombe nallavaru. (Don’t do anything to him!! If you want to shoot, shoot me first!! Don’t do anything to my catman. He is a very good man.) (Hugs Shivaay. Shivaay is overwhelmed seeing the little girl defending him and he just caresses her hair.)

Mom: Paaru, Anjali. Chinna kulanthai kude teriyuthu avaru thappu pannalenu. Nee yen nambe maatinggure?? Inthe thambi nallavaru di. (See, Anjali. A kid knows that he is innocent. But why are you not believing it?? This guy is innocent.)

Anjali: Unnode certificate lam enakku thevei illei, ma. Evidence ellam ivan thaan kolaikaaran solluthu. (I don’t need your certificate about him. All the evidence are saying that he is the murderer.)Bhavya, arrest him!!

Annika: No!! Please!! Shivaay didn’t do the murder!!

Anjali: Bhavya, just do what I said!!

Bhavya: Yes, Anjali!! (Bhavya takes the handcuffs and wears it on Shivaay’s hands. She is about to take Shivaay.)

Anjali: (towards her family) You all need to follow us too for hiding him in this house after knowing he is a criminal.

Dad: Mrs Anjali Vikramadityan, this man is not proved as a murderer yet. You don’t have the rights to say him as a criminal. He is just an accused. The court and the judge will decide if he is the one did the murder. We are having confidence that he is innocent. We don’t mind coming with you.

Anjali: Bhavya, call his family and tell them that Shivaay Singh Oberoi has been arrested and ask them to come to your office now. I need to know if they are aware that he was hiding at my place. I want everyone to be there including Mr Mohit Malhotra as he is the one affected the most. Let him be happy that we have found the murderer.

Arjun: Thappu pannure, Anjali!! (You are doing wrong, Anjali!!)

Anjali: Ethu sari ethu thappunu enakku nalla theriyum. Nee sollanumnu avasiyam illei!! Ellarum pesame vannge. (I know what is right and wrong. You don’t have to teach me!! Just come with us quietly.) (Anjali and Bhavya take them from there. Arjun looks at Shivaay helplessly while Shivaay just shakes his head. Annika is crying while Shalu is consoling her and wipes her tears.)



Bhavya’s Office


The Oberois reached the office after getting Bhavya’s call. Anjali and Bhavya too reach there with Shivaay followed by Annika, Arjun and his family. Kalyani, Priyanka and Omkara run towards Shivaay while Gauri goes towards Annika who is crying badly.

Kalyani: Where have you been, Billu?? We were missing you.

Om: Are you ok, Shivaay?? (Looks at Shivaay’s leg which is injured.) What happened to your leg??

Shivaay: Nothing. Just a small injury. I’m good.

Priyanka: I missed you very much, bhaiya. (Hugs him.)

Tej: Chi!! What type of person are you!!?? You have ruined our family’s name and reputation!! You have proved that you and your father has no difference. You killed your friend’s wife!! How could you do that to him!!??

Anjali: Enough!! This is not your house for you to shout like this!! (Looks at Bhavya.) Is everyone here??

Bhavya: Yes except Mohit Malhotra and Rudra Singh Oberoi.

Anjali: That Rudra is not a worthy piece. Leave about him.

Shivaay: Listen, I don’t care if you say that I’m a murderer. But don’t talk anything about my brother. I won’t bear it.

Anjali: This is my case and I can speak whatever I want. You don’t have to teach me, Mr Oberoi.

Arjun: Anjali!! You can’t talk like that to him just because you are a CBI officer.

Anjali: Shh!! This is not your house!! You have to listen to what I am saying only. Better understand that!! (Towards Bhavya) Where is Mohit Malhotra?? He is the one very important as this is about his wife’s death. He has to know that we have caught Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Voice: I am here, madam!! (All turn and see Mohit at the door. He barges towards Shivaay and holds his collar angrily.) You are a blo*dy murderer!! How dare you!!?? You killed my wife and ran away hiding yourself!! You separated my life from me!! I’m not going to spare you!! I will kill you!! (Shouts angrily. Arjun and Omkara pull him from Shivaay.)

Anjali: Please calm down, Mr Malhotra. I can understand your pain. We have found all the evidence against the culprit. You don’t worry. Please sit first. (Towards a cop.) Give him a glass of water. (The cop nods and gives Mohit a glass of water. Mohit drinks the water. Anjali sits on the table in front of Mohit.)

Arjun: (towards his parents) Enna aachu ivalukku?? Ive ippadi pesure aale kidaiyathu. (What’s wrong with her?? She is not a person who will speak like this??)

Mom: Naame ivalukku teriyame anthe thambiye veetule olichi vechirinthomle?? Anthe kaduppu pole!! (We have kept Shivaay at our place without her knowledge, right?? Maybe, she is angry because of that!!)

Shivaay: I think God too doesn’t want to help me. That’s why we can’t find anything that can prove that I didn’t do the murder. (Omkara hugs him while Arjun feels bad that he can’t help Shivaay. Shivaay thinks something.) Arjun, you go and find Krithika first. She didn’t return to her hotel since yesterday. Take Annika with you. She only knows which place was that. (Arjun agrees and about to leave with Annika but Anjali stops them.)

Anjali: Where you both are going??

Arjun: We are having important work outside. We will come in a while.

Anjali: No one can leave from here till my investigation is over. And you both need to be here. Go back to your place. (Arjun is annoyed with Anjali but Annika calms him and takes him back to Shivaay.)

Shalu: Mama, nee pesame mananale doctor aayirukkalam. Ammakku athuthan ippo thevei paduthu. (Uncle, you should have become a psychiatrist. Mom needs treatment now!!)

Arjun: Naanum athan nenekkiren. Criminal le parthu parthu ellame criminal ah theriyirurangge pole ivalukku. (I’m thinking the same too. She is seeing the criminals every day till she thought everyone is a criminal.)

Shalu: Athan mama!! Enneye kude puduchittu vanthirukkangge paaren. (Exactly, uncle!! See, she has brought me here as well.) (Arjun side hugs Shalu and looks at Anjali who is looking at Mohit.)

Anjali: Are you ok now, Mr Malhotra??

Mohit: Not ok till my wife’s murderer get punished. (He becomes angry again seeing Shivaay.)

Anjali: Relax, Mr Malhotra. Please have some water again. (Mohit drinks water.) Mr Malhotra, I must say that you are really brilliant. You have guessed that Shivaay Singh Oberoi is the one killed your wife. How are you so sure that he is the one killed your wife??

Mohit: It’s so obvious. My wife’s dead body was in his room on his bed. That was enough to prove that he is the one killed my wife.

Anjali: (claps her hands) Marvelous!! But, do you know one thing, Mr Malhotra?? If a person killed someone, he won’t place the person’s dead body on his bed and sleep beside it. He must have disposed the body first without anyone’s knowledge. Only if someone wanted to trap that person in the murder will do that. (Mohit who is drinking water get choked and coughs while others are surprised with Anjali’s statement.) What happened, Mr Malhotra?? Are you choked or shocked?? Or you got choked because you are shocked??

Mohit: (gets up from his place) What are you trying to say?? That Shivaay didn’t do the murder??

Anjali: Chill, Mr Malhotra. I was telling the possibilities only. Is he mad to keep the dead body with him and get caught with the police easily?? There should be logic, right?? (Shivaay looks at Arjun confusingly.)

Shivaay: What your sister is trying to say??

Arjun: (smirks) Anjali is on action. Just wait and watch!! (Hugs Shivaay’s shoulder making him more confused.)

Mohit: If he didn’t kill my wife, then who killed her??

Anjali: You are the one should tell that. But before that tell me who is your wife??

Mohit: What nonsense?? Nancy is my wife!!

Anjali: Which Nancy?? (Pretends to be confused.)

Mohit: What the hell?? My wife, Nancy!!

Anjali: How many wives are you having??

Mohit: What the hell are you asking?? Nancy is my only wife.

Anjali: Really!!??

Bhavya: Anjali, I think we should play a slideshow for him. So, can I??

Anjali: Sure, Bhavya. Go ahead. (Bhavya switches on the projector and plays few pictures on the screen.)

Shivaay: These pictures are from the masquerade party.

Anjali: Yes, you are right, Mr Oberoi. These pictures are taken during that party night only. And the same night where the murder occurred.

Mohit: Why are you showing these pictures??

Anjali: I will tell you. First, tell me who is your wife in these pictures?? (Mohit looks at her confusingly.) Just for confirmation because your wife’s face was completely damaged till we can’t identify. That’s why I’m asking. Who is your wife among these girls?? (Mohit points towards a girl picture.)

Mohit: This is my wife.

Anjali: You mean Nancy?? (Mohit nods.) Bhavya, play the next pictures. (Bhavya nods and plays another few pictures.) These pictures belong to the dead body which the police found at Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s room.

Mohit: Nancy’s body!!??

Anjali: Are you sure it’s Nancy’s body??

Mohit: Of course it’s Nancy’s. Her body only the police found at Shivaay’s room. So, it must be her’s!! This is Nancy only. I knew it just by looking at these pictures. (Cries looking at the pictures.) I miss you, Nancy. Please come back to me.

Anjali: Mr Malhotra, you are a magician, right?? (Mohit nods.) You can do any kind of magic, right?? (Mohit nods again.) Why don’t you make your wife alive again by using your magic?? (Mohit looks at her in surprise.)

Mohit: How I can do that?? That is impossible!!

Anjali: But I can do that magic. Do you want to see?? (Mohit and others except for Bhavya look at her confusingly. She walks backwards towards the entrance.) 1…. 2…. 3…. Magic!!! (She moves aside and everyone is shocked to see Nancy at the entrance with Krithika.)

All: Nancy!!??

Arjun: Krithika!!

Krithika: Arjun!! (Arjun runs towards her and hugs her. ShivIka too go towards them.)

Arjun: Unakku ethum aagaleye?? Nee eppadi Nancy kude?? (Are you alright?? How come you are with Nancy??)

Krithika: Ellam naan appurom solluren. (I will tell you later.) (Looks at Anjali.)

Anjali: So, how is my magic, Mr Malhotra?? (Mohit is still dumbstruck seeing Nancy there.) What happened, Mr Malhotra?? Seems like you don’t like my magic. Are you shocked that your dead wife is alive?? Or are you wondering how she is here when you have kidnapped and kept her under your custody?? (All are shocked with her.)

Shivaay: What?? Mohit kidnapped Nancy?? But Nancy is dead, right?? How come she is alive now??

Anjali: Your friend is the one can give the answer, Mr Oberoi. Mr Malhotra, your friend is asking something. Answer him.

Nancy: He won’t answer, mam. Because I am not…. (Mohit barges towards her and hugs her.)

Mohit: (breaks the hug) Nancy!! You are alive!!?? Do you know how much I missed you!!?? I’m very happy to see you alive. (About to hug her again but a slap lands on his cheek. He turns and sees Anjali who is shooting daggers through her eyes while Bhavya is pointing a gun towards him.)

Anjali: Do we look like mad to you?? Just now you said that dead body is your wife?? Now you are happy seeing this girl in front of you.

Mohit: She is my wife, Nancy!!

Anjali: Oh!! Then, whose dead body was that?? If this is Nancy, then who was the one get murdered that night?? (Mohit looks at her shockingly.) Do you want me to tell?? The one who gets killed that night was Nancy, your wife. But the one who is standing here now is not Nancy. (Mohit is shocked by listening to her while others are confused.)

Annika: What?? This girl is not Nancy!!?? Then, who is she!!??

Anjali: I think we should hear from this girl itself. (Looks at the girl.) Tell everyone what you told us just now.

Girl: My name is Neha Sharma. I am from a middle-class family. My mother is very ill and I need money for her operation. I met Mohit during a magic show. He learnt about my problem and wanted to help me. But for that, he asked me to act as his wife in front of his friend and family. He said that his friend is very rich and will do anything to save his family’s reputation. He asked me to seduce Shivaay and make it look like he is taking advantage of me. We will record it through a camera and threaten him to leak the video to the media. Shivaay will not let the video to be leaked and he will pay the ransom that we will ask. I agreed with him as I need money urgently. I came as Mohit’s wife and do as he said. I tried to seduce Shivaay but he didn’t give a damn to me. I told Mohit about it. Mohit scolded me and hit me badly that I can’t seduce him. Mohit made a different plan which I don’t aware of. During the masquerade party, Mohit came to me and ask me to try to seduce Shivaay again as he was inebriated. I tried to do as he said but Shivaay pushed me away and left from there. Then, I heard some noise and I went to see it. I was shocked to see Mohit stabbing a girl plenty of times. I wanted to go and stop him but someone hit my head from behind. I don’t know what happened after that. When I gained my consciousness, I found myself tied in a house. (Cries. Krithika calms her.)

Mohit: (shouts) Lie!!! This is a lie!! You all are trapping me!! (About to strangle her neck when another slap lands on his face.)

Bhavya: What are you thinking!!?? You will fool all of us and we can’t know anything?? And we will believe whatever you said?? We are not that much dumb to believe your words. You have forgotten that police is not alone in investigating the case. CBI is involved as well. If we can solve a case by working separately, just imagine how if we have joined our hands together in a case!!??

Anjali: When I learnt about this case, I am very sure that Shivaay Singh Oberoi has nothing to do with the murder. But I didn’t show it to anyone and pretend to search for Shivaay. My doubt was on you only, Mr Mohit Malhotra. I made everyone believe that my focus on Shivaay Singh Oberoi and I started to find evidence against you. I did search for Shivaay but only to protect him from getting caught by you. But fortunately, my brother has found him somewhere and took him to my place. (Arjun, his family and ShivIka are shocked to know this while Anjali just smirks at them.)

Om: So, who was the girl got killed that night??

Bhavya: That girl was Nancy, Mohit’s real wife. He killed her so that he can get all of her properties for himself.

Shivaay: (barges towards Mohit and strangles his neck) You betrayer!! I treated you as one of my family more than a friend but you betrayed me. You killed your wife and you put the blame on me!!! What I did that you are having these many vengeances on me!!?? (Arjun and Omkara pull him from Mohit.)

Anjali: Relax, Mr Shivaay Singh Oberoi. All the evidence are strong against him. He can’t escape anymore.

Annika: How did you find about all these?? We thought Neha is Nancy.

Anjali: (pulls Neha’s hand and shows her picture taken from the masquerade party.) This tattoo. (They see a flower is tattooed on her hand. Anjali shows the dead body’s pictures.) These pictures I have captured personally from different angles. See the tattoo on her hand. (They see the name ‘NANCY’ tattooed on the hand.) This is where I was sure Mohit has something to do with the murder.

Neha: Mam, there is another thing you should know. Mohit is not….. (She falls unconscious before she could complete her sentence.)

Krithika: Neha!! (Holds her. Arjun goes and checks her.)

Arjun: Her pulse is getting low. We need to take her to the hospital immediately.

Anjali: (towards a constable) Call the ambulance!!

Tej: No, it will be late. Let’s take her in my car. (They agree. Arjun lifts Neha in his arms and leaves with Tej and Krithika from there. Mohit takes it as a chance and snatches Bhavya’s gun from her hand. He grabs Anjali and places the gun on her head. All are shocked by his move. Other officers aim their guns towards Mohit.)

Shalu: Amma!!

Mohit: (shouts) Don’t move!! (Anjali is about to move but he presses the gun hard on her head.) Don’t act smart, CBI officer!! Or this brilliant brain of yours will be shattered into pieces. (Looks at the officers who are pointing guns towards him.) Put your guns down or you will lose your officer. (Bhavya signals at her officers to put down their guns. They obeyed and put their guns down.) Good!!

Bhavya: Leave her!! You are doing wrong again and again. (Mohit drags Anjali from there while still placing the gun on her head. Shivaay feels bad seeing them.)

Shivaay: Your vengeance is on me, right?? Do anything to me but leave her. (Mohit doesn’t listen. He goes to his car and pushes Anjali inside. He gets into the driver seat and speeds off from there.) Mohit!!! (Sighs in anger. He sees a man is about to take his bike. He goes and pushes the man.) Sorry, dude. I need it urgently. (He starts the bike. Annika goes and sits behind him.)

Annika: I won’t let you go alone. I’m coming with you. (Shivaay knows there is no point arguing with her. He rides the bike leaving from there following Mohit’s car.)

RiKara: (shout) Shivaay/ Di!!! (Bhavya sighs holding her head. Arjun comes that time.)

Bhavya: You didn’t go with Tej Singh Oberoi??

Arjun: He said he will manage and asked me to stay here with them. I sent Krithika with him as she needs to get treated as well.

Bhavya: Come with me. That Mohit kidnapped Anjali. (Gets inside her car followed by Arjun. She looks at Omkara.) You also follow us!! (Omkara nod and asks Gauri to leave with the Oberois. Gauri wants to follow as well but she needs to be with Kalyani who is worrying a lot. She agrees with Omkara.)

Arjun: Ma, pa, neengge mothe Shalu kootitu veetukku pongge. Anjali’ku ethum aagathu. (Mom, dad, you all leave with Shalu first. Anjali will be fine.) (His parents’ nod. Bhavya drives from there.)


Mohit is driving the car at high speed with Anjali beside him who is sitting casually.

Mohit: Are you pretending that you are not scared??

Anjali: Why should I feel scared with a coward like you??

Mohit: Who is a coward?? Me?? (Laughs sarcastically.) Just change your opinion, CBI!! I’m not a coward. See, I have kidnapped you!!! What were you able to do?? The police department too can’t do anything and just keep silent just now. (Anjali keeps quiet for a while.) What?? You can’t say anything!!?? (Anjali looks at him and this time she laughs sarcastically.)

Anjali: What?? You kidnapped me!!?? Poda!! I am the one kidnapped you!! It won’t take a second for the police to shoot you just now and I too know well how to escape from your clutches. But I didn’t do it and it was me who signalled Bhavya to ask her cops to drop the guns down. (Mohit looks at her shockingly while Anjali smirks at him and points her gun on his head.) Don’t move!! Or your criminal brain will be shattered into pieces!! (Mohit is stunned with her act. Anjali turns the steering wheel using one hand and drives the car.)


ShivIka are on the bike following Mohit’s car but they missed it.

Annika: Where did they go?? We are already far away from the city.

Shivaay: This place is quite secluded. I don’t have an idea where they have gone.

Annika: I’m worried about Anjali. How if Mohit does anything to her?? (Shivaay is about to start the bike when Annika stops him.) Shivaay, that is Mohit’s car!! (She points towards somewhere. ShivIka run towards the car and see no one is there.)

Shivaay: No one is here. Annika, you wait here. Call Bhavya and tell her about this place. I’ll go and see where Mohit and Anjali are.

Annika: Be careful, Shivaay!! (Shivaay nods and leaves to search for Anjali and Mohit.)


Arjun reaches the place with Bhavya and Omkara after receiving Annika’s call. They see her standing alone beside a car and go towards her.

Om: Bhabhi, where is Shivaay?? Why are you standing here??

Annika: This is Mohit’s car. Shivaay asked me to wait here and he went to search for them.

Arjun: This place is too big. I think we should split ourselves and search for them.

Bhavya: You are right. Annika, you come with me. (Towards ArOm.) You both too try to search separately. (They agree and leave from there.)


Arjun, Omkara, and AniVya are searching for Anjali and Mohit separately. Arjun hears some noise and walks following the direction of the noise. He sighs in relief seeing Anjali there.

Arjun: Anjali!! (Anjali turns to him and he smiles walking towards her.) Are you ok?? (Anjali nods. Arjun realised that Anjali is holding a gun and shocked to see Mohit who is lying dead on the ground in the pool of blood. He could understand what must have happened.) Shivaay engge?? (Where is Shivaay??) (She points towards somewhere. Arjun sees Shivaay is lying unconscious beside a tree. He is about to go towards him when he sees another dead body there.) Ithu!!?? (This is…???) (Anjali nods.) Enna aachu!!?? (What happened!!??) (Anjali is about to say something when Omkara comes there with AniVya. They are shocked to see the bodies there.)

Om: Papa!!?? (Cries looking at Tej’s dead body.)

Bhavya: What happened, Anjali!!??

Anjali: Mohit tried to shoot me and Shivaay. Tej Singh Oberoi came in between and he got shot instead. I have no other option, so I have killed Mohit.



To be continued….





How Krithika and Nancy escaped from Mohit?? How Tej landed at the spot?? Any guesses??


  1. ItsmePrabha

    wooo..amazingly dealt episode..like seriously..sooo gooood…so much has been revealed yet soo much has to be revealed..can’t really wait for the next chappy..post it asap..till then take care..

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you so much, dear… Yes, there is more to be revealed…

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    seeing anjali arresting shivay without listening to others i felt sad.but when anjali said that she knows what is right i got a confidence that anjali is doing it for the best.but I didn’t like her insulting rudra.great point by anjali that the murderer will only try to hide the corpse. …they won’t sleep near it.what an entry of krithika with Nancy .shocking that her name is neha n she was asked by mohit to seduce shivay.sad that mohit killed his own wife for money.but who hit neha’s head?was it tej? surprising that anjali searched for shivay only to protect him from mohit.I was shocked when mohit kidnapped anjali.surprising that anjali wanted it.superb dialogue by anjali that its she who kidnapped him.shocking that tej came in between when mohit tried to shoot anjali n tej got shot.but why did tej come in between?doesn’t he know that he will be killed even if he is the mastermind?omg anjali killed mohit too.
    actually I didn’t see this track after the party.watched it only for the party.what happened in the show after the murder?this track in the show is inspired by the movie ajnabee.

    1. Ruby_MarNy

      Thank you very much for the long and detailed comment… There is more to revealed in next chapter… And there will be some twist as well… Actually, I too didn’t watch the show… I just read the written updates and write the story… Shivaay is trapped in the murder and he escaped from there… He returned back in a disguise to find the evidence…. He will manage to catch Mohit is the real murderer with the help of AniOmRu… Then, Shivaay will learn that tej is the mastermind and tej wanted to kill OmRu as well for the properties… So, Shivaay killed Tej and will go to jail… OmRu hated Shivaay for killing their dad…

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      did shivay really kill tej?

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      In the real show, he is the one killed Tej…

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    5. Ruby_MarNy

      Shivaay helped them in some problems and they too learned that Tej wanted to kill them for properties… Then, three of them patched up…

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